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My SNAP Recap… Finally!

SNAP was a little over a week ago now and I thought it was about time I share a little recap post. 
 I didn’t take any pictures with my actually camera, just my phone, and I didn’t think I took too many until I was writing this post. I for sure didn’t take any with any friends this go around and I have no idea why?! Need to do better next year!! 
So here is a little recap on SNAP 2014:
SNAP was held at the Little America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City this year.
 It was a beautiful hotel and I loved that it was downtown and you could just pop on the train and go around the city.
The rooms were super large, which is great when there are 4 women staying in the rooms, and there was a super cute coffee shop in the hotel along with a few other restaurants.
The only bad thing about the hotel rooms is that there wasn’t a fridge in the room. The rooms are definitely large enough for them so that was a bummer.
I was volunteering this year for SNAP so I headed out early to help set up and pack the GIANT SEA of swag bags!! 

I absolutely loved this giant United States that was in the room where registration was held.
You pinned your business card where you are from and it was so fun seeing where everyone is located.
Tauni and the SNAP team did a fabulous job planning SNAP yet again this year! 
It has been so fun for me to watch SNAP grow since I have been going from the beginning… 4 yrs ago before it was actually called SNAP.
(photo via: Becca from Blue Cricket Design)
Every year, Tauni designs a necklace for all of us and this was this years.
A super fun paper airplane with another charm that says “Forward” on it. Love it! 
The ballroom was decorated beautifully for each event.
The second annual door decorating contest was held this year and this is the door that my roommates and I created. 
BTW- I stayed with these fabulous ladies: Jennifer from Clean and Scentsible, Kristin from Yellow Bliss Road, and Maryann from Domestically Speaking.
I had met Jennifer and Kristin at last year’s SNAP but it was so fabulous meeting Maryann for the first time. 
There were some awesome classes offered this year for all blogging levels. 
They even had some totally awesome hands-on classes this year as well. I only took the jewelry making class with Bev from Flamingo Toes and Sarah from Bombshell Bling
I made that gorgeous cuff bracelet up top and was lucky enough to win 14 pairs of earrings created by Sarah!
There were some super fun 80’s themed parties at night thrown by the sponsors of SNAP.
There was a back to school pajama party thrown by Cricut and a dance party thrown by the Duck Brand.
The keynote speakers this year were FABULOUS!!! I LOVED them! 
First night was the You Tube sensation Alex Boye’. He spoke to us and then gave us a fabulous concert. It was so fun! 
The second night was the Olympian, Noelle Pikus-Pace. I loved her story during the Olympics and getting to hear her speak live was so wonderful! She is very inspiring.
It is always so fabulous getting to go around to all the sponsors booths. 
They have such fun things to do at each booth and it is so great to speak to their representatives in person to hopefully work with their companies in the future.
One of the sponsors, Lolli Pics, made this fun sucker of Miss P for me. It is completely edible! 
They would be so fun for a party! 
This year, Rust-oleum hosted a Pamper Lounge and on the second day I popped in and got my hair done. 
I NEVER curl my hair so I felt so fancy and was so impressed my hair actually kept the curl for the rest of the day because that never happens!
There was a Secret Sister program this year and I decided to participate. 
It was fun picking up your present each day and then on the last day discovering who your secret sister was.
(photo via: Becca from Blue Cricket Design)
It was so fabulous seeing old friends again and meeting new ones! 
I just love when our blogging community gets together in real life. Makes our world not seem so HUGE! 
If you were at SNAP and we met… SO NICE TO MEET YOU AGAIN!! And if you were there and we didn’t meet… total bummer and hopefully we will meet IRL soon! 🙂 
So happy I decided to go to SNAP after all this year since I was originally not going to attend. 
It is so fun, exhausting, and can be information overload but you can’t go wrong with a whirlwind few days that is like a giant sleepover! 
I missed the girls but it was so nice to get away for a few days thanks go my parents since Travis has been gone for work.
Now, just to find the time to put all the information I learned into good use and get this good ole blog of mine into tip top shape! 



Heading to a Blog Conference?

This post is sponsored by Vistaprint (Deals) and is written on their behalf by me. All opinions are my own!
Will you be heading to a blog conference at some point this year? 
I am heading to SNAP this week, tomorrow actually, and I am SO NOT READY! lol
I have to get so many things ready but I do have one of the most important things ready to go- my Business Cards!
 I went with plain, simple, and to the point with my cards.
I am super happy with how they came out, especially since I forgot to get new ones last year and was literally printing off cards at 11:30 the night before I left last year.
Business cards are HUGE for conferences! 
They are seriously like baseball trading cards.
You meet someone new, or shoot, even just see an old friend again, and what do you do? 
Exchange cards!
This is actually a picture of all the business cards I gathered at SNAP last year. And truth be told, this isn’t all of them! I still randomly find cards that I just placed somewhere after I was handed it! 
It is great to hand companies your business card that may be at the conferences in hopes that you will be able to work with them in the future. 
Business cards are key to getting your name and blog out there to a large number of people in a short amount of time!

