Rustic Thumbprint Keepsake Ornament

Apparently I am a little sentimental this year. I have another little project to help capture those little kiddos at this moment in time. 
It is real easy, nothing fancy, but will forever be special to hang on your tree. 
This project only take a few minutes so it can easily be completed. 
Here’s what I did:
-Acrylic Paint
-Small Round Tree disc or branch (You can easily buy these at a craft store these days but this is actually from a branch our neighbor cut down and we just sliced it really small.)

To start: you will use a small drill bit and drill a hole into the wooden disc.
Next, just paint your little ones thumb and press it onto the wood.
I wanted to put both girls on the same ornament so I just used a different color paint for each girl.
You can leave them like this as I did or if you want you can get creative. Once the paint is dry, draw a reindeer, a wreath, an ornament, whatever on the thumbprint to make it not just a basic thumbprint!
I then just took a Sharpie and wrote their names, the year, and Merry Christmas on the ornament. 
Nothing fancy but it works! 
Strung some baker’s twine through the hole and tie it up.
This is so simple but will be so special to place on the tree each year and seeing how little their little thumbs were this year.
These would make great family, grandparent’s gifts as well. In fact, I made 3 and send 2 off to the grandparents for their trees.


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