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This, That, and Everything in Between- July 2018

This is the last week of August and I am JUST now getting around to sharing our family adventures from July. Things have been crazy this month with getting our household goods, finally, and unpacking, girls starting school, Travis starting his schooling for Major and much more, that sitting down to look through pictures and write this post was way on the back burner. 
 Enough about all that. Let me finally share what we were up to in July before it really IS August. lol
 Since the girls were still in TN with our parents the beginning of the month, we were able to continue to have our date days/nights and do anything we wanted. haha We began the month by doing a little golfing at Top Golf. I am terrible but this place is still super fun to go to if you have one in your area.
 Having no kids with us didn’t stop us from still enjoying the fourth of July. Shortly before the fireworks began, we left our hotel to get some dessert and then parked on the top level of the mall parking garage to watch the fireworks. So many people in the neighborhoods around there were doing crazy large fireworks so we watched those until it was time to watch the ones that the local baseball team was putting on after their game ended.

 No kids= TONS of exploring of Kansas City and the surrounding areas. We found this cute old street car, that was part of the original system back in the day and I had to take some shots of it. 
Then there is a knitting group that knit all these colorful covers for everything, and I do mean everything, at the last stop of the current tram system. So colorful and happy!

 We explored the area near Union Station a lot and walked the sky bridge to get to other areas.
 We visited the WWI Museum one afternoon. This museum is pretty cool and I recommend adding it to your must see list if you ever visit Kansas City. The views of the city from the museum were gorgeous as well.

 The evening after we visited the WWI Museum, we finally got a call that we got a house on post. To say we were excited was an understatement since it was already mid July and we’d been in a hotel for three weeks.
Here are some shot of new abode for the next year that we will be living in KS.
 The weekend that we got the house, we drove to Ill. to pick up the girls from my parents. They learned to swim while they were in TN over the summer so we had to take advantage of the hotel pool so they could show us their new skills. We were both really impressed!

 On our way home from picking up the girls, we stopped in St. Louis at the City Museum. This place is insane and another must visit place if you have kids and are visiting the St. Louis area. There are mazes, slides, a Ferris Wheel on the roof, and so much more to climb all over and through to explore!
 A few days after we got the girls back and they were settled, we ventured back down to Kansas City to go to Lego Land and the aquarium. 
The girls had fun building things and checking out all the giant Lego structures throughout.
 The aquarium is attached to Lego Land so once we were done there we hopped over to the aquarium for some more fun. I love to see how excited the girls get when they see different animals/fish/creatures.
 We then ventured out into Kansas City to take the girls on the Tram system for what we would call their first train ride. They were so excited to ride the tram. We had just missed one so we had to wait a few minutes until the next one arrived so we went in to explore Union Station and the big T-Rex outside.
 It took ages to get our stuff but that didn’t stop me from trying to make the outside of our house feel more homey. We hung our American flag, I placed my flowers pots out, put my small garden flag out as well and then placed mulch in the garden to make this place feel a little more like ours. 
I’ve since added some pretty yellow flowers to go with roses in the garden, we’ve hung fun lights on the porch, and we have some comfy chairs to sit on and relax out there. It is still not our old screened in porch but I like it.
 These two kitties got pretty spoiled being in a small hotel room with just Travis and I for a few weeks so they still liked to cuddle with us every chance they got.

 When you don’t have furniture, and have no idea when it even MAY be arriving, you get creative! We had this extra blow up mattress with us so we blew it up and propped it up to be like a couch. We had our tiny tv with us that we placed a tote and our step ladder served as a side table. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to be slightly more comfortable! lol
 One afternoon, Travis had to start in processing for school so I took the girls out and about on Fort Leavenworth to do some exploring the new place we’ll be living. There are some really awesome old buildings, canons, and beautiful views of the Missouri River. There’s even a chunk of the Berlin Wall!

