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This, That, and Everything in Between- July 2018

This is the last week of August and I am JUST now getting around to sharing our family adventures from July. Things have been crazy this month with getting our household goods, finally, and unpacking, girls starting school, Travis starting his schooling for Major and much more, that sitting down to look through pictures and write this post was way on the back burner. 
 Enough about all that. Let me finally share what we were up to in July before it really IS August. lol
 Since the girls were still in TN with our parents the beginning of the month, we were able to continue to have our date days/nights and do anything we wanted. haha We began the month by doing a little golfing at Top Golf. I am terrible but this place is still super fun to go to if you have one in your area.
 Having no kids with us didn’t stop us from still enjoying the fourth of July. Shortly before the fireworks began, we left our hotel to get some dessert and then parked on the top level of the mall parking garage to watch the fireworks. So many people in the neighborhoods around there were doing crazy large fireworks so we watched those until it was time to watch the ones that the local baseball team was putting on after their game ended.

 No kids= TONS of exploring of Kansas City and the surrounding areas. We found this cute old street car, that was part of the original system back in the day and I had to take some shots of it. 
Then there is a knitting group that knit all these colorful covers for everything, and I do mean everything, at the last stop of the current tram system. So colorful and happy!

 We explored the area near Union Station a lot and walked the sky bridge to get to other areas.
 We visited the WWI Museum one afternoon. This museum is pretty cool and I recommend adding it to your must see list if you ever visit Kansas City. The views of the city from the museum were gorgeous as well.

 The evening after we visited the WWI Museum, we finally got a call that we got a house on post. To say we were excited was an understatement since it was already mid July and we’d been in a hotel for three weeks.
Here are some shot of new abode for the next year that we will be living in KS.
 The weekend that we got the house, we drove to Ill. to pick up the girls from my parents. They learned to swim while they were in TN over the summer so we had to take advantage of the hotel pool so they could show us their new skills. We were both really impressed!

 On our way home from picking up the girls, we stopped in St. Louis at the City Museum. This place is insane and another must visit place if you have kids and are visiting the St. Louis area. There are mazes, slides, a Ferris Wheel on the roof, and so much more to climb all over and through to explore!
 A few days after we got the girls back and they were settled, we ventured back down to Kansas City to go to Lego Land and the aquarium. 
The girls had fun building things and checking out all the giant Lego structures throughout.
 The aquarium is attached to Lego Land so once we were done there we hopped over to the aquarium for some more fun. I love to see how excited the girls get when they see different animals/fish/creatures.
 We then ventured out into Kansas City to take the girls on the Tram system for what we would call their first train ride. They were so excited to ride the tram. We had just missed one so we had to wait a few minutes until the next one arrived so we went in to explore Union Station and the big T-Rex outside.
 It took ages to get our stuff but that didn’t stop me from trying to make the outside of our house feel more homey. We hung our American flag, I placed my flowers pots out, put my small garden flag out as well and then placed mulch in the garden to make this place feel a little more like ours. 
I’ve since added some pretty yellow flowers to go with roses in the garden, we’ve hung fun lights on the porch, and we have some comfy chairs to sit on and relax out there. It is still not our old screened in porch but I like it.
 These two kitties got pretty spoiled being in a small hotel room with just Travis and I for a few weeks so they still liked to cuddle with us every chance they got.

 When you don’t have furniture, and have no idea when it even MAY be arriving, you get creative! We had this extra blow up mattress with us so we blew it up and propped it up to be like a couch. We had our tiny tv with us that we placed a tote and our step ladder served as a side table. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to be slightly more comfortable! lol
 One afternoon, Travis had to start in processing for school so I took the girls out and about on Fort Leavenworth to do some exploring the new place we’ll be living. There are some really awesome old buildings, canons, and beautiful views of the Missouri River. There’s even a chunk of the Berlin Wall!

 We discovered this fun little farm about 10 mins from where we live that allows you to pick your own veggies. They also have other fun events every so often and we have definitely enjoyed going to get our farm fresh veggies! 
 What’s living and exploring a new area without making a stop at the zoo?! We hit up the Kansas City Zoo one day where it wasn’t 100 degrees out and we all had a lovely time! We explored everything and closed the zoo down!
 And lastly, the girls love discovering things in nature and have a fascination with bugs so when Travis almost stepped on this super baby snake on a walk one evening, they were so excited to look at it, touch it, and want to hold it. 
That is it for our month of July! 
We’ve made lots of new friends and have done a lot more exploring since this time. 
We are trying to make the most of our year in Kansas! 
Hopefully I will be back on time with my August recap! lol


