Sponsor Love- Jaderbomb.com

I’d like to introduce you all to another lovely new sponsor:
Jade from Jaderbomb.com.


I’ve only “known” Jade for a short time but she is a fun loving, energetic, creative chica.

Here’s a little more about Jade so you all can get to know her too!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a typical Southern girl who loves to cook, sew, take pictures, paint, build, and make others happy. I am married to the best person in the world and we have a lil one who is the bestest ever! Really! Does a dog count as a person?

What inspired you to start your blog?

Hmmm.. I am really not sure about this. I remember one day thinking it would be fun. I never thought anyone would actually “follow” me but they do. Which is cool to a person like me. Oh! And pictures! I think pictures matter. They can make it or break it for you {{well I think}}.

What is your favorite project you have done?

WOWZERS! I think I will have to pick 2 different things for this!! I loved doing the Christmas Countdown and I loved doing the felt lampshades!

What is your inspiration?

What day of the week? LOL 🙂 Really though, my feelings are my number 1 inspiration. They tell me which direction to go in and I go! I like things that make me feel cozy and warm inside. Crisp, Clean and Fresh makes me smile.

Places we can find you?

You can surely find me in my “home away from home” which is my blog. I have a website www.jaderbomb.com and from there you can find me ALL OVER!!!

Here’s a couple pics of items you’ll find on her blog.

Be sure to pop on over to Jade’s blog to take a look around and say Hi!

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