Vistaprint makes awesome, quality, business cards!
You can choose from one of their many designs, upload your own design, or create your own.
Check out Vistaprint Coupons for their weekly and monthly deals on business cards or any other marketing tools you may need!
Definitely check them out if you plan on heading to a blog conference later this year!
Here’s a little peak and what I did with some of my cards.
I placed them in cute chevron bags and placed a piece of Dove Chocolate in there as well. 
So if you are going to SNAP, come find me so you can have one of these little cuties! 
I only have so many so it will be first come, first serve! 🙂
-This is a sponsored post from Vistaprints. All opions are 100% my own!



Tasty Tuesday: SNAP Swag Goodness!

By attending SNAP, I received SO MANY AWESOME goodies in a swag bag at registration.
I actually forgot to take a picture of the bag itself but it is a large reusable bag (think grocery bag) that was given to us by Scentsy and this bag was literally filled to the brim!
Are you curious to what I received? 
Here ya go. 
I shared this in my main SNAP post but wanted to show it again. 
We also received this at registration and it was also sponsored by Xyron.
It definitely came in handy!
Super cute printable from Rhonna Designs
Chalkboard paint from DecoArt

Cute clips from Gimme Clips
Riley Blake Designs had a booth were we could make some cute little flower pins and then were able to get some free fabric samples as well.

Cute frame 
(don’t remember from where! sorry!)

Minwax gave us these Blend-Fil Pencils

Gorgeous necklace from Amy Cornwell
American Crafts gave this cute pack of Dear Lizzy Scrapbook paper

Cute party supplies from:
Cute little clay pin
(again, can’t remember from where)

The Ribbon Retreat gave some fabric and ribbon.

Scentsy also had a booth where if we tweeted an image of our favorite warmer we got this cute travel car tin.
 Scentsy also has a new line of lotions and other personal care products and we got a goodie bag of those products.
Die cut designs from Spellbinders
Royal Design Studio also had a booth where we got a free stencil. 

 A little this and a little that. 
Some of it is from Pick Your Plum and not sure where the rest is from.
Awesome pack of vinyl (LOTS of sheets) from the Vinyl Outlet
(for some reason I couldn’t get their website to open)
Cute water bottle
Xyron Create-a-Sticker Machine 
Some yarn and crochet needles from Lion Brand Yarn
Now to the goodies I bought at The Queen Bee Market
Cute little bow tie for my nephew from Kelsey Bang
I bought these adorable little headbands for Baby M from Treasured by Holly
I bought all these frames for the nursery from Cut It Out

More cute headbands for Baby M from Royal Spice Clothing
Party Supplies from Bake it Pretty

Picked up a new head wrap for me from Vintage Rose Wraps
Now back to the fabulous table of giveaway items. 
Look at all that up for grabs!
As I mentioned before, I was lucky enough to win something on this table.
I was actually lucky enough to be the first giveaway winner out of all the raffles even! 
Totally shock to me! 
Want to see what I got? 
Here ya go!
I won a silhouette last year at Creative Estates too so what are the odds that I would win the Cameo this year?! 
CRAZY but boy was I thrilled! 
It was a good thing I drove to SNAP otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get everything home! lol

But again, I highly recommend SNAP to anyone out there thinking about attending a blog conference!
So fun!



SNAP Recap

Are all of you ready to hear about SNAP

It was an AWESOME conference and I would totally recommend it to any of you out there. 
I loved seeing all my bloggy friends IRL again and of course, meeting a whole bunch of new ones. 

As I mentioned in my post last week, SNAP was held at Thanksgiving Point.
It was a beautiful venue with lots of space for all the 325+ Bloggers that showed up for a weekend of learning and fun.

