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Time to Move, AGAIN

Hello everyone! 
Happy Memorial Day! 
I have been meaning to write this post for quite some time now but I just haven’t gotten around to sitting down to share with all of you that we are moving, AGAIN! 
Yep, after moving to Fort Leavenworth, KS, just north of Kansas City, last summer, it is time to for us to move on. Our stuff is currently all packed up waiting to be picked up tomorrow so we’ll be living without our stuff for quite some time. We knew we’d only be in Kansas for a year but I don’t know if I am ever truly ready for our life to be packed up into boxes and taken away. 
Even with that said, we are SUPER excited about where we are headed to next!! 
We’ve been wanting to go for years now, in fact, we were suppose to go here 8 years ago but had to change things up, so I am thankful we have another opportunity to go where we are going. 
Are you ready to find out where we are going? 
Well, we are going to….
 Yep, Germany!! 
We are so excited to have this opportunity to go live in Europe and experience the culture and travel any and everywhere! 
The girls are excited as well, do they know exactly how different life will be in Germany, no, but it will so awesome to have the experience in their young life and hopefully we’ll make amazing memories together as a family. 
We have been practicing our German using an app on our phones and Miss P is picking it up so quickly! I can’t wait to see how both of the girls progress with their German once we are immersed in the middle of German life. 
We will be moving to Kaiserslautern, Germany. 
 We will be located in the south western side of Germany. We will be only about 4 hrs from Paris as well as Switzerland. 
We can’t wait to travel to other countries and explore all the little villages around us in Germany.
And I truly CANNOT wait for all the Christmas Markets!! I already told Travis don’t expect us to be home any weekend near Christmas because we are going to be off to a market any chance we get! 
We officially head to Germany just after July 4th so if you don’t already, follow me on Instagram because I am sure I will be in picture overload mode for a while! lol
Also, stayed tuned for even more exciting news! 
Hopefully, that news will be shared in the next few weeks too. I just need to narrow down some of the details! πŸ™‚