This, That, and Everything in Between- June ’18

Holy cow everyone, how are we already so far into July?! 
 Our life has been in total chaos for almost a month now so this post is coming at you late this month. 
But I am here now to share a glimpse of what we were up to in June. 
The month started out with us celebrating P’s recent birthday by having a spa party. She was adamant that she wanted a party outside of our house this year since we always do parties at home so I contacted my hair stylist who works out of a super fun old house and we did a spa party at her salon. 
We had a nail painting station, a bath bomb making station, and then all the girls got to get their hair done. It was so fun seeing what they all picked to do with their hair. 
The girls had a great time even though it was a total whirlwind! lol
A few days later was P’s last day of kindergarten! 
I can’t believe she will be in first grade this coming year. She had a hard time leaving her school and her friends, which I knew she would, but she knew we were moving and it was harder for her since she won’t be back next year with everyone. 
First day of summer break consisted of the girls and I getting up early for having a spa day of our own. All of us got our hair cut and I got some color in my hair. 
I was very proud of P because she actually cut about 4 inches off her hair this time! 
Our little town’s annual festival began the day after the last day of school so we headed to the carnival that evening for a little fun. Travis was out of town so it was just the girls and I and we met up our neighbors for some fun. 
The girls were super excited about the rides this year which was fun to watch them enjoy themselves.
A few days later was the Butterfest parade so we walked down to watch the parade for a few hours of fun on a Sunday afternoon. 
Travis got delayed returning from his trip but once he returned we walked down to one of the parks by our house. The trip turned into having fun in the water by the dam and P was determined to catch the tiny tadpoles in the water. She was all wet but she was successful more than once! She was so excited! 
Our time in WI was coming to a close, and quickly, so we had a fun park and ice cream date day with our friends since we weren’t able to see them often as of late. 
The week that school got out, P went on her first overnight sleepover to one of her classmate’s house. 
The girls were really close so we had her friend over to our house for our first friend sleepover a few days before we moved. Miss S had to join in on the sleepover fun too because that is what little sisters do! 
We were out running errands one afternoon and we spotted this sign outside our local Claire’s store and the girls HAD to have their picture take in it as a unicorn. They make pretty cute unicorns! 
Mid month we caught the La Crosse county Dairy Breakfast. We were excited that we were able to go to it this year as we were able to attend one the summer we moved to WI but haven’t been able to attend one since. The girls enjoyed seeing all the cows and checking out other animals and fun things to do on the farm. It was a crazy hot day but we all had fun. 
My parents came up to WI Father’s Day weekend and since they were there, P and I made this DAD cake to celebrate the big day. She was excited to help me and she got to do a lot of the decorating on the cake. 
My parents actually came to visit to pick up the girls to take them back to TN with them so they could have some fun while we were moving. They left the day before all the packing began and have been having a great time!
Packing of our house began the 20th and by the 23rd we had a totally empty house. 
Travis and I camped out in the house for a few more days, cleaning, touching up paint, and packing up anything last minute that we were taking with us. 
It was so sad seeing the house all empty again!
These kitties weren’t sure about the packers. 
Patton was taking it like the seasoned moving champ he is but Poppy was a nervous wreck since this was her first move. She hid everyday but on the day they were packing the truck we put her on the porch and she was not happy! Luckily she survived and she’s doing better! 
Patton also found wherever he could to sleep and I guess he just wanted to make sure he came with us when he took up resident in Travis’s suitcase. 
Since we didn’t have the girls with us, we were able to hang out with friends and do things just the two of us. We usually got together with our neighbors around their fire pit so of course we had to get together for one last one before we left. We’ll miss these folks! 
And as I stated, we have been able to go back to the life of pre-kids with the girls in TN just hanging out together doing whatever we wanted. We went down to La Cross a few evenings for dinner and hanging out. I must say, it has been nice! lol
We also got together with our good military friends for one last meal before we left. Always sad leaving good people when it is time to move! 
We haven’t been the only ones having fun. The girls have been having a blast with their cousins and grandparents. They’ve been swimming everyday at my parent’s and then have gotten to ride horses and play on tractors at Travis’s parent’s house. 
I’m not sure they’ll want to come home! 
But the time did eventually come to say goodbye to our old lady. I cried, like I always do when we leave a house, but she is still in the family for now. We ended up renting her out for a year so she is still ours and that helps a little bit. 
We headed out for our drive to KS and I had these two and little car mates for the drive while Travis drove our truck pulling a trailer. 
And now here we are. We are being stationed at Fort Leavenworth just north of Kansas City. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for a house on post so we have been living in a hotel since we arrived in town. I am truly thankful that the girls have been in TN this whole time so all of us are cramped in a hotel but Travis and I have been having fun exploring our new city. We’ve been downtown a few times but on this day we were exploring KC’s gorgeous Union Station, eating some tasty BBQ in the fanciest BBQ joint I’ve ever been too and just checking out the city. 
KC reminds me a lot of Nashville so it has been fun to explore it and the surrounding areas. 
And that’s about it! 
We are still waiting for a house on post but we are FINALLY getting close to the top of the list so I am praying we get a house this week! If you’re the praying type, would you say a little prayer for us as well?! 🙂 Then the wait for all of our stuff will begin once we get a house. I’m over this move already! lol
The girls are still in TN but we will be getting them this weekend whether we have a house yet or not so it will be fun seeing them after all this time. They’ve learned to swim while in TN so I’m excited to take them to a pool to check out their new skill!
 But stay tuned for next month’s post to get an update on our move!