I roomed with these 3 lovely ladies:
 Jen from Scissors and Spatulas, Natalie from Johnny in a Dress, and Tara from Tara Dara Made It

Natalie is also pregnant and the two of us shared a bed, a small bed no less. 
Good thing she is not as large as I am! lol  
 SNAP began on Thursday with registration and the first day of sessions.
There were sessions for everyone on all sorts of topics like: Basic Blogging, Understanding SEO, photography, Photoshop Elements, DIY tips and tricks, hands on classes like flower arranging or stenciling, and SO MUCH MORE! 
You were bound to walk away with loads of new information!
 Thursday night was the SNAP Soiree. 
We had a yummy dinner then an evening session with some of the fabulous ladies that helped coordinate SNAP.
 Do you want to know who the main fabulous lady was behind SNAP?
That would be the AWESOME Tauni
She is so talented, has such great advice, and worked her booty off to make this conference a great success!

But Tauni didn’t do it alone.
She had her “Snapettes” to help her out!
Let’s see if I can list them all:
Becca, Lara, Amy W., Stephanie, Kendra, Shelley, Jen, Mandi, Amy, Jessica, Mique, Char, Kami, Brittany

The decorations were super cute!
Fluffy balls in the SNAP colors as centerpieces and Mobiles and Lanterns hanging from the ceiling. 

Love the panels on the stage.
And here is a shot of the whole room ceiling decor.
Ashlee from Topsy Turvy made this FABULOUS cake for the night. LOVE IT!

Xyron was awesome enough to give all of us attendees a hole punch and ring to keep all the business cards on that we would be collecting over the few days. Definitely came in handy!! 

 SNAP had some fabulous sponsors and there were MANY great items up for giveaways.
I may have just been lucky enough to win something again this year. If you follow me on FB and Twitter, you already saw what I won but I will share that in another post. 😉

(image via Johnny in a Dress)
 Days were busy with sessions but evenings were filled with hanging out with friends.
 Jen, Natalie, Tara, Becca, Jen, and Me (and Baby M! lol)

Friday night after dinner was The Queen Bee Market
It was packed full of awesome booths and handmade items from extremely talented people. 
I may have bought quite a bit and I will share all that in a later post as well. 

 Like I said before, I loved seeing all my friends again and then meeting new ones IRL.
I always enjoy seeing Alison from Oopsey Daisy.
I LOVED finally meeting Michele from The Scrap Shoppe.
So fun to see Shelley from House of Smith’s again.
Great seeing Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous again.
Mandi from Vintage Revivals is just as adorable in real life as on her blog.
Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl shared some great tips in her session.
Loved visiting with Char from Crap I’ve Made and Jen of Tatertots and Jello again this year.
And Lara from Less Cake, More Frosting is always so fun to be around!


 My roomies and me with the adorable Alison from Oopsey Daisy

 The “Snapettes” finally getting to relax a bit on the last night.
And I can’t forget about these lovely ladies. 
I met Tauni last year and it was so great to see her again. 
I was so happy to finally meet Jen from Craft-o-Maniac in person. Super sweet!
I love the talented Kellie from Nest of Posies so I was thrilled to finally meet her too!
It was great seeing Sara from Mom Endeavors again and her baby bump as well!

 And I can’t forget to include some photos of the views of the mountains across from Thanksgiving Point.
So pretty!

Like I said in the beginning, SNAP was awesome and I would highly recommend it to any of you that could not make it this year. There are so many different sessions to learn new things that you are sure to discover something new to help you out on your blog, in your handmade business, and more. And who doesn’t love seeing and meeting new friends?!

Next week, I will share the items from our AWESOME, PACKED FULL swag bags and what I purchased from The Queen Bee Market. Oh yeah… and what I won! 😉



Tulips at SNAP

I promise a real recap post of SNAP is coming! 
I am still working on editing all my photos but I wanted to share some pictures of all the beautiful tulips that were on the property where SNAP took place.
SNAP was at a venue called Thanksgiving Point and while we were there, a Tulip Festival was going on so everywhere you looked, beautiful tulips sat begging for all of us bloggers to take photos of them! 
I didn’t make it down to the actual Festival itself, (this pregnant body of mine wasn’t too happy with me so I don’t think I could have made it), but I did walk around the gorgeous grounds by the hotel and conference buildings. 
And if you know me and flowers…. I was in HEAVEN!!! 
I decided to just make collages of the photos so you don’t get too tired of looking at tulips so enjoy! 

Water tower at Thanksgiving point and of course tulips
The grounds were so pretty! 
Here is a shot of a waterfall or The Hidden Falls that were on the grounds. 
Gorgeous tulips were around every curve and behind all the fabulous architectural elements in the garden.
It was SO colorful and made me so happy for spring! 
I highly suggest you go visit the Tulip Festival in Lehi, UT or Salt Lake City Area. 
It was SOOOO Pretty!



And Away to Utah I go…

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Right now, I am driving to Utah to attend the SNAP conference!

