Simple Lace Pumpkin

I’ve been working on some fall projects lately and I am excited about this one. 
 I got the idea from a pumpkin that was on a wreath in my local HomeGoods store and thought it was such a perfect and simple idea! 
 This project is so simple and quick and also have a little farmhouse elegance to it. I love how it turned out! 
-Plastic Pumpkin (I chose cream and bought it at Michael’s)
-Hot Glue Gun or all purpose glue
-Flowers (optional)
 -Brown ink pad (optional)
 With my pumpkin as cream as it is I wasn’t a fan of just how white the doily looked on top of it so I took a small brown ink pad I had and just lightly rubbed the doily with it to add a little color so it wouldn’t be so bright against the cream pumpkin. This is totally optional though. 
Next, cut the center of the doily out so it fits around the stem of the pumpkin.
Test place it on the pumpkin to make sure if fits nicely around the stem. Trim more if needed. 
Once it fits around the stem to your liking, glue the doily down to the pumpkin. 
I placed the glue directly onto the doily but not everywhere. Just around the edges, the center hole, and the here and there throughout the rest of it. 
I then cut a large piece of twine and tied and glued it around the stem. Once the hot glue was dry, I tied the bow.
And you can stop here if you like or….
You can add a flower to the top of it as well. 
This was my original plan but once I got to this point I actually just like the bow by itself so I left the flower off. 
And there you have it! 
Perfect little pumpkin that only takes a few minutes to make!

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