This, That, and Everything in Between- June ’18

Holy cow everyone, how are we already so far into July?! 
 Our life has been in total chaos for almost a month now so this post is coming at you late this month. 
But I am here now to share a glimpse of what we were up to in June. 
The month started out with us celebrating P’s recent birthday by having a spa party. She was adamant that she wanted a party outside of our house this year since we always do parties at home so I contacted my hair stylist who works out of a super fun old house and we did a spa party at her salon. 
We had a nail painting station, a bath bomb making station, and then all the girls got to get their hair done. It was so fun seeing what they all picked to do with their hair. 
The girls had a great time even though it was a total whirlwind! lol
A few days later was P’s last day of kindergarten! 
I can’t believe she will be in first grade this coming year. She had a hard time leaving her school and her friends, which I knew she would, but she knew we were moving and it was harder for her since she won’t be back next year with everyone. 
First day of summer break consisted of the girls and I getting up early for having a spa day of our own. All of us got our hair cut and I got some color in my hair. 
I was very proud of P because she actually cut about 4 inches off her hair this time! 
Our little town’s annual festival began the day after the last day of school so we headed to the carnival that evening for a little fun. Travis was out of town so it was just the girls and I and we met up our neighbors for some fun. 
The girls were super excited about the rides this year which was fun to watch them enjoy themselves.
A few days later was the Butterfest parade so we walked down to watch the parade for a few hours of fun on a Sunday afternoon. 
Travis got delayed returning from his trip but once he returned we walked down to one of the parks by our house. The trip turned into having fun in the water by the dam and P was determined to catch the tiny tadpoles in the water. She was all wet but she was successful more than once! She was so excited! 
Our time in WI was coming to a close, and quickly, so we had a fun park and ice cream date day with our friends since we weren’t able to see them often as of late. 
The week that school got out, P went on her first overnight sleepover to one of her classmate’s house. 
The girls were really close so we had her friend over to our house for our first friend sleepover a few days before we moved. Miss S had to join in on the sleepover fun too because that is what little sisters do! 
We were out running errands one afternoon and we spotted this sign outside our local Claire’s store and the girls HAD to have their picture take in it as a unicorn. They make pretty cute unicorns! 
Mid month we caught the La Crosse county Dairy Breakfast. We were excited that we were able to go to it this year as we were able to attend one the summer we moved to WI but haven’t been able to attend one since. The girls enjoyed seeing all the cows and checking out other animals and fun things to do on the farm. It was a crazy hot day but we all had fun. 
My parents came up to WI Father’s Day weekend and since they were there, P and I made this DAD cake to celebrate the big day. She was excited to help me and she got to do a lot of the decorating on the cake. 
My parents actually came to visit to pick up the girls to take them back to TN with them so they could have some fun while we were moving. They left the day before all the packing began and have been having a great time!
Packing of our house began the 20th and by the 23rd we had a totally empty house. 
Travis and I camped out in the house for a few more days, cleaning, touching up paint, and packing up anything last minute that we were taking with us. 
It was so sad seeing the house all empty again!
These kitties weren’t sure about the packers. 
Patton was taking it like the seasoned moving champ he is but Poppy was a nervous wreck since this was her first move. She hid everyday but on the day they were packing the truck we put her on the porch and she was not happy! Luckily she survived and she’s doing better! 
Patton also found wherever he could to sleep and I guess he just wanted to make sure he came with us when he took up resident in Travis’s suitcase. 
Since we didn’t have the girls with us, we were able to hang out with friends and do things just the two of us. We usually got together with our neighbors around their fire pit so of course we had to get together for one last one before we left. We’ll miss these folks! 
And as I stated, we have been able to go back to the life of pre-kids with the girls in TN just hanging out together doing whatever we wanted. We went down to La Cross a few evenings for dinner and hanging out. I must say, it has been nice! lol
We also got together with our good military friends for one last meal before we left. Always sad leaving good people when it is time to move! 
We haven’t been the only ones having fun. The girls have been having a blast with their cousins and grandparents. They’ve been swimming everyday at my parent’s and then have gotten to ride horses and play on tractors at Travis’s parent’s house. 
I’m not sure they’ll want to come home! 
But the time did eventually come to say goodbye to our old lady. I cried, like I always do when we leave a house, but she is still in the family for now. We ended up renting her out for a year so she is still ours and that helps a little bit. 
We headed out for our drive to KS and I had these two and little car mates for the drive while Travis drove our truck pulling a trailer. 
And now here we are. We are being stationed at Fort Leavenworth just north of Kansas City. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for a house on post so we have been living in a hotel since we arrived in town. I am truly thankful that the girls have been in TN this whole time so all of us are cramped in a hotel but Travis and I have been having fun exploring our new city. We’ve been downtown a few times but on this day we were exploring KC’s gorgeous Union Station, eating some tasty BBQ in the fanciest BBQ joint I’ve ever been too and just checking out the city. 
KC reminds me a lot of Nashville so it has been fun to explore it and the surrounding areas. 
And that’s about it! 
We are still waiting for a house on post but we are FINALLY getting close to the top of the list so I am praying we get a house this week! If you’re the praying type, would you say a little prayer for us as well?! πŸ™‚ Then the wait for all of our stuff will begin once we get a house. I’m over this move already! lol
The girls are still in TN but we will be getting them this weekend whether we have a house yet or not so it will be fun seeing them after all this time. They’ve learned to swim while in TN so I’m excited to take them to a pool to check out their new skill!
 But stay tuned for next month’s post to get an update on our move!


This, That, and Everything in Between- April 2018

Happy May everyone! 
 I cannot believe that it is already May, can you? Time is flying! 
I actually had a project post planned for today and then as I went to write it, I realized that it was going to be the first Wednesday of the month and I had to share what we were up to in April! 
April was a crazy whirlwind and was super busy, full of travel, and getting the house ready to be put on the market so I don’t have a ton of photos but we did have a good time.

