Simple Lace Headband from Flamingo Toes

 The sweet and very talented Bev from Flamingo Toes is here today with a simple project for you all. 
Hello A Glimpse Inside Readers!!
I am so excited to be here while Allison takes some time with her new sweet little girl! I think new-baby-guest posting is the most fun ever.
My name is Bev and I blog over at Flamingo Toes.
I love sharing all sorts of projects, but I especially love sharing jewelry and accessory projects – like this Simple DIY Lace Headband I have for you today!
This simple, pretty headband is super easy to make! It makes for a fun accessory, and a great gift too! I love the classic look it has.
You can make this in the double lace or single lace version – both are just as easy!
The headbands have a piece of fabric covered elastic at the base to give them a comfortable fit.
Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:
(This is for the double lace headband, just use half the lace if you want to make the single version)
• 2 pieces of lace – 19″ long each – my lace is about 3/8″ wide. If you use wider lace you’ll need to make your fabric piece wider as well. 
• 1 piece of fabric – 10″ x 2″ 
• 3/8″ elastic – about 9″ 
• safety pin
Start by cutting out your fabric and lace.
Begin by pressing your fabric piece like bias tape. You will press each of the long sides in to meet in the center, then press the center piece in half long ways.
Open out one end of the fabric strip and fold the end in about half and inch. 
Tuck the two ends of your lace and your piece of elastic on one side of the fabric casing.
Fold the casing back closed and sew over the top edge, down about a half an inch and then across the casing again. This will make sure the lace and elastic are sewn in good and tight.
Pin a safety pin to the other end of your elastic. 
This will make your elastic easier to pull through the casing.
Tuck the elastic in the casing and sew down casing right inside the folded edge. Leave the bottom open about 1 inch.
Pull the elastic through the casing to gather the fabric. Try the headband on and bring the lace and fabric ends together. Pull the elastic up until the headband fits the way you’d like.
Sew across the casing about 1″ from the end to hold the elastic in place where you’d like it. Trim the rest of the elastic off.
Fold the short end of the casing in like you did the other end, then tuck the loose end of the lace pieces into the casing. Make sure the lace isn’t twisted. Sew the remainder of the side and top of the casing closed, sewing the lace inside.
That finishes off your super cute new headband!
These are so fast and easy – you can make up a bunch for stocking stuffers!
Or just make them up for you – for something fun to wear while you do all your holiday crafting and shopping!
I hope you like them!
Thanks so much for having me over Allison!! 🙂
Adorable Bev!! Thanks so much for sharing! 


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  • Beverly {Flamingo Toes}
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    Thanks so much for having me over Allison!! 🙂