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Three Free Inspirational “Class of 2016” Graduation Printables

It’s hard to believe, but the school year is coming to an end. The seniors are finishing their final year, and are preparing to move onto the next stage of their lives. These three free graduation printables would make a nice framed gift, display at a graduation party, or a card for a special graduate in your life.
Hello readers! It’s Molly from Just a Little Creativity, and if you’re like me, you’re in awe (and a little happy) that it’s the end of the school year already. My oldest graduated high school last year and just finished her first year of college 500 miles away from home, and my next in line will be a junior next year. Time is flying by, that’s for sure. Graduation is exciting and scary, and one of the most unique times in both the child and parents lives. It’s sad and happy all at once. There will be a lot of tears shed and smiles shared as you see your graduate walk across that stage, so grown and so proud, and you’ll wonder when they grew up. Weren’t they just a baby yesterday? 

 We want to give them just the right words to carry into their futures. There’s so much you all of a sudden feel like you have to impart. You’ll wonder whether there was more you could have done, and pray they’ll remember all you’ve taught them as they go into the next season of their lives.
 I’m sharing these three free printables that I created for you to use as you’d like. They’re ready to print on an 11×14 page, and are perfect for framing. Or, you can download and size them to whatever you’d like to suit your needs. 
 I’ve recently learned how to digitally watercolor my own photos, and it’s so, so fun! 
 This cherry blossom image for the “Always Stay Humble & Kind” printable was photographed in Nashville, Tennessee this past spring.

The “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” by Walt Disney was photographed on the Natchez Trace Parkway in Franklin, Tennessee.

And finally, this quote from John F. Kennedy “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try” was photographed on a nature trail in Pensacola, Florida.

So yeah, hug those big kids really tight before they walk across that stage. 
And parent’s of littles, cherish these young days, even the hard ones, because they’ll be gone before you know it.

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Easy Glitter Wood Monogram Ornament #Creative Buzz

Ready for more ornament ideas!? 
I hope so because that is the theme for this month’s Creative Buzz! 
I have a super easy one for you again today. 
Again, it is so easy so here is how you can make one for your tree. 
-Small wood plaque and wood letter (bought at Michaels but can be found at other craft stores)
-Acrylic Paint
-Paint brushes
-Glitter in the same color as your paint
-Glitter glue
-Hot Glue Gun
-527 Glue or another Strong All Purpose Glue

Begin by giving the wood pieces a coat of paint in the same colors, or close, to the color glitter you will be using.
While your paint is drying, cut a small piece of ribbon and create a loop by using hot glue on the ends. This will be how you will hang the ornament.
Once the paint is dry, coat the letter and plaque in glitter glue and sprinkle the glitter onto each.
Let dry and then use …. glue to glue the pieces together. 
Place something heavy on top and let dry to make sure they glue together because the glitter can cause some problems.
Ho glue the ribbon loop in the center of the back and it is ready to hang! 
I am starting to bring in some non traditional colors at Christmas so I chose to do hot pink and bright green but you can do any color combo you want.
I love how it came out and it was so fast, easy, and cheap too! 
Can’t go wrong with little handmade touches! 

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Stenciled Burlap Wine Bag #CreativeBuzz

The holiday season is fast approaching and with that comes numerous gatherings and parties. 
It is always nice to show up to a party with a gift for the host or hostess and I have a super easy, quick one for you today.
 Taking wine to a party is always nice so I thought it would be nice to customize a burlap wine bag to take in style.
Here’s how to create it. 
– Burlap Wine Bags (I bought mine at Wal-Mart)
-Acrylic Paint (I chose black)
-Stencil Brush
-Glue Gun
-Cutting machine to create a stencil or letter stencils

Cut out your stencil but and place on your bag. Be sure to keep the centers of any letters! 
Using a stencil brush, pounce the paint onto the burlap.
When complete, pull off the stencil and let dry. Doesn’t take long!
I chose to place my stencil sideways on the left side so the start of my word is at the bottom of the bag running up. If you choose to place your word sideways on the right side, it should start at the top of the bag and run down.
I then wanted to add a little something more to the bag so I hot glued a ribbon near the top and make a little bow.
I picked a more Christmasy ribbon but you can customize this for any occasion, time of year, or holiday.
Be sure to glue all the way into the folds on the side so the bag can be folded flat to store.
Place your wine inside, tie with some coordinating ribbon, and it is party ready! 
Add a fun phrase on the back or just do this on the front. 
Easy to customize however you please! 
You could easily make a few of these to keep on hand for any of those last minute get togethers that you want to take a gift too. Nice to dress it up a bit instead of a plain store bought bag.
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Burlap Mini Garden Flag with Painted Pumpkins #CreativeBuzz

I am a sucker for a mini garden flag. 
I have a small collection of them that go with holidays, the seasons, and some are just for fun.
I realized though I don’t have one that is specifically for fall. How that is possible, I have no idea!?!

