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A new way to plan!!

I hope you all had an incredible Christmas. The WORD was made flesh and dwelt among us. Wow!! Let that sink in a bit. God sent His only Son to come to earth as a baby! He spent 33 years getting to know us…our joys, our sorrows, our triumphs and temptations and then He willingly went to the cross to bear each and every one of our sins. All of them. There’s not a single one that is TOO big for Him. He took them all to the cross so that we wouldn’t have to pay for them. So we wouldn’t have to try to live a “good enough” life. He is enough for us. We are not enough. But HE is. I hope you can rest in the promises that were given to us over 2000 years ago at Christmas and brought to fruition on Easter morning!!

I had a few moments this Christmas where it was like I was hearing the story all over again. And it was so good for me. It felt like the first time my ears ever heard of the amazing grace that God has given to us! Tears welled up in my eyes when I realized that even though I’m not perfect or worthy of His grace He still gives it to me. What a tremendous blessing! God is so good!!
Thanks for allowing me to share that with you all. I just feel like so many times we rush through everything these days. We don’t take the time to savor things like we should. It really started to sink in anew for me and I loved it. And I want to keep the feeling and the knowledge of the best gift ever alive!!
But now that Christmas is over people are going to be ready to move on. But let’s not move on too quickly or better yet, when we move on let’s take a little bit of Christmas into the new year with us. Let us continue to share the gifts of the baby Jesus with the world. As we move into the next year and start planning all the things let us remember to plan our time with Jesus. Our time in the Word and with a community of believers at our church. Let us plan to keep our relationship with Jesus forefront in our minds and on our tongues when we speak with those around us.
Cracking open a planner for the first time can be so invigorating for some and daunting for others. I have always loved the idea of a planner. I love the cute little sayings between the months and the year full of possibility. But lately new planners have been intimidating to me. I have felt like there is just too much unknown, too much structure and too much blank space for me to fill so I just clam up and do nothing. I started a new planner in October. I filled out one month and maybe one or two weekly pages and then NEVER used it. AH! And you know planners are not cheap these days (well, they can be many are not)! 

I stumbled upon my friend Kristin’s blog about bullet journaling and I was immediately drawn into it. I immediately saw the benefit and the way it was all laid out made me hopeful and not intimidated like most planners. Now, I will say, that bullet journaling is not for all types of people…just like regular planners are not for all types of people. But if you’ve ever struggled to keep up with a planner then maybe you should give bullet journaling a shot!

There are so many resources to check out in order to get an idea of what bullet journaling really is. I’ve only been bullet journaling for a few weeks so I’m not one to give ALL the advice but I just wanted to jump in here today to tell you to give it a try if you feel like regular planners just aren’t cutting it for you! You may fall in love with bullet journaling….and if you don’t love it you won’t be out a lot of money since the supplies for bullet journaling can be very inexpensive.

These paragraphs from Kristin’s blog are what convinced me to try it…”One of the best things about having a bullet journal is that you create it day to day. You don’t write your next daily to-do list until the last day is complete. Need to start a separate list or big project? Go for it. Just turn to a new page and start writing.

Here’s the other thing I love about using a bullet journal. There is no guilt in blank pages! For a perfectionist like me, this has been a complete game changer.
It used to be that when I stopped using my planner for a couple days and looked back on the blank pages I missed, I was overwhelmed by guilt and frustration – which meant I went even longer without using the planner. With my bullet journal? I can pick up right where I left off no matter how much time has passed. I just flip to the next page and resume .
The best way to experience the magic of bullet journaling? Just start. “

You can head over to my pinterest board for even more ideas. Since I just started bullet journaling myself my board is not extensive but there are plenty of pages to give you a good idea of how to start a bullet journal and some fun ideas of how to design some pages. But again, it doesn’t have to be fancy. Sometimes DONE, is better than PRETTY! I did purchase the Brainbook by Kalyn Brooke that Kristin talked about in her blog and it was very helpful to me. You may also find it to be helpful. It walks you through setting up your bullet journal and even gives you a bit of the history behind the bullet journal.