 We discovered this fun little farm about 10 mins from where we live that allows you to pick your own veggies. They also have other fun events every so often and we have definitely enjoyed going to get our farm fresh veggies! 
 What’s living and exploring a new area without making a stop at the zoo?! We hit up the Kansas City Zoo one day where it wasn’t 100 degrees out and we all had a lovely time! We explored everything and closed the zoo down!
 And lastly, the girls love discovering things in nature and have a fascination with bugs so when Travis almost stepped on this super baby snake on a walk one evening, they were so excited to look at it, touch it, and want to hold it. 
That is it for our month of July! 
We’ve made lots of new friends and have done a lot more exploring since this time. 
We are trying to make the most of our year in Kansas! 
Hopefully I will be back on time with my August recap! lol


MHCT&M: DIY Herb Gardens

Hello and Happy Friday, makers! 
Kara from Mine for the Making back to chat about gardening with you! 
 Now, I’ll be honest. I’m no green thumb. But I am trying to learn to be a better gardener by seeking out great gardening tips and just for fun, garden decor inspiration. I thought I’d start with something manageable and something that I know we will use often. 
So today I am sharing really cool DIY Herb Gardens with y’all!
 Check out these innovative herb garden ideas. 
 There are so many varieties and ways to grow a herb garden. You can be pretty darn creative, in fact. So I thought I would round up my very favorite DIY herb gardens, and maybe y’all can help me narrow down my choices a bit. They are all so neat! 
  Herb Garden Markers and Wooden Planter by the Idea Room 
DIY hanging gutter herb garden for your yard.


  Hanging Gutter Herb Garden by Her Tool Belt 
 Make this window sill herb garden using recycled cans.


  Window Sill Recycled Can Herb Garden by The Gracious Wife 
Beautiful DIY window garden is perfect for a kitchen. 
   Indoor Hanging Herb Garden by The Bird and Her Song 
  Vertical Pallet Garden by 99 Pallet Ideas 
Use old jars to plant a garden. 
  Old Jar Herb Garden on Buzzfeed
 Use an old wagon wheel to plant an herb garden. 
  Old Wagon Wheel Herb Garden by Garden Schlumpf 
 Create an herb garden by stacking pots. 
   DIY Herb Garden Stacked by DIY Amazing Ideas 
Make this DIY hanging garden for your herbs.


 DIY Hanging Herb Garden by Homemade-Modern 
Build a DIY herb box for your garden.


 DIY Herb Box by Live Simply 
 This DIY vertical plant stand is beautiful.  
  DIY Vertical Plant Stand by Angela Marie Made 
Make a garden using recycled plastic bottles.


 Recycled Plastic Bottle Garden by Grillo Designs 
This DIY wall planter is easy to build. 
   DIY Wall Planter by Shanty 2 Chic 
Way too many cool herb gardens out there, am I right? My only problem is narrowing down to one I want to try.  
Thanks for joining me this week to chat about herb gardens. 
Do you have an herb garden at home that you use often? 
 Joins us next week for our last post about gardening!
 I hope y’all have a fantastic weekend.




Your hostesses,



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House Update: Craft Room Reveal

Today’s the day! 
After 3 yrs of living in our house, I am FINALLY revealing my craft room with all of you! 
And let’s be honest, if our house wasn’t on the market, I have no idea if I ever would have gotten around to sharing my room with you even though I have wanted too because the room was always crazy, unorganized mess! 
 Would you like to see what I am talking about?
I shared this photo on Instagram last year before I decided I needed to do a massive purge and organize this room. Granted, this was at its worse because a suitcase full of stuff wasn’t always in the room. I took these shortly after returning home from SNAP and I had my suitcase in there waiting for me to empty all the swag.
But anyways…. everything was a mess! Every surface was covered, the floor was covered, it was ridiculous! 
Before I show you the room, let me show you what it looked like when we bought the house. 

