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MHCT&M: Amazing MAster Closet Transformations

It’s June, officially summer, and it’s time for a new room to focus on in our fun series! 



This month we are moving from children’s bedrooms to master bedrooms. 

There is so much you can do with a master bedroom, but today I’m turning my focus to one particular spot there. 


Get inspired by these great DIY master closet transformations! 


I have dreams of a master closet makeover some day. Right now it’s fairly low on our list of projects. I mean, it’s functional as is, just not all that pretty to look at. But one day…!

All of the master closets I found to share today are total DIYS and DID NOT START OUT looking like this! They are all makeovers that show the potential your closet has to be.

From creative colors and wallpapers to great organization ideas, there is a lot to inspire!



 Get inspired by these great DIY master closet transformations! 

Executive Master Closet 

My friends Sandra built this master closet herself. Amazing, right? I need her to come to my house asap! Definitely check out the video on her site of the process. So inspiring! 


Get inspired by these great DIY master closet transformations!

 DIY Spare Room Closet 

If you have the extra space, turn a spare room into a closet. In this case, a random room attached to only the master bedroom! 


 Get inspired by these great DIY master closet transformations! 

Farmhouse Style Closet 

Sometimes it takes taking everything OUT of a space to figure out how to design it. 


Get inspired by these great DIY master closet transformations!

DIY Built-Ins 

This is closet goals! Ours have those same wire shelves everywhere. How gorgeous are those new built-ins? 


Get inspired by these great DIY master closet transformations!

 Ikea Wardrobe Closet 

This is a great makeover using the Ikea Pax system. And I just love those doors to help with dust collecting on less used items!


 Get inspired by these great DIY master closet transformations!

 Custom Cubbies 

This lucky gal’s husband custom made call the cubbies in this closet. What does that mean? Each space serves a specific purpose so that even this smaller closet can hold a ton! 


Get inspired by these great DIY master closet transformations!

Small Walk-In Closet Makeover 

It’s amazing what taking out wire shelving can do for a closet. 


Get inspired by these great DIY master closet transformations!

Wallpaper Closet 

Adding a fun wallpaper to your closet walls or shelving backs is a great way to dress up a closet space without having to add a ton of other work! 


Get inspired by these great DIY master closet transformations! 

 Master Closet Makeover 

Closet goals! The Container Store’s Elfa closet storage system is at work here but, seriously, I think a lot has to do with the height of that ceiling! 


Get inspired by these great DIY master closet transformations!

 DIY Organized Master Closet 

This may be my favorite of them all! That pop of color, a makeup/jewelry station, all that storage, and even a rug! And you can’t even see my favorite part in this photo – the purse storage!


 Get inspired by these great DIY master closet transformations!

 Bookcases in Closets 

These Ikea bookcases look amazing in a closet! 

Great inspiration to think outside the box when it comes to creating good storage.


 Get inspired by these great DIY master closet transformations!

  Girly Glam Closet 

This closet has a place for everything! And that addition of the pretty wallpaper really dresses it up.




Are you inspired?? 

I’m so inspired I’m wanting to move our master closet to the top of the to do list!



 Must Have Craft Tips & More! 


Don’t miss next week when we share more inspiration for your master bedroom!



Your hostesses,

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MHCT&M: Colorful Dining Room Ideas

 Hello everyone and happy Friday! 

Spring has finally arrived, well officially at least whether the weather wants to act like it or not, and with that comes the arrival of all sorts of new colors starting to brighten up the world. Today, I am sharing some colorful dining room ideas with you to show you can brighten up your world too.


The farmhouse trend is still going strong and with that comes a lot of white and wood tones. Don’t get me wrong, I love this trend too, I actually miss the white walls we painted in our old house, but sometimes you just need a little color in your life. 

Whether you like just a few accents of color or ALL. THE. COLOR., I am here to show you different ways you can inject color into your space. 




 I’ll start with the most obvious way to add color to your room and that is on the walls.

Paint is the easiest way to quickly update your space and add color.
How about painting a solid color and then adding a contrasting color on top with a random or geometric pattern?! Great visual! 

(Curated Interior)
Wallpaper is another great way to add color and pattern into your space.
Pick a bold pattern but tone it down by placing it only on the top half of the walls and painting white under a chair rail. Throw in a rug with the same colors but in my more muted shades and the whole room comes together. I actually LOVE this room! 

