Rug Pad USA- Cushion for under those Feet

** This post is sponsored by Rug Pad USA but all opinions are 100% my own. ** 
We have a super large rug in our family room area that we bought many years ago, you’ve probably noticed it in the background of pictures here on the blog.
We bought it when we still lived on Fort Eustis, VA shortly after we bought new living room furniture so it has been with us for some time and through many moves so needless to say, it has lost a lot of the cushion and is pretty flat.
Sitting on the floor playing with the girls is uncomfortable and in the winter, slightly chilly since the rug is on our hardwood floors which are over concrete floors. 
I have been considering buying a rug pad for quite some time and that is where Rug Pad USA came to the rescue. 
Rug Pad USA has so many different pad options to choose from and they are all made in the good old USA. Plus, they are eco-friendly! Can’t get better than that! 
They have a whole page dedicated to rug pads for hardwood floors so I began browsing to find the perfect fit for our home.
After looking at all the options, I went with the Premium Lock Rug Pad in 1/4 in. thickness.
My rug pad came quickly and I was excited to get in in place.
It came all rolled up wrapped in plastic.
I think Miss P was excited about a little extra cushion because she started rolling it out before we even finished moving the furniture and rug out of the way.

The rug pad has a felt top to grip to the back of the rug so it stays in place.
And it also has rubber on the back to keep the pad in place without
damaging the hardwood floors.
I was excited to feel it once we got the rug back in place. I thought it would be softer since our rug was so flat but I was SOOOO surprised at how much softer and how much more cushion the rug actually had with only 1/4 in. rug pad under it!! 
For the next few days, every time Travis and I stepped on it we were both like, “Wow! It is so soft!”
And I am pretty sure both girls appreciate the extra cushion while playing on the floor and I bet it is much softer on Miss S’ knees while crawling.
It hasn’t been cold enough yet to notice a difference in the chilliness of the floor while playing but I am anxious to see how it is when we have those 30 degree days in CO.
 If you are in the market for a new rug pad be sure to visit Rug Pad USA!


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