Santa’s Belt Decor Tutorial from The Scrap Shoppe

The sweet and talented Michele from The Scrap Shoppe is here today to share a cute and easy holiday decoration. 
Hello, A Glimpse Inside readers!
I’m Michele, and I create at The Scrap Shoppe.
I love to take unique twists on traditional crafts and make them my own.
And while I’m doing that, I figure I’ll show you step-by-step how to do it, too!
So all of my projects come with full tutorials so that we can all create together.
I’m really excited to be here while Allison enjoys watching her husband and daughter get know each other in person! Yay for him being home from overseas!
Today I have a super simple, super quick Christmas craft for you.
I’m calling it 
—Santa’s Belt!— 
Here’s the tutorial… 
1. Start with a decorative glass container and some sort of red filler. I’m using little red and black Styrofoam glitter balls! You could also use miniature red ornaments or red pom poms.
2. Put a glass/candle/toilet paper roll (you get the idea) inside your glass container to take up some of the volume. I’m using an upside down Mason jar.
3. Start to drop in your red filler material. 
4. About halfway up I added some of the black glitter balls to look like a belt, but this isn’t really necessary. I was just afraid I wouldn’t have enough of the red to fill the entire container.
Finally, take an old belt and wrap it around your glass container. Buckle the belt (pierce a hole if you need to) and trim off any excess.
And now we have some super cute and super simple Christmas decor!
Thanks so much for having me over, Allison!
I would love for you all to come visit me at my place sometime.

Thanks so much for sharing Michele!


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  • Beverly {Flamingo Toes}
    December 15, 2012 at 12:35 am

    I love this project!! I think it's so cute and the perfect piece to add to your mantel or a sweet Santa display!