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MHCT&M: DIY Herb Gardens

Hello and Happy Friday, makers! 
Kara from Mine for the Making back to chat about gardening with you! 
 Now, I’ll be honest. I’m no green thumb. But I am trying to learn to be a better gardener by seeking out great gardening tips and just for fun, garden decor inspiration. I thought I’d start with something manageable and something that I know we will use often. 
So today I am sharing really cool DIY Herb Gardens with y’all!
 Check out these innovative herb garden ideas. 
 There are so many varieties and ways to grow a herb garden. You can be pretty darn creative, in fact. So I thought I would round up my very favorite DIY herb gardens, and maybe y’all can help me narrow down my choices a bit. They are all so neat! 
  Herb Garden Markers and Wooden Planter by the Idea Room 
DIY hanging gutter herb garden for your yard.


  Hanging Gutter Herb Garden by Her Tool Belt 
 Make this window sill herb garden using recycled cans.


  Window Sill Recycled Can Herb Garden by The Gracious Wife 
Beautiful DIY window garden is perfect for a kitchen. 
   Indoor Hanging Herb Garden by The Bird and Her Song 
  Vertical Pallet Garden by 99 Pallet Ideas 
Use old jars to plant a garden. 
  Old Jar Herb Garden on Buzzfeed
 Use an old wagon wheel to plant an herb garden. 
  Old Wagon Wheel Herb Garden by Garden Schlumpf 
 Create an herb garden by stacking pots. 
   DIY Herb Garden Stacked by DIY Amazing Ideas 
Make this DIY hanging garden for your herbs.


 DIY Hanging Herb Garden by Homemade-Modern 
Build a DIY herb box for your garden.


 DIY Herb Box by Live Simply 
 This DIY vertical plant stand is beautiful.  
  DIY Vertical Plant Stand by Angela Marie Made 
Make a garden using recycled plastic bottles.


 Recycled Plastic Bottle Garden by Grillo Designs 
This DIY wall planter is easy to build. 
   DIY Wall Planter by Shanty 2 Chic 
Way too many cool