The walls were painted a light baby blue with carpet on the floor.
This room was used as a guest room by the previous owners but I definitely had other plans as soon as I saw it.
Now let me show you what the room looks like today and all clean! 
My craft room is nothing fancy and over the top but I have loved having this space and a designated room where I could actually close the door. haha
As you step into the room, this is your view. 
White cabinet to the right, large hutch straight ahead, table to the left along with lots of other storage options and that other door it my large closet.
Stepping in and to the left, is a large white cabinet that is full of stuff!
Next to the cabinet, I have a small table with our printer on it with some art work I painted on the wall above.
 On top of the cabinet I have some fun little projects that I created and this frame for a little encouragement for this room.
Swinging around to the left is my large hutch. You may recognize this piece from past posts on our house or photos on Instagram and it was previously painted beige. When I started my whole craft room purge, I finally got around to repainting it to this super fun bright teal and I LOVE this pop of color in the room.
 This piece is the perfect place for my cutting machines as well at tons of supplies and even some decor items.
I have a large walk in closet in this room. It is under the stairs but it has a large amount of shelves and still tons of space for lot of things. I have a small cabinet in the closet along with way too much stuff. haha Past projects, fabric totes, boxes with old memories, supplies and so much more! 
I even have a side where I have wrapping paper hanging and a tote full of gift wrap supplies. 
See! I told you this closet was huge! 
Right outside the closet, I have my small little painted bird shelf I made years ago and it holds canvases, embroidery hoops, small pallets, and then I have a tv sitting on top of it. 
I use a large, long folding table as my craft table in the room. I always had/have the best intention to make it cute by adding a skirt but I’ve never been able to get around to it. But it works great at a work space for me. I have a carousel on the end full of scissors, pens, markers, glue glue, rulers, and tons more along with a small tool box, paper pads, and baby wipes. 
On the left side of my room as you walk in is this large storage cube system, along with a roller cart and decorations.
I bought this rolling cart at Michael’s and have paint, markers, canvases, and some random supplies on it.
I had a small little space between the door and the storage cubes and this cart fit in perfectly in that little space so it doesn’t end up as a drop zone for clutter.
I’ve had these storage cubes for year and I still love them! They hold scrapbook paper, paint, painting supplies, glitter, glue, and well, you can probably name it and it is somewhere in this area. lol
I created a gallery wall above the storage cubes and just went surfing my craft room and house for items that I already owned to put on it. I love how it turned out with it’s mix of projects I’ve created, photos, and quotes to keep me motivated in my space.
Then, between the storage cubes, and the window wall, I have this small shelf with more supplies. On each side I have some canvases I’ve painted or are waiting to be painted. Not really the most ideal spot for these but they are out of the way so it works. 
Lastly, here is a shot of my curtains. They are one of my favorites things in this room. 
I actually bought two sets of these curtains on Joss and Main but have seen them on other sites as well and since they are actually too short for the windows they are on, and the fact that I love them so much, they are coming with us when we move. haha
And if you noticed the rug in the room I bought that at Wayfair and I love it as well.
 So that’s my craft room reveal in a nut shell! 
Like I said, nothing super crazy and over the top but I love this space and will miss it when we move!


This, That, and Everything in Between- April 2018

Happy May everyone! 
 I cannot believe that it is already May, can you? Time is flying! 
I actually had a project post planned for today and then as I went to write it, I realized that it was going to be the first Wednesday of the month and I had to share what we were up to in April! 
April was a crazy whirlwind and was super busy, full of travel, and getting the house ready to be put on the market so I don’t have a ton of photos but we did have a good time.