This, That, and Everything in Between- May ’18

Hello everyone!
Long time no see! 
We are still busy with pre-moving things, plus with end of school year activities and Miss P’s birthday so I am just now getting around to sharing my May This and That post. 
 When I first started getting my photos ready for this post, I didn’t think we did a lot and that it would have been a short post but that was far from the truth! We did a lot more than I thought and had some good times! 
I’m just going to start with a picture I snapped of Miss S that was too cute not to share. I went to check on her before I went to bed one night at the beginning of the month and found her like this- all snuggled with her blankie and looking sweet as can be.

And how about another super cute snuggly, sleeping picture but this time of Poppy?! 
She was sleeping in her favorite chair in the living room and Miss P’s favorite doll was in it and she curled right up next to it. Miss P actually put her paw on top of her doll but she continued to sleep like this for a long time so I had to capture a photo. 
Miss S had her very first school program at the beginning of the month. She only went to preschool for 2 days a week but she worked so hard on her songs and did so amazingly well during her performance! I was so proud of her and that she didn’t get scared once she had a large audience to sing in from of and she knew all her words and hand gestures.

 Miss S LOVES to play dress up, LOVES, and one day she was dressed as Rapunzel but was pretending to be a teacher reading me a book. I hope she always uses her creative imagination!
 When spring time arrives in WI, know that it is also time for lots and lots of bunnies to show up! 
We have had our fair share of bunny burrows in our yard throughout our time here in our house and it is always so fun to see the momma bunny hanging out and then seeing the babies when they start coming out of the burrow. We actually had a burrow at the base of the tree behind the girls in the photo and this momma bunny was totally cool with just hanging out near her babies along with the girls right there playing outside. The girls loved it too! 
Travis actually caught one of the babies when he found it while cutting the grass and we let the girls hold it for a few. I took photos of it but they must be on Travis’s phone.
 The girls love dandelions, LOVE!! This field near our house recently flooded when we had a lot of rain at the end of April, early May, and from the water line down to the water was a sea of yellow at one point. We took the girls down there to let them pick some dandelions and play a little and they were in heaven!
 I signed the girls up for a 4 week mini gymnastics glass in May and as usual, they really enjoyed it. I think this was the best class they’ve taken yet. They really worked hard and learned new techniques this time.
 Mid May, Travis’s brigade at a military ball. Travis was the MC for the ball so we got to get all dressed and have a nice evening out. 
 The day before Mother’s day the girls and I painted rocks for a fun little activity. We were going to go hiking on Mother’s day so thought they would be fun to take and hide along the trail while we hiked.
 BUT… Miss S had other plans for Mother’s Day. She woke not feeling well with a cough and running a fever so our hiking plans got put on the back burner. We did have a nice day at home even though she wasn’t feeling very well.
 Our town did a little Wine Walk where you would go into the shops downtown and each store was passing out little wine tasters. We had a little date evening out with some friends and it was a lot of fun!
 Fort McCoy had a family day towards the end of the month where they had lots of activities for families to come out and do and cool things to see. Travis actually had to work the event so we stopped by for a little while to play and see everything that was on display.
Have you ever seen a bunny burrow?! Well, here you go!
We were on a walk on day and saw all these baby bunny in a large dirt/rock pile in one of our friend’s yard. We were amazed at how many were in there and it actually looked like there might have been another one at one point in the pile. 
 There is a museum in our town and it has been on our bucket list to visit for quite some time. The downstairs is all about the history of our town and our county while upstairs is a bicycle museum and a museum for Astronaut, Deke Slayton who was actually from Sparta. We finally make it over there for a visit one evening when we had a showing on our house and we needed to go somewhere. It was a fun little adventure.
 Miss P’s school did a cancer walk toward the end of the month and Miss S and I went to walk with them at the football field. Here’s a shot of Miss P with all of her classmates and teacher.
 Miss S had her last day of school on the 23rd. She definitely loved school and learned and grew so much over the year.

 Miss P turned 6, SIX people, on the 24th. We had a super busy day that day so we all surprised her at school with Taco Bell for lunch then we opened presents and had cake right after school before we had to go back to her school for an event before heading to S’s school for an event. After S’s event, she picked where she wanted dinner and we had some friends come eat with us and then made a stop at the park.
She had a great birthday and I still can’t believe she is 6!
 After going to P’s school event we quickly headed to Miss S’s school for her end of the year program. It was graduation for the kids going to kindergarten but she still received a fun little memory book and she got to say goodbye to all her friends.

