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“Everyone is an artist” Printable

Hello everyone! 
I am here today with a new printable for you.
I love flowers and enjoy gardening and this quote spoke to me when I read it.

"Everyone is an Artist" Free Printable

 I found this quote in an art book that I bought and loved it so much that I wanted to make it into a printable to share with all of you! 

 I’ve been meaning to share this with you for quite some time this spring but luckily it works all summer long! 
"Everyone is an Artist" Free Printable

You can download a copy of the printable below. If the widget isn’t working for some reason, you can also download the printable here: “Everyone is an artist


MHCT&M: DIY Herb Gardens

Hello and Happy Friday, makers! 
Kara from Mine for the Making back to chat about gardening with you! 
 Now, I’ll be honest. I’m no green thumb. But I am trying to learn to be a better gardener by seeking out great gardening tips and just for fun, garden decor inspiration. I thought I’d start with something manageable and something that I know we will use often. 
So today I am sharing really cool DIY Herb Gardens with y’all!
 Check out these innovative herb garden ideas. 
 There are so many varieties and ways to grow a herb garden. You can be pretty darn creative, in fact. So I thought I would round up my very favorite DIY herb gardens, and maybe y’all can help me narrow down my choices a bit. They are all so neat! 
  Herb Garden Markers and Wooden Planter by the Idea Room 
DIY hanging gutter herb garden for your yard.


  Hanging Gutter Herb Garden by Her Tool Belt 
 Make this window sill herb garden using recycled cans.


  Window Sill Recycled Can Herb Garden by The Gracious Wife 
Beautiful DIY window garden is perfect for a kitchen. 
   Indoor Hanging Herb Garden by The Bird and Her Song 
  Vertical Pallet Garden by 99 Pallet Ideas 
Use old jars to plant a garden. 
  Old Jar Herb Garden on Buzzfeed
 Use an old wagon wheel to plant an herb garden. 
  Old Wagon Wheel Herb Garden by Garden Schlumpf 
 Create an herb garden by stacking pots. 
   DIY Herb Garden Stacked by DIY Amazing Ideas 
Make this DIY hanging garden for your herbs.


 DIY Hanging Herb Garden by Homemade-Modern 
Build a DIY herb box for your garden.


 DIY Herb Box by Live Simply 
 This DIY vertical plant stand is beautiful.  
  DIY Vertical Plant Stand by Angela Marie Made 
Make a garden using recycled plastic bottles.


 Recycled Plastic Bottle Garden by Grillo Designs 
This DIY wall planter is easy to build. 
   DIY Wall Planter by Shanty 2 Chic 
Way too many cool herb gardens out there, am I right? My only problem is narrowing down to one I want to try.  
Thanks for joining me this week to chat about herb gardens. 
Do you have an herb garden at home that you use often? 
 Joins us next week for our last post about gardening!
 I hope y’all have a fantastic weekend.




Your hostesses,



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MHCT&M: Vintage Garden Projects



It’s finally time for gardening season! One of my favorite outdoor activities is planting those tiny little babies and then being able to enjoy fresh vegetables all summer long. But of course, I have to add a bit of cuteness to the garden and outdoor areas, we can’t have boring outdoor areas!


 I’ve gathered up some of my favorite vintage garden DIY projects – I can’t wait to get to making some of these!


 Vintage Garden Projects to Make 



 DIY Stamped Spoon Markers




China Plate Garden Border (perfect for cracked or stained vintage plates!) 



Colander turned Planter




Vintage Bike turned Flower Basket




Broken China Stepping Stones




Toad”stools” from old Salad Bowls




Wagon Wheel Planter




Vintage Birdcage Planter 




Mailbox Planter 


Vintage Toolbox Planter 



 House Number Planter




Antique Pitcher Planter 



 Hanging Succulent Garden using Vintage Ladles 



 Vintage Doorknob Hangers for Dried Herbs




Rusty Wheelbarrow Flower Planters




Vintage Ladder flower Stand




Oh my goodness, I want them all! 

What about you – do you love using vintage items in your outdoor spaces?






Next Friday we’ll have more fun Outdoor ideas for you – make sure you come back!



Your hostesses,


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Spring Floral and Twine Wreath

You guys, I am SOOOOOOOO ready for Spring!! 
We literally still have snow on the ground that happened on Christmas Eve and it has just been snowed upon a couple times. 
So since I am longer for Spring, I went ahead made myself a new wreath to hang up once the weather finally decides it would like to stay above the freezing mark and to say I love it is an understatement. 
 This is a rather easy project as well and can be done in one afternoon.

