Simple Handprint Turkey Kid’s Art

Thanksgiving is already next week, (say whaaaat?!), and I thought I would make a fun little art project with the girls to go along with the holiday.
This is super simple, in fact, you or your kids may have done this project while in school but if not it is so easy to do at home and have a little momento of your kid’s hand prints at a moment in time.
Again, this is so easy! 
Here is how to make some with your kids.
-Card stock paper
-Acrylic Paint in an array of colors for your turkey
-Paint brushes
-And of course, your little one’s hands

 Paint your little one’s hand, palm and thumb brown and then different colors on each finger for the feathers. 
Make the paint on the thicker side so it doesn’t start to dry before they place their hand on the paper but not crazy thick that their hand slips around on the paper when they touch the paper.

Carefully place the hand on the paper and press it down firmly.

 I created one turkey using Miss P’s hand and then another one using Miss S’s hand. 
 I then took some green paint and painted some grass under the turkeys but this is optional.
 After the paint was dry, I painted some feet and then gave each turkey an eye, beak, and wattle. If your kids are old enough they could do this themselves but mine aren’t quite old enough yet. 
 I then wrote out “Happy Thanksgiving” above the turkeys for the final touch.
 And now it is complete and can be placed in a frame, made into a card, displayed on an art wall, whatever!!
 See, that was simple right?! 
Hope you make some with your kiddos!


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