Sponsor Love- Stuck on a Cloud

I’d like to introduce you to one of my new sponsors:
Tiffany from Stuck on a Cloud.

Tiffany answered a few questions so you all can get to know her a little better.

1. What inspired you to open an Etsy shop?

I never put any thought into selling my gifts, I always just gave them away to friends and family.
Until, my very good friend had came for a visit. She had saw my fabric art, and well first she wanted me to make her one, then she told me, I should start selling my stuff on Etsy. I never heard of Etsy up until that point, (yeah, I know a little behind, haha.). But I just loved it, I was on there all the time. I still really didn’t think about opening my own shop, but my husband and a few of my other family and friends started to ask why I wasn’t doing that. So I thought about it, checked out other shops, it was about 3 or 4 months before I finally open my Etsy shop. Now I’m hooked, I just can’t stop. I found my dream job, stay at home mom, play with my art, and sell it online. To me life is good, when you are doing something you love and everyone around you is happy.

2. How did you come up with the name “Stuck on a Cloud?”

I had been throwing names around, trying to come up with the right one. Then, I was in the car with my youngest son, and he says ” look that air plane is stuck on a cloud”. Well I thought that was kind of cute. So It was down to that and one other name. My husband told me that Stuck on a Cloud was the right name for me, because my mind gets lost in the sky at times when I’m thinking of new ideas. When I’m in my craft zone, I kind of forget whats going on around me.
So Stuck on a Cloud was born, and Where creativity gets carried away, just fell in to place, well because I often get carried away.

3. What are your favorite materials to use when creating things for your shop?

I like to use so many different things. I mostly use papers and fabrics, I am in love with colors and patterns. I really love girly ones! I have 3 boys, and don’t get to have fun buying that kind of stuff for them. I have a love affair with books, so much that it drives my husband crazy. So when I find really neat old books, I can’t help myself. To me they are like works of art, so why not put them in art. I use paints, inks,and also old cardboard pieces that stores throw out to draw on for my temples.

4. What inspires you to create handmade items?

Every since I was younger I loved making things, I couldn’t get enough paper, crayons and glue. When I got a little older I fell in love with photography and painting. When my oldest son was born, 11 years ago, I started making cards. Then when my 2nd son was born 8 years ago I discovered scrapbooking. Always something different, it changes with whatever mood I’m in. I just enjoy taking something in my hands, and just start playing with it. To see what comes out, it’s peaceful to me. I also love the feeling when I give one of my handmade gifts to someone, and they just love it. To me there’s is nothing better than a handmade gift..

Tiffany is one talented lady!
Here are a few of my favorite items from her shop.

She makes some adorable collages.Honeymoon Birds

She even makes collages with fabric. Cupcake Fabric Collage (so cute right?!)

And she makes some fabulous cards too!
Set of 5 notecards

Heart card set (Perfect for the ones you love and show them you care.)

So head on over to Tiffany’s shop, Stuck on a Cloud, and take a look around. Buy something too! 😉

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  • Tiffany
    February 9, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    Thanks for the great post! You did a awesome job, and by the way I love your blog!

  • Heather
    February 10, 2011 at 12:31 am

    Very Creative! I wish my Etsy Shop would get up off the ground, but I really do need to work on it and I have been lacking the time to do so lately.