Rustic Fall Mantle

Happy Monday everyone! 
I hope you had a great weekend! 
I just returned from a crazy fast trip to TN by myself so I am a bit tired from all the driving but I am here today to show you how I decorated my faux mantle for fall.
If you saw my mantle last year you may remember I went with more neutral colors and used natural elements. Well, I liked it so much I did something similar again this year.

I’ll break it down a little more below on how I decorated.

In the center, I hung the fall hydrangea wreath that I created last year with our hydrangea blooms from out front. I was very careful with how I stored it throughout the year so it was still in great shape to reuse.

Travis brought home these giant pine cones from CA when he was there in June and they’ve been sitting in a box ever since making sure any little insect that may have hitched a ride was no longer there, so I pulled them out and knew they had to be used in my fall decor this year. I love the color on them, they are literally the size of my hand or bigger, and each one is so distinct.

I found this metal bucket at an antique place one afternoon and thought it would also make a fun addition to the mantle so it came home with me.

On the left side of the mantle, I placed the bucket on it’s side with a dried hydrangea bloom inside then placed a pine cone in front of it. For a little more filling and color, I used some orange berries I had left over from another project and a faux flower bloom also left over from the same project. Behind the bucket I placed one of my tobacco baskets with a hydrangea bloom just resting on the bucket.

In the center of the mantle, I placed my small wood chalkboard that I also used last year along with another hydrangea bloom, pine cone, and some glitter pumpkins for a little more color.

And on the right, I placed a jug vase that I bought at the beginning of summer for crazy cheap because it was actually a spring item and filled it with hydrangea blooms and then tucked a few berries in for more color.
In front of it, I put another hydrangea bloom, pine cone, berries and another faux flower.

And that’s it!
I did mess with it for a day or two before I was fully satisfied with it but I love how it turned out. I am going to miss my hydrangea bushes whenever we move out of this house. I use them all the time!

How do you decorate for fall?
Natural elements? Fall items like leaves, pumpkins, pine cones, etc? Neutrals or bold colors?

Here are two of my other fall mantles to help inspire you to decorate.

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