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New Options to Read Your Favorite Blogs

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the news… Google Reader is going away July 1st.
You may have already found a new reader to read all your favorite blogs but in case you haven’t, I have some options for you.
I want you to stay up to date with all the things happening here at A Glimpse Inside so I hope you find one that works for you. 
You can always click on links on Facebook, Twitter, or even Google+ (if your favorite blogs post there… I’m bad about that.) but here are great Reader options:
First up is Bloglovin’
-Super easy to transfer all your blogs from Google Reader
-If you have a blog, you can “Claim” it as your own
-All blogs are on one page but you must scroll through them instead of clicking arrows to move to the next.
-Of course you can click on individual blogs to read their posts on one page.

Another option is Feedly
-Easy to transfer all your Blogs from Google Reader
-You can change the view of how all the blogs are displayed
-You can add categories
-There is a con though… MUST be a user of Chrome or Firefox to use.
(I had a reader let me know she uses Feedly on her Mac on Safari.)
Next would be The Old Reader
-Quite a few steps to transfer your blogs over. You must save a “takeout” of all your subscriptions in Google Reader first then upload it to transfer.
-Similar look as Google Reader- all listed on one page and you can click the arrows to move to the next post
Lastly, you can always subscribe to A Glimpse Inside through Feedburner.
 You can choose how you want to read my Feed or get it delivered straight to your inbox by Email.
I hope that helps you all with the big switch! 
And Good news… A Glimpse Inside is finally back up to date on all the Readers! YAY! 
I know I disappeared at the beginning of the year and I finally got it all fixed so if you used to read me through a reader, you can find me there once again! 🙂



{Feature Friday} #94

This week flew by and can’t believe 2013 is seriously right around the corner! 
 But since it is a Friday, time for some features! 

Thanks for linking up everyone! 
Feel free to grab a Featured Button
If you haven’t linked up to this week’s Catch a Glimpse Party, there’s still time! 🙂
Have a great weekend and ending to 2012! 



Blogging Tip: Adding Labels to Your Blog

 I thought I would share another blogging tip today. 
Today I am going to show you how to add and use labels on your blog.
Many of you may already do this on your blog but perhaps if you are a newer blogger you don’t know about labels.
Labels help your readers find a post on your blog with a certain topic. 
Here is how to add them:
On your Blogger dashboard, click the drop down menu and select the Layout option.
Once your blog layout comes up, click on the “Add a Gadget” link to open the gadget window.

Scroll down the options until you find the one that says Labels and click the little blue plus sign.
A new window will open up with all the options on how your labels will appear on your blog. 
Make your selections and click Save.
When you are back on your layout page, just drag the layout gadget box to the desired location on your blog.
Here is how to add the labels to each post:
When you are writing a post, in the right hand column the very first option under “Post Settings” is Labels. 
Click on it to open it. 
If you are just starting labels, just type in the labels or categories that pertain to your post such as Crafts, Recipes, Tutorials, etc.
Once you already have started a label it will appear in a list under the box so all you will need to do is click the correct label and it will appear in the box above.
Click the “Done” button to save them.
 Once your post is published, your labels will appear at the very bottom of every post. 
And I have my labels toward the bottom of my right column. 
I use the “Cloud” format. 
So now if a reader wants to find a post that they read once that had something to do with Autumn, all they have to do is click that label and every post with that label comes up for them to search through. 
Easy peasy!!
Hope this helps some of you! 
If you have a certain blogging topic you would like me to cover, let me know! 🙂



Tasty Tuesday- Manners meet the Internet

This November A Glimpse Inside will be 3 years old. Crazy! 
And over these past few years blogging has changed… A LOT! 
People would actually visit your blog and used to comment, a good deal, and many friendships were created. But with the creation of Pinterest, even though it is a fabulously wonderful resource, all things changed. 
People RARELY comment anymore and in fact, they rarely visit blogs as well. 
I know many other bloggers feel the same way as I do and the fabulous Lara over at Less Cake More Frosting wrote the best post ever about manners on the internet. It is a must read so however you are reading this post, please click this link: Miss Manners meet the Internet and read her post. 
Also, share it with your friends or readers through FB and Twitter or however so maybe blogging can go back to the way it used to be and more proper manners will appear on the internet.