(El Rincon Vintage de Karmela)
Hire a muralist to paint a scene onto one or more of your walls.
You can also buy wallpaper that creates a mural.

Did you find a bold wallpaper you love but don’t want to commit to it in your entire space?!
Just place it on one wall as an accent and paint the rest of your room white. Tie in some matching cushions and bring in wood tones to keep the room grounded and you are set!

(Swoon Worthy)

Not ready for a lot of color but do want to incorporate some? 

Paint your walls a solid color and repeat that color in your rug then bring in brighter pops of color in the artwork and fabrics in the room.

Onto another flat surface that frequently gets ignored… the ceiling!


 Ceilings are another great way to add color but they don’t have to be too crazy.
Just paint it a solid color, whether neutral or a pop like a blue, and your space completely changes.

(Jack Ryan Design)

Willing to go a little further with your ceiling? Try adding a stencil or pattern wallpaper to your ceiling for a more dramatic effect.


Furniture is such a great way to add a pop of color and if you get tired of it, just repaint it or buy a new piece! 

(Dimples and Tangles)
Paint a large hutch or buffet to add color to your space. Tie that color in with fabric or other accessories to tie the room together. 

(Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles)
If you have a colorful rug, pull colors out of your rug to paint your table, add fabric in the same hues, and even paint your walls or ceiling as well. 

Do you LOVE color?! Go big and bold by using bring colors to paint your table and chairs. Tie in the colors to a large piece of artwork hanging on a more neutral color wall.

(Vintage Luxe)

Want color but don’t want to commit to a large piece? 

Find a table with a colorful base or paint the base of your existing table in a color and leave the table top white or wood toned.



Don’t forget the about the accessories that can bring color into your space with pieces that you love.

Find a fun, colorful light fixture that is the star of your room.

(The Glitter Guide)
Have a colorful collection of glassware or dishes?
The dining room is the perfect location to display them in all their glory!


Collect artwork that have similar color tones and display them in your space as a large gallery wall.



This is also a beautiful space. Pick two or three colors you want to
showcase in your space. Find artwork with those colors then tie in
accessories and a rug in those colors to bring the whole space together.



There you have it! 

Do you love color or do you stick with a more neutral color palette? 

After checking out all these beautiful dining rooms, I’m ready to bring more color into my space!




Stay tuned next month where we will begin a whole new room and a whole new month of tips.




 Your hostesses,


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MHCT&M: Fabulous Kitchen Projects to Sew

 Happy Friday! 

We are back with more great ideas for you kitchen in this week’s Must Have Craft Tips and More post.




I love making new things for the kitchen in January! It’s such a fun and simple way to freshen up the space after all the decorations from the holidays are put away. Kitchen things like potholders and towels are one of those things I never remember to buy so making new ones in January is a great way to keep everything fresh and cute looking. I’ve gathered up some of my favorite fabulous kitchen projects to sew today!




 I hope some of these inspire you to get your sew on! 🙂


 Floral Bunny Dishtowel 

 Sweet Floral Bunny Dishtowel 


Easy DIY 30 Minute Apron


Easy DIY 30 Minute Apron - this is so cute and looks so easy to make! 


  Fabric Feathers Dishtowel

Pretty DIY Fabric Feathers Dishtowel


 Cute Hanging Dishtowel




 Log Cabin Hexi Potholders 



Heart Potholder 




Kitchen Aid Mixer Bowl Cover 



Circle Potholders 



 Fabric Napkin Bread Warmer 




Skillet Handle Cover 




Microwave Safe Bowl Cozy 




Fabric Bowl Covers




Colorful Oven Mitt




Cute Quilted Potholders




Pretty Kitchen Potholders 






So fun right? 

I’m all inspired to get sewing! What about you? 

 Do you like to make new kitchen things regularly? 


Make sure you come back next week for more Kitchen projects and inspiration!







Your hostesses,

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MHCT&M: Must Have Small Space Living Solutions

Don’t let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 
Can you believe it’s July already? The year is half over! 


 July in our house means we’re just weeks away from going back to school. So this month we’re focusing on getting ready school, no matter the age! 