April began with some Easter fun and the Easter bunny was a little sneaky this year and hid the girl’s baskets so they had to follow the clues to find them inside their tent in the basement. 
They thought it was so fun but were so confused at why the bunny would hide their baskets instead of leaving them out like normal. hehe
After checking out the baskets and opening gifts from the grandparents, it was time for the egg hunt! 
We had to do the hunt inside this year as it was chilly and crazy windy that day. The girls had a blast like normal and loved going through their eggs finding candy, money, and Shimmer and Shine Teeny Genies.
It was just our little family for Easter this year but it was a great day. We had some fun in the morning with baskets and the hunt, a yummy meal in the evening, and some family time.
We had a big snow at the beginning of the month and it was perfect packing snow! We didn’t get a lot of packing snow this year so the girls were so excited to be able to build a snowman. We got creative with our snowman and gave it some wild hair from some old flowers that were still in our garden and of course we had to give it a carrot nose. 
Our little town got a fun new wine and bourbon place downtown so Travis and I snuck away for a few hours with some friends one Saturday night to check it out for a date night. Always a good to have fun with friends! 
The second week of April, I ran away from all the house stuff to Utah for the SNAP Conference. I always love my time away at SNAP visiting and catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. I had a super awesome group of ladies for roommates and they made this SNAP one of my favorites! 
Bad part about being away at SNAP was returning when a blizzard decided to run through our area! 
My car was so buried I had to dig out to just reverse so I could leave the parking lot. 
Then the snow cleared a bit and a few days later we got another big storm. This was literally 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t stand it. Our weather has now FINALLY decided to warm up and we are all in heaven! 
After working our butts off on our house for a good month or more decluttering, cleaning, completely last minute projects, our house officially went on the market a week ago. And I am not going to lie, it pains me seeing this sign in our front yard. I am going to miss this house something fierce!! We’ve had out fair share of showings and even an offer but that didn’t work out so if someone wants an awesome house in Sparta, WI, here she is!! 
The month ended with a quick visit from my sister. She has never come up to WI while we’ve lived here so she squeezed in a short trip before we left. We had a great time showing her the sights, doing some hiking, and exploring Fort McCoy. Always love getting some sister time and the girls were so thrilled she was here! 
And that is all I have this month.
Travis went on a vacation right after I got back from SNAP with his best friends but other than that, nothing crazy happened. We’ve been so wrapped up in the house that we were a little too preoccupied to have a super grand time. 
But April was still super fun! 
See you next month with our May adventures!


This, That, and Everything in Between- March 2018

Y’all, it’s March!! 
How is that already possible? I seriously have no idea where the first two months of the year have gone. 
But enough about me not being able to wrap my mind around how fast time is flying, it is time to recap our family adventures from February. 
So here is what we were up to last month.
 We started the month by taking our last foster baby back to the shelter
to get adopted. She finally broke out of her super shy shell and was
showing herself more and more so we knew it was time to get her a
forever family. We took her back on a Saturday and she went home Monday
with her family. So happy she didn’t have to stay long before she was

Living in WI, we get our fair share of snow in the winter. We had a family day of clearing snow and then playing one day and I felt the need to snap a few photos of the house while we were outside. 
We just had another major storm blow through dumping a good deal of snow and I pray that it is going to be our last of the season! 
 Valentine’s day was a fun day. 
Every day leading up to Valentine’s day, we placed hearts with words of encouragement and what we love about the girls on each other their doors to wake up too. 
Then on Valentine’s day both girls had school and school parties so that meant Travis and I could have lunch alone together that afternoon. He brought all of us home flowers to go with the handmade cards that he and I create and exchange every year. Then for dinner we made a heart shaped pizza and cut brownies into hearts as well. 
It was a fun, sweet day!
 President’s Day weekend the girls and Travis both had off quite a few days so we decided to surprise the girls and take a little staycation of sorts. 
We drove an hour north of us to a hotel that had a water park inside for an evening where we had some family fun swimming. 

The hotel was also attached to a family fun zone, arcade type of place so after swimming, we got all cleaned up, ate some dinner, then headed over for more family fun.

But that wasn’t where the fun ended! The next morning we ate breakfast then headed an hour west into Missouri to the cute little town of Stillwater to surprise the girls again by taking them to the Ice Castle there in town. Best part was, Anna and Elsa were at the ice castles and the girls got to see and talk to them. It was a exciting afternoon!
 Then on the spur of the moment whim, we decided to head to Minneapolis since we were only 30 minutes away from the Mall of America to go the aquarium before driving home. The girls loved seeing all the fish and it was a long, fun, exhausting day!
 Toward the end of the month, Travis had a work function at the ski hill on post and we got to get in some tubing before it started. Miss P loved it and Miss S on the other hand did not. We were lucky enough to get her to go down twice but she was done after that. 
All well! We’ll try again when she is older. 
The girls finished their gymnastic class at the end of the month. They both loved it and did great during this session.
Before the month came to a close, I had a paint party at the house doing a painting that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. Travis and Miss P even jumped in on the action since it was a small party. 
And lastly, I have been playing around with small stamped watercolor paintings lately. They are mini paintings and are so fun to create. And if I am in my craft room working on anything, my little shadow has to be right there with me! 
I believe that’s it in a nut shell! 
I am sure I am missing something but that’s ok. 
I know I have been super quiet on the blog lately and I have been wanting to craft but so far nothing has really come to me. When it does, I’ll be sure to share it! 
Stay tuned for more adventures next month!


