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MHCT&M: 12 Must Have General Craft Tools and Products

Happy Friday to all of you! 
Time for the final Must Have Tip post of the month full of more of some great items we love to use! 
Allison here again and it is time to share my favorite tools and craft items with all of you.
I, like Michele, am a general crafter so I use a little bit of everything when I work on projects. 
Here are just a few of the things I love to have on hand.
BTW- this post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something using one of the links below we will earn a little bit of money but it is at no added cost to you. πŸ™‚
I’ll start with some of my favorite tools.
I love a good self healing cutting mat. You can use them for so much more than cutting.
I have quite a few of these 12×12 Martha Stewart cutting mats that I use for various projects. I love all the lines on them to use for measuring. 
There are a few other size options as well, I have a large foldable mat as well that I’ll pull out for larger projects.
I love to have a mini tool kit on hand because you just never know when you may need a screw driver, some pliers, utility knife, etc. I keep mine directly on my work table so I can easily grab it.
This one from Allied Tools is great and compact so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.
I think Michele shared these Cutter Bee scissors too but you guys, these things are so awesome! They are crazy sharp, cut great, and love the cap so you don’t accidentally stab yourself.
I love this File Set from Basic Grey. I used to scrapbook but I use them more now that when I did. I love to use them if I apply paper to something and it is hanging over the edge a little. Just file it off and you are set to go. They are also great to use when distressing a paint treatment, such as on mason jars. I use these all the time!
 If you don’t have a cordless glue gun, get one! It is a game changer! 
It is so much easier working on a project when you aren’t fighting a cord. I also recommend a multi temp gun like this one from Adhesive Technologies because some projects you will need low temp glue, and others are better with hot so this way you only need one gun instead of a few.
I love this Revolving Organizing Tool Carousel for all my storage needs on my desktop. Mine is full of scissors, pens, pencils, markers, glue sticks, erasers, rulers, and probably way too many other things! lol
It sits on the corner of my work space at hands reach so I can easily grab what I need.
If you have a lot of ribbon, washi tape or other small items you use all the time, the Snap Storage kit is pretty handy to have to keep all that organized. I MAY be slightly biased about how great it is because my husband did invent it, but it really is an awesome way to keep things organized and you can view exactly what you have.
Now onto a few of my favorite products.
I love Mod Podge. It can be used for so many different things and there are so many different types that you can for sure find the one that is perfect for the project you are working on. 
As I mentioned earlier, I used to scrapbook and when I scrapbooked I would use these Stickles all the time to add a little sparkle to my pages. Well I don’t scrapbook as much as I used to but I still love Stickles! There are SOOOOOOO many color options to pick from and they are so great to just add some glitter to any sort of project, and I like glitter, without all the glittery mess. My daughter loves to use these as well. 
If you do hand lettering, or even like to do other drawing/doodling, these TomBow Dual Brush Tip Markers are so amazing. They have a wide numerous of color options, they are blend well together and the colors are vibrant.
I like to keep all sorts of glue on hand but these glue pens from Martha Stewart are nice and handy for paper crafts. There are three options: Ball point, Fine point and Wide Tip. I have all three and keep them in my carousel to pull out whenever needed. 
Another product that I used to use with scrapbooking but still love to use for any other type of paper projects are these ColorBox Chalk Inkpads. I use them when creating anything out of paper to add a little dimension. I’ve used them on coffee filter wreaths. And I even use them on the edge of some painted wood projects. There are a ton of color options for to go with any project.
I think I will stop there! 
What are some of your favorite tools or products? 
Stay tuned for next month when we start a whole new set of tips and we start holiday tips! πŸ™‚ 

Your hostesses,

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MHCT&M: Must Have Silhouette Cameo Tools

This post contains affiliate links.


  Hello there makers! 


This month we have been sharing our very favorite craft tools every Friday. 

If you know me, then you know my very favorite craft tool ever is my Silhouette Cameo. I thought I would share some of my very favorite Must Have Silhouette Cameo Tools with you! 




(Some of these links are affiliate links – that just means if you purchase from these links we’ll receive a tiny commission – but there’s no extra cost to you!) 



The Silhouette Cameo 3 is my favorite ever craft tool because it’s so versatile and I can create so many things using it. From stencils to paint signs or decor for walls, to paper crafts, to party decorations, to apparel and so much more.  





Because this machine is so versatile, there are lots of accessories that you can choose to purchase with it and for it. 