Don't let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 


Because I’m in denial that summer is nearly over with my boys who are in elementary school, I’m going to turn my focus on an older crowd. College kids! 

Whether you’re moving into a dorm or an apartment, you’re certainly not moving into a large, luxurious space. Make the most of what you’ve got with these space-saving ideas! 



Don't let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 

 No room for end tables? These DIY couch sleeves are a real space saver! 


Don't let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 

Turn an awkward corner into a usable bookshelf


Don't let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 

 No pantry? No problem! 

This pull-out pantry is a relatively easy DIY that doesn’t take up much room at all.


 Don't let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 

 Store your bike indoors where it will be safe AND reduce it’s storage footprint with this DIY bike storage rack.


 Don't let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 

 Desks can be big and bulky. This DIY fold-away Murphy desk is a great option for a small space!


 Don't let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 

 No room for end tables or a proper sofa table? This skinny DIY sofa table can be made as narrow as you need to squeeze into a small space. 


Don't let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 

 Instead of a coffee table that offers no extra storage, DIY an ottoman that can storage all the things!


 Don't let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 

 Don’t waste space! Shelves can be worked in almost anywhere. 


Don't let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 

Over the door shelves are a great and easy solution for any room!


 Don't let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 

 Even your bed can provide storage! 

This DIY storage daybed hides away all kinds of items underneath it. 


Don't let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 

 A DIY bedside pocket organizer is a great idea for extra storage if a small nightstand is needed in a small bedroom.


 Don't let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 

 This DIY ladder shelf is perfect for dropping off items in a small entryway!


 Don't let your small space get you down. Try these small space living solutions! 

 I love a dual purpose DIY! These DIY desks can be easily turn to double as a small dining table, perfect for small spaces!



 Not all of these are ideal for dorm space unless the rules of screwing things into the wall have changed, but maybe they will inspire something similar. 

You can get away with most of these ideas in an apartment, just be sure the patch the walls up when you move out.





 Must Have Craft Tips & More! 



 Stay tuned all month long for various back to school ideas!




Your hostesses,

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MHCT&M: Fun and adorable Llama Projects and Decor Items

Hey, hey everyone! Allison from A Glimpse Inside back again and it is time for another Must Have Tip Post as we are finishing up our topic on trends. 
 You may have noticed that the last couple years, a certain type of animal becomes super popular and you see it everywhere in crafts, decor, and even food. There has been deer, hedgehogs, foxes, unicorns (which are still in), and now the leader- Llamas!! They are fun and cute and now that the popular children’s book, Llama, Llama Red Pajama is a new show on Netflix, it is time for the Llama to become the go to animal trend.

Fun and Adorable Llama Projects and Decor Items

I’ve rounded up some craft ideas and products all about Llamas so you can add some llama fun into your life!

There you have it! 
Some of those Llamas are just way too cute!! 
What has been your favorite animal trend?
Stay tuned next month for a whole new topic of Must Have Tips! 