I just really love that I can write down exactly what I need and want to have in my planner. And there is no blank page guilt!! My planner is now my bullet journal and it holds all my important things not just my calendar. I don’t have to carry around four different notebooks anymore to keep all my lists straight. I am so glad I finally gave bullet journaling a try. Granted I haven’t even reached my first 30 days of bullet journaling I know it is a game changer and I expect to see myself still using this method to try and keep my brain in tact a year from now!!

Do you have a bullet journal? What are your favorite types of pages to make? I actually just started another instagram account too in order to keep all my bullet journal posts and information handy!! 


Ultimate Christmas Candy Roundup

Hi, it’s Rachel from Adventures of a DIY Mom. I love homemade Christmas candies.
Today I’m sharing a BIG list of candy recipes I want to try and a few of mine.

White Pecan Praline Fudge by Living Sweet Moments

Soft Velvety Fudge by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Homemade Mounds by Christina’s Cucina
Holiday Candies by Homemade Food Junkie
Festive Almond and Honey Nougat by Sweetness and Bite
Cinnamon Rock Candy by Serena Bakes

Homemade Caramels by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Easy English Toffee by Burly’s Kitchen
Divinity Candy by Shugary Sweets

Homemade Peppermint Patties by Clean Eating Kitchen

Eggnog Fudge by Thrifty Jinxy

Tips for Perfect Toffee by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bark by Joy Filled Eats

Thin Mint Fudge by Nana’s Little Kitchen

Marzipan by Mother Would Know

Chocolate Orange Cherry Brownie Truffles by Confessions of a Mommyaholic

White Christmas Coconut Toffee by My Life Cookbook

Gingerbread Fudge by Thrifty Jinxy

Easy 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge by Crayons and Cravings

Easy Chocolate Truffles by Kopiaste

Toffee (no corn syrup) by The Rising Spoon

Vegan Peanut Butter Balls by Namely Marly

No Bake Christmas Wreath Cookies by Living Sweet Moments
Toffee Walnuts by Serena Bakes

Gingerbread Cookie Dough Bites by The Loopy Whisk

Peanut Butter Salted Caramel Bars by Rhian’s Recipes
Cranberry Peppermint Bark by Urban Bliss Life

Easy Peanut Butter Balls by The Rising Spoon

Salted Caramels by Wallflower Kitchen

Candy Cane Fudge by Shugary Sweets
Spicy Candied Orange Peels by Mother Would Know
Chocolate Chow Mein Noodle Cookies by Brooklyn Farm Girl
Snowball Truffles by Baking Sense
Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts by 24 Carrot Kitchen
Candy Cane Chocolate Bark by Drugstore Divas
Chocolate Dipped Pretzels by Beyond the Chicken Coop
Easy Oreo Truffles by Urban Bliss Life
Homemade Marshmallows by The Kitchen is My Playground
Peppermint Bark Fudge by Sugar Spun Run
Gingerbread Holiday Fudge by Living Sweet Moments

Caramel Pecan Turtle Bark by Joy Filled Eats

Easy Candied Almonds by Savory Nothings
English Toffee by Shugary Sweets

Sugar-Free Nutella Truffles by Wholesome Yum

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Vintage Truck Sign Christmas Wreath and our White Retro Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas everybody!  This is Donna from Modern on Monticello blog again and I’m so happy to contribute to A Glimpse Inside Blog this month and to get a chance to wish everyone a happy holiday.   I have so enjoyed contributing to A Glimpse Inside Blog this past year and wish Allison, Jamie, and Rachel the best in 2018!
For my last post I am sharing with you, I wanted to show you my Vintage Truck Christmas Wreath and a few photos of our Retro Inspired White Christmas tree.
I saw where Allison shared a Vintage Truck sign a few weeks ago and I always knew we shared the same taste and design vibes.  I hope you were able to read her post but if not check it out here
So, in the same spirit of loving all things with vintage trucks, I am sharing my recent project featuring a vintage truck sign.

I found this vintage truck sign on Amazon a few weeks ago while looking for retro themed Christmas ornaments for my white Christmas tree.  I was participating in a Christmas Tree blog hop and wanted to add more ornaments to the tree.  I have seen a green truck version of this sign but really wanted it in the red truck version.
Just so you know, my husband and son are working on a 1960 F100 Ford Truck which just so happens to be red – underneath all the rust – so vintage trucks have been a favorite around our house since before Retro and Vintage were the “in” thing.   The vintage truck sign for our house had to be red.