I think it’s always important to have an extra blade on hand. Though mine always last a really long time, I think it’s important to have a back up. Picture yourself, late night crafting session, and your blade is dull. No craft stores open… what do you do before panic sets in and you have to call it quits for the night?! Pull out your spare, girl! Crafterhours saved! 



Though your machine comes with a mat, you will need replacements. You can choose to get a standard 12×12 or a 12×24 which is on my wish list.  



To have even more design abilities, I suggest getting the Silhouette Design Edition. It’s an upgrade to the program that the machine comes standard with. I highly recommend this, and it’s definitely worth the extra cost.





You’ll also want the Silhouette tool pack to help with weeding vinyl and paper crafting. The tools make life so much easier!



When storing your Silhouette, it’s important to keep it covered to keep the dust off of it. There are several colors of these covers you can choose from to buy or you can  make your own.  



 If you travel places with your Silhouette, say to a friend’s house to craft or maybe you use it in your classroom, I suggest purchasing a tote! They come in handy by making transport easy and a bit safer for your machine.




 I love making things with vinyl! This starter kit is great so you can get the feel for working with vinyl before you buy a bigger order of it.  



  Once you get the hang of your Silhouette and you’re ready to make even more fun things like shirts, you’ll love this heat transfer vinyl multipack! You will also want to make things like cups, coffee mugs, and wall art, so you’ll want regular vinyl as well.  



 And if you get really into making shirts, you’ll want a heat press. This makes the vinyl adhere so much better than irons and the longevity of the shirt is so much better.  



 To transfer your vinyl designs over easily, you’ll need a roll of transfer tape. You save money when you buy a bigger roll, and you’ll go through it so it’s necessary.






I am all about organizing my supplies, especially my vinyl otherwise it ends up all over the place. I like storing it rolled up in magazine holder.



To help cut your vinyl, transfer paper, and other paper, I love my Fiskar Scissors

They are super sharp and work so well. 




For more fun, you should try out the sketch pens

Use them to create cards, invitations, tags, addressing envelopes, making wall art, and so much more.  




There are so many more things you can get for your Silhouette, but these are my must haves. 

I hope you find them helpful and that they make your crafting even more fun!






Join us next week for Allison’s must have craft supplies!



Your hostesses,

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MHCT&M: Must Have Sewing and Embroidery Tools

Happy Friday! 


We’re gathering up our favorite craft supplies this month and today it’s my turn to show off my must have sewing room supplies!





My two big loves in the craft room are sewing and embroidery – so I have to share my go-to materials with you! 


Let’s start with embroidery! 

(Some of these links are affiliate links – that just means if you purchase from these links we’ll receive a tiny commission – but there’s no extra cost to you!) 



For transferring embroidery my favorite pens are these iron-on transfer pens from Sublime Stitching. They have super fine tips so you can really get those details transferred perfectly! 

Fine Tip Iron-On Transfer Pens 



You know I feel strongly about my DMC Embroidery Floss and this new Popular Colors pack is a great bundle of threads. I adore these colors! 



One of other must have’s when stitching is the DMC Color Book. This book has little swatches of every thread so when you’re choosing colors you can go to the store with a plan – and easily see what colors come in floss, pearl, and more. 



So now that we’re all set for stitching, let’s start sewing! 


 For most projects I cut them out on my oversized Fiskers mat and yes, when it comes to cutting mats – size matters. πŸ˜‰ 



Seam ripping is yucky, so I’m all for making it easier! 

This handy seam ripper has a little cap that you can use to make removing threads super easy – they just kind of “stick” to it! 




 I absolutely cannot resist cute embroidery scissors – and these little unicorn scissors are my faves (right now!). They work really well too so they’re cute and useful – always a must. πŸ™‚ 

Gold Unicorn 4" embroidery scissors - small unicorn sewing scissors - for cross stitching, needlework, quilting 



This is such a little thing but soooo useful, especially with all the bags, pillows and quilts I sew! 

This little point turning tool makes it so you have nice crisp points on all those seams and corners. And it’s super cheap too! 




I keep this handy bottle of Best Press with my iron all the time and use it on pretty much every project I make! It works like a starch without all the gummy mess that usually comes with starch. It’s really light and it smells great – and you don’t have to worry about it discoloring the fabric! 

She has other scents if lavender isn’t your thing.




