Simple Vinyl Silhouette Ornament

I am pretty excited about today’s post. I have teamed up with some fellow bloggers to bring you an Ornament Blog Hop. Just in time for you to get crafty!

I have been wanting to do something with the girl’s silhouettes for some time and I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

These were really pretty easy and don’t take a lot of time to complete either.
Here’s how you can make some for you tree.
-Clear Ornaments that are round but they have flat sides and are more slender (I got these at Michael’s)
-Acrylic Paint (optional)
-Glitter (optional)
-Pom Poms (optional)
-Vinyl (I used Black glitter vinyl from Expressions Vinyl)
-Cutting Machine

I began by filling my ornaments with acrylic paint and coating the entire insides. I then flipped them over on an old egg carton to drain the excess paint and let dry.

You don’t have to use paint. You can do glitter or a mixture of glitter and paint. You can use pom-poms, buttons, beads, fake snow, whatever you’d like inside the ornament. I just chose to do paint and kept it a solid color so you could see the silhouettes clearly.

While your ornaments are drying, take the profile photos of your children. Tip: I suggest making sure they are in dark clothing because it helps when you edit it to the black and white version.
I then used this tutorial from Loo-la-bee Simplicity to convert the photos. In her tutorial she uses that is no longer a website so instead I used which you can follow the same first steps but then I had to switch to to finish with the filling in section,

Once I got the photos all set, I loaded them into my Silhouette software and converted the silhouettes to be a cut file. You can check out this tutorial on Silhouette to learn how to do this step if you aren’t sure. It is so easy and I wish I knew earlier! 
You should be able to do this if you have a newer Cricut as well.

I sized down the silhouettes and cut them out on the black glitter vinyl.

I carefully applied the silhouettes to the ornaments pressing down slowly starting at the head and working down the the hair and torso. I just smoothed it well with my fingers.

Next, tie some ribbon around the top of the ornament to dress them up a bit and that’s it!

I currently hung them on a small tree I had out but they will make their way to our large tree once that is fully set up.
I love how they came out!
I do think I am going to add the year and maybe their names on the back but for now they are good! 

I now want to make all sorts of fun silhouettes of the girls!

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