 Our kitties, like each other but I can’t say they love each other. They’ll play, they tend to take turns when eating even though they each have their own bowls, they don’t sleep together so when I found them together in the basement window watching all the birds and squirrels in the yard together, I HAD to take a picture of them!
 Memorial Day, Travis had to give a speech at an event in another town so we all tagged along. After the event we decided to have a family adventure canoeing. The girls loved it and we all had a great time!
 Since we are moving, we have been trying to take full advantage of our screened in porch while we still have it. We have all been enjoying it to its fullest and we are all going to miss it so very much!! 
I think that’s it for now! I’m sure I am forgetting something but the days are running together at this point since school is out and we are prepping for our move. 
Stay tuned for our June adventures next month!


This, That, and Everything in Between- April 2018

Happy May everyone! 
 I cannot believe that it is already May, can you? Time is flying! 
I actually had a project post planned for today and then as I went to write it, I realized that it was going to be the first Wednesday of the month and I had to share what we were up to in April! 
April was a crazy whirlwind and was super busy, full of travel, and getting the house ready to be put on the market so I don’t have a ton of photos but we did have a good time.

April began with some Easter fun and the Easter bunny was a little sneaky this year and hid the girl’s baskets so they had to follow the clues to find them inside their tent in the basement. 
They thought it was so fun but were so confused at why the bunny would hide their baskets instead of leaving them out like normal. hehe
After checking out the baskets and opening gifts from the grandparents, it was time for the egg hunt! 
We had to do the hunt inside this year as it was chilly and crazy windy that day. The girls had a blast like normal and loved going through their eggs finding candy, money, and Shimmer and Shine Teeny Genies.
It was just our little family for Easter this year but it was a great day. We had some fun in the morning with baskets and the hunt, a yummy meal in the evening, and some family time.
We had a big snow at the beginning of the month and it was perfect packing snow! We didn’t get a lot of packing snow this year so the girls were so excited to be able to build a snowman. We got creative with our snowman and gave it some wild hair from some old flowers that were still in our garden and of course we had to give it a carrot nose. 
Our little town got a fun new wine and bourbon place downtown so Travis and I snuck away for a few hours with some friends one Saturday night to check it out for a date night. Always a good to have fun with friends! 
The second week of April, I ran away from all the house stuff to Utah for the SNAP Conference. I always love my time away at SNAP visiting and catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. I had a super awesome group of ladies for roommates and they made this SNAP one of my favorites! 
Bad part about being away at SNAP was returning when a blizzard decided to run through our area! 
My car was so buried I had to dig out to just reverse so I could leave the parking lot. 
Then the snow cleared a bit and a few days later we got another big storm. This was literally 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t stand it. Our weather has now FINALLY decided to warm up and we are all in heaven! 
After working our butts off on our house for a good month or more decluttering, cleaning, completely last minute projects, our house officially went on the market a week ago. And I am not going to lie, it pains me seeing this sign in our front yard. I am going to miss this house something fierce!! We’ve had out fair share of showings and even an offer but that didn’t work out so if someone wants an awesome house in Sparta, WI, here she is!! 
The month ended with a quick visit from my sister. She has never come up to WI while we’ve lived here so she squeezed in a short trip before we left. We had a great time showing her the sights, doing some hiking, and exploring Fort McCoy. Always love getting some sister time and the girls were so thrilled she was here! 
And that is all I have this month.
Travis went on a vacation right after I got back from SNAP with his best friends but other than that, nothing crazy happened. We’ve been so wrapped up in the house that we were a little too preoccupied to have a super grand time. 
But April was still super fun! 
See you next month with our May adventures!


This, That, and Everything in Between- March 2018

Y’all, it’s March!! 
How is that already possible? I seriously have no idea where the first two months of the year have gone. 
But enough about me not being able to wrap my mind around how fast time is flying, it is time to recap our family adventures from February. 
So here is what we were up to last month.
 We started the month by taking our last foster baby back to the shelter
to get adopted. She finally broke out of her super shy shell and was
showing herself more and more so we knew it was time to get her a
forever family. We took her back on a Saturday and she went home Monday
with her family. So happy she didn’t have to stay long before she was

Living in WI, we get our fair share of snow in the winter. We had a family day of clearing snow and then playing one day and I felt the need to snap a few photos of the house while we were outside. 
We just had another major storm blow through dumping a good deal of snow and I pray that it is going to be our last of the season! 
 Valentine’s day was a fun day. 
Every day leading up to Valentine’s day, we placed hearts with words of encouragement and what we love about the girls on each other their doors to wake up too. 
Then on Valentine’s day both girls had school and school parties so that meant Travis and I could have lunch alone together that afternoon. He brought all of us home flowers to go with the handmade cards that he and I create and exchange every year. Then for dinner we made a heart shaped pizza and cut brownies into hearts as well. 
It was a fun, sweet day!
 President’s Day weekend the girls and Travis both had off quite a few days so we decided to surprise the girls and take a little staycation of sorts. 
We drove an hour north of us to a hotel that had a water park inside for an evening where we had some family fun swimming. 

