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Rosette Heart Sign

Happy Monday! 
Did you watch the big game yesterday? 
I’m thrilled the Eagles won so Congrats to them and all of Philly! 
 But anyways, I am back again today with another project. 
 This is an easy project and doesn’t really take a lot of time either which is a win win! 
-Hot Glue Gun
-Pallet (bought this at Wal-Mart)
-Paint Pen
-Glitter or stickles (optional)
I’m bringing back the felt rosettes that were pretty popular a few years ago. 
They are quick and easy to make and they always turn out so well! 
 Begin by cutting the felt in half long wise. Then cut each half in thirds.
Cut each square in a circle. You can cut it even or cut it a little curvy to give the petals of the flowers more shape.
Then cut a spiral from the outside to the inside of the circle.
Place a little bit of hot glue on the end of the felt and roll it inward.
Continue rolling until there is a flap left which is the very center of the circle.
Place hot glue on the center area and then glue the flap down to hold the flower together.
Here is the flap glued down.
Continue making all the rosettes until you have the desired amount. 
I used 2 1/2 sheets of felt for a total of 14 flowers.
If your heart is larger you will need more flowers.
Glue the rosettes onto the palette in a heart shape. 
I chose to only make the outline of the heart but you could fill it in if you’d like. 
I didn’t want just the heart so I wrote the word love under it in pencil.
I then used a white paint pen to go over the word. 
I was thrilled with it just like this but if you’ve been around here long enough, you know I also love some glitter so….
I pulled out some of my Stickles and glittered up the word love.
And it was just the right amount of glitter that it needed.
And that’s it! 
 I love how it came out! 
 I hung it above my faux mantle along with my painted bud vases and I just love the simplicity of the look. 
Have you decorated for Valentine’s Day yet?


Painted Bud Vases

I told you when I announced that I am taking a little step back that I would be back from time to time with projects that I created and well, I am already back with one for you today. 
 I had this idea and bought everything for this project before I fully decided if I was taking a break or not so this was one that I mentioned that I had to share with you. 
 This project is super easy and I absolutely love how it turned out and how it looks on our faux mantle. 
Here is how to do it! 
-Clear Milk Vases (I found these on clearance at my local Joann Store)
-White Chalk Paint
-Faux Flowers of your choice and color
-Foam Brush
-File or sandpaper
Begin by making sure your glass is clean and dry. 
Then place your fingers inside the vase to hold so you don’t dirty up the glass and this way you won’t get your fingers dirty while painting. 
Paint the vase in vertical strokes and around the rim.
Paint all of your vases and let dry, like for real, LET THEM DRY! 
You need to let them sit for a long time before you attempt to recoat or you will take off the paint as you attempt to do another layer. 
I painted mine in the morning and let them sit all day and painted another coat before bed. 
Then repeated the next day for a total of 4 coats. Also, I painted 2 vertical coats and 2 horizontal coats.
Here are the vases after their 4 coats of paint.
Time to distress! Take a file or sandpaper and rub the vase in certain places to expose the glass below the paint.
Now this is totally optional! You don’t have to do this part if you don’t like the distressed look.
Work around the vase until you have the amount of distressing that you like. 
And that’s it! 
Trim down your faux flowers and place in each vase. I love ranunculus so I bought stems of faux ranunculus in a few colors and put one stem per vase.
I coordinated the flowers with the colors in my living room pillows and placed them in a pattern on our mantle. 
I love how simple yet vibrant they look! 
I created these for my Valentine’s Day mantle but I am pretty sure they are going to stay up through the spring with how much I like these on my mantle. 
Here’s a quick glimpse of my Valentine’s day mantle so far. Still need to make a few tweaks but I like how simple it is.
This is such an easy project and like I said, I just love how it turned out!
 I’ll be back next week with another project so stay tuned!


Rustic Fall Mantle

Happy Monday everyone! 
I hope you had a great weekend! 
I just returned from a crazy fast trip to TN by myself so I am a bit tired from all the driving but I am here today to show you how I decorated my faux mantle for fall.

If you saw my mantle last year you may remember I went with more neutral colors and used natural elements. Well, I liked it so much I did something similar again this year.

I’ll break it down a little more below on how I decorated.

In the center, I hung the fall hydrangea wreath that I created last year with our hydrangea blooms from out front. I was very careful with how I stored it throughout the year so it was still in great shape to reuse.