So since this month’s #CreativeBuzz theme was Pumpkins, I knew that I could create my own fall inspired mini garden flag with some pumpkins on it.

Here is what I created and I love how it turned out!

Here is how I created it so you can make one for yourself.

-Laminated Burlap- I found a small roll at Michael’s
-Acrylic Paint
-Paint or stencil brushes
-Cutting machine- I used my Silhouette and I used this image from the Silhouette Store.
-Cardstock Paper
-Outdoor Mod Podge
-Sewing Machine

I used one of my garden flags as a template to cut the size of my burlap.
The flags dimensions are 12 x 18. I cut my burlap to the length but my burlap was a little thinner than the 12″ and that was ok with me.

Then cut out your design in your cardstock to create your stencil.
I separated my image into two projects and blew the pumpkin up as large as I could on the 12×12 sheet.
Be sure to space your vines out to give you enough paper border so paint doesn’t spill over the edges.

Save the NEGATIVE of the stencil!
Only piece you will save will be the shading piece of the pumpkins.

My stencil had a few different layers so I started with the bottom layer and placed it where I wanted it on the burlap.
Using green acrylic paint, I filled it in.

Remove the stencil and let dry a few minutes before placing the next layer on top.

Once your first layer is dry enough, place your next stencil on top.

Fill in the stencil.
I chose to use a darker orange for this layer.

Once that layer is dry, place the next stencil layer on top.

I then used a brighter orange paint to give my pumpkin some dimension.

Once the orange paint is dry, you can add the stems and vines.

I then wanted “welcome” on my sign so I quickly cut that out and just stenciled it below the pumpkins.

Once your paint is completely dry, I waited overnight to be sure, pull out your Outdoor Mod Podge and coat the the entire front panel of the flag.

Be sure the cover the paint really well.
Let the Mod Podge dry overnight.

Time pull our your sewing machine to sew the flag together.
If you want to do a no sew version, you could always hot glue it together. Just be sure to leave a space for the bar of your flag holder. And I have no idea how long a hot glued flag will last out in the elements.

I used a brown thread to go around the flag first.
Sew across the top then move down 2 inches and sew across again. This will be where you place the bar of your flag holder.

I wanted to add a little something else so I then stitched with orange thread as well.

And you are done!

Hang it outside and enjoy!

I’m thrilled how it turned out!
Not sure what took me so long to make one!

Right now it hangs out by some of my flower pots but they will soon be replaced with pumpkins and mums.

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DIY Apple Chalkboard Teacher Gift #CreativeBuzz

I’m sure many of your children have started school by now but Miss P officially starts Preschool Tuesday.
Ahhh! I can’t believe it! I am super excited and nervous, for both of us, but I know she’ll do fabulous.

I thought it would be fun to make her teacher something and wanted it to be a little something different.
This month’s theme for #CreativeBuzz was apples so it helped give me a jumping off point.
This is what I came up with and I LOVE how it came out! 

She’ll be able to use it to display her name outside her classroom, put reminders on it for parents, or however else she sees fit.

Here is how I created it so you can make one too!

-Acrylic Paint
-Clear Chalkboard Coating

Start by drawing an apple on the MDF.
I just free handed it until I was happy with the size and shape.

Using a jigsaw, cut out the apple.

Here is the apple all cut out.
Before I started painting it, I gave it a light sanding and took off the sharp edges of the apple.
Wipe clean.

MDF sometimes sucks paint in so before I started painting with the colored paint, I coated the whole apple, front and back, with white paint.

 Next, coat the apple, leaf, and stem with a coat of paint and let dry.
This way you have a nice base of each color before adding another layer and adding the values.

 Next, add another layer of paint and while the paint is still wet, add some highlights and low lights to give the it some dimension.
I worked on each color separately until I was happy with how they looked.

