Simple Christmas Wreath

Did you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving?
I sure hope so! 
I’ve totally slacked on the Christmas posts so far this year so I thought I really better start since December is looming and so I decided that this month’s Craft with Me post would be holiday related. 
If you haven’t figured it out by now with my many years of blogging, I love wreaths! 
I could create a wreath all the time for any holiday, occasion, or just because. 
They are so easy. You can do so many different types of wreath and use so many different materials.
I wanted to make a new Christmas wreath so I thought why not just make it this month’s Craft with Me post. I didn’t want something over the top so I went pretty basic and I was done in a flash.
 Here is how to create one for yourself. 

-Pine Wreath Form
-Canned Snow
-Battery operated LED lights
-Ornaments or holiday picks
Begin by flocking your wreath and letting it dry completely.
I just did a super light spray over my wreath to just add a touch of white. I didn’t want it over the top.
Once dry, time to decorate.
Start with the little LED lights.
These are great. They are battery operated and are super little on a thin wire. Plus, they have a timer that will have them shut off after 6 hrs and will turn back on the same time everyday from then on. 🙂
I just tucked the battery pack into the wreath and added a touch of hot glue to hold it in place. 
The just wreath the lights throughout the wreath. 
I made a large bow with some red, glittery ribbon and tied it to the top of the wreath.
Time to embellish.
I found this little moose ornament at Wal-Mart and thought he was so cute so he got added to the wreath.
I then hot glued in some berries and some glittery pine cones that I created many, many years ago for decor but were no longer using.
And guess what, that is it! 
 If you look closely behind Mr. Melvin Moose, you can see a small black box peeping out under his nose. That is the battery pack hiding in the wreath behind him. If you didn’t know it was there, you wouldn’t see it but I can easily access it to turn it on and off or change the settings if need be.
Wreaths don’t have to be scary to create! 
They can be the easiest thing and something you create in about 15 mins in an afternoon! 
Do you enjoy creating wreaths like I do?


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