Travis brought home these giant pine cones from CA when he was there in June and they’ve been sitting in a box ever since making sure any little insect that may have hitched a ride was no longer there, so I pulled them out and knew they had to be used in my fall decor this year. I love the color on them, they are literally the size of my hand or bigger, and each one is so distinct.

I found this metal bucket at an antique place one afternoon and thought it would also make a fun addition to the mantle so it came home with me.

On the left side of the mantle, I placed the bucket on it’s side with a dried hydrangea bloom inside then placed a pine cone in front of it. For a little more filling and color, I used some orange berries I had left over from another project and a faux flower bloom also left over from the same project. Behind the bucket I placed one of my tobacco baskets with a hydrangea bloom just resting on the bucket.

In the center of the mantle, I placed my small wood chalkboard that I also used last year along with another hydrangea bloom, pine cone, and some glitter pumpkins for a little more color.

And on the right, I placed a jug vase that I bought at the beginning of summer for crazy cheap because it was actually a spring item and filled it with hydrangea blooms and then tucked a few berries in for more color.
In front of it, I put another hydrangea bloom, pine cone, berries and another faux flower.

And that’s it!
I did mess with it for a day or two before I was fully satisfied with it but I love how it turned out. I am going to miss my hydrangea bushes whenever we move out of this house. I use them all the time!

How do you decorate for fall?
Natural elements? Fall items like leaves, pumpkins, pine cones, etc? Neutrals or bold colors?

Here are two of my other fall mantles to help inspire you to decorate.

 Autumn Inspired Mantle

Natural Fall Mantle


My 2017 Valentine’s Day Mantle

About midnight on Sunday, or I guess really, Monday morning, I decided to put up my Valentine’s Day mantle after a super crazy weekend. 
I pulled it all together with items that I’ve used in years past, items that I’ve just had around the house or in a cabinet, and a few new pieces that I made this year. 
It is a rather simple mantle, and I still may tweak it here and there, but for just grabbing items around the house, I like how it turned out!

 I hung the Felt Ruffle Valentine Wreath that I created a few years ago on the wall above the mantle.
Took come candles and candlesticks out of a cabinet and placed on one end.
The Love Birds sign that I shared last week sits in the middle of the mantle with the “love” valentine stamped blocks sitting next to that.
Lastly, I pulled out a cake plate and put some flowers on top.
So I have a little secret about this. 
I’ve had these flowers since Miss P’s 4th birthday party and they are cut pretty short. I’ve wanted to do something with them forever and wasn’t sure what so when I was thinking about what to do I thought about these flowers. They are too short to sit in a vase but I knew I had a styrofoam ball and I could make a kissing ball with them by shoving them into the ball. 
Well, here is my secret, if you pick up the ball you will notice it is literally only half way covered! lol
I only had enough to cover half of it but the flowers were large enough to spread and cover the perfect way that you can’t even tell unless you pick it up! 
Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone! 😉
And lastly, across the front I hung the “be mine” banner I shared yesterday along with some tulle pom-pom garland that I found in the dollar spot at Target. 
 I am happy with my midnight mantle. 
I am trying to decide if I want to make a new lighter wreath or just leave the bright pop of color up on the wall but we’ll see if a spark of creativity hits me! lol
 Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?


“Be Mine” Doily Banner

Happy Monday everyone! 
I hope you had a great weekend! 
 I had a busy weekend but I managed to squeeze in a quick craft project for my Valentine’s Day mantle. 
I made a quick new banner to display across our faux mantle shelf.
 It is a pretty easy project. 
Here’s how to make it. 
-Paper doilies (I got these in the dollar section of Target)
-Alphabet Letter Stamps
-Embossing Stamp Pad 
-Embossing Powder
-Embossing Gun

 I began by measure my mantle and cutting my twine to length.
Then it was time to work on my words. 
I chose to place “be mine” on the banner so I took the “b” letter and placed it on my stamp pad.
Rub the stamp on the embossing pad and stamp onto the center of doily.
Press down the stamp making sure all parts of the stamp are left on the doily when removed.
Sprinkle the “b” with embossing powder.
Move it around to make sure it is all nice and covered.
Dump off the excess powder to reveal your powdered letter.
Then it is time to emboss it with the embossing gun.
It only takes a few seconds and your letter is all embossed! 
Work your way down the banner stamping and embossing each doily with the letters of the phrase you choose.
Don’t have an embossing gun?! No worries! You can always use stickers, cut letters with a Cricut or Silhouette and apply them, or if you are fantastic at hand lettering or have pretty handwriting, just write the letters on each doily.
 Once all the doilies are complete with their letters, just weave the twine through the holes of the doilies to hang.
And that’s it! 
Easy, new banner to hang!
I hung it across the front of our faux mantle along with some tulle pom-pom garland that I also found in the dollar spot at Target. 
It fills the spot nicely and was the perfect size for our mantle.
What word or phrase will you choose to make your banner?