Your hostesses,

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Basement Makeover Reveal

Ok, are you ready to see the final result of our basement makeover?! 
 I sure hope so because I am so excited to show you today. You won’t believe how much brighter the space is now! 
Yesterday, I shared what it looked like before and the process we took to get us to where we are today.
Dark, dirty, mustard and ketchup colored, and well, depressing!
 And here is the basement today! 
Bright, cheery, clean, and ready to enjoy instead of go down quickly, throw the clothes into the washer and dryer and exit.
Let me take you on a quick tour of the place now. 
Stepping into the doorway you now have a totally different view. Before you would see the girl’s large trampoline in the corner and a shelving unit to the right. 
Now, the trampoline is outside and the shelf is back where it was when we moved in, which made way for this side to turn into another play area for the girls. The playroom upstairs is great but small so their large toys were often hidden or just too much in the way so now they can keep them out and play with them any time without them being totally in the way. 
Tucked behind the door now is the tent we created for the girls for Christmas a few years ago. Before we couldn’t have it set up since there wasn’t a good place for it but now it can stay up and they can play in it any time. 
 One of the best parts about the tent is that it is large enough that we were able to place both of the girl’s old crib mattresses inside it so it is comfortable to sit and play in there so they won’t just be on the hard wood floor. We threw some pillows in there and of course some blankets and stuffed animals found their way in as well. It’s fun spot to be in.
Travis built the large cube shelving unit to place on the floor under the winder where we tucked totes where they can store their toys and then the large castles and other large items can live on top so they can play with them on top of the shelf or easily grab them to play with on the floor. It is even sturdy enough that we could use it as a seat if we’d like as well. 
Above the cube shelf, we hung a small shelf that was already in the basement between the two windows. I painted it the same blue color as the other accents in the room and just decorated it with some canvases. Still have to figure out what else to place there but for now, it will do.
On the far wall, I hung up the picture frames I painted and used for Miss P’s 5th birthday party. The girls can easily change out the artwork whenever they’d like since I used clothes pins to clip the artwork or just taped them to the wall. 
Then we brought down their bean bags from upstairs to sit on, an old storage bench we weren’t using anymore got a coat of purple paint to cover up the messed up base, and throw in some more larger toys into this area, and we are all set.
We took Miss S’s old crib and gave it a paint job and turned it into an art desk. Her crib got really messed up during our move here so it was no longer able to be used as her full size bed so this was the next best option. Normally they have their two white chairs that sit at this space but those moved back upstairs for a short time. 
We placed the desk in the center of the room between the three columns. It fit perfectly in the area and help define each side of the room. Next to the desk, sits an old nightstand that will eventually go in Miss S’s room but for now serves as extra storage. 
And then the white rug on the floor are actually two rugs and used to be in each of the girl’s rooms. We bought them new rugs for their rooms and instead of getting rid of these, we thought they would work well together down here in the space. 
Another view of the tent behind the door, the large cedar chest by the door was left by the previous owners and we use it to store our luggage so our kitties don’t use them as scratching posts, and then I hung an old print on the wall above the chest. 
I still have a view more things I would like to add, decor wise, to this side of the room but the girls love it and enjoy going down to play. It will definitely come in handy during the long winter months. 
Before swinging to the other side of the room, here is a shot of the striped floor. I love how it turned out and I love that you can barely tell there is plywood under the washer and dryer anymore. 🙂 
Here is the view of the not so exciting side, the laundry/storage side of the basement, from the door.
The back corner is where we moved the large shelf that was in the room. We gave it a good cleaning with our pressure washer and I gave it a coat of paint and then everything was stacked on top and on the floor next to it. In the center of the room is the drop cloth rug I created and sits a large metal clothing rack that the previous owners left as well. It comes in very handy on laundry day to dry my clothes! 
The dryer sits on the window wall and then the island that was in our kitchen in CO sits under one of the windows. I use it to fold towels and sheets and some times the girl’s clothing but mostly it is a large step for the kitties to jump on to get into their favorite window to watch the little critters in the garden outside.
The indoor outhouse now blends into the room after we gave it a coat of white paint as well instead of it being painted the dark brown color.
A little bit better shot of the racks in the center of the room and the washer wall. 
I will say, I am much happier doing laundry in this space than I was before. I actually don’t mind it anymore. 
And one last thing that we did that I forgot to share yesterday was that we replaced the lighting in the space as well. We bought these small round track lights from Home Depot so we could aim them in different areas of the room to give light directly where needed. Each side of the room has the new light so it is definitely bright down there when all the lights are turned on. 
And there you have it!! 
Talk about a transformation! 
We both kept saying why didn’t we tackle this space sooner once we finally had it complete.
You can check out our other home renovation/makeover projects in my “house” label. Lots to look through!


MHCT&M: Must Have General Craft Supplies

It’s a new month and a new theme for our Must Have Craft Tips series!


This post contains affiliate links. 


This month the girls and I are going to be sharing must have craft supplies that we keep in our craft rooms. These are supplies that we love and know you will, too!



 Must have craft supplies to make your general crafting WAY easier! 


I’m focusing on general craft supplies. These are supplies I keep within arms reach of my work space. We’re talking my favorite adhesives, cutting tools, and more. I don’t have a specific crafting niche, I dip my hand in a little bit of everything, so these are my must haves for all the various crafts I make.

We will be using affiliate links this month on these posts, meaning a tiny portion of any sales made through a click on any of the links will go into our pocket. But these links also make it easier for you to find our favorite products! 



