Stacked Floral Pumpkins

I have another simple pumpkin craft for you today. I made this in a short time one afternoon last month and I love it as addition to my fall decor. It sits along with my lace pumpkin as the centerpiece in our dining room and they look so good together.
Seriously, this is just as simple as the lace pumpkin it just takes a little longer since you have more items to glue into place.
Here’s how to make your own.

– Plastic Pumpkins, one large, wide and flat, and another small rounder pumpkin (bought both at Michael’s)
-Faux flowers, leaves and berries in your color choice
-Glue Gun
-Wire Cutters
-Exacto Knife
Begin by cutting a hole with the exacto knife in the bottom of the smaller pumpkin so that it fits over the stem of the larger pumpkin.
 Then glue the smaller pumpkin on top of the big pumpkin.
Time to add the flowers. 
I bought some orange berries and then some bouquets that had cream, white, coral, orange flowers and light green leaves.
Begin gluing the flowers into the space between the pumpkins adding berries and leaves to fill in some gaps. I just winged it but you could always start with your largest flowers so they are spaced out then fill in between them. Up to you! 
Continue all the way around the pumpkin until you are happy with how all sides look.
And that’s it! 
See, I told you that was fast and easy! 
I’m loving the lighter color palette this fall and I love how this turned out! 
I will be sharing a fall tablescape where you’ll be able to see the full centerpiece so stay tuned!

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