I wanted to keep the wreath pretty simple other than the vintage truck sign so I only added a string of LED battery operated lights and a bow.

I was going to originally hang this wreath outside my own back entrance door – which you see in these pictures – but my son and daughter in law are moving in to our rental house this upcoming weekend.  Yes, they are going to be our first renters while my son is away in seminary school next year – and since they are moving a week before Christmas they really won’t have much chance to decorate their new home.  I have decided to hang this wreath on their front door as a surprise and a housewarming gift.

I am also excited to share with you some pictures of my family’s white retro themed Christmas tree.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and that 2018 is everything you want it to be.  


Good Eats: Disney World Edition

 I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving. I sure did. It was not a traditional Thanksgiving at all but it is one that will go down in the memory books for sure. My extended family and I went to Walt Disney World for 5 days of non-stop fun. My parents told us three years ago that they wanted to take us to Disney World in 2017 to celebrate their 45th Wedding Anniversary. We have been waiting a long time for this week to come and it did not disappoint. It would take me a while to tell you all the fun and exciting things we did, like walking, waiting in lines, riding rides, walking, going to shows, walking, eating good food and more walking. So today I’m just going to tell you about some of the good food we ate!!
We brought LOTS of snacks along with us to the parks each day, along with sandwiches or pb&j rollups. We also had our water bottles to use and refill. But we knew we wanted to get a small taste of the many good food options that Disney World has to offer. In the five days that we were in Orlando we got to spend all of them at the parks. It was exhausting but so worth it. We had park hopper passes and were able to visit all four park and we did Magic Kingdom twice, since it’s so big. There were 15 of us in our group and we were a little slow moving and it was REALLY crowded so we probably didn’t get to see everything that everyone really wanted to see or do but we had an incredible time none-the-less. And yes, the food was amazing as well.
We ended up doing two character meals, one other buffet and then our Thanksgiving dinner was at The Boathouse in Disney Springs. I never thought I’d be eating coconut shrimp on Thanksgiving but it was so delicious and I’m not really a big fan of turkey anyway. However, I did miss having pumpkin pie. So I’m just going to tell you what we ate at which park each day of the trip (besides the food we brought from home). And then YOU can tell me what I missed so that if I ever get another opportunity to go back to Disney World I will know where to eat first!!
We spent our first day in Epcot Center and it was such a fun day. We didn’t really get to sample too much food in the park because we were too busy waiting in lines and trying to navigate the park. But we did enjoy an amazing princess dinner at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. The kids loved getting to meet the princesses and having them sign their autograph books. The food was delicious and totally different from what I normally eat. We started with an appetizer buffet of various meats and cheeses. For dinner I had the pork shank with corn succotash and some polenta I believe. It was over a week ago I don’t remember what was all on the plate. We finished with some AMAZING desserts. A rice pudding, apple cake and chocolate moose. They also brought out an “Anniversary” plate since we were there celebrating my parents Anniversary. This meal was so delicious, the only problem was the kids were so distracted by the princesses they hardly even touched their food!

The second day we went to Magic Kingdom and while we were waiting for the festival of fantasy parade my husband went and got us some snacks. A mickey pretzel, some candied nuts and popcorn. The pretzel was so good, light, fluffy and just the right amount of chewy. I won’t speak too highly of the cheese cup that came with the pretzel, it was a little congealed and gloppy but it did the trick. Some mustard may have been better on the pretzel but it was still delicious.
The candied nuts were amazing and so good to finally taste after
smelling them all day long. 
The popcorn was what you would expect
popcorn to be…not too salty…just right!!

 A little picture of us after the parade…just for the fun of it!

 That night in Magic Kingdom we didn’t have dinner plans so we decided to have ice cream for dinner. We went to the ice cream parlor on Main Street and the ice cream was SO SO good. You can see my husband holding my bowl, two scoops in a waffle cone with chocolate drizzle. Amazing ice cream really. In fact when we asked our kids what their favorite food was at Disney two of them said this ice cream!! Plus, when you’re at Disney World you CAN eat ice cream for dinner!!

