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Upendo means Love

Hey there friends, Jamie here. I would like to take a moment today to introduce you to an incredible woman. Unfortunately I have never met Karen in real life but I pray that I am afforded that privilege some day! This (pictured below) is Karen. She lives part time in California and part time in Kenya.
Karen did mission work in Kenya for three months back in 2014 and since then her love for the people and especially the children of Kenya has grown. She had such a desire to help the children that when she returned from her mission trip she founded Love Without Borders. You can read all about how it got started on their website.
sole purpose is to mobilize others to join us as we look after widows
and orphans in their distress, as mandated in James 1:27. All of our projects
 are focused on providing life-giving hope and sustainable solutions to
impoverished women and children. Karen continues to serve as the
missionary for Love Without Borders, dividing her time between Kenya and
the United States. “

While Karen is in the United States she spends some of her time working on getting things ready for her trips back to Kenya. Recently she posted about the needs of the boys and it was so awesome to see the community here coming together to purchase supplies that she could take to the Upendo home and deliver to the boys. You can be a part of this ministry too. Karen is always willing to take donations towards the boys and the home through the 501(c)3 organization.

One easy way you can support these precious boys is by participating in the Upendo Box. If you are crafty, have your own etsy store or just like to make things you can participate. I have been blessed to participate two times already and I’m beginning work on my next item for the Christmas box. You just need to make some items and then Karen assembles everything in the Upendo Box and sells them. You along with other makers would be making a beautiful box of gifts. These boxes are then profit for the ministry and ultimately the Upendo Boys. The boxes go on sale in late November and are filled with Christmas goodies that you can keep for your own Christmas gift or give to others. I know it’s a little early to start thinking about Christmas but it will be here before you know it.
Later this week Karen is heading back to Kenya. You can follow her journey and learn more about this exciting and inspiring ministry through her Instagram page. Just go follow her on Instagram @lovewithoutbordersinc  You can message Karen if you are interested in participating in the Upendo Box and if you’re not a maker then follow along so you can buy a box in November! You won’t be disapointed. 
And please pray for these sweet precious boys and Karen’s ministry to them. 
“For whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me.”
-Matthew 25:40
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HELP! I can’t decide on a Nursery Color Scheme!

Now that we’ve decided to split the girl’s up and Baby M 2.0 will have her own room, I have been in “Decorate nursery mode.” 
I know what we are going to do on one of the walls in her room but I can’t decide on a color scheme and with only 10 weeks left, I’M STRESSING OUT!!!! 
We plan on putting this plank treatment on the crib/focal wall. 
It won’t be as rustic and just painted solid white.
My goal for this week is to pin point the color scheme and PRAY I can find at least one of the fabrics that will go in her room.
I’ve been on the search for fabric and nothing as screamed “Use me in your nursery!” either so I thought I would try to get the colors first.
So, will you help me out?! 
I am kinda all over the place with the color schemes that I like. I like a few different ones and just am not positive which route I really want to go. Some are on the brighter side, some are a lighter… AHHHHH!
I am going to share a few that I’ve pinned and like and will you please vote on what you like best?! 
Some are pretty similar so I will try to place those near each other. 
 Sorry that some of the pics are blurry. They were small and I couldn’t find a larger image of them so hope you can tell the colors.
 A.) This is the scheme I was originally going to do for Baby M 2.0 when she was going to share a room with her sister. It would be a brighter yellow though.
I still really like it but trying to decide if I want to completely change it up from Miss P’s.
B.) This is similar to Scheme A. but it has more green in it but I think I still like it with yellow.