When your paint is nice and dry, it is time to make it a chalkboard.
Pull out some of this awesome Clear Chalkboard Coating- it makes ANYTHING a chalkboard- and give the apple one coat vertically and let it dry for 1 hour. When the first coat is dry, apply another coat horizontally.
Let cure 24 hours.

 I took some twine and stapled it onto the back of the apple so she will be able to hang it.

Once the chalkboard coat is cured, you need to “prime” the chalkboard.
And to do this, all you need to do is rub a piece of chalk all over the chalkboard.

Wipe it clean and it is ready to use!!

I wanted to add a little something extra to the apple so I had these small chalkboard tags laying around and wrote “welcome” on it.

I then tied it around the stem using green baker’s twine.

And it is done!

 Since I plan on giving this to Miss P’s teacher, I wrapped up two pieces of chalk in a clear bag and tied it with twine as well to give it to her teacher with the apple.

It turned out so cute and I love the result!

I sure hope that her teacher loves it too!!!

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DIY Growth Chart #CreativeBuzz

Hey everyone! 
I am thrilled to join in with some other fabulous bloggers for a monthly blog hop- #CreativeBuzz. Every 4th Thursday of the month, we will share projects and ideas surrounding a certain theme.
Check out my project and then you can check out what the other bloggers have created at the bottom of the post.
This month theme was numbers.

I had no idea what I wanted to make until I remembered that I have been wanting to make a growth chart FOREVER now for the girls so this was the perfect time to make it!

It was easy as well!

Here is how I created it.
I went to Lowes and bought a piece of wood that was 10 in. wide and 6 ft tall.
I knew I was going to paint it white so I didn’t care about the knots in the wood so I bought a cheaper board. This was only $10.
If you want to stain your chart, you can buy a piece of pine for a little more money.

I brought it home and gave the whole piece a good sanding to make it smooth.
Then used a piece of tack cloth to remove any particles before coating it with a coat of oil base primer. I gave two coats to the front side of the board to ensure that the knots didn’t shine through.
Once the primer was dry, I gave it another sanding and wiped it clean again.
I then used Valspar Ultra-White paint in a semi-gloss for the final coats. Again, giving it two coats on the front for a nice, clean finish.
Once your board is dry, it is time to mark of the lines for the ruler side.
I placed a measuring tape along the side I wanted the ruler on and grabbed a pencil.

With the pencil, I marked every inch up the whole board.
Then where each foot mark was, I made the line slightly longer so I knew that was for each foot and not an inch.
I took a Sharpie paint marker in black to make the lines on the board.
I made each line 1 in long and then the foot marks I made them 1 in and a half.

I made my first Foot mark 6 inches on the board.
Our baseboards are 3 inches tall and I wanted the board slightly above it.
When I hang it on the wall, I will make sure the 1 ft. line is at exactly 1 ft from the ground.

Here is a shot of all the lines complete.
Since I was making this for the girls, I wanted to customize it with their names.
I used some vinyl to cut out their names and an ampersand symbol and applied it to the top of the board.
Next, came the numbers and the embellishments.

I was debating on what I was going to do… cut a vinyl design and apply it or hand paint something on it and then while browsing Target, I spotted this wall decal and knew I wanted to use it!

Then the numbers were another great debate! I wanted small wood or chip board letters but couldn’t find ANY small enough to work. I found these Thickers Stickers also at Target and they actually had numbers along with the letters so it was perfect. I like that they are raised off the board a little and they are slightly glittery. Plus, the pinks match perfectly!

I applied the numbers by each foot mark on the board.
Here is board with the names and numbers applied.
Time to apply the decal.
The decal had numerous different branches, leaves and flowers so I just looked at all of them and determined what I wanted to start with.
I started at the bottom of the board and worked my way to the top.
I filled in gaps with smaller items and if I didn’t like something where
it was, I just took it off and replace it with another piece.
I kept the design away from the lines so I could write and fill in the information for the height of the girls when we measure them but you could overlap the lines if you want.
I then stopped the design just below their names.
I absolutely LOVE how it came out!!!
I can’t wait to get it up on the wall… once I figure out where to hang it in this darn house. We have such an open floor plan and so many windows that wall space is limited.

But I plan on going back and adding all of their measurements from when they were babies and from here on out.

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