The third day we went to Animal Kingdom and we didn’t really try any of the food in the park. We spent most of the morning waiting in line to ride the Avatar Flight of Passage…which was TOTALLY worth the 2+ hour wait by the way!!!  It also rained that day so we just tried to stay inside at shows and we knew we’d be having a big dinner so we just ate our snacks from home that day. We went to Boma for an African dinner at the Animal Kingdom lodge and it was so so good. The buffet was filled with great cuts of meat, fresh veggies, soups and all the other sides you would hope for but everything was done in a traditional African style. Let me tell you if you go there and they have butternut squash soup please do yourself a favor and try it. It was SO amazing. The little desserts were super yummy too.

The little coffee tart at the bottom of the picture was my favorite. The little cup that the coffee “moose” is sitting in is made of dark chocolate. Oh and the jungle juice that they served was super tasty also!

We went to Hollywood Studios on our fourth day and enjoyed seeing lots of Star Wars characters, the really AWESOME Toy Story ride and some fun roller coasters. We enjoyed some Mickey ice cream and my husband and I walked a little slower than the rest of our group who went on the Rockin Roller Coaster so we could grab a snack and a drink.

 That evening we went back into Animal Kingdom so that we could go to the Tusker House buffet and character meal. Again, the food was so delicious. The cold green bean salad was one of my favorites and roasted root veggies were amazing too. Even the chicken curry was delicious. I wasn’t very hungry so I didn’t try too much at this buffet and just left a little room for dessert. The bread pudding was pretty good and the chocolate moose tart was outstanding!
 (sorry for the blurry pictures…the light wasn’t very good in there)
Here is our whole group with Mickey!!!

 Our last day was spent back at Magic Kingdom and we got to explore the side of the park that we missed the first time we were there. We made sure to get our Dole Whip (I got a float) which was delicious and we also got some various snacks at the Big Top Souvenirs…some suckers for the kids, a cake pop for me, a chocolate covered pineapple on a stick for my hubby and a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie for later!!

And like I said earlier we spent Thanksgiving evening at Disney Springs at The Boathouse and the food and service were both excellent!!
So, tell me, did I get all the favorites? What did I miss. I really want to go back tomorrow but I don’t think it will happen any time soon!! But I’m really hoping somehow we can go again before all the kids leave the house!! Thanks for joining me on this tour of good Disney food!!
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Join the 2018 AGI Creative Team

I can’t believe it but it is that that time of year once again where I am looking for some fabulous, creative people to join the Creative Team of A Glimpse Inside for the upcoming year.


  • Recipes, Tips & Tricks, Kid Friendly Ideas, Printables/Graphic Design, Gift Ideas, Party Ideas, DIY Projects, General Crafts, Photography Tips, Sewing

  • Someone with creative ideas, who is organized and punctual. 

  • Beautiful, clear photos and quality writing skills. 

  • Experience with Blogger and photo editing software is a plus, but not required. 
  • One original post each month. (You can repost to your own blog after a 2 week waiting period). 

  • Post ideas and content to be delivered on time. 

  • Quality photos and content. 

  • Share your post on your own social media. 

  • Be an active member of our team. 

  • A one year commitment. 


I do want to state upfront that at this time, this will NOT be a paid contributor situation. Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to offer you money for your hard work as a contributor. I promise to still make it worth your time! 

  • Access to a Group Pinterest board where you can pin all your projects.

  • Exposure on all my social media channels. 

  • Your photo and bio at the end of each post and on my contributors page, with links to your blog and social media. 

  • Not only will you gain traffic and Google love to your blog, but you’ll have to opportunity to showcase your talent to the fabulous readers at A Glimpse Inside and gain some new friends along the way. 

  • You’ll get to participate in our private Facebook group, a place to ask questions and share ideas. 

Think this is something you’d be interested in? 
I’d love for you to apply! 
And please share with anyone you believe would be a great fit! 🙂 

Take your time filling out the form below, and be sure to share your BEST work. 
I can’t wait to meet you! 

Deadline to apply is December 10th.