 C.) I have always thought this color scheme would be SO cute for a little girl’s room.
 D.) Very similar to Scheme C just a few more colors added and the green is softer.
 E.) Similar to C and D as well.
F.) This is also similar to the previous 3 but on a lighter scale.
G.) A little more minty
H.) Light tones and instead of minty green, how about some light blue.
I.) Similar to the scheme above but it is a little bit deeper in tones.
 J.) Same as above but adding in some yellow for a little more pop.
K.) Deeper jewel tones- Instead of aqua bring in a navy (which I am loving right now) and then an orange/deep yellow. 
 L.) Take out the purple and separate the orange and yellow.
M.) More pinks and more of a grayish navy blue.
N.) Navy, hot pink, and yellow (I love this look but wonder if it will be too dark.)
 O.) And something a little different- blue, orange, and pink
Again- some are very similar so I tried to group them. Guess there are about 4 or 5 schemes total.
PLEASE leave a comment with the letter of the scheme(s) you like best!! 
I would SOOOOOOOO appreciate it! 🙂 



I’d LOVE Your Vote!

Hi all!!

Have you heard about the competition going on over at Every Creative Endeavor, Creative Bloggers Got Talent?

I entered our nursery board and batten in the initial round and got chosen to be in the Top 20!

So I would LOVE your votes in this round!
But there’s a catch… I can’t tell you which project is mine!

I am just really hoping you guys like my project among the others and vote for it.
And if you have been following me for a while, you MAY be able to figure out which project is mine by the pictures and stuff in the background… maybe!
So pop on over to Every Creative Endeavor and cast your vote!

I’d appreciate it! 🙂



Help! What do you like?!

Hey everyone!
I would SOOOOO appreciate your help!

I finally got all the fabric samples for the nursery and now I can’t decide what I want!

Will you PLEASE help me?!

Here is a photo of all my samples in the different combinations.
Just leave a comment with the letter of your favorite combination.

A. Yellow polka dot, Coral floral, and Turquoise houndstooth
B. Yellow Chevron, Coral Floral, and Turquoise houndstooth
C. Yellow Chevron, Coral Trellis, and Turquoise houndstooth
D. Yellow polka dot, Coral Trellis, and Turquoise Houndstooth
E. Yellow polka dot, Coral Trellis, and Turquoise floral (it won’t be this floral but the same floral as the coral.)
F. Yellow Chevron, Coral Trellis, and Turquoise Floral (again, same floral as the coral.)

This fabric will be used for the crib bumper (2 patterns- one on each side) and then for the crib skirt which will use all 3 patterns.
I will then scatter the fabric here and there around the room in small doses.

And here is a shot of the fabric with the crib and my new wall art just for reference.


<span class=


Sending out a Call for Guest Bloggers!!

Hi all!!
I’m sending out a Call for Guest Bloggers.

For one event, I am sending out this call a little late but I am still hoping there is someone out there willing to help. Time just got away from me so I am just getting this out.

But I will need 3 guest bloggers for April 6, 7, 8 and 11 (which is next week).
I am off to Creative Estates, YEAH, and so I will need some assistance while I am gone.
I’d love for it to be a new post of yours but since this is a last notice call, I’m fine with a post that is only a few months old on your blog.

I will still have the Catch a Glimpse Party going on Thursday the 7th but I would love a guest post that day as well. And I will probably NOT be doing a Feature Friday post since I will be at the conference and with flying all day Thursday, I won’t have time to visit everyone either.

UPDATE: All the spots for April are full but May is still available!

And the next call for Guest Bloggers will be in May.
We will be moving, AGAIN, in May back to VA so I will definitely need some help during the time right before, during, and after our move so I can get everything ready.
I will probably need at least 2 weeks worth of posts, possibly 3. I normally don’t post on the weekends so I will keep it that way unless I have a large amount of volunteers.

If you are willing to guest post for me during my move, I will need your post by April 30th.

I would prefer that the post is brand new but if you don’t get a chance to create something new, I’m ok with something that you’ve already posted in the last few weeks.
I understand things get crazy.

It can be something crafty, a recipe, decor, organizational tip, or thrift finds/redos.
As long as it goes with the main theme of A Glimpse Inside it will work!

So if you are interested, PLEASE email me and let me know.

We will discuss details and then all you would have to do is email me your html code of your post.

Thanks in advance!

I’ll be back this evening with a fun tutorial for ya! 🙂