Simple Easter Basket

I wanted to make Miss P her Easter basket.
I had a few ideas in mind and finally got around to messing with it. 
It isn’t the most fabulous Easter basket around but I am pretty happy with it and I think it will be able to put a few good years of use in. 
Here is how I went about creating her basket.
-Basket of some sort (I bought a metal bucket type basket from Hobby Lobby.)
-Fabric for liner (I used an old white table cloth.)
-Sewing Machine
-Ric Rac Ribbon
-Glue Gun
-Twine or Ribbon

I started by creating the liner for my basket.
I just used an old white tablecloth I had that I don’t use anymore because of stains. So I found an area that didn’t have any stains and traced the bottom of the bucket. Try to trace slightly larger than the bottom to allow for seam allowance.
You can also use a fun patterned fabric for the liner.
I then used some craft paper and wrapped it around the outside of the bucket to create a template for the sides of the liner.
Pinned the templated to my fabric and cut it out.
Iron the fabric and pull out your sewing machine.
I sewed together the sides of the wall liner to created a circle piece.
I folded the fabric in half and then placed a pin on each edge.
I then lined the two pins up so they were in the center of the fabric creating two new edges, and pinned the new edges… marking the fabric quarters.
I repeated the process with the circle piece of fabric for the bottom.
I then lined up the 4 pins on the circle bottom piece with the 4 pins of the side piece and pinned the two pieces together.
Sew together.
Here is a shot of the inside of the liner. 
My fabric didn’t line up perfectly so it gathered slightly which I was totally fine with.
I planned on the fabric folding over the top of the bucket so I folded down and created a seam and sewed.
Yes, fold twice so your raw edge is hidden! Didn’t do that in this pic!
Fold fabric over the bucket.
Now, confession here- I orginally was going to add a ribbon into the folded area to tighten the fabric around the edge and decided NOT to do it.
Well, when I was pinning, it seemed it would be tight enough to leave it this way and well… it wasn’t so I improvised.
I decided to add some twine into the small seam I sewed into the edge.
Now I know there is probably a MUCH BETTER way of doing this but well… this is how I did it last minute! šŸ˜‰
I found a small paper clip and cut off one of the sides to make is skinner.
I then tied some twine to the paper clip to make it easier to move the twine through the seam.
I just cut a small hole in the seam and slipped my paper clip in one side and slowly worked it through the seam and out the hole on the other side.
I then pulled the twine tight so it tighted the fabric over the edge of the rim and tied a little bow.
I decided I wanted to add Miss P’s name so I pulled out some vinyl and used my Cricut machine to cut out her name. 
Used transfer tape to apply to the bucket.
Rubbed it on well and pulled off the transfer tape and there we go.
I made some cute flowers out of ric rac and glued them onto the bucket as well.
(You can find the tutorial on how to make them here.)
And her basket is complete! 
I figure if I get tired of the plain white fabric, I can easily switch it out for a fun one! šŸ™‚ 
Hope Miss P gets lots of use out of it over the years hunting for those eggs!


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  • Beverly {Flamingo Toes}
    March 26, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    So cute!! I really love those rick rack flowers!! šŸ™‚

  • Diana - FreeStyleMama
    March 28, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    Cute! I love the ric rac flowers. I have a boy Parker!

  • Sandy@pinktoolgirl
    March 18, 2016 at 3:11 am

    Very Cute! I just bought a Silhouette and you have now given me a great idea to try for Easter!!!

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