I’m very excited to see all my bloggy friends again and then finally meet some IRL.

I will be tweeting, facebooking, and instagraming while I am there if you want to keep up in some way.

And once I get back, I will be sure to share a full recap with all of you!

If you are going, let me know!
I would LOVE to meet you! 🙂



Fun Goodies!

Before I start this post, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who commented on and emailed me about my Something I Want post.
I really appreciate all your prayers and kind words and I felt very loved.
I really hope that I will be able to share some good news with all of you sooner rather than later!

Ok… onto the fun stuff!

I told you in my Creative Estates Recap post that I would write a post for all the fun swag I received and what I won.

Here’s a shot of all the business cards I collected while there.
I know I could have received MANY more. There were some people I just forgot to ask for their card and many others that I didn’t get to meet.


(image from The Daily Blarg)
Here’s a shot of all the Creative Estates swag with the cute little box it came in.

Here’s a closer look.
-Mini notecards and envelopes from LifeStyle Crafts
-Pick Me Up tool from Silhouette
-Some Mod Podge and DecoArt paint
-Felt Flower Headband from Craftee McGee
-And an awesome Necklace from The Vintage Pearl

-Fun Business Card Holder from Tara Dara
-Adorable Bookmark from Hoot Designs
-Plus some special offers and coupon codes

Here’s an up close shot of the fabulous necklace from The Vintage Pearl.
I LOVE IT and is my favorite!

Here’s the Swag from the GNO dinner.
-More Mod Podge and DecoArt paint
-Cute flower earrings from Lil Luna
-Cute yellow flower hair clip from Funky Polka Dot Giraffe
-Adorable head wrap from Vintage Rose Wraps
-Another adorable headband with interchangeable flower from My Creation Corner
-Cute nail file

-Stencil from Plaid
-Little vinyl sign from Two Chicks and a Vinyl Cutter
-Cute ribbon from The Ribbon Retreat
-Plus a couple coupons and coupon codes

Now I mentioned before I was lucky enough to win not one, not two, but THREE giveaways the whole weekend.

Here’s what I won.
Thursday night at the Cupcake and Cocktail social I won this fabulous headband with interchangeable flowers from Two Lilies Boutique.

Then Friday morning at the Conference I won this camera strap cover from SheyB.

And the BIGGEST Mama-Jama win of the weekend was this Bad Boy!!

OH YEAH!! That’s totally a Silhouette machine!!! 🙂

I was pretty darn excited but boy was it a pain to get home on the plane. I had numerous notes in my luggage letting me know they opened it up to see what was inside. And I don’t blame them since this probably looked like a bomb to them on the x-ray! lol

I haven’t had time to play with it yet, (I know what you’re thinking! I’ll get to it soon.) but as soon as I do, I’ll let you all know how it is.

It was so fun to go and apparently I had a lucky weekend!
I highly suggest going to a blog Conference at some point!

Be back this evening with a fun Easter basket tutorial.


Creative Estates Adventure

So do you guys REALLY want to know how fun and awesome Creative Estates was?
No? Well, you are gonna hear about it anyways! 🙂
(Warning: this is picture HEAVY!)

First off, I HAVE to share with you the FABULOUS bag that I got to take to Creative Estates.
Kellie from the Blog, This Blessed Nest, has an etsy shop Bag Full of Posies and she makes the most adorable bags. So I had to get one with my blog name on it to sport it at a blog conference. And everyone LOVED it just as much as I do.

Thursday I flew in and was lucky enough to fly the whole way with Kristen from Ladybug Blessings. I was so thrilled to fly with someone there that way I wasn’t completely alone, letting my nerves calm down.

I’m a pretty shy girl until I get to know people so flying with Kristen REALLY helped!

Once we arrived in Phoenix, Kristen and I went our separate ways and I met up with my awesome roommate, Gina from Hiya Luv.

Both our flights were delayed so we were late to the Cupcakes and Cocktails Social. We were both so nervous walking in late but it was great.

photo courtesy: Oopsey Daisy
Me with Alison from Oopsey Daisy and Lauren from The Elephant’s Trunk at the Cupcake and Cocktail Social.

Day 1:

It was amazing being in a room filled with 170+ Creative Bloggers and Handmade Business Owners.

I sat with some FABULOUS ladies on day one.
From left to right: Becca (Blue Cricket Designs), Gina (Hiya Luv), Lauren (The Elephant’s Trunk), Lauren’s mom, Trish, Chrissy, (Hoot Designs), Alison (Oopsey Daisy), Jennifer (Scissors and Spatulas), and me.