The hotel was also attached to a family fun zone, arcade type of place so after swimming, we got all cleaned up, ate some dinner, then headed over for more family fun.

But that wasn’t where the fun ended! The next morning we ate breakfast then headed an hour west into Missouri to the cute little town of Stillwater to surprise the girls again by taking them to the Ice Castle there in town. Best part was, Anna and Elsa were at the ice castles and the girls got to see and talk to them. It was a exciting afternoon!
 Then on the spur of the moment whim, we decided to head to Minneapolis since we were only 30 minutes away from the Mall of America to go the aquarium before driving home. The girls loved seeing all the fish and it was a long, fun, exhausting day!
 Toward the end of the month, Travis had a work function at the ski hill on post and we got to get in some tubing before it started. Miss P loved it and Miss S on the other hand did not. We were lucky enough to get her to go down twice but she was done after that. 
All well! We’ll try again when she is older. 
The girls finished their gymnastic class at the end of the month. They both loved it and did great during this session.
Before the month came to a close, I had a paint party at the house doing a painting that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. Travis and Miss P even jumped in on the action since it was a small party. 
And lastly, I have been playing around with small stamped watercolor paintings lately. They are mini paintings and are so fun to create. And if I am in my craft room working on anything, my little shadow has to be right there with me! 
I believe that’s it in a nut shell! 
I am sure I am missing something but that’s ok. 
I know I have been super quiet on the blog lately and I have been wanting to craft but so far nothing has really come to me. When it does, I’ll be sure to share it! 
Stay tuned for more adventures next month!


This, That, and Everything in Between: January 2018

Since February has arrived, really?!, it is time to recap our January 2018 adventures. 
 We didn’t have a crazy month but we had some fun times. 
We unfortunately started the month by saying goodbye to some of our really good friends. 
They are a fellow military family so saying goodbye or “see you later” is far too often for us but it is still a sad day especially when they become such good friends that really are more like family. Their daughter and Miss S were pretty much best friends so they definitely miss each other as well! Hopefully we will see them again soon! 
The girls started gymnastics again at the beginning of the month and this time they actually get to be in class together. They both love it and wish they could go more than once a week.
On January 6th, Travis and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. We had a fun night planned but had to cancel it as I came down with the same virus Miss S had right before the new year so I was not up to going out. In fact, I am shocked I am actually sitting up on the couch even for this picture because I was pretty much sleeping for 2 days straight fighting a high fever. 
We picked up a new foster baby and had her for the rest of the month. She was CRAZY shy and needed some big time help with socializing her. Slowly but surely she got more comfortable with us and enjoyed everyone in the house. We just took her back this past weekend to get adopted and I am happy to say that she already has a permanent home! YAY! 
We took a family day trip back to Wisconsin Dells to play at an indoor amusement park/fun zone type place and dinner. The girls had a lot of fun! 
Before our fun day, we shopped at the local outlet mall and Miss S just HAD to get this giant Rapunzel wig. This girl LOVES wigs and playing dress up so she was so darn excited to wear it once we got home and needless to say, she has worn it a ton since! 
Toward the end of the month, Travis and I snuck away for a fun night in Madison with some friends for dinner and an acapella competition at UW. It was such a fun night just hanging out with friends and having a night away from the girls. 
We’ve had a good amount of snow this winter. It snows then has been melting but we’ve had crazy temps which means the lake by our house is good and frozen. There has been plenty of folks out on it ice fishing so we thought we’d so and have a little fun and walk around on it as well. After a little cruise on the lake, we went back to the park near it and played on the frozen puddles in the grass. We broke up some of the ice and Travis made an ice palace for the girl’s ponies that they brought with us. 
And lastly a pretty big thing happened this month… We found out that Travis was selected to be promoted to Major which also means that we will likely be moving this year at some point. We should know more on that by the end of this month. I am very proud of him and thrilled that he is being recognized for all his hard work!
 Stay tuned for our February adventures! 


This, That, and Everything in Between- November 2017

Another month has passed by and we are that much closer with each passing day to Christmas, New Year’s Eve, followed by 2018. That just seems so utterly crazy to me! 
Why is when you are a kid, it feels like time goes by slowly but as an adult, and as an adult with kids, it flies so freaking fast?! For real?! 
Perhaps it is also the fact that lately I feel like a chicken running around with their head cut off. Going in every direction attempting to get something checked off the to do list, circling around to something else and the list just keeps on growing. Ok, I’ll digress! 
Today is all about recapping our activities from November! I feel like the month was crazy busy and I don’t have a ton of pictures but here’s what we did…

 The very first day of the month began with Miss S turning 4!! She was so excited! 
She got to go to school to have her first school birthday party where we took a cookie cake and she got a birthday crown and she did not want to take that off all day long! She made out in the birthday gift department this year too and had a fantastic day.

