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Summer is upon us. 
My kids got out of school last week, Friday. 
My husband and I helped lead their field day that morning (which turned into a gym day because of rain) and it was a blast. And now I have all five kids home with me all day…every day. I am excited and a little scared! The first couple of days have been great. We’ve already been to the park, the library and to pick up some strawberries and that was just the first day. We went to a baseball game and spent time hanging out at home.
I know some of you are still waiting on kiddos to get done with school so why not make the most of this time and put a little thought into your summer. 
Think about how much time they will be allowed to watch tv and play video games etc. Think about where you want to go and what you want to do with them.  

We spent a good portion of the day on Monday just hanging out outside. I finally got my garden planted and worked on some pectin free/white sugar free strawberry jam. We didn’t have any video games, tablets or cable until March when we got Nintendo 64 so my kids are obsessed with playing a few games…”can I play Nintendo” has become their most asked question. And since we don’t allow technology on school nights they are DYING to play all the time right now. So I have come up with some rules for what needs to be done before they can have Nintendo time. Things like, writing a scripture passage, making sure their room is clean, spending at least 30 minutes outside, reading for at least 20 minutes, etc.

I have also created a little “I am bored” jar. 
In this jar are slips of paper with pre-written jobs for them to do. Whenever one of them tells me they are bored they will have to pick one piece of paper and do what it says without complaining. There are a few “fun” things on this list but most are jobs around the house. My goal is for them to not tell me they are bored but to find and make their own fun. 
I am not an activities director and I would much rather my kids just go play outside and use their imagination so I am hoping the “I’m bored jar” will help. The key to this jar is to make the items things they can do themselves with little to no help or direction from me. 
If you’re interested in downloading my list you can get it here…yes, it may not all apply to you but it could at least get you started!

We have done summer bucket lists before. I think it’s just a fun way to keep a record of what you’ve done. It’s also a great way to think ahead to some free days and how you might like to spend them. My kids pick some expensive things and I’m always quick to tell them that we can’t go to SkyZone and the Museum all the time but I still want them to dream! I am making this Summer Bucket list available to you as well. Just click on this link, download, print, fill out and hang it up where everyone can see it.
Enjoy crossing those things off your list and don’t worry if you don’t get to them all this summer. It’s just a suggestion list and no one is going to make sure you did them all anyway, well, except maybe your kids who will be assuming everything will get crossed off the list. I always make a list with ALL their suggestions and then put the ones I think we may actually do on the “official” list! But you’re creative, do it however it works for you.

And if it works better to NOT have a summer bucket list by all means do not do one! No guilt. No shame. Just enjoy your summer. Enjoy your kids. Read some books, color with chalk and markers. Make paper bag puppets. Have a redi-whip war. Go swimming. Just be with your kids! They just want you! Now, I will say it again, I am not an activities director and I do expect my kids to play by themselves sometimes. I also expect them to help with chores around the house. But I also want them to have some time with me and for me to give them undivided attention for a little while each day!
So mamas let’s put down our phones and have a GREAT summer with our kiddos. 
This time will go so fast and before we know it we’ll be helping them pack for college…which is exactly what my niece is going to be doing this summer and I just can’t wrap my brain around the fact that the sweet little girl who threw flower petals down the aisle at my wedding will be starting college in the fall. 
Have a great summer!
 And PLEASE if you do download my summer bucket list show me how you used it! 
Tag me on instagram @purejoycreative or #purejoycreative and please don’t redistribute this list just send your friends here to get it!!

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