Blogging Tip: How to Backup Your Blog

I haven’t shared a blogging tip in a while and I did this tip over the weekend myself and thought it would be a good one to share with all of you. 
Unfortunately, this tip is only for those of you with Blogger blogs (using the new blogger version) since that is what I have. I’m sure you can also do this in WP but I can’t show you how to do it in that. 
Have you thought about what would happen if you went to your blog one day and it was gone? 
Or what if you were messing around with your design and suddenly everything got completely messed up or disappeared? 
Well, if you backup your blog then you wouldn’t have to worry about starting completely over! 
You could just upload your saved template and be as good as new. 
I backup my blog every few months but I should probably do it more often. 
So here is how to backup your blog. It is super simple!! 
 On your Blogger dashboard, click on the arrow that gives you the drop down menu.
From that menu, choose the “Template” option.

The template page will open up for you.
In the top right corner, you will see a button that says “Backup/Restore.”
Click on that button for a new window to open.
Next, just click on the “Download full template” button. 
This will then prompt you to save your entire template to your computer.
Save it to your computer and you are good to go! 
If you do ever have to restore your blog, follow the same directions but instead of clicking the download template button, you will upload your template into the space provided. 
Luckily, I have never had to do this and I hope you don’t have to either! 
See how easy that was! 
Now, hurry… go backup your blog!!

BTW- Have you entered to win your very own Canon T3 Camera yet? If not, enter here!



Guest Post: Jen from 100 Directions

Jen Goode is both geek and creative, a professional artist combing the worlds of internet marketing with art to share her passion for creativity. She is a work-at-home mom of three, social media enthusiast and the “doodler in charge” of JGoode Designs, a Denver based art and design studio. Jen’s work has been published in a number of magazines, is a featured contributor for sites around the web and shares her insight about business and creativity at
Jen Goode
 Do you ever find yourself stuck for creative ideas just when you need them most? Maybe you have a project you’ve been wanting to make or a gift you’d like to create for someone special. The pressure of coming up with the perfect idea can sometimes be the only reason the idea well is dry. If you’ve read this far and your only thought is “I didn’t have any ideas to begin with”, well this brainstorming list should help you too. Clear your mind, relax and get ready to get creative!
Get Creative by Jen Goode

7 ways to work through a creative block

  1. Relax – the more you worry about coming up with the great idea, the harder it will be to focus on the ideas you have. Sometimes little ideas can become big, wonderful, beautiful ideas if we just stop worrying about how wonderful they will be.
  2. Fidget and Fiddle – grab a couple of your craft supplies, markers, stamps, glitter packets, thread and yarn or whatever you like to create with and just start tinkering with them. Exam them, line them up, order them, stack them. Play with them as if they were alphabet blocks. Get your hands on them and see if something doesn’t spark an idea just toying with your tools. 
  3. DoodleI don’t care if you think you can’t draw, doodling can be done by anyone. Grab a pen (not a pencil, there is no erasing in doodling) and just draw whatever comes to mind. Draw objects, abstracts and even words (aka writing). Doodle for a good 10 minutes without critiquing, set a timer if you have to. Sometimes you might find you’ve doodled a new, brilliant idea.Doodle by Jen Goode
  4. Word Associationstart with one word and add upon it with single words that relate to the last. Example: start with Black, what comes next? For me I say, white, then cotton ball, puffy, cloud, sky, bird, tree, apple, pie, baking, Grandma, apron, fabric, sewing…. and the list goes on an on. If you have a specific topic you need to be creative with, use a related word to start your association word play but don’t censor yourself as you brainstorm.
  5. Cut and Paste – make a collage like you did when you were a kid. Grab some junk mail, magazines, fabric straps and whatever else you have handy and just start cutting up pieces. Glue it all onto a piece of paper and watch your mind start moving along as the imagery and glue become your new BFFs.
  6. Browse Creativity – check out what others are doing, related or not, with their own creative adventures. If you find some of your block is due to comparing talents or intimidation, stop looking at the ideas with the mindset that makes you feel incapable. Instead, look at what creativity is out there, write down your own thoughts of what you’d like to create and browse your own fantastic creations – remind yourself how fabulously talented you are!
  7. Take care of you first – sometimes we aren’t as creative as we’d like to be because we’re tired, stressed, hungry or just not up to par with our A game. Too much work is bad for the creative mojo, so make sure you’re taking care of you because you try to be creative for everyone else.
There are so many ways to inspire creativity within our own minds. Usually the biggest block is our own inner voice telling us why our ideas aren’t enough or that our ideas can’t be done. If we stop over complicating and just go back to the way we thought when we were kids, we’d be able to create masterpieces we’re proud of every day!