There were a few sessions we could pick from and I choose to go to the session about Blogging Tips with the awesome panel made up of Amy (The Idea Room), Jen (Tatertots and Jello), Cindy (Skip to my Lou), and Kim (Today’s Creative Blog).
They shared some excellent tips.

photo courtesy of Oopsey Daisy
I truly LOVED meeting these two ladies, Alison (Oopsey Daisy) and Bev (Flamingo Toes).
They both are the sweetest!

Friday Night, some of the lovely AZ ladies had a Girl’s Night Out at the Old Spaghetti Factory.

Here are some of the awesome details that Kristen (Lil’ Luna) put together.
The cupcakes were delicious! And the name tags, table settings, and menu cards were so cute!

This was my favorite cupcake topper! 🙂

Photo courtesy: Jamie Lynn Photography
This was my end of the table at dinner.
Jenni (Carlisle Clan Conversation), Melissa (Melissa Stuff), Alison (Oopsey Daisy), me, Gina (Hiya Luv)

Day 2:

To start Day 2, April (Funky Vintage Lovely), Shelley (House of Smith’s), and I all wore yellow so we had a little goofy photo shoot.

photo courtesy: Oopsey Daisy
I again sat with some awesome ladies!
Kendra (My Insanity), Alison (Oopsey Daisy), and Amy (Positively Splendid).

Becky Higgins, Megan (Brassy Apple), Melanie (Above All Fabrics) and Becki (Whippy Cake) discussed managing a business and motherhood.

I then sat through a session about bringing your personality out through your blog with Char (Crap I’ve Made), Shelley (House of Smith’s), and Stephanie (The Daily Blarb) and they were HIL-AR-IOUS!!! It was so fabulous!

I got to meet so many of my favorite bloggers while attending this conference. It was AWESOME!
Top Row: Alison (Oopsey Daisy), Lara (Less Cake, More Frosting), Shelley (House of Smith’s)
Middle Row: Char (Crap I’ve Made), April (Funky Vintage Lovely), Amy (Positively Splendid)
Bottom Row: Katie (Food, Wine, and Mod Podge), Jen (Tatertots and Jello), Michelle (A Little Tipsy)

Saturday afternoon Jen from Tatertots and Jello put on a little painting class. This is what I created. Not my best work but it was the best I could do with the time allotted.

Saturday Night a few of us snuck out to do dinner on our our and celebrate Chrissy’s Birthday.
Photo Courtesy: Oopsey Daisy
Ali (aPearantly Sew), Me, Alison (Oopsey Daisy), Trish, Chrissy (Hoot Designs), Gina (Hiya Luv), and Lauren (The Elephant’s Trunk).

Photo Courtesy: Oopsey Daisy
It was so fun meeting other Allison/Alison’s. 🙂

After dinner, we headed back for the block party.
This was the creative cupcake display. It was so cool!

I loved meeting everyone IRL but I still didn’t meet everyone that I wanted too. All well- maybe next year! But it was so cool to see if everyone was the way they seemed on their blogs and with everyone I encountered, it seemed that way.
I know I am missing stuff. It was a whirl wind weekend.

I got LOTS of fun goodies in the swag bags and won 3 giveaways! 🙂
And one of those wins was something AWESOME!
I will have to write up a post just dedicated to all the swag and wins itself.

But if you didn’t get to go to Creative Estates this year, here is some fun news for you.
Creative Estates 2012 will in in Salt Lake City, Utah next April!


I’m Off To…

I’m so excited!
This time tomorrow, I will officially be on a plane headed out to AZ for Creative Estates.

I’m all packed (totally over packed) and ready to go.
Got a fun new bag with my blog name on it (I’ll show you a pic of it when I return), got business cards made, got my hair cut and colored, and spent 3 hours in my closet figuring out what to wear!

I can’t wait to learn some new things and of course see my “friends” from around the big world of blogging in real life! It will be so cool actually meeting people face to face after getting to know everyone through their blogs.

I will be sure to take LOTS and LOTS of pictures so I can come back and tell you ALL about it!

If you are going, let me know!
I’d love to meet you!

While I am gone, I have some lovely ladies guest posting for me so be sure to stop by and show them some love!

Also, the Catch a Glimpse Party will be going on as usual! There just won’t be Feature Friday post and of course, I won’t have time to visit and comment. Sorry!

I also want to apologize for not commenting on everyone’s links from last week. It has just been crazy this past week. Travis went out of town for training and then I was gone this past weekend as well so time completely got away from me! I will do better- promise! 🙂

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week and weekend!
I’ll see you Tuesday!