And speaking of irons – I know this is pricier than the usual irons you can pick up at any store, but I got this little beauty last year for Christmas and it is my favorite thing ever. 

It is a Rowenta Iron and it’s perfect for sewists. It’s nice and hot, heats up quickly, has a good sharp point on the top and just all around works so great. Gushing here, I know, but I seriously love this iron!




Cute sewing supplies are a must! 

I’m loving this little floral measuring tape from Riley Blake! I like to take this kind along in my bag for measurements in the wild too.




 I’m pretty much blind as a bat so good lighting in the sewing room is a must for me! 

This OttLite Desk Lamp is perfect for right by my sewing machine – plus it has a handy caddy for scissors, seam rippers and marking pens!




Washi Tape! I know – these are sewing supplies – but I use washi tape in the sewing room all the time! It’s perfect for marking seam guides on your machine and you can remove it without a big mess. I also use it in embroidery to wrap around the edges of fabrics that will fray! 

This cute measuring tape washi has the added bonus of the ruler on it too!






 I hope you’ve had fun looking at my favorite sewing machine supplies! 

I didn’t include my machine because it’s being a little wonky and I’m on the hunt for an upgrade! 

But I’d love to know what your favorite supplies are! 



Make sure you come back next week for more fun must have craft supplies!




Your hostesses,

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MHCT&M: Must Have General Craft Supplies

It’s a new month and a new theme for our Must Have Craft Tips series!


This post contains affiliate links. 


This month the girls and I are going to be sharing must have craft supplies that we keep in our craft rooms. These are supplies that we love and know you will, too!



 Must have craft supplies to make your general crafting WAY easier! 


I’m focusing on general craft supplies. These are supplies I keep within arms reach of my work space. We’re talking my favorite adhesives, cutting tools, and more. I don’t have a specific crafting niche, I dip my hand in a little bit of everything, so these are my must haves for all the various crafts I make.

We will be using affiliate links this month on these posts, meaning a tiny portion of any sales made through a click on any of the links will go into our pocket. But these links also make it easier for you to find our favorite products! 



  Of course I have to start with my Silhouette Cameo. I honestly use it ALL the time for paper crafts, vinyl crafts, and several other things. I also purchase all of my replacement cutting mats and cutting blades online. They are Prime and SOOO convenient!

There is also an AMAZING deal available online for a $25 gift card to the Silhouette Store that sells for less than $15! 

They not only make great gifts for your friends that have a Silhouette, but will save you $$$ on the $.99 downloadable designs in the Silhouette Store! 



 Speaking of things that cut… this folding paper trimmer from Making Memories is the BEST paper trimmer you could ever get your hands on. Unfortunately they seem to be hard to get ahold of these days. I originally purchased mine at Hobby Lobby (with a 40% off coupon!) several years ago. The blade self-sharpens each time you use it so you NEVER have to replace the blade! If you ever run across one, snatch it up! 



 A good pair of precision scissors are a must have as well. I like this pair from EK Success. I’ve had my pair for years and have yet to need to sharpen them. And I like that they have a safety cover for when I’m not using them. 



 Next up under the “cutting” category is this set of X-acto knives. One is a typical X-acto knife, great for precision cutting and cutting straight lines. Another has a swivel tip (my favorite!) for cutting out curvy shapes. And the third is heavy duty for cutting cardstock and thicker materials. They come in this handy wooden case with spare blades. 



 I sew a bit but I also use my Fiskars rotary cutter for other materials as well. I know that is a big no no for people who sew, but I keep separate blades for different materials. You can label them so that you don’t use your “fabric” blade on paper and whatnot. They are great for anything large you need cut!



 And with any rotary cutter you must have a cutting mat. I actually have two. A small one (18″x12″) for cutting small items with my X-acto knifes and a large one (36″x24″) for cutting large items with the rotary cutter. These are self-healing and will last forever if treated correctly! 




 I also keep an acrylic ruler handy to use with my X-acto knives and rotary cutter. It’s the best way to ensure a perfectly straight line. This one is super awesome because it also acts as a centering ruler which makes placing items on fabric or paper easy to place. It’s great for working with vinyl, too, and getting that placement just right. 



 One more MUST HAVE cutting tool is the Crop-a-dile. I don’t use it so much for the eyelet setting aspect because I don’t use them much anymore (I did when I scrapbooked), but it is the most amazing paper punch ever. You can cut through thick stacks of paper like butter! It’s great for making banners and whatnot.



