“Sticking with Me” Teacher Appreciation Gift and Printable Tag

 This post was originally published on April 25, 2018 but I have an updated gift tag to share today.
The original tag is also still available at the bottom of the post if that is the tag you would like to print.

I have one more gift idea for you today for Teacher Appreciation Week. 

Gifts don’t have to be crazy expensive or large and over the top. You can still do small, simple gifts that will show your child’s teacher how much they are appreciated for the hard work they do all day.

Teachers write notes for all sorts of things, quick reminder for themselves, a note for another teacher or parent, to place inside a file, so post-it notes are a great gift idea. There are lots of fun colors, patterns and sizes that you can buy for the gift as well so you can give them a variety.

I found these in the office supply section at my local Wal-Mart store.

Since post-it notes are sticky, I wanted to make some cute tags with Cacti and Succulents on it because if you aren’t too careful, a cactus will stick you too! lol
I designed three separate tags for you to use.

Just print, cute and tie around your gift.

You will get three patterns, two of each pattern for six total tags. 
When I printed, I unselected the “fit to page” option on my printer settings and it fit perfectly for printing. Print on card stock so the tag is stronger and won’t rip.
Grab your copy of cacti tags below (these will not have the watermark on them).
If the widget below isn’t working you can also grab the tags here: Cactus “Sticking with Me” Tags.

These tags would also be super cute tied to a succulent or cactus as a gift as well! 🙂

Another gift that we gave Miss P’s teacher last year was this set of stickers and an apple shape set of Post-It Notes.

"Sticking with Me" Teacher Appreciation Gift and Printable Tag

 I knew she would need to write little notes so the apple Post-It notes were so cute and perfect for that and what teacher doesn’t love stickers? I bought some cute smiley faced stickers that she could place on student’s work or just hand out to the kids for doing good work.

And since both items had some sort of stickiness factor to them, I made this tag to go with it.
Teachers work hard and have to stick by their student’s sides in order to help them grow and learn so I wanted the note and gift to mention that.

"Sticking with Me" Teacher Appreciation Gift and Printable Tag

You can download the tag to print to use for your gifts below. If the widget isn’t working, you can also find the tag here: “Sticking by Me Tag”

Here are a few other teacher appreciation gift ideas that I’ve shared to help you out.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea and Printable Tag

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea and Printable Tag
Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea and Printable Tag

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