This, That, and Everything in Between: December ’17

Hello everybody!
Long time no see! 
I have been really quiet lately, for a few reasons, but I thought I would pop in to share what we were up to in December. 
 It was a pretty busy month with parties, family visiting, and sickness hitting the house but we made some fun memories.

We started off the month with a night of fun with the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train. This is such a fun annual event and the weather was actually pretty warm for it this year which was good since the train was running a tad behind schedule due to some rain. We met up with our friends and had fun singing and dancing to some holiday music. Plus, we saw St. Nick!
A few days later, we became foster parents to two adorable little kittens. These little siblings were fun little additions to have and the girls were so smitten with having baby kitties in the house. 
Travis’s work Christmas party was at a large farm nearby that has an event barn and we had to go decorate the whole place. They have animals and Miss S had fun running around looking at them and playing with daddy.

 Our first snowfall came at the beginning of the month and we actually haven’t gotten much since, which I am totally fine with!
 We had a fun time at Travis’s work Christmas party and had a visit from Santa and both, yes BOTH, girls actually talked to him. We had to REALLY convince Miss S that it was ok to talk to him and even though she was reluctant.
 Back in April when my parents came for a visit they brought all sorts of old things that they still had, such as old toys and costumes. Miss S discovered this angel costume which was actually my Halloween costume when I was her age and the cutest little angel she did make!
 I spent time in the kitchen baking all sorts of cookies for out neighbors and the girls helped me make the sugar cookies before we had a large family night decorating the cookies. The girls had such a good time and the neighbors enjoyed their treats!
 Mid month, we were able to get out with some of our friends for a fun adult night out. All the kiddos came to our house to hang out for the night with a babysitter while we all went to eat and to an escape room. We had a great time solving the clues to get out of the room and managed to get out but with only 10 seconds to spare! 
We were so glad we were able to have that night as our group of friends got smaller since one of them just moved to their next duty station.
 We enjoyed our little fur babies for 2 weeks before returning them back to the shelter for adoption right before Christmas and thankfully both of them were in their forever home in time for Christmas. 
I will say though, if we didn’t have two cats already, the little black one would have been ours in a heartbeat she was such a little sweetheart. 
Now onto fostering other sweet babies! 
 Our annual Christmas craft night occurred the week before Christmas.We made our usual painted clear ornaments and then the girls decorated a wooden tree ornament as well. 
They love getting crafty and it is a fun tradition that Travis and I started when we were dating that we’ve continued.
 Miss S had her first school Christmas party. They played all sorts of games and did some cookie decorating before having a gift exchange where Miss S got this fun pony set which she was thrilled about.
 We had to make another visit to Santa before Christmas so we went to see him in the park near our house where all the holiday lights are. Again, it was a miracle in which both girls talked to him and I got a picture of both of them with Santa. This is huge and Miss S actually was willing to talk to him this time. 
 Travis’s parents and brother came to visit us for the first time over Christmas this year so we took them to explore all the lights in the park with us one evening for a night of fun.
 A day of sledding with the whole family was also on the schedule before Christmas. We went on post to the ski hill and had fun racing each other down the hill. 
 The girls were so ready for Christmas Eve and got all in their Christmas pjs, helped set our cookies and milk for Santa and were than eager to go to bed. 
Santa was pretty generous this year when he visited bringing each of the girls things they asked for.
 Chrismas morning was packed full of tons presents for the girls followed by opening everything to play with the rest of the day. It was a huge success!

