Snow day!

It has been a gorgeous winter wonderland outside the past couple of days! Who knew I would see this much snow near the coast of VA?! In our area, I believe we got about 6 inches. Unfortunately, Travis couldn’t be here to enjoy with us but we still had a good time. I hate that he missed it though because he has been wanting to see Oscar play in the snow for a long time now. We only got a little snow last year so he didn’t really get to see him play and he was deployed when Oscar was a puppy and got to play in the snow. Guess he will have to wait for next winter now. Oscar has always loved the snow and has had the BEST time playing in it with his tennis ball! Not sure how long it will all stick around. The sun has been out the past two days but there is still a ton of snow! Here are some pictures of the past couple days and our fun snow adventures!

Ready to play! Right after we got out in the snow Saturday morning. This is his get ready stance!

Out in the yard with his tennis ball and a nose full of snow!

Snowy Face!

He was so covered in little snow balls all in his fur!

Peeking through the window with his snow covered tennis ball! I couldn’t get him back inside on Saturday!
Patton did NOT like the snow at all! I think the snow that was falling was what really freaked him out so he wouldn’t even move when he got out there!

He liked to watch Oscar through the window much better than being in it!

Icicles on the house on Sunday morning. So pretty!

Sunday morning play time! Ready for me to throw the ball.
Digging for the tennis ball in the snow!
Playing fetch with me in the snow. Running to bring the ball back to me. I love those ears when he runs! 🙂

Jumping toward me to give me the ball back. The snow ball in his mouth is the tennis ball.

This is the mini snowman I built for Travis.

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