Thanks for the great info Jen!!



Denver Blogger Meet-up

Over the weekend, I headed up to Denver for a Colorado Blogger Meet-up that was hosted by Ashley from Make It and Love It.

It was a lot of fun and TONS of people were there!
Here is a quick recap for those of you not in the area or for those of you who are and just couldn’t attend.

When you walked up, you had to get a name tag to sign in and get a number for the giveaways that would occur later. We also got cute little goodie bags with Martha Stewart paint inside.

Lots of good food was devoured quickly by all and then there were all the amazing cupcakes made by Alison from Oopsey Daisy and Kirstin from Kojo Designs that were delicious!

At one end of the room, there were a few different crafts that we could do.
The cute earrings were a big hit!

Best part was meeting and mingling with all the other bloggers that showed up and of course I loved seeing the bloggers I already knew again!

There were so many items that were going to be given away!
They were all fabulous!
I was lucky enough to win some twine but I am totally jealous of the girl that won a giant bag from Plaid of Martha Stewart products!

Here is a shot of the goodie bag and the fun little Thank You gift full of candy!

I know Ashley wants to do another meet-up soon so if you are in the Denver area, you should definitely try to attend! It was a lot of fun! Check out Ashley’s post for more photos and details of the event.

All of these photos were taken from Ashley’s blog Make It and Love It and were taken by Katie from KB Digital Designs.



You Asked. I Answered!

We survived Irene without any damage so I hope many of your fared well as well!

A few months ago I shared that you could ask me anything from my personal life to my blog and projects, so today I am going to answer a few of those questions.

Question 1: asked by Michele from The Scrap Shopp

Where is your favorite room/space to write your blog posts from?

I don’t really have a favorite room or space but I do blog from the same spot every time. I have a laptop and we just keep it in the living room on the coffee table (mostly because I used to work online from home) so I always blog from my couch with laptop in lap. Not very inspiring but it gets the job done.

Question 2: comes from Christy from Christy’s Cuties
How long were you been blogging before getting your first feature on another blog for something you had done?

Hmmm… that’s a good question. I actually started A Glimpse Inside as a family blog with very little crafts being shared. I didn’t start sharing crafts until about 8 mths into blogging after we moved to KY and I had a craft room and we were decorating our new place. The first post that was featured on another blog was actually my first crafty/decorative post I shared and it was my “Style with Shutters” post. I linked it up to multiple linky parties and it got featured and also was picked as the #1 project over at The CSI Project that week. Talk about me being THRILLED! 🙂
Question 3 & 4: I am combining these two questions because they were very close to the same questions so they go together.
Thrifty Crafty Girl asked: What is your best advice for new bloggers like me? and

Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts asked: What are some of your best blogging tips? Would love tips on organizing, posting, how to gain followers…etc.

Alrighty… my best advice for new bloggers.

1.) Be Yourself! Write like you are talking to friends and family.