 Miss S loves dressing up, LOVES IT, and she looked awfully cute in her new Merida dress she got as a gift.
 The girls were so excited for this gift from their Aunt Rissa and wanted to make it right away so Travis and I helped them make these super cute cakes and they were so proud of the results! 
 The end of the month we went over to Wisconsin Dells for a fun night of dinner where our food was delivered on a train. The girls thought it was so cool! We then walked to a different area of the restaurant for some more fun. Unfortunately we didn’t get to stay too long as Miss S suddenly came down with a high fever and was not feeling well so we had to head home. 
 Thankfully Miss S was better just in time for us to still have our fun New Year get together at our house. We had yummy food, played lots of games, had a mock ball drop for the kiddos and just a grand ole’ time with friends that are more like family! It was the best way to bring in 2018!
Travis took off the last 2 weeks of the month so it was nice having him home for a while. 
Unfortunately, one or all of use has been sick since the week before Christmas and we are still fighting colds or a virus. Hoping we all heal soon! 
It was great seeing and spending time with extended family and friends this year for the holidays.



This, That, and Everything in Between- July 2017

I say this every month and I will say this again… you guys, how in the world is it August?! 
 Like for real, yo!! August?! Seriously?!? This year is going by so quickly. 
I have tons of friends posting photos of their kids going back to school already. We still have all month before we start here so we are going to try to soak in the rest of summer this month.
But enough about August, time to recap our adventures of July.

Since Travis got home from CA the end of June, July began with trips to the park and enjoying time together as a family.
To say we were all excited to have him home was an understatement.
July 4th we had our neighbors over for a bbq and hung out until it was time to walk to the park down the street to watch the fireworks.
We started something new this month… sister sleepovers! 
We let them try sleeping together and it has worked a couple times and a few times we had to make them go back to their own rooms but they love doing it and ask to do it frequently.
Had a little fun at Family Day at the campground on Fort McCoy. The girls played some games, played on the playground and got their faces painted as Shimmer and Shine from the kid tv show.
Checked something off our summer bucket list by finally making it to one of the events the library puts on. We attended their World Craft Day and got to make all sorts of fun crafts to take home.
July saw a ton, a TON of heavy rain in short period of time which caused some crazy flooding in  our town.
Parks were completely flooded and the mighty Mississippi River was much higher than normal! 
We even had a ton of water problems in our basement with flooding so we spent some time trying to figure out where it was coming in from and trying to fix the problem. Luckily, it wasn’t in the area we recently gave the makeover to and so far, so good with our fix but we haven’t have such crazy rain since so we’ll see!
We went down to La Crosse and rode the old large paddle boat on the Mississippi River. It was for a work event for Travis but it was still a lot of fun to get out and do something different for an evening. 
Travis took a few days off at the end of the month so we rented a camper from Fort McCoy and went over to Sheboygen where we camped in an awesome campground right on Lake Michigan. 
It was a ton of fun hiking the sand dunes and other trails in the area and playing on the beach and in the water. The girls had a blast and we are already trying to figure out when we can go on another trip.
Then to round out the month, we finally made it blueberry picking. We found a new place this year and we really enjoyed it. Then after we picked blueberries we ran to a Chicken Q (they love to have chicken bbq’s around these parts to raise money) and there was a petting zoo, tractor ride, pony rides, and some great food. The girls wanted to take the kittens home so bad. Ok, who am I kidding, I think we all did they were so calm and precious! 
And to round out the month, a trip to the beach on Fort McCoy followed by taking the girls to play mini golf for the first time was squeezed in. The girls had fun learning how to play and didn’t do too bad either for their first times.
July also saw us hanging out with good friends and also having to say good bye to a few as well as it was time for them to move on to their next duty station. 
And some big, exciting news, I got Miss S all signed up for preschool!! She’ll go only for 2 days a week for a few hours in the afternoon but you guys, I am so excited to have that time to myself to do WHATEVER I WANT! I am hoping and praying I can spend that time frequently crafting and breathing new life into this poor little blog of mine. 
August won’t be super exciting as Travis starts another month of training, luckily here this time, but hopefully we’ll manage to do a few fun things before school begins.
Stay tuned! 🙂


Happy 2017!!