April began with some Easter fun and the Easter bunny was a little sneaky this year and hid the girl’s baskets so they had to follow the clues to find them inside their tent in the basement. 
They thought it was so fun but were so confused at why the bunny would hide their baskets instead of leaving them out like normal. hehe
After checking out the baskets and opening gifts from the grandparents, it was time for the egg hunt! 
We had to do the hunt inside this year as it was chilly and crazy windy that day. The girls had a blast like normal and loved going through their eggs finding candy, money, and Shimmer and Shine Teeny Genies.
It was just our little family for Easter this year but it was a great day. We had some fun in the morning with baskets and the hunt, a yummy meal in the evening, and some family time.
We had a big snow at the beginning of the month and it was perfect packing snow! We didn’t get a lot of packing snow this year so the girls were so excited to be able to build a snowman. We got creative with our snowman and gave it some wild hair from some old flowers that were still in our garden and of course we had to give it a carrot nose. 
Our little town got a fun new wine and bourbon place downtown so Travis and I snuck away for a few hours with some friends one Saturday night to check it out for a date night. Always a good to have fun with friends! 
The second week of April, I ran away from all the house stuff to Utah for the SNAP Conference. I always love my time away at SNAP visiting and catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. I had a super awesome group of ladies for roommates and they made this SNAP one of my favorites! 
Bad part about being away at SNAP was returning when a blizzard decided to run through our area! 
My car was so buried I had to dig out to just reverse so I could leave the parking lot. 
Then the snow cleared a bit and a few days later we got another big storm. This was literally 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t stand it. Our weather has now FINALLY decided to warm up and we are all in heaven! 
After working our butts off on our house for a good month or more decluttering, cleaning, completely last minute projects, our house officially went on the market a week ago. And I am not going to lie, it pains me seeing this sign in our front yard. I am going to miss this house something fierce!! We’ve had out fair share of showings and even an offer but that didn’t work out so if someone wants an awesome house in Sparta, WI, here she is!! 
The month ended with a quick visit from my sister. She has never come up to WI while we’ve lived here so she squeezed in a short trip before we left. We had a great time showing her the sights, doing some hiking, and exploring Fort McCoy. Always love getting some sister time and the girls were so thrilled she was here! 
And that is all I have this month.
Travis went on a vacation right after I got back from SNAP with his best friends but other than that, nothing crazy happened. We’ve been so wrapped up in the house that we were a little too preoccupied to have a super grand time. 
But April was still super fun! 
See you next month with our May adventures!


Our Playroom

Slowly but surely I am sharing house photos with you guys. 
The playroom has pretty much been done since we moved in but I literally just got the items on the walls so I thought I’d finally show the room to you guys.

This is the way the room looked like before when we moved in.

 Brown walls with stenciled branches and chickadee birds.
On the darker side like much of the rest of the house. The previous owners used this space as their tv room.

And here is the room now.

 Here is the room as you enter the door coming up the back stairs by Miss S’s bedroom.
At the top of the stairs you either go left into her bedroom or go right to enter this room.
This room is actually a pass through to the bathroom and other bedrooms on the second floor.
If need be, it could be a bedroom but we didn’t need it as that so we made it a playroom.
I wanted to brighten up the space so we began by painting the room a super light jade/mint color before our furniture even arrived at the house. 
We placed our loveseat that was in our formal living room in our old house up in this room. I found the rug at Home Goods like many other rugs in the house. Our old coffee table went up into this space as well. The drawers are filled with color books and crayons. The baskets on the shelves have puzzles and all the food and dishes for the kitchen.
As for the table next to the couch, we just used the stacked drink crates with a piece of glass on top that we’ve used in a few other houses.
Since we do have to walk through this room, we had to keep that in mind while figuring out the set up.
I found this console on Amazon and it worked out perfectly. It was skinny enough to be placed on this wall with the tv on top and then it has drawers and shelves along with the totes full of toys. 
I then placed one of the toy baskets in the corner next to it.
 And now I am standing in the other doorway.
There is a closet in the corner and with the entrance straight across from it, we just placed our old trunk in this space with is filled with puzzles and games. On top we just placed the toy bins I created using diaper boxes, which are full of books.
Bean bags sit in the corner in front of the closet waiting for use.
 On the wall above the trunk, I hung the safari painting that used to be in Miss P’s bedroom. Travis brought this painting home from his deployment in Haiti.
 I found this super cute playroom rules canvas at Home Goods and had to get it.
I hung it on the small wall above the table by the couch.