DIY “O Holy Night” Painted Sign

Happy Monday everyone! 
Did you have a good weekend?!
We had a great weekend in our neck of the woods. We had a great family day on Saturday then we received our first snow Sunday which they girls were super eager to get out and play in.
I am here today with a new project I created to place over our mantle this holiday season. 
 I bought this metal cut Nativity set last Christmas. It arrived after I already had all our decorations up so it just kinda got place in an odd spot for the season. This year I new I wanted it on the mantle so up it went in front of some lighted garland. 
I bought the white trees at Target the day after Christmas last year and thought they would make a great addition for some height to the mantle.
 Once I had that all arranged, I quickly realized something was desperately needed on the wall above the nativity so after thinking a bit, I thought why not create something that works with the whole scene. 
This was a quick project which is great.
-Piece of wood cut to the size you need. You could also use a canvas
-Painter’s tape
-Cardstock or Vinyl
-Acrylic Paint
-Paint Brushes

Before I begin, there are a few different ways you could do this project. 
You could do it the way I’m about to share.
You could paint the entire piece gold, use vinyl to place the design down, paint over it white and then remove the vinyl. OR you could simply follow the first few steps and then use vinyl to apply the design instead of painting it like I did. 
But here’s how I decided to do it.
 I went digging in all of our spare wood we have left over from projects and found this 12×18 piece that was the perfect size.
 I began by taping off the edge of my board with 1 in. painter’s tape. I lined the edge of the tape up with the edge of the board to give myself a small border.
Once I had the tape firmly down, I painted the center white.
I painted 2 coats of white and then let the paint dry a few minutes before removing the tape.
Once the tape was removed, I was left with a crisp line for borders. 
Next I painted the border with gold metallic paint. I just free handed this part but if you don’t think you can keep the crisp line then you can tape off the edge of the white. Just make sure the white paint is completely dry before doing so! 
I cut out my design using my silhouette machine to the size that worked best for the size of the wood.
I cut it out on cardstock paper and then used spray adhesive to make it a removable stencil. 
I smoothed the stencil down well making sure all the areas where I would paint were completely down.
Paint the wording with the gold paint.
Tip: When using a stencil, try to paint away from the edge to prevent bleeding. 
Remove the stencil and see your design! 
I did have to touch up a tiny bit of bleeding with white but not much at all. 
The trees on the mantle have a little bit of glitter so to tie that in to the trees I used some gold Stickles to place a line of glitter on the line where the gold and white meet.
I did it super thin but it was the perfect final touch.
It worked out so nicely above the Nativity scene and trees on the mantle. 
I love how it all turned out! 
Here is a full shot of our mantle along with our stockings.
I like how rather simple and monochromatic the whole thing is and it goes well on our reclaimed wood mantle shelf that I had Travis build me last year for Christmas.



Watercolor Wooden Arrow

Hi everyone! 
I hope that your September is going well. How is your weather? Still fall like here in WI. 
Have you decorated for fall yet? If not, it is just about time to do it! 
I have a super simple project for you today. 
I created this to add to my fall mantle and literally, it took like 5 minutes and is so easy! 
Here is how you can create one as well to match your decor or use it to decorate for fall as well. 
-Wooden arrow (got this one at Hobby Lobby)
-Watercolor Pencils
-Paint brush

 Begin by dipping the watercolor pencil directly into the water.
Then color the part of the arrow you want that color.
Continue dipping into the water whenever you need to. It will make the lead portion softer to keep coloring. 
Once it is complete colored, take a wet paint brush and brush the entire area to spread the paint evenly over the area you just colored.
 Dab the extra water and color off with a paper towel.
I just placed it on top and rubbed it with my hand and then removed it. 
For the tail of the feather I drew lines to give the feather details and then color washed the entire thing to match.
And that’s it!! 
So simple right?!
I painted mine in fall colors since it was being added to my fall mantle but you can color yours to match your everyday decor. 
Have fun with it! 
It made the perfect addition to my fall mantle!