  Of course I have to start with my Silhouette Cameo. I honestly use it ALL the time for paper crafts, vinyl crafts, and several other things. I also purchase all of my replacement cutting mats and cutting blades online. They are Prime and SOOO convenient!

There is also an AMAZING deal available online for a $25 gift card to the Silhouette Store that sells for less than $15! 

They not only make great gifts for your friends that have a Silhouette, but will save you $$$ on the $.99 downloadable designs in the Silhouette Store! 



 Speaking of things that cut… this folding paper trimmer from Making Memories is the BEST paper trimmer you could ever get your hands on. Unfortunately they seem to be hard to get ahold of these days. I originally purchased mine at Hobby Lobby (with a 40% off coupon!) several years ago. The blade self-sharpens each time you use it so you NEVER have to replace the blade! If you ever run across one, snatch it up! 



 A good pair of precision scissors are a must have as well. I like this pair from EK Success. I’ve had my pair for years and have yet to need to sharpen them. And I like that they have a safety cover for when I’m not using them. 



 Next up under the “cutting” category is this set of X-acto knives. One is a typical X-acto knife, great for precision cutting and cutting straight lines. Another has a swivel tip (my favorite!) for cutting out curvy shapes. And the third is heavy duty for cutting cardstock and thicker materials. They come in this handy wooden case with spare blades. 



 I sew a bit but I also use my Fiskars rotary cutter for other materials as well. I know that is a big no no for people who sew, but I keep separate blades for different materials. You can label them so that you don’t use your “fabric” blade on paper and whatnot. They are great for anything large you need cut!



 And with any rotary cutter you must have a cutting mat. I actually have two. A small one (18″x12″) for cutting small items with my X-acto knifes and a large one (36″x24″) for cutting large items with the rotary cutter. These are self-healing and will last forever if treated correctly! 




 I also keep an acrylic ruler handy to use with my X-acto knives and rotary cutter. It’s the best way to ensure a perfectly straight line. This one is super awesome because it also acts as a centering ruler which makes placing items on fabric or paper easy to place. It’s great for working with vinyl, too, and getting that placement just right. 



 One more MUST HAVE cutting tool is the Crop-a-dile. I don’t use it so much for the eyelet setting aspect because I don’t use them much anymore (I did when I scrapbooked), but it is the most amazing paper punch ever. You can cut through thick stacks of paper like butter! It’s great for making banners and whatnot.



 Although I don’t use it super often, I do use my Martha Stewart scoring board often enough to keep nearby while I’m working. Any piece of paper I need folded I always turn to the scoring board for perfect creases. I also like that the scoring tool and ruler can be stored in board. 



 Moving on to adhesives, any good crafter will have multiple adhesives on hand for creating. 

Let’s start with wet adhesives. 

These 3 are my absolute favorite wet adhesives for various media. They all happen to be from the same company, Beacon.

The Zip Dry is a fast drying adhesive perfect for paper crafts. It doesn’t wrinkle the paper like most wet adhesives.

3-in-1 is great for general crafting. I always tell people it’s like a cold hot glue gun. It dries super fast and you don’t get burned in the process!

Fabri-Tac, as you might imagine, is used on fabric. It doesn’t dry stiff so it leaves fabrics flexible and is also quick drying like the other 2 wet adhesives. 



 Now for the dry adhesives. 

I have two absolutely must haves: Super Tape and the Glue Glider Pro

Super Tape is a double sided, super heavy duty tape that is not letting go of anything. When you use it you don’t have to worry about anything ever coming loose. I love it for adding paper to heavy duty media like cardboard and even wood. 


The Glue Glider Pro has various cartridges available (i.e. repositionable, permanent, etc.) though I generally stick to the basic High Tac cartridge. I love that it is easy to apply the adhesive and use it ALL the time for paper crafting. 




 I tend to add a lot of paint to various craft projects. Whether I’m flat out painting something or just adding a touch of color to a project, I love, love, love having one of these Artist Brush Tubs on my desk. My craft space is nowhere near a sink. And I don’t necessarily want to have to stop what I’m doing to go rinse off a brush. So I keep this tub with water (it comes with a lid) on my desk all the time and open it up when needed. No more ruined paintbrushes because I didn’t rinse them in time (or forgot about them altogether!).