Indian Corn Fall Decor

Hey everyone! It’s Rachel from Adventures of a DIY Mom
Today I will be sharing a super simple home decor idea. Grab a few ears of Indian corn and an old board to create this fall decoration. I have this on my front porch and I love it.
Indian Corn Decoration

I normally have a wood welcome sign on my front porch. For this project, I simply used the back side of the board.

Indian Corn Decoration

Earlier this fall, I found some Indian corn. At the grocery store, of all places. I bought some on a whim and turned it into this quick front porch decoration.

Want to make your own Indian Corn Decoration? 

It’s super simple – a 5 minute or less project!
You will need:
Indian Corn
Tie together three pieces of corn with some twine. Tie it as tightly as possible at the top of the corn where it meets the husk.
Tie a bow around the corn with a piece of ribbon
Figure out where you want it to hang on your board, and then place a nail in the board.
Hang the Indian corn with the ribbon that’s already tied around the corn.

Indian Corn Decoration

Set it on your front porch and enjoy!

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Little House on the Prairie Birthday Party

When you have five kids and a small budget and not a ton of extra time you have to get creative with how you celebrate their birthdays. All three of our girls have their birthdays in October and it’s also our Anniversary month. So we decided a while back that we would make their birthday special by taking the birthday kid out to breakfast, then letting them pick what they wanted me to make for dinner and the flavor and decorations on their cake. We then let them have a big “friend” birthday party when they turn 1, 5 and 10. And this year my fourth child turned 5. How is that possible!! 
The theme she chose for her birthday party is an Autumn Harvest Party…and I would tell you all about it but the party isn’t until this coming Saturday. But I am VERY excited about her party because we have a family from church who has agreed to bring their horse so all the party guests can ride the horse. My girls LOVE horses so this will be a really fun surprise for them. We’ve been lucky with the spacing of the kids because there won’t be a year where two kids have big parties in the same year. But I will be throwing at least one party every year for a while!! And that’s okay because I love to throw a good “theme” party every once in a while.
I ask my kids to pick a theme early enough so I can start pinning ideas and making things ahead of time for the party. Of course I always run out of time and don’t get to everything I wanted to. This year I totally forgot to mail invitation so I had to do a Facebook message and that totally drives me nuts!!
Last year my oldest turned 10 and she picked a “Little House on the Prairie” theme and we had a really fun party!!! I love putting together parties and would love to do this for other people as well. I set up and “Olsen’s mercantile” in our patio and we played games and did some crafts. We asked the girls to dress up like Laura and Mary too. It was a great time!! 
Here are some pictures from her party.

My friend Kellee made the cookies and we used them as party favors!! She’s making some again this year for Abi’s party!!

Naomi asked for a pie instead of a cake and I think it fit the theme perfectly!!

The girls did a little painting…

and sewing…

And they all had some personalized gifts to take home!

They also played some games, drop the pin in the bucket and a potato sack race. 
The girls all had a really good time and I was wiped out!! It was so much fun creating these memories with these girls for my daughter…it was just a few months later that we found out we would be moving. I’m so glad she had this time with her friends!!

I can’t wait to share a little bit about Abi’s birthday party next month!! 
How do you make your kids birthdays extra special?!
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DIY Trio of Sunflower Canvases

Hello everyone.  This is Donna from Modern on Monticello.  
Today I am sharing what I call a fun way to relieve stress by painting a trio of canvases with a sunflower theme.

I am NOT an artist by any means, but I do love to paint creative projects whether it is furniture, ceramics, or whimsical canvas designs.  Especially when I have had a stressful week and this past week was no exception.  Dealing with miscommunication issues with a contractor can do that and make your big project behind on schedule.
To clear my head I decided to finish a creative painting project I started some time ago.
I love sunflowers and they are actually a very easy flower to paint.  I had started a trio of canvases with partial images of a sunflower, all in different color palettes, that would hang together to create a complete image, but I never completed two of them.  So with brushes in hand I finally finished this project.

My method of drawing the sunflowers is so simple.  I use chalk to create the basic outline of the picture.  If I don’t like how it looks, I can just erase the lines and start over.  Then I use acrylic paints in my choice of colors and color in the lines.