Natural Fall Mantle

The weather is officially fall like here in WI so I decided I would pull out my fall decor this weekend.
I wanted to go a little natural and use some different colors than the normal orange, red, and yellow so I shopped my house, indoor and out, and came up with this set up for our faux mantle, mantle.
 After putting things up and taking things back off, rearranging a few times, I LOVE how it turned out. 
Let’s take a closer look shall we.

On the right side of the mantle I placed the wine carrier I made at SNAP a few years ago that I had in my craft room. Then I placed one of my apple gourds in it and the some hydrangea blooms from the garden.
I also had a white plastic pumpkin, for years now, and placed that on the mantle along with more blooms.
 In the center, I hung a new wreath I created, which I will share soon, and then this little easel chalkboard where I tried my hand at hand lettering “Happy Fall” on it though it looks pretty bad. lol
I’m sure I will try to rewrite it better 10 more times before I put my fall decor away. haha
Then more awesome hydrangea blooms.
Next to the chalkboard on the left, I placed another apple gourd and more blooms. 
I stood up an arrow, which I will also share later, up behind the gourd for a little height next to the wreath and that rounds out the mantle. 
Simple, natural and it has the farm house look.
I loved shopping the house and using my hydrangea blooms, we have 3 different types in our garden, to make this mantle. 
How do you like to decorate for fall?
Traditional colors or do you like to use different colors?



Ten Inspiring Fall Vignettes for Your Home

Hi readers, it’s Molly from Just a Little Creativity. How’s everyone enjoying August? Back to school always makes me think cooler weather should be happening as well, but for us here in Florida, it’s still soaring in the 100’s. While I was just here last month sharing my popsicles recipe, the reality is that Fall is right around the corner. 
If you’re planning to decorate your home for Fall and Thanksgiving, now is the time to start planning. When you plan ahead and give yourself time to shop or create, you can get the best deals.
I created this collection of 10 beautifully inspiring Fall vignettes for you using the Roundup Friendly Blogs search engine, which I also participate in (if you’re a blogger and are interested in joining, you can sign up and read the Terms of Use agreement here
These vignettes that I chose to inspire you are full of variety- fireplaces, shelves, even a piano have been decorated for Fall.  

*Please be awesome & use proper Pinterest etiquette by clicking through to the original post to Pin*

Vintage Inspired Fall Piano Decor from Cherished Bliss
Sideboard Decor from Worthing Court
Decadent and Textured from Unskinny Bop

Fall Display in Burnished Colors from Cottage at the Crossroads

A Casually Elegant Vingette from Our Southern Home
Colorful Fall Decor from A Cultivated Nest

Kirkland’s Home Inspired Fall Mantel from Country Chic Cottage

 Hydrangea Harvest from Mad in Crafts
I’m always amazed at how wonderfully creative bloggers are.
Pinterest is nice to browse, but stopping by the bloggers who are the
real creators, you get the full inside scoop on how something is put
together. The helpful tips and advice bloggers dish out is invaluable. 
I’d love for you to stop by Just a Little Creativity and say hello.
Otherwise, I’ll see you here again next month!

Connect with Molly:
 Just a Little Creativity  //  Facebook  //  Instagram  //  Pinterest  //  Twitter



My Valentine’s Day Mantle

February has arrived (say what?!) so I thought it is the perfect time to share my Valentine’s Day decorations. 
It probably looks pretty familiar to last year’s mantle, and it is. 
I pretty much did it the same way with a few new additions.
I kept the old window on the mantle and placed my 14 plaque and some garlands on it once again. 
On the mantle around the window I placed a lantern with a purple candle, my stamped blocks, a marquee M, printable sign, felt tree, and some candle sticks. 
I then hung my two garlands on the front of the mantle once again. 

I’m pretty excited about the M Marquee letter. I found it at Michael’s and I added the paper to make it a little more valentiney and it makes a fun addition to the decor. Best part, I can easy change the paper out to change it up and make it go with other decorations in the house.
In the bottom section, I placed some more candle sticks, a wreath I made years ago and then a plate with vinyl on it that says “be mine.” I actually made this years ago as well and forgot that it was in the hutch in my craft area under some items. I found it while cleaning up my craft space so I thought I would use it in this space.
Next to the mantle, I hung a new project I created, which will be on the blog tomorrow, to add a little something to the wall. 
Even though it is pretty much the same decor as last year, I still love it just as much!