Happy New Year everyone! 
2017 is here and like every year, I can’t believe how fast the last year went by! 
 This will be a fun, exciting year for our family.
Travis and I are about to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary at the end of this week.
We will be celebrating our 14th anniversary together at the end of the month.
We are going on a big anniversary trip in April.
Miss P turns 5 in May. 
We will more than likely be moving again this year and hopefully we will get some good news about Travis’s job in the next 2 weeks.
Miss P will start kindergarten this fall—- CRAZY!! 
Miss S will turn 4 this fall. 
I am starting my own Painting Party business. 
And much more! 
Here on AGI, there will some new faces as contributors. I will be introducing them this week. 
Must Have Craft Tips series will continue every Friday. Craft with Me series will also still happen at the end of every month. And the Handmade Hangout Party will still be every Thursday evening.
Hopefully, I will get my mojo back and motivation to craft, do diys and blog much more this year. I still love the blog but I have been in a funk for quite a while now so here is hoping I can turn that around soon!! 
I haven’t set any resolutions this year. 
I haven’t picked a word of the year.
But I sure hope 2017 is a great year for my little family. 
Did you set a resolution?
Do you have any fun exciting plans for 2017? 
I hope that you all have a fantastic happy, healthy New Year!!



Grandparents Day: Long Distance Hug

So grandparents day was technically last week…but at our kids school we won’t be celebrating it until October. But in any case I think this fun little gift would be loved and appreciated by grandparents ANY time of the year….Mother’s day, Valentine’s day…you name it!!

I don’t remember where I saw this idea….maybe Family Fun, maybe not.
If you’ve seen this idea can you point me in the
right direction so I can give the proper credit?

I wanted to make something
fun and thoughtful for grandparents day.
I saw this idea and knew it would be awesome.
Since we don’t live very close to my in-laws I thought this was right up our alley, making something meaningful, creative and out of the ordinary.

Here’s what I did:

I had the kids lie down on butcher paper and stretch out their arms.
Then I traced around their arms…
and a little bit of their body two times.
I cut their arms out (of the paper).

I stamped their hands with child-safe ink
(basically that just means it will wash off easily)
onto white paper and cut their hand prints out.

Then I cut out a big heart for each set of arms.
I used double sided tape to attach the hands
to the arms and the heart to the body.
Wrote “I Love you this much” and called it good.

 Then I folded the arms in and put it in an envelope! What a fun surprise this will be!!!

Like I said, this fun and easy gift would be perfect any time of the year
but especially grandparents day!!
Or just a fun pick me up for family living far apart.

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Our New Wisconsin Home

HELLO!!!! Is anyone still out there?! I do surely hope so! 
 I am so sorry that I pretty much just fell off the face of the blogging world. I didn’t intend to do that, at all, but things literally got totally crazy for me over the past few months and unfortunately, hasn’t quite slowed down yet. 
If you recall, we moved to our next duty station and headed to WI to Fort McCoy the beginning of June. We closed on our CO house on June 9th and then closed on our new WI house on June 15th and we’ve been on the go ever since!

I wanted to pop in today to FINALLY share our new house with all of you.

These pictures are from before all of our furniture arrived and actually, we have been here for a month and it has already dramatically changed with all the work we have already done. 
This is picture heavy, so sorry! I just wanted to do a house tour of our new to us, 1905 beauty! 
Here is the outside of our lovely new, old home.
I am standing on corner of the street looking toward the house.
Here is a shot of the other side of the house. 
We have a pretty awesome screened in porch and it is so nice sitting out there in the evenings. The animals have made this a favorite resting spot as well. 
And remember this front door. I have a story about it and will get to that in a few.