This is free form painting at it’s best!  Whatever I don’t like, I paint over or add a different color to.  For this trio, I tried to add a hint of color from the other canvases to each one.  There really aren’t any rules, you just paint to relieve stress or just have fun.    That was the whole purpose of this project.

My daughter has decided she wants these for her bedroom wall but for this post, I hung them on my bathroom wall to display.  These were fun and whimsical and so easy to create.
What do you do to clear your mind after a stressful week?

A Craft Room Tour

Hello friends!! I hope you are all having a great fall!! After two weeks of temperatures in the 90s it is finally starting to cool off again this week and I am so excited about that. Along with fall comes thoughts of upcoming gift seasons and for someone like me who makes the majority of my custom items around Christmas I needed to get my craft room completed. You may remember back in April I gave you a little tour of my craft room in its infancy. We had just moved a month before and I was just starting to put everything in place. Well, its’ been five months and I finally feel like my space is getting organized!! Yay!!
I have my tables in place and almost all of my items have a home. It is so much easier to make my custom pieces when I know where everything is. I also don’t end up buying as much because I know when I truly run out of something and don’t just buy because I can’t find something. I have been making a lot of necklaces lately along with some custom family illustrations and home illustrations! Feel free to check them out in my etsy shop!!
But without further adieu let me show you some pictures of my cleaned up and organized craft space. I did have to reposition some things to fit better than what I originally had planned but it works so much better.
Here is the before of my corner that was going to just be a desk for business paperwork and such….

But it is now my sewing area!
Here is the before of what I thought would be my sewing area and then my painting desk. I was thinking of doing a big corner desk but I’m really happy with the way this area turned out.

I found an old door at a garage sale for $20 and then got the two white shelves from Ikea. I put a piece of plexiglass over the area where the window is in the door. I wasn’t thinking of getting a door with a window in it but I really love it. I think it helps make the room brighter. The white shelves on the wall and the metal rod are from Ikea also. 
I love my “Maker” wall and am working on putting some more maker walls together as well…so if you’re interested in a trade let me know!! 
I found the old “pepsi” crates which store my paints at an Antique store in the area and I had purchased the black bookcases from Walmart and Target. 
I love this space so much. And even though I don’t have a window it doesn’t feel like a black hole!! I have more ideas for adding more color too! I’m not quite done with this space!

This is the before picture of my shipping station. It hasn’t changed too much but I have added a few things to the area!

 The clipboards hold my orders…order forms, paid and shipped. I have everything I need ready to go, all my business cards, pack ins and shipping supplies. It makes it so much easier than having to go digging for things when it’s time to mail items!

This wall is really the only one that hasn’t changed!!

 I still have to work on my closet. It is a huge mess and things are just piled in there but until I can get some shelves built in there it will just have to stay that way!! 
Thanks for taking a tour with me!
 Let me know if you have any questions! I would love to see your craft room…drop a link in the comments so I can check them out!!!

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Cake Batter Snickerdoodles

Hi, it’s Rachel from Adventures of a DIY Mom.
Today I’m sharing one of my favorite cookie recipes. It’s a slight twist on a classic – a cake batter snickerdoodle.
This recipe originates from my Grandma.  I doctored it up a bit to include a cake batter flavor. 
These cookies are so delicious.
They are crisp on the outside and soft in the middle – to me that equals perfection!
 Cake Batter Snickerdoodle Recipe
1 c. sugar
1/2 c. brown sugar
1 c. shortening {I use butter flavored}
2 eggs
1 t. vanilla
2 c. flour
3/4 c. yellow cake mix p owder
1 pkg vanilla pudding mix
1 t. baking soda
1 t. cream of tartar
1/2 t. salt
Cinnamon/Sugar mixture for rolling
1/2 c. sugar
1 t. cinnamon
These amounts are approximate – I never measure this part
Cream shortening and sugar.
Add eggs and vanilla.
Stir in dry ingredients.
Roll dough into small balls. Roll the dough balls in the cinnamon sugar mixture until coated.
Bake at 375 for 8-10 minutes.
 There you go!
One of my favorite cookie recipes.
I hope you enjoy!

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