 On the only large wall in the room I hung a few different items creating a gallery wall.
 The small hot air balloon photo and the large blue frame also used to be in Miss P’s old room.
 I hung the string art frame that I created and decorated it with some fun prints and photos, and art from the girls.
Then I framed another print and hung it with it as well. All the prints are from Pen and Paint.
I plan on creating and adding a few other items to this wall just need to figure out what! πŸ™‚
 And this is how the room usually looks. Table is always shoved out of the way and normally the floor is covered in either legos, kitchen toys, dress up clothes, you name it!! 
I still plan on changing up the window treatments. Currently they are
just beige tie up curtains left over by the previous owners. I want a
fun pattern- just need to decide on what!
We enjoy this room. 
Nice to have a room to hide most of the toys!


Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches from Rae Gun Ramblings

Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings is here today with a delicious treat that would be perfect for the 4th of July or any other time this summer!! 
One of my favorite things about Summer is the blanket permission to eat lots of Ice Cream! 
Marissa here from Rae Gun Ramblings where I blog about all things delicious, creative, and bookish. Today I’ve got an super fun idea to add to your Fourth of July celebrations (or really any Summer gathering)!

These ice cream cookie sandwiches are super easy and can be made ahead of time for a fun festive and delicious addition to any party. The fun part about these are that you can go all Martha Stewart and whip up your favorite cookie recipe and make your own homemade ice cream or you can do that fast and dirty style and pick up some cookies from the bakery (or cookie dough from the store) top it with your favorite flavor of Tillamook and you’re good to go. Both ways are sure to be gobbled up! 

homemade ice-cream-sandwiches-
What You Need
  • Cookies
  • Fun Sprinkles
  • Ice Cream

Thaw a small amount of your ice cream (just so it’s spreadable) and set aside. 
Place a smallish scoop of ice cream between two cookies spread a thin layer of the softened ice cream and then top with sprinkles. If you try to sprinkle it onto the nice cold ice cream it tends to not stick but if you wait for it to soften you risk a drippy mess in your hands so I really like using the softened ice cream as a glue! 
how to make ice cream sandwiches at home

Fun and easy right? This would be fun with all kinds of different sprinkles. I saw some darling sea critters one the other day that would be great for a pool party! And of course you can’t go wrong with rainbow sprinkles. 
patriotic ice-cream-sandwiches-
And while your enjoying delicious Ice Cream sandwiches here are some of my favorite Summer-y posts! 
awesome diy pool tote. huge space removable wet bag and strap loops for hanging towels. full tutorial and free sewing pattern.
The Ultimate Pool Bag Tutorial. This bag is a work horse. Detachable wet bag, loops for hanging towels when you’re done, and full of lots of room. Not just that but it’s a pretty easy sewing project that can be finished in just a few hours. 
our new favorite way to make rice krispie treats. SO good love this recipe
Cookie Butter Treats. Do you love cookie butter? I do and these easy desserts are super yummy and fast to whip up. 
Great list of books to take to the pool Perfect for Summer reading.
One of my favorite things to do is share book recommendations and for me there isn’t much better than sitting by the pool (or in the pool) with a really great book. I’ve rounded up my Top 10 Books to Take to the Pool
Rae Gun guest posting picture
Marissa is a huge Harry Potter fan, lover of fried food, Instagram addict, and mama to 1 year old Teddy. She spends her days sewing baby clothes for her shop Rae Gun and blogs over at Rae Gun Ramblings where she loves to share her favorite recipes, creative tutorials, and book recommendations. Stop by her blog to see more and say hi!
Let’s connect! You can also find me hanging out here.