 A few days later we celebrated her birthday again with friends at her Shimmer and Shine party. It was a great day and she loved it, if you can’t tell by the blurry picture of her! lol
 The party was fun but I think the girls has just as much fun or more playing in all the draping as we were taking it down from the walls and ceiling.
 Miss S got a Snow White wig, her favorite princess, for her birthday so we’ve been living with Snow White on and off ever since. She sure looks cute with all that hair!
 On the 7th it was time to celebrate Travis turning another year older! We opened gifts, went out to dinner, and then instead of a cake, had Culver’s concretes for dessert.
 Miss P had her first school program on Veteran’s Day. Travis had the day off so we all got to go and enjoy the program.
 Travis and I have been lucky enough to go on a lot more date nights recently. We snuck out one evening to dinner, a quick little thrift store shopping, and then went to go see a Christmas play at the local theater.
 There were quite a few super busy days and evenings mid month with tons of work and school activities but I was able to sneak in a paint party teaching some of my fellow Army spouses how to paint the Winter Farm. This was such a fun party!
 Miss P had Thanksgiving lunch at her school and we were all able to go eat with her. She was so excited we were there!

 This is our one and only shot from actually Thanksgiving. We had some of our really good friends over that will soon be moving and we were having such a great time, none of use took any more pictures! The girls were exhausted from playing and the adults had a great time chatting, drinking, and eating.
 The day after Thanksgiving I got all my fall decor put away and brought out all of my Christmas decorations instead of going out shopping. Though I must state, I finished shopping and the gifts are already wrapped and it feels so good!! Now to just find the time to fill out Christmas cards!
 The month came to an end with much warmer weather than we had all month and we had some gorgeous ORANGE sun rises. The entire sky looked like it was on fire multiple mornings. And for a girl that hates to wake up early enough to see a sun rise, the sky made it worth it!
To round out this month’s recap I’ll share some cute pictures of our fur babies.
Poppy has discovered that we have turned on our in floor heating in our master bathroom and it has become her favorite napping spot. And who can blame her? It is always nice ans cozy in there!
 And one more of Patton… he has to be with me all the time. If he can’t sit and cuddle with me he has to be near some how. I was working on making some birthday banners for our good friends and this was where he decided to hang out while I worked on the floor. Comfortable but he kept his watch on me with that one exposed eye.
I’m sure I am missing something to share because it was a very busy month but that is all for now! 
Stay tuned for our December activities!


Miss S’s Shimmer and Shine 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Miss S turning four with a Shimmer and Shine themed birthday party. 
This is the first birthday party she has had since her big one year old party so we MAY have gone a little over the top with it but it is one of my favorite parties to date. 
And for the record, Travis was WAY into this party and was giving his input like crazy. I was going to do a little of this, he then said no, we are going ALL. THE. WAY. Lol It was crazy! 
Like most of the parties I do for the girls, if they pick a theme I try not to make it strictly that theme. So yes it was a Shimmer and Shine party but we took more the Moroccan route than JUST Shimmer and Shine everything. 
Warning! This is a picture heavy post! 🙂

