Sewing with Kids – 18″ Doll Dress

Hi, it’s Rachel from Adventures of a DIY Mom. 
My 10 year old has really been into dolls this summer. She’s set up a whole corner of her room as the dolls house. She’s got a bed and couches that my son made for her for Christmas. She made a closet for her dolls out of a cardboard box. Of course she has to have clothes to put in the closet. So earlier this summer we made a few things.
 Today I’m going to share a darling little dress that my daughter made pretty much by herself.
18" Doll Dress
We started off with a pattern from The Craft Patch. We printed and cut out the pattern and chose an old shirt to use for the fabric.
18" Doll Dress
Next we cut out the fabric. We made sure to use the bottom hem of the shirt as the bottom of the dress pieces and the bottom of the sleeves. That makes for a nice finished look.
18" Doll Dress
Jennifer at The Craft Patch has a great step-by-step tutorial that we followed as we sewed the pieces together. Head over there for complete assembly instructions.
18" Doll Dress
The hardest part for me was to let my daughter do the sewing herself and not jump in and help. I helped her pin the pieces together correctly and then I let her do the sewing.
We used the straps of the shirt to create a belt.
18" Doll Dress
I think it turned out pretty cute!  Be sure to follow me on pinterest – I have a whole board for doll clothes and another for doll furniture.
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