Thanks so much for sharing Marissa! They look delicious and perfect for the 4th! 



Flower Printable from Jen from 100 Directions

Jen from 100 Directions is here today with a super cute printable for you and a great way to color and embellish it! 

Grab a little glitter and your favorite coloring page and you can have fun turning usual coloring time into art time.

We love to try different coloring supplies with coloring pages. The kids have a lot of fun painting, adding glitter and stickers and all kinds of extras. So today I have a pretty little flower coloring page for you to use with your next summer fun coloring activity.

 Pretty Flower Coloring Page by Jen Goode


Make art with Coloring Pages

You can use markers or crayons, chalk or paint. Whatever your favorite supplies are, grab them and the kids and enjoy an afternoon of art activity together. For this project we used watercolor paints, Mod Podge and some glitter. If you don’t have watercolor paints, try using washable Crayola markers than when “painting” over the color with water. If you use a thick paper, the wet color will look even more like paint!

Paint a coloring page with watercolor paints

 First paint the page however you like. Make sure to not over paint, or the ink from your printer might smear on the paper.

Next paint on a little Mod Podge where ever you’d like to add glitter.

Sprinkle glitter over Mod Podge at add sparkle to your art
 Add glitter to the Mod Podge and allow the Mod Podge to dry. Once dry, shake off the excess glitter (into a trash can)… Voila! You have a pretty sparkly art piece!

Tip about glitter: If you aren’t a fan of look glitter like this kind we used, try glitter glue. You can squeeze a bit out onto a paper plate and then use a paint brush to “paint” on the glitter where you want. This is a great technique if you would like the glitter glue to dry quickly too. 

 Pretty painted art with glitter accents


This is a fun art project for the whole family! Everyone can grab their favorite coloring pages or all paint the same design. Add the colors you want, experiment with paints and then finish with a little glitter. Even your youngest family members can join in. Turn a regular activity into family fun time.


Download the free flower printable coloring page by Jen Goode 

Jen Goode is an Illustrator and owner of JGoode Designs, a Colorado based Design Studio. She is passionate about sharing DIY creative ideas to help inspire others to explore their own creativity. She shares tutorials, tips and free printable art on her blog, 100 Directions. Jen has also created projects in partnership with brands such as Cricut, HP, DecoArt and Tombow.

Thanks so much for sharing this adorable printable Jen!



4th of July Tulle Garland Tutorial from Redo Mom

Mary from Redo Mom is here today to share something easy and Patriotic with you. 


4th of July Tulle Garland Tutorial

4th of July Tulle Garland

Hi, my name is Mary from and I am excited to be guest posting today on A Glimpse Inside
 I have a fun project that I revamped for 4th of July coming up. I made this fun and EASY tulle garland. I made a similar one a few months back (picture below) as a decoration for my daughters 1st birthday party but I can only use it for certain occasions, so I decided to make a new patriotic version for the 4th of July! 

Tulle Garland 
It is a quick and easy project, and it totally adds some pizzazz to your decor. 
I used different patriotic colored and textured tulle and ribbon to make this cute garland. You simply cut the tulle into strips and tie them onto a piece of ribbon. 
For a full tutorial click HERE.



I am also excited to introduce you to me and my blog
Here is just a little bit about me: 
I am a stay at home Mom with 5 kids. My days are full of monotonous tasks like dishes, laundry, and picking up never-ending toys and garbage that my kids drag around the house. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to do it, but my crafting side has needed an outlet. I started my blog to give me the push I needed to get some of the things on my massive to do list done. I have accomplished so much since I started and guess what? The dishes and laundry all that stuff still needs to be done is still there waiting for me.
 I have several fun posts below that I would love to share with you, so check them out!

  • 15 minute pillow cover
  • Pull string backpack
  • Father's Day printables
  • Crib Redesign
  • Adventure backpack
  • Keychain Chapstick Holder
  • Terra Cotta Pot
  • Protein Powerballs
  • Distressed Mason Jar
  • Also, if you like my stuff and would like to follow my social media, I would love to have you follow me.


