Spring Floral Wreath

Happy Tuesday everyone! 
I am popping in today with a new Spring wreath, and yes I know summer is around the corner, but I had this wreath made for quite some time and am just now finally getting around to sharing it with you. It is great for summer too so it still works! 
Spring Floral Wreath
This is a very fast and easy wreath to make which is always a plus in my book! 
I actually busted this wreath out in a matter of minutes right after I finally completed cleaning and organizing my craft room. It felt so good to have it clean that I just had to craft! haha
Here’s how you can make a version for yourself.
Spring Floral Wreath
-Twine Wreath form (I had this white washed twine wreath already but you can use any twine wreath)
-Glue Gun
-Floral Picks (colors of your choice)
-Leaf Picks
Spring Floral Wreath
Begin by popping all the heads of the flowers off their stems and make a large pile.
I then like to do a dry run with the flowers on the wreath until I have a set up that I am happy with.
Spring Floral Wreath
When you like your placement, start by gluing the largest flowers to the wreath first.
Spring Floral Wreath
Followed by adding in your smaller flowers in and around the large blooms.
Spring Floral Wreath
Lastly, add some leaves for a little extra color and texture.
Spring Floral Wreath
And that’s it! 
I told you that was easy!
Spring Floral Wreath
 I love to layer large and small flowers together with different textures for more interest and dimension. 
The same goes with the leaves. I chose to use only one type of leaf in this wreath but it had a fuzzy texture and the shade of green was different than the green already in the other flowers.
There you have it! Perfect wreath for spring AND summer if you ask me! 🙂 

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