String Art Decorated Tree

Happy Monday! The days keep ticking closer and closer to Christmas, which is so crazy to me, but it didn’t stop me from creating another Christmas decor project. 
I’ve had this wooden tree for months and had a different idea for it but wasn’t totally sold with the idea so it sat waiting for me to make a final decision of what to do with it. Then one day it suddenly dawned on me what to do and I love how it turned out! 
 This project is pretty simple but definitely not a quick one to do because of all the nails.
It was my first attempt at string art and so I had some learning to do but like I stated earlier, I love the final result.
-Wood tree shape (bought this at Michael’s)
-Shapes for templates (I cut mine out of paper on my Silhouette)
-Nails with a good flat top (these were 18 gauge and were 3/4 in long)
-Needle nose plyers (optional)

 Begin by tracing your shapes onto the tree.
It is hard to see but these are all my shapes traced. I had no rhyme or reason, just placed them where I thought one would go changing sizes of shapes each time.
Time for the nails! 
Hammer your nails onto the traced lines of your shape. I spaced mine rather close but didn’t measure to be exact, so in other words, I just winged it. lol 
I started using the plyers holding the nail but ended up just holding the nail myself until I got close to the end of the shape and then would hold the nail with the plyers again because my fingers were too big to hold it exactly where I needed it. 
Work your way around and through each shape until all the nails are complete.
Time for the string! 
Tie a know in your string around one of the nails then just weave the thread throughout the nails.
 For the stars, I weaved them across and also around the outside of the nails to give it a good star shape. When you are done, just tie another knot around the ending nail.
For the round ornaments, I just weaved them from one nail to a nail across the circle and just went around the whole thing twice.
Work your way through all the ornaments until all are complete! 
And that’s it! 
I went with bright colors but you could do the traditional red and green or perhaps black and gold or whatever you like! 
Right now it is hanging from the hooks by our front door but I am not sure if it is going to live there yet. We’ll see! 
Have you ever created anything with string art?

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  • Amber
    December 5, 2017 at 1:03 am

    This is cute. I LOVE the tree. Going to Michael's right now. :p