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    Visit Mary-Redo Mom ‘s profile on Pinterest.



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    Super cute Mary! Thanks so much for sharing! 



    Shannon from Behemian Junktion

    Shannon from Bohemian Junktion is visiting today and showing off some of her fabulous ideas! Meet her below! 
    Howdy! I’m Shannon from Bohemian Junktion, and I am so excited be here today!
     I blog about things with a soul. You know a find at a flea market, a recipe, a vacation, or a moment that all of a sudden reminds you of an event or a person. Well, those are things with a soul. Those are things with a story that needs to continue. Those are what touches my soul, and what I blog about. 
     I work full time, and was having a hard time getting all the amazing ideas I had floating around in my head done. So I started a blog as an accountability thing, then I found out I like doing it, and I was getting LOTS of things done.  My passion is flea markets, salvage, thrifting, and then repurposing my finds into something amazing for our home. I want EVERY room to have a soul and a little a little bit of salvage. 
    So l’d like to share the things with a soul in my home here in Texas. 
     First is my daughter’s vintage inspired bedroom. She is a gypsy soul in a teenager, so she wanted her room to have that soul and story. The bed spring hanging from the ceiling, the headboard built from salvage, chalkboard doors, old house door, and lots of other stuff in here is full of vintage salvage charm. Click here to read more about all the little details in there. 

    Then there is my son’s vintage coastal bedroom
    It was inspired off Jake Owens Endless Summer album cover, our vacation, and a large Pure gas sign. It has pictures from our beach vacations, souvenirs from beach vacations, an old toy, screen doors, and other amazing salvage items. Click here to check out all the details.


    I have also turned smaller salvaged pieces into jewelry we can wear. They are those small items you find that need to continue their story. 
    I’m also enjoy my Texas Lifestyle out here in the country. To show my Texas pride, I redid this mailbox I picked up at a salvage store. You can see what I did here.


    One more thing I’d like share is how an item takes you to your childhood, a place you went as a kid, and then takes you to a recipe. 
     Here is how that happened, just by seeing a Shakey’s hat at an antique store.


    I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how things with a soul can impact your life and decorating style. 
     Next time you think about getting rid of something, stop and think. Can this be used in another way? Can this story continue? 
     Thanks for having me! 
    Come on over to Bohemian Junktion and browse around, and join the Bohemian Gypsies email list so you can keep in touch. I look forward to getting to know each of you. 
    Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your wonderfully, soulful ideas Shannon!! 



    “Stay Cool” Summer Printable from Sisters, What!

    Havalah from Sisters, What! is here today with a super cute printable perfect for summer. 
    Hi, this is Havalah from Sisters, What! I love to sew, craft, paint, and I’m a big DIYer. 
    Plus I love burritos (like alot!) 
    I’m so happy to be here today to share a fun free summer printable. 
    I don’t know about you, but in our house we LOVE popsicles and ice cream, especially during the hot days of summer. As soon as breakfast is over, my 4 year old is already asking for a popsicle. So in honor of our favorite treat, I made this fun printable (the awesome clip art are from Designs By Miss Mandee).
    Get your free summer printable below

    Here are some of my favorite past projects 
    Thanks Allison for letting me stop by.

    Super cute! Thanks for sharing Havalah!



    Tracie from Cleverly Inspired

    Hi to Allison’s fabulous readers! 
    My name is Tracie and I am from I would love for you to stop by and see me… I am always sharing something new…whether it is a project, decorating tip, recipe, or crafts. Be inspired to be clever:)
    I have put together a few of my readers favorite post. If you would like to see the full catalog stop on by and click on the Project Gallery at the top of the page. 
    Lots more ideas there πŸ˜‰ 
    office-craft room @cleverlyinspired (2)cv

    wood counter
    twig art


    Father’s Day Muffins


    These are just a few of the projects that I have recently been working on. 
    Come on over and sign up on your favorite social channel to follow along!
    Thanks for having me Allison!!