 Although I don’t use it super often, I do use my Martha Stewart scoring board often enough to keep nearby while I’m working. Any piece of paper I need folded I always turn to the scoring board for perfect creases. I also like that the scoring tool and ruler can be stored in board. 



 Moving on to adhesives, any good crafter will have multiple adhesives on hand for creating. 

Let’s start with wet adhesives. 

These 3 are my absolute favorite wet adhesives for various media. They all happen to be from the same company, Beacon.

The Zip Dry is a fast drying adhesive perfect for paper crafts. It doesn’t wrinkle the paper like most wet adhesives.

3-in-1 is great for general crafting. I always tell people it’s like a cold hot glue gun. It dries super fast and you don’t get burned in the process!

Fabri-Tac, as you might imagine, is used on fabric. It doesn’t dry stiff so it leaves fabrics flexible and is also quick drying like the other 2 wet adhesives. 



 Now for the dry adhesives. 

I have two absolutely must haves: Super Tape and the Glue Glider Pro

Super Tape is a double sided, super heavy duty tape that is not letting go of anything. When you use it you don’t have to worry about anything ever coming loose. I love it for adding paper to heavy duty media like cardboard and even wood. 


The Glue Glider Pro has various cartridges available (i.e. repositionable, permanent, etc.) though I generally stick to the basic High Tac cartridge. I love that it is easy to apply the adhesive and use it ALL the time for paper crafting. 




 I tend to add a lot of paint to various craft projects. Whether I’m flat out painting something or just adding a touch of color to a project, I love, love, love having one of these Artist Brush Tubs on my desk. My craft space is nowhere near a sink. And I don’t necessarily want to have to stop what I’m doing to go rinse off a brush. So I keep this tub with water (it comes with a lid) on my desk all the time and open it up when needed. No more ruined paintbrushes because I didn’t rinse them in time (or forgot about them altogether!).




What do you think? Do you already have some of these or something similar? 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on your favorite craft supplies! 



 Must Have Craft Tips & More! 



 Stay tuned next every Friday this month for more must have craft supplies!




Your hostesses,

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Some of My Favorite Baby Items

Miss P is ever so slowing inching her way into toddlerhood, πŸ™ boo, and it got me thinking about what my favorite baby items have been so far since it is time to start packing a lot of it away or getting rid of it.
I decided to make a little round up of some of my favorite baby items and items that have worked GREAT for us. 
I got all of these images and links from the Babies R Us website but many of them are sold in other stores, in fact, I know I bought some of these in other stores.
1.) Boppy Newborn Lounger– I LOVE this thing!! It is great for placing that sleeping baby in or when they can’t roll over quite yet and you need to run to the bathroom or get that load of laundry put into the dryer. We actually still put Miss P in this for her to drink her bottles. 
2.) Skip Hop Moby Bathtub Elbow Rest– Makes bath time so much more comfortable!

3.) Babies R Us Bath Cozy– Perfect for keeping baby warm in the tub without having to use a washcloth. Covers baby completely so you can wash their hair or whatever without them getting cold. They have other cute ones as well. We also have a duck.
4.) Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair– This high chair is great! I was nervous it wouldn’t push under our small kitchen table but it fits perfectly. We just take off the tray and place it behind the chair and it pushes right under. So nice not having a huge high chair taking up extra space in our kitchen since it sits on our current chairs. Plus, it leans back for smaller babies.
I actually bought our print and style at Target.
5.) Wubbanub Pacifier– This thing is the BEST EVER!!!!!! I will buy every one of my friends having a baby a wubbanub for their shower! When baby spits out their pacifier is doesn’t go flying or get lost under them. It just stays on their chest or next to them. And when they figure out how to put it back in their mouth, talk about glorious!!
We have the dog, we call her Ruby, but there are a ton of other options out there. Babies R Us only carries 3 versions but you can get others on Amazon.
 6.) Tommee Tippee Bottles– We decided to use Tommee Tippee bottles and I am really glad we did. They are great. P took to them very easily and she had no problem if I needed to give her a bottle when I was breast feeding her. They have regular bottles and bottles that help gas and colic in 2 different sizes. We have both.
7.) Johnson’s Bedtime Bath and Lotion– This stuff works so well, for us at least! When I first started using it, I skipped a night or two accidentally and I totally noticed that P slept worse on the days I forgot to rub her down with lotion before bed. We put the lotion on her when we put her pj’s on and then she normally drinks one last bottle and is ready to bed. 
8.) Summer Infant Bath Chair– We have a small tub but I felt Miss P quickly outgrew it and it got difficult to bathe her so I found this chair and it was so much easier! There are 2 or 3 different positions depending on the baby’s age and there are no sides restricting baby. Makes bath time so much faster and easier and much more comfortable for all! 
9.) Ecergen Temporal Artery Thermomether– So great! All you have to do is hit the button and rub it across the baby’s forehead, very similar to what they use in some doctor’s offices. Reads in seconds. Perfect for a squirmy baby! 
Have you used any of these items? 
What is your favorite baby item?
This post is just my opinion on these products because we have had a great experience while using them.