What do you think? Do you already have some of these or something similar? 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on your favorite craft supplies! 



 Must Have Craft Tips & More! 



 Stay tuned next every Friday this month for more must have craft supplies!




Your hostesses,

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Cinnamon Pecan Bread Pudding

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I love when the weather turns cooler and the menu starts featuring more hearty goodies and cozy treats. It seems like most of my pinned recipes lately have been dishes that are perfect for cold, cozy days when you just want warm socks, a toasty fire, and delicious food.
If you’re like me and collecting recipes to try, I think you’ll want to put this one in the mix. It’s a cinnamon pecan bread pudding that is easy to make and the perfect ending to any meal. I’ll let you in on a delicious little finding…it’s absolutely divine for BREAKFAST too! It is like a perfectly baked french toast and it pairs so well with bacon, eggs, fruit and coffee. Top it with a little drizzle of maple syrup (treat yourself to the real stuff) and you’ve got a tasty addition to breakfast and brunch. It would also be the perfect way to fill tummies after opening gifts Christmas morning! 
Here’s how to make it:

Cinnamon Pecan Bread Pudding
8 oz. French Bread softened
2 Eggs
2 Egg Yolks
1/4 c. Sugar
3/4 cup Milk
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1 pinch Salt
1 pinch Nutmeg
1 tablespoon Butter, softened
2/3 cup Pecans
Powdered Sugar or Maple Syrup, for serving
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Place bread cubes in a single layer on baking sheet. Bake until edges are slightly golden and bread is dry, about 5-7 minutes.

Meanwhile, place eggs, egg yolks, sugar, milk, cinnamon, vanilla salt, and nutmeg in a large bowl. Combine well using a whisk.
Butter a 2 quart baking dish with the softened butter. Set aside.
Once the bread is slightly toasted, add to the large bowl with the custard mixture and toss to combine thoroughly. Pour into the greased baking dish and top with pecans.
Bake in preheated oven for 20-25 minutes or until the center springs back when tapped lightly. 
Let cool slightly. Serve dusted with powdered sugar or drizzled with maple syrup and extra pecans, if desired. 

On a side note, this is my final blog post here at A Glimpse Inside. I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that it has been a pleasure writing for this blog. Allison has been a dream to work with and I’ve truly enjoyed sharing recipes with everyone and trying some of the fun projects. It was a pleasure to connect with fellow readers and creators, and I hope every one of you finds something merry and bright to celebrate the holiday season well into 2017. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful world of blogging! -Kathrina

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Queen Bee Market Giveaway!!

 You may have seen some awesome photos of the Queen Bee Market last week from all the fabulous bloggers that attended SNAP. This gathering of handmade goodness is fun to browse through… and even more fun to shop at! 

I partnered and some of my blogging friends to give YOU a chance to win some of the hottest items at the Queen Bee Market. And I really mean HOTTEST. Several of these items were sold out before the show was over, and a couple sold out very shortly after it started!

win 200 of handmade awesome from the queen bee market

One winner will be getting a box filled with all of this!
Be Kind Sign – Evie Ivy;
Engraved Cutting Board – Alexis Mattox Design;
Camera Strap – August Blossoms;
Cupcake liners, straws, and cookie cutter – Bake it Pretty;
Aqua Bracelet – Hoop-la;
Crochet Rose – Made by Jewls;
3 Bars Handmade Soap – Karol’s Handmade Soap;
White Flower Earrings – Love Stitched;
Heart Necklace – The r House Couture;
Moustache Covered Notebook – Ameroonie Designs;
Leather and Fabric iPad Case – Sage & Harper;
3 Lip Balms – Kustom Kissers

How lucky one of you will be!!!

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget found below:




Are you ready for a super fun giveaway?! 🙂 
Win a 16gb Kindle Fire HD
Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the sweet gift giving is over.
A few of my favorite fabulous bloggers have teamed up to bring you a brand spanking new kindle fire!




Travis has one and he LOVES it!! 

Entering is easy- just use the refflecopter widget below.

There are plenty of ways to earn easy entries- just follow us on pinterest, instagram or facebook!
(Please be sure to take all steps required- winner’s entries will be verified).

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