Here’s how to make one for yourself.
-Styrofoam Wreath Form
-Faux flowers (I found these super real looking and feeling flowers at Michael’s)
-Hot Glue Gun
-Wire cutters

Begin by snipping all the flowers down using wire cutters. Leave a short stem so you can push it through the Styrofoam form but make sure it is shorter than the depth of the form.
Next, hot glue the end of the rope to the back side of the wreath. 
 Wrap the rope around the wreath form gluing the ends down.
I only bought 2 things of the rope to wrap half the wreath but you could buy enough for the whole wreath.
I took small twine to wrap the rest of the wreath to make it easy to place the flowers right where I wanted them and it just helped cover up the rest of the wreath form from different angles.
Then all you have to do is take the flowers and push them where you would like them.
Begin with the large flowers and then fill in with smaller flowers and leaves. 
I just tied some ribbon to the top to use for hanging.
 And it is done! 
I seriously love how real these flowers look! They are amazing!! 
Now, if only Spring would show up and stay awhile!! 
How is your weather and are you ready for Spring like I am?!



Tulips at SNAP

I promise a real recap post of SNAP is coming! 
I am still working on editing all my photos but I wanted to share some pictures of all the beautiful tulips that were on the property where SNAP took place.
SNAP was at a venue called Thanksgiving Point and while we were there, a Tulip Festival was going on so everywhere you looked, beautiful tulips sat begging for all of us bloggers to take photos of them! 
I didn’t make it down to the actual Festival itself, (this pregnant body of mine wasn’t too happy with me so I don’t think I could have made it), but I did walk around the gorgeous grounds by the hotel and conference buildings. 
And if you know me and flowers…. I was in HEAVEN!!! 
I decided to just make collages of the photos so you don’t get too tired of looking at tulips so enjoy! 

Water tower at Thanksgiving point and of course tulips
The grounds were so pretty! 
Here is a shot of a waterfall or The Hidden Falls that were on the grounds. 
Gorgeous tulips were around every curve and behind all the fabulous architectural elements in the garden.
It was SO colorful and made me so happy for spring! 
I highly suggest you go visit the Tulip Festival in Lehi, UT or Salt Lake City Area. 
It was SOOOO Pretty!



*Pretty Flowers*

I don’t have a craft to share with you all today.
I got chosen to be in the top 20 in the competition Amanda from Every Creative Endeavor is putting on, Creative Bloggers Got Talent, so I have been working on my next project for that but I thought I would share some pictures of the beautiful flowers Travis sent me for Valentine’s Day.

If you have been a follower of A Glimpse Inside for a while now, you know that I LOVE to take pictures of flowers so of course I had to take pictures of these.

The irises and tulips perked up beautifully and then a few days later opened up HUGE!

I don’t have pictures of them as open as they got but here are a few other shots I took a couple
days later.

Did you get flowers for Valentine’s Day?
If so, what kind?



Early Summer Blooms

The week that we were scheduled to move from KY, some of the flowers and plants that we planted in our garden FINALLY decided to get buds. And lucky for me, they decided to bloom the day before we were to leave.

So here are a few shots of the one iris that was blooming and a few shots of some of the knock out roses.

Hope you have some pretty blooms around your house!


Guest Post: Laura from Live. Laugh. Photograph!

Hi All! I’ve got another fabulous guest poster for you today with a fantastic tutorial!
Welcome Laura!


Hello Bloggy Friends!

I am so excited to be guest blogging today here at A Glimpse Inside!! Thank you Allison for having me!
My name is Laura and I’m the crazy crafty lady behind Live.Laugh.Photograph!

A few words about myself: I am just your typical wife, mom and crafter.

In addition to those, I am also a cosmetologist {i do hair!}, love photography and digital scrapbooking! I’ve always got ideas swimming around in my head so it’s nice to actually get them out and make them a reality!

I started blogging after my daughter was born almost 5 years ago. It was mainly for family and friends to keep up with us since my husband is in the Army. I’ve been bloggin’ off and on since then but decided that it’s time I put it to good use and share all the things I love… with YOU of course! I have a lot of new ideas and crafts to be posted so be on the lookout. And if you want to follow my blog, please do so!!

Now, let’s get to the reason I’m here! Today I will show you how to make a beautiful glittery shadowbox of rosettes!