2.) Please, Please, PLEASE make sure your email address is attached to your profile! People want to respond to your comments and if you don’t have your email attached then they can’t. If you don’t know how to add your email address check out my Blogging Tips posts for the how-to.

3.) Don’t use the word verification for your comments.

If you are nervous about spam comments then just moderate your comments.

4.) Link up to parties to get your ideas out there. It brings people to your blog.

5.) To add to #4, Check out other people’s links at parties and comment. Say hello, say something, let them know you were there so they can respond (since you have your email attached to your profile) and possibly come by and visit your blog BUT DO NOT leave a “Please come visit my blog.” or “Please follow my blog.” message. That just turns people off.

6.) Add links/images to past projects somewhere on your blog. This will help keep people around a while if something else catches their eye. LinkWithin is a great tool to use for this. Just add it to the end of your posts and it will always show past posts that a reader may be interested in checking out. Or you can just add images to your sidebar. Up to you.

7.) Try to schedule your post the day or a few days before they are going to post.

I always write my post for the next day the night before and schedule it. All my post, except my Catch a Glimpse party posts, publish at 8 am unless I am just terribly busy that I can’t write it up the night before. And if you can write a couple post a few days out, that just crosses something off your to-do list.

Ok, I think I will stop there.

So those are the answers to those questions for today.

And I will put the option back out there… do you have a question to ask me? ANYTHING?

It could be about :


-My life

-A tutorial

-Thrifty Finds




Leave me a comment with your question or shoot me an email ( and maybe your question will be included in my next Answer post!

Happy Monday!


I have an Addiction…


Seriously, I have been doing this for quite a few months now and I am truly addicted.
But I LOVE IT! lol

Do you know what Pinterest is?

If not, let me explain it to you.

This is the most awesome website where you can “Pin” anything you see on the web to save it on one of your boards to come back later.
You can make your boards anything you want. I have MANY! One just for crafts, one for decorating ideas, one for holiday ideas, recipes, and the list goes on.

Let me show you a few things about Pinterest.

This is the main page of Pinterest.
It shows the Pins of the people that I follow.
You can even “Repin” anything you see that is currently on Pinterest and save it to one of your boards.

This is my profile on Pinterest with a view of a few of my boards.
I currently have 22 boards with 1870 pins with MANY MORE to come!
Told you I have an addiction!

This is just a quick shot of my “Crafts and DIY” board.

So, do you want to know how to do it?
It is SO EASY!!

You find something that you like on a blog or store website, anywhere on the web, that you would like to save and remember.
When you join Pinterest, you add a “Pin it” button in your toolbar so when you find that item you want to save, you just Click “Pin it.”

A new window will pop up with all the images from that webpage.
Select the image that you want to save and show on your board.

Then, a whole new window will open up with the image on the right and a drop down menu and description box on your right.
Choose which board you want to save that image to from the drop down menu and write a brief description in the box. You can write the price, where you found it, what you like about it, WHATEVER!
Then click “Pin it.”

And then it will let you know that it was successfully saved.
You can then view your pin, tweet your pin, or share it on Facebook.

How easy is that?!
And you can organize your boards any way you like!
I am constantly shuffling things around, making new boards, and changing names of boards. It’s a never ending process.

It is just so fabulous to keep such wonderful ideas all in one place so I know where they all are and I can check them out any time I want.

If you want to check out my boards, just click on the “P” icon in my social media buttons in the top right corner.

And let me know if you are on Pinterest!
I’d LOVE to check out your boards.
And if you aren’t… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!




Have you heard of BlogLovin’?

It is a place where you can find all your favorite blogs and follow them all in one place, kind of like Google Reader.

If you are on Bloglovin’- awesome! If you aren’t hop on over and check it out.

It is pretty cool!

Also, how about you Follow A Glimpse Inside on Bloglovin’?
You know you want too! 🙂

Click on the link below to take you to my page.

Follow my blog with bloglovin

And if you are on Bloglovin’ let me know and I’ll follow you too!