Simple Fall Grapevine Wreath

Remember yesterday when I shared that a friend and I had a little fun shopping for craft supplies and then a fun craft day? 
Well here is another project that I created during our crafty session. 
And can I say how good it feels to get crafting again!! There is still a ton to do to our house but with construction things are on hold until that is done so I definitely needed to get those creative juices out in some way! Plus, I finally have something to share with all of you! 🙂 YAY!
I wanted a new fall wreath and after spotting these materials on our shopping trip, I knew just what to do.
 I like how simple it is but still feels like fall with screaming FALL! 
Here is how you can make your own.
-Grapevine Wreath
-Metal initial
-Burlap flower
-Pom Pom floral stick
-Hot Glue Gun

All of these supplies were bought at my local Hobby Lobby.
To begin, play with the elements you have for you wreath until you are happy with the arrangement.
When you like the placement of everything, then it is time to hot glue.
 I began by gluing the little yellow pom poms on one of the sides of the wreath and then placed the burlap sunflower right in the center of them. The flower came with these cool wire leaves so I threw one in for a little more texture.
On the other side of the wreath I place my metal initial. 
The letter was just plain metal and it is wavy. I decided to paint the low parts of the letter to make it pop a little more on the wreath because I felt like it was getting lost a little.
I then glued one little sprig of pom poms near it for a little pop of color.
Tip- the cool metal will cool your hot glue down very quickly. I recommend using a high temp glue gun and gluing directly onto the wreath and then placing the letter onto the glue to make sure it sticks. Or the letter has little hooks on the back to hang it so you can always use floral wire to tie it on the wreath.
I then took a handful of the raffia and tied it around the wreath to create a bow. 
I also used one piece of raffia to create a loop to hang it and just tied it on the back.
And that’s it! 
So simple. So pretty. 
Ready for fall!


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  • tiffanyaustine
    October 8, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    I am in love with this wreath! You're very creative 🙂

    – Tiffany @