Shabby Apple Sale

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple is having a fabulous summer Sale!

You can receive 20% store wide by using the code SUMMER20.

Shabby Apple has some ADORABLE dresses!
I really don’t think I can narrow down to just one favorite.

Here are just a few lovelies to feast your eyes on.

Seven Seas in Seersucker

Happy Talk



But they don’t just have dresses.
They have fabulous accessories too!

Amaretti Clip


Gold Fill Green Earrings

They even have kids clothes! Precious!

So pop on over to Shabby Apple and take a look around.
I need to figure out which dress I want before this sale is over!
Dresses from Shabby Apple

I’ll be back later this evening with a new project for ya!
Happy Wednesday!


Must-Have Monday

I love bunting! It is just adorable. I have been wanting to make bunting in some form or another and just haven’t gotten around to it. So today’s Must-Have Monday is full of Bunting Beauties that I found on Etsy.


1.) Happy Birthday Fabric Banner by Abigail’s Hope Designs
2.) Cake Bunting Dolly by Kiki La Ru
3.) Set of 6 Congratulations Cards by Merry Blues Art
4.) Oilcloth Pennant Party Banners by Magpie and Cake
5.) Botanical and Graphic Patterned Bunting Banner by Fabric or Fiction


Must Have Monday: Jewelry Edition

Today’s Must Have Monday is all about Jewelry! I LOVE me some jewelry! I have way too much of it and I barely wear half of it. Maybe that is a sign that I need to go through it and get rid of some things. But either way, I still love to browse all sorts of different jewelry accessories.

Sterling Impressions Handstamped Two Disc Birthstone Name Necklace by Divine Design Boutique

Jaded Rose by Rachelle D
(I have eyed these necklaces for SO long now and still haven’t gotten one. I think I need to show this to the hubby for a gift idea.)

Bracelets: Dreamy Posy Bracelet by Jacaranda Designs

Kiss of Desire- Vintage Corsage Bracelet from Mi Bazaar Latino

Earrings: Four Hoop Earrings by Karen Luther Jewelry

Single White Gold Orchid Earrings by Delicacy J

Rings:Moonstone Ring by Katrina’s Jewel

Vintage Glass Pearl Bead Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ring by Spirals and Spice

I hope you enjoy!

And just a reminder that the winner of the giveaway will be announced later this evening.


Must Have Monday

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. We had a visit from our old neighbors in VA and great friends this weekend and had a FABULOUS time. Made us wish that we lived closer again.
But onto today’s Must Have Monday. On Friday, I mentioned that my favorite color is yellow. It is a little gloomy outside today so I wanted to brighten things up with an all Yellow Must Have Monday. So here are some fabulous items I found on Etsy.
Lemonade Beach Skirt from Poor Jean
Lemon Drop Trinket Box by Fun Wall Art
Bella Necklace in Yellow by Liz Hutnick
Ochre Table Lamp from Czechpub

Also, I have decided what I will be making for my giveaway for reaching 100 followers and not that our company has left I can get started on it. So hopefully I will have it done by the end of the week and post. Be on the lookout.

Military Must-Have Mondays

I haven’t posted a Military Must-Have Monday in a few weeks so I thought it was way past time to produce one again. Many of you are new followers, THANKS so much btw, so you may not know that I am part of the Homefront team on Etsy. This team is full of military spouses, family members, and even ex-service members. So here are some of my fellow Etsy Homefront Team Members who are also fabulous photographers. Hope you enjoy and remember to support the Homefront!

Creations Anew Photography

Autumn Letters Photography

Levans Photography

Jrzy Girl Photography

J.D. Fielder: Abstract Art and Photography