I will give you a tour of the party decor and then go into the party a little more towards the end.
I found some png images on the internet and designed the invitations myself and had them printed off at my local office supply store.
The little genies entered the front door and were greeted by Shimmer and Shine along with a shimmery curtain to walk through to enter into Zahramay Falls.
Under our faux mantle, I hung a large Shimmer and Shine poster which pulled double duty as party decor AND a game later.
We then used a large gold tablecloth to cover the door that leads to our covered porch and placed white tulle on the floor to be like a cloud for a photo back drop for our little genies.
 This old candy dish was my grandparents and it was sitting out while we were decorating and when I looked at it one time it dawned on me it kinda resembled a genie lamp so I filled it with pom poms to act as little pillows and then printed off a small Shimmer and Shine and put them inside as if they are hanging out in their genie bottle. I just sat it on the coffee table to bring a little more decor into the living room.
There wasn’t a ton of decorations in the living room but it all worked out!
The main part of the party was in our dining room which we tried to turn into a Moroccan tent or the inside of a genie bottle.
Let’s take a closer look shall we?! 
I found these gorgeous glass garlands at Michael’s in the Christmas stuff and I couldn’t leave the store without them! 
They were the perfect colors plus I will totally use them on my tree so they pull double duty! 
See?! So pretty!! 
Then right in the center we hung a genie bottle honeycomb that came with the Shimmer and Shine honeycombs that were by the front door.
 As you can see, we draped the entire room with fabric. Ok, it is actually just plastic table clothes but Travis totally wanted to use fabric. lol I had to convince him it would cost a fortune and be far too heavy before he finally agreed to go the plastic route but he kept saying this was better in the end. 
We taped together two table clothes per stripe and this whole room was seriously held up with packaging tape and Command hooks! TONS of each!! lol
We tied one end of the table clothes around our light before draping to the walls and then using the command hooks, fishing line, and tape to finish the job.
We put up this giant gold pin wheel around our light as a medallion to help hide all the knots.
We took the leaf out of our dining table to make it round again and then took the top off the bottom. We placed some milk crates under it to lower the table so the guests would sit on the floor. 
I took ALL of our small pillows, couch, bed, etc, and bought fabric remnants and dug in my stash and covered all the pillows to sit on them on the floor. I just safety pinned the fabric around the pillows so we could easily take them back off.
I put a purple plastic table cloth on the table and then just placed a gold glitter piece of tulle down the table. On the tool, I put these two rectangular plates that I picked up at Michael’s and on those all these glass jars we found at the Dollar Store filled with battery operated votives. 
Then a vase full of colorful roses finished off the table.
Y’all! Check out these tri-color roses!! I stumbled upon them at one of our local groceries stores and even Miss S was in awe when we saw them! They are the coolest!
Above the buffet, I hung a birthday banner along with more gold pin wheels. Then I decorated the top of the buffet with more glass holders from Dollar Store and other candles and candle holders that I already had out from my fall decorations. Finished it with my light box and two glittery pink stars from the Christmas decor in Wal-Mart and this area was done.
The back wall that you see when walking into the dining room, we hung up gold chargers, along with some small cardboard gold frames and then small gold paper doilies. 
I had planned some art projects to do during the party so I placed our bar cart in one corner and place all the supplies we needed to complete our projects on top of the cart. Then on the bottom, I placed the party favors along with some other materials we would use for an activity.
On the wall above the cart, we hung empty gold frames that I found on clearance along with more doilies and cardboard frames.
I found these little packs of gem shaped honeycombs in the party section at Target on clearance. There were 5 in a pack and I bought all the packs they had. lol
We grouped them in all the corners and then placed some in the kitchen as well since Moroccans like to hang pretty lanterns and such.
Now onto our kitchen. 
Not much but the food happening in here so we didn’t decorate a lot but I didn’t want to leave it plain either. 
We hung some honeycombs from the light, I hung a few streamers in the party colors above the table and then used some left over gold doilies on the table and taped a few to the walls as well.
Since the party was at 2 and ended at 4 I didn’t supply a ton of food since it was after lunch and still before dinner. 
Fruit with fruit dip, cheese, meat and crackers (oh that poor plate! Travis put it together and I didn’t have time to make it prettier before guests arrived. lol), special Shimmer and Shine popcorn, cupcakes, and a cherry punch rounded out the food.
I only bought pink and purple plates and then blue cups to use at the party but did buy Shimmer and Shine napkins to tie them into the food.
We went with pink, purple, and blue iced cupcakes topped with glitter sugar in vanilla and chocolate to keep it simple then I also printed out small Shimmer and Shine images and cut them out to tape to popsicle sticks to create cupcake toppers.
Now onto the actual party itself.
After guests arrived we started with nibbling on the food for a little bit to get the kids settled.
 Then our first activity was creating their own Moroccan inspired tea glass
We did this first thing so I could bake them and they would cool in time before the party was over and the guests could take them home.
Once everyone completed their glasses and they were placed in the oven we placed Pin the Jewel on the Genie. 
 The girls took turns pinning on the jewels and if they weren’t playing they were getting their genie crowns painted on by Travis. 
Once everyone had their crowns painted on and had a turn at the game it was time to make their Genie Bangles. The girls loved picking out their jewels for their bracelets and parents assisted on adding the glue for the jewels.
We took a short break to let the kids play a it before it was cupcake time! 
Then of course we had to open presents before the party was over! 
All the little genies had a fantastic time!
I think their favorite part was getting the eat their suckers from their favor cups at the end and running through the shimmery curtain by the front door! They all ran through that thing until it fell apart all over the place screaming and getting all sweaty! lol
It was a super fun day and I’m glad we were finally able to give Miss S another party!!
Here’s are some other party ideas that I’ve thrown.


