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Shannon from Bohemian Junktion is visiting today and showing off some of her fabulous ideas! Meet her below! 
Howdy! I’m Shannon from Bohemian Junktion, and I am so excited be here today!
 I blog about things with a soul. You know a find at a flea market, a recipe, a vacation, or a moment that all of a sudden reminds you of an event or a person. Well, those are things with a soul. Those are things with a story that needs to continue. Those are what touches my soul, and what I blog about. 
 I work full time, and was having a hard time getting all the amazing ideas I had floating around in my head done. So I started a blog as an accountability thing, then I found out I like doing it, and I was getting LOTS of things done.  My passion is flea markets, salvage, thrifting, and then repurposing my finds into something amazing for our home. I want EVERY room to have a soul and a little a little bit of salvage. 
So l’d like to share the things with a soul in my home here in Texas. 
 First is my daughter’s vintage inspired bedroom. She is a gypsy soul in a teenager, so she wanted her room to have that soul and story. The bed spring hanging from the ceiling, the headboard built from salvage, chalkboard doors, old house door, and lots of other stuff in here is full of vintage salvage charm. Click here to read more about all the little details in there. 

Then there is my son’s vintage coastal bedroom
It was inspired off Jake Owens Endless Summer album cover, our vacation, and a large Pure gas sign. It has pictures from our beach vacations, souvenirs from beach vacations, an old toy, screen doors, and other amazing salvage items. Click here to check out all the details.


I have also turned smaller salvaged pieces into jewelry we can wear. They are those small items you find that need to continue their story. 
I’m also enjoy my Texas Lifestyle out here in the country. To show my Texas pride, I redid this mailbox I picked up at a salvage store. You can see what I did here.


One more thing I’d like share is how an item takes you to your childhood, a place you went as a kid, and then takes you to a recipe. 
 Here is how that happened, just by seeing a Shakey’s hat at an antique store.


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how things with a soul can impact your life and decorating style. 
 Next time you think about getting rid of something, stop and think. Can this be used in another way? Can this story continue? 
 Thanks for having me! 
Come on over to Bohemian Junktion and browse around, and join the Bohemian Gypsies email list so you can keep in touch. I look forward to getting to know each of you. 
Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your wonderfully, soulful ideas Shannon!! 


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