Nothing too fancy. Just the back side of the house and back door.
Garage area with patio next to it. 
Our large brick patio and little garden shed in the back. 
The previous owners loved to garden so behind the garage is a large potting shed which is super cool!
Time to head indoors! 
Walking through the back door of the house…. 

We come to the kitchen. 
This was an addition the previous owners added on in 2003 so it is nice to have such a large space since the house is so old. 
Eat in area in the kitchen. 
This is what we will be turning into a mud room. That door in the background is how you enter the house from the back door so we thought it would be perfect. 
This room was actually the ORIGINAL kitchen of the house. Yep, this tiny little room was all that was the kitchen. 2 sets of cabinets with a sink between and then on the other side was the fridge and stove. Thank goodness they expanded! 
Here are the original cabinets of the kitchen still there. We will change them slightly, like taking the tin off the fronts that the previous owner added and will paint them white but they will be staying in the mudroom.
Standing in the same doorway as the mudroom and just spinning around, I am now in the dining room with the living room in the background.
View of dining room room from the living room. 
You can see the stairs to go upstairs in the back right there. And then the doorway to the right of the stairs heads to the guest room, a bathroom, and my craft room.
Here is the view of the living room from the dining room. Door to porch, a closet, and lots of windows! 
Other side of the living room.

Our super fabulous screened in porch.
This will be my craft room. Decent size room with large closet for ALL. MY. CRAP! 😉
Can’t wait to be able to close a door again and not see projects. 
Downstairs bathroom. 
Previous owners redid this bathroom as well but still kept the original medicine cabinet which I love! 
This is the guest room. 
And now to head up the super skinny old steps to all the other bedrooms. 
Walking up the stairs and if you turn left, you immediately walked into Miss S’s room. 
But if you walk up and head to the right, you will enter the playroom which is also a walk through to the rest of the bedrooms. 
The upstairs bathroom that needs some help! 
But still has that medicine cabinet! 🙂 
Here is Miss P’s bedroom.
And lastly, our bedroom.
Other side of our bedroom.
All the doors upstairs have these awesome glass door knobs. SWOON!!! 
Oh, and here is a kitchen upstairs. 
The second floor was turned into an apartment during the 1940s so the original kitchen is still upstairs. It is directly off our bedroom. Our bedroom would have been the living room for the apartment. We have big plans to turn this room into a master bath. 
Stepping out into the hall from our bedroom is a large landing and well, do you remember that door I told you to remember in the beginning on the porch? What looks like the front door of the house?! 
Well, there it is!
This door only leads to upstairs!! It was the entrance to the apartment and for some reason no one ever opened this back up the the downstairs even though it was only an apartment for 1 year!
SOOOO, we plan on busting through the coat closet down stairs and opening this stair case back up to make it functional again along with this door.

Now, I’m going to head to the basement, which you get through from the same area as the back door.

The cold/coal room is still in tack in the basement.
That window area was the actual shoot. The door is still on the outside of the house.

When the previous owners added the kitchen, they also dug out in the basement under it and created a big work room. To say Travis is thrilled is an understatement!

The old pantry of the house is down here as well. It is actually pretty large which is good since the kitchen used to be SO tiny!!

Then the large laundry room is down here as well. This is half the room. Still quite a bit of it isn’t pictured to the right.

We do have a unique feature in our basement…

We have an indoor, outhouse!! lol

 It’s rather nice inside too. lol

But that’s it!
That is our new house!

We have literally done so much already!
Before we even closed on the house we already had bought paint for the girl’s rooms and then the first night we owned it we bought a ton more paint. We owned 11 cans of paint for a house that we owned less than 24 hours.
We got straight to work since we had to wait for our household items to arrive so pretty much the whole house got painted with the exception of the kitchen, mudroom, downstairs bathroom which isn’t changing, the upstairs bathroom and then the hallways.

Then, we ripped out carpet and have been redoing the original hardwood floors.
We are finishing up the floors in the living room and then we can finally finish putting the downstairs back together!

It’s been a little chaotic up in here!!

So stay tuned for an updated post on the house to see what we’ve already done and what is still yet to come!

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