Remember how I said I was a digital scrapbooker? Well, I made these using templates using the cutting files paper roses at The Digi Chick. They are designed to be printed on letter sized paper. These can be used with a digital die cutting machine, or virtually any photo editing program. I made mine using Ps Cs4.

So, before we get started I printed out 15 rosettes in the papers I wanted. I printed on the front AND backside. The papers I used were also from The Digi Chick called Every Life has a Story. {if you don’t have a clue how to do this, you can always free hand the templates on regular scrap paper. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s more realistic if it’s not!}

Supplies needed:

shadow box

paper of your choice

cardstock to match background of shadow frame

mod podge



glue gun

paint brush


I got this in plain wood at hobby lobby for $4. I painted it black and white.

Above, you can see that the rosettes are on one side and I printed a patterned side over the whole backside. That way I don’t have to worry about them not matching up when I go to cut them out.

Here’s the time consuming part and where a die cutting machine would come in handy! But, since I don’t own a fancy shmancy machine, I did it with scissors!

Get to cuttin’!

Now that they are cut out you can see the front and back side of the rosettes.

Grab your tweezers ‘cuz it’s time to start rolling them! Fold over the edge a bit and place a little dab of glue there to hold the center of your flower in place!

Keep rolling it down until it looks like this…

and when you get to the end, place a dot of glue with your glue gun and fold over the flap to hold the flower in place.

For added effect I distressed the edges by pulling them down and folding them back and forth. It makes them look worn. And I lurve the worn look!

Once you have painstakingly done this grab a piece of cardstock or paper. Just make sure it matches the inside of the shadowbox because we are going to glue the flowers to it.
I lined up my flowers as seen below and started gluing them down one by one.

Now that your flowers are glued down to the paper it’s time to decorate!!

Take your paint brush and mod podge the insides and out of the flowers.

Sprinkle a little or a lot of glitter onto them and then turn over to get excess out.

Trim around the edges pretty closely to the flowers. You don’t want to be able to see the paper beneath them :)

Now grab your shadowbox and place a little glue of your choice to the inside of the frame. Glue the rosette set to the box and Wam Bam Thank You Mam! You are DONE!

Are you still here? I didn’t scare you off? OK good then!
I really hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! This is definitely one of my more in depth crafts but still a fun one and oh so pretty! I even made one for my Mom for her birthday. She loved it… then again, she sorta has to say that!

Thanks again Allison
for having me here today!
Please stop by live.laugh.photograph anytime to see the new stuff I’m making!


Super cute Laura! Thanks so much for sharing it and guest posting!
Everyone, please stop by Laura’s blog and tell her hello!


Rosette Easter Basket

I shared this tutorial over at The Scrap Shoppe this weekend and TOTALLY FORGOT to let you all know that I would be over there! Forgive me! So I wanted to share it here as well for all of you just in case you still want a cute Easter basket idea.

Rosette Embellished Easter Basket

Here’s the how-to:

-Easter basket (I bought a small felt one from Michael’s)
-Colorful felt
-Glue gun
First, make all the rosettes.

Cut a square out of felt, any size you like.
The bigger the square the bigger the flower and vice versa.

Then, turn the square into a circle. You can do wavy edges or just plain.

Then, cut a spiral in the circle.

Start at the end and roll the felt toward the center.

Roll until you get to the center and you should have a little flap of felt left over.

Place glue in the center and fold over the flap. This will hold the flower together.

All done!

Now repeat MANY times! lol
I think I made 70 larger rosettes with then an additional 30 smaller rosettes.
Your number will vary depending on the size of your flowers and how close you glue them together.

Now onto embellishing the basket.

I took some white ruffly ribbon and hot glued it to the handle.

Then, I took some eyelet ribbon and hot glued it to the inside rim of the basket.

Time to glue on the rosettes.
Start at the bottom and work your way around.
I did a dry fit to figure out my pattern and how many I would need to circle the basket.
Then just place hot glue on each rose and attach.

Work your way up the basket.

Add each flower until the whole basket is covered.
When I neared the top, I glued the smaller rosettes so you could still see the little green scallops.

Up close of the ribbon handle and the eyelet ribbon.

I love the little flowers and added details on this ribbon.

You don’t have to cover the whole thing in flowers if you want.
You could always just do a row or two near the top. The possibilities are endless!

Fill it up with treats to enjoy or some colorful Easter eggs!

I’ll be linking up to some of these parties.