Storage Must-Haves for Every Crafter

When storing our crafting supplies it is all too common that we tend to drop the ball. Proper care is essential to efficiently create! Not only will an organized space allow you to craft more often, but your creations will also last longer. We are most inventive when we have an environment that allows our minds to wander. With crowded countertops or cluttered bins, the mess will occupy our minds. This area should only be filled with inspiration for new projects! Utilizing appropriate storage containers and techniques is a crucial part of organizing and will make a huge difference in our day to day lives. Implementing even just one of the must-haves below will benefit you in so many ways!

Mobile storage
Most of us are not lucky enough to have a room specifically dedicated to crafting. We often share these spaces with guest rooms, a corner of the living room, or even stationed in our garage. With these working quarters, mobility is key. To be able to transition workspaces at the drop of a hat can make all the difference when you are tight for time and space. In addition,
when these mobile storage carts are locked in place, the top can act as an additional space to create!

Color coding
Color coding is definitely one of the best practices to keep in mind when you are enhancing you home through organizing. While this should be implemented in all areas of our life, the crafting room is a great place to start. Be purposeful when you begin to color code your supplies. Separate things out! For example, put your sewing tools in one group, ribbons in another, and paintbrushes in a third. Assign a color to each of these groups and only store them in containers with that color. Your brain will begin to associate those supplies with those colors and will make for a much smoother creative session.

Utilizing peg storage is a great way to limit bulky bins and even cut back on the time you spend searching for items. When you are able to view the tools you need, you are eliminating the panic-search we commonly find ourselves doing while crafting. This is also a great solution to keeping your floors and counters cleared of clutter. Take advantage of your vertical storage

Labeled bins
For those appliances that are too big or simply just the lack of wall space, choose clear storage bins and label them! Keeping the storage containers with the same theme will also give your craft room a sense of structure. Not to mention, having that uniform look can have a positive psychological effect on you while you are creating. It will almost feel as if you have a blank canvas with unlimited directions to take your project in!

After all, for us, crafting is a lifestyle, and the place where we create needs to be tidy and ready for any project. It is so important to enhance our creative spaces so that we can reach our full potential!

Comment below on how you organize your area.

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