This, That, and Everything in Between- November 2017

November is here, which is so totally crazy! 
 Today, Miss S is officially four years old! I can’t believe that either and it is so wide to me! 
But I’ll get more into that in my December recap post as today’s post is all about our October activities. 
The month started with our kitties feeling extra snuggly and really wanted to be with us a lot. 
I had celebrated a birthday on the 4th and just had a small low key day with my family.
We had a pretty weekend and took a family trip to the pumpkin patch for a fun afternoon. We always love an afternoon at our favorite pumpkin patch. 
Travis had a long weekend and we changed Miss S to full day school two days a week so so we took advantage of his day off with two kiddos in school and had a date day driving all around South Western WI seeing the sights and then drove up the road parallel to the Mississippi River. It was a pretty drive with great company.
We had a pot luck at our house for Travis’s work and someone brought this little baby and the girls were in absolute heaven getting to hold her. 
When we have actually had sun, we’ve had some super pretty sunsets! 
I tagged along with Miss P while she had her very first field trip. It was to the pumpkin patch and although she had a blast, I think her favorite part was riding the bus to and from school. lol
I hosted a painting party at my house teaching some fabulous ladies how to paint a stacked pumpkin painting. 
The girls sported their super cute Halloween dresses that my sister gave them. They were so excited and everyone loved them! 
I finally got my porch all decorated the week before Halloween for fall. It took me forever to get it all put together and then I messed around with it for so long before I was finally happy but I like how it turned out in the end.
After a month or so of having a loose tooth, Miss P FINALLY lost her first tooth! 
She actually pulled it herself while we were out to eat at a restaurant. She cried a little but was a tough cookie and oh so excited! Then two days later she lost her second tooth while she was wrestling on the couch with Miss S! 
The tooth fairy is going to go broke at this rate! lol
The weekend before Halloween we got around to finally decorating our pumpkins. The girls painted their pumpkins while Travis whipped out the power tools to carve out jack-o-lantern. 
This kitties, especially Miss Poppy, was so incredibly curious about the pumpkin. It is her first Halloween so she was not sure about what was happening and watched Travis the whole time.
The girls worked hard on their pumpkins and did a fabulous job. 
My parents are in town for Miss S’s birthday so Travis and I snuck away to do some shopping alone which turned into date night with dinner out. You know you are getting older when shopping and dinner without kids turns into a date. lol
Halloween was a blast with our little Shimmer and Shine. It was a cold, cold day in WI so we ended up all bundled up but that didn’t stop the girls from going out and filling those buckets all the way! 
We went out with some friends and it was fun and a little crazy keeping them all wrangled. haha
And to round out the month, we put Miss S to bed for the last time as a three year old. 
I still can’t believe it! Like, for real, how is she four?! 
And that is our month in a nutshell. 
Not sure what our adventures of November will entail as the weather has already decided that winter is here, but we’ll see!


This, That, and Everything in Between- September 2017

October is here and today is actually my birthday! 
 I’m another year older, not sure if I am any wiser, but I’ve made it another year so I’ll take that! 
But since it is officially October that means it is time for another recap post of what my little family was up to in September.
We started off our month by visiting a super fun apple orchard about an hour north of us. They had lots of fun things to do on the farm, peddle cars, hay stack you could climb, petting zoo, corn maze, and more so it was a fun day out. We conquered the corn maze then picked all our apples to take home. The girls had a lot of fun finding the perfect apples to pick from the trees. 

Travis and I were able to sneak away for a date day/evening to do some wine tasting at one of the many wineries in our area. It was a fun time just hanging out, tasting some yummy wine, and listening to some live music. We then did a little shopping after wards and it is much more enjoyable to do without kiddos in tow, before having dinner and heading home.
There was a new event in the larger city by us called open streets where they block off some of the roads and they are open for pedestrians and bikes. We thought we’d check it out so we did a little shopping and participated in some of the activities they were doing such as a cake walk.
As you can see, the girls wanted to get all dressed up for the event too. lol
I’ve shared this in a separate post but Miss P started kindergarten the day after Labor Day.
So crazy that she is officially in school full time now!
She has been enjoying it so far and that is all I could ask for. 
The second week of September I headed down to TN on a solo trip and it didn’t start off very well. 5 hours into my trip, and only 15 miles into Indiana, I hit something and my tire went flat immediately. 
I was a mile outside a super small town and after sitting on the side of the road for about an hour and a half with crazy, busy traffic buzzing by, a tow truck came to the rescue. I ended up having to stay the night in a hotel and wait for my new tire to arrive the next morning but it got put on and I made it to TN the next day. Not a fun experience to go through alone! 
The sole reason I went to TN in the first place was to go to the Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw concert with my sister. It was a fun night hanging out with her since that is a very rare occurrence these days since we live so far apart. 
While I was in TN, my sister hosted a paint party so I taught all these ladies how to paint an autumn inspired painting. They all had a great time and did very well on their paintings. 
And to round out my trip, I got to go to my best friend’s baby shower before heading out of town. Always fabulous to see good friends and get to celebrate something special. 
The weekend after I got back in town, it was homecoming for our local high school so we took the girls for a little live football fun. We watch football on tv frequently so they kept calling them the teams we normally cheer for. We all had a good time even though the local team got their stomped. lol
On the very last day of September, we took a family hiking trip to a state park not far from our house. We hiked some trails then took the steps to the very top of one of the bluffs to check out the gorgeous views. The girls rock it the whole time with little complaining which is always a perk! 
Then that evening Travis and I snuck away for another date of a dinner and a movie.

-I was able to get a good amount of crafting done over the month which feels so good since it has been a long time since I’ve gotten this much completed.
-We had fun with friends a few times this month.
-We even accomplished some small projects around the house that should have been done forever ago. 
It was a good month and hopefully October will be just as fun! Stay tuned! 🙂