Spread the Joy and Cheer

Here is part two of my Tour. This tour is focusing on my living room area. There are a ton of pictures.

Here is our Christmas tree all lit up. I am very happy at how my tree turned out this year.

Tree all lit up with the window lights in the background.

This is the tree during the day.

And the stockings were hung by above the tv with care! haha. So we don’t have a fireplace and our whole house is open concept with every exterior wall, ALL windows so this is the only place that we can hang our stocking. But it looks pretty good still!

A closer view of the garland all decorated.

All lit up at night but this was before it was decorated. It just needed that little extra touch.

The decorations on the entertainment center.

My little grouping of trees with an Angel.

Glittered Noel under the tv.

What’s Christmas without a reindeer?!

My little shelf in the corner of the living room.

Top shelf: Glittered candles, snowman, and vase with ornaments and glittered sticks.

Up close of the vase.

Second shelf: My stuff snowman Travis brought home from WY for me (I had a cute Santa to go with him but when Oscar was a puppy, he decided to make him a chew toy and chew up his face.) And a Moose.
Notice they are high on the shelf- Oscar would STILL like to make them a chew toy! haha

Third shelf: Santa with my great-aunt’s kissing angels. I LOVE my angels! 🙂

Bottom shelf: The Snowmen shelf. Newest addition to the house this year, the big snowman. In the frame is an old card I received a few years ago. Thought it would be perfect framed and out during Christmas!

Last year I had this idea. I wanted to make some of the pillows on the couch look like presents. So I went out, bought white pillow cases and took some extra ribbon I had to tie like ribbon on a package. They aren’t perfect but I like it and it just adds a little something to the furniture!

Up close of the pillows.

So this is the only Nativity set that I have. It is super little and I have it on one of my end tables in the living room but at least I have one! I really like it though and I hope to have a large set one day!

Snowman candle holder on the other end table.

The little tin basket that sits by the front door and where all the Christmas cards go that we receive.
Wire, glittered, Christmas tree by the front door. It gets glitter everywhere but it sure is pretty! This picture doesn’t do it justice!

And last, star made out of grapevine that hangs next to the front door. Totally excited about this thing- bought it at Big Lots last year! 🙂

Well, that ends the tour of the living room area! I will add another post tomorrow of my Christmas tree and some of my favorite ornaments. And than my tour will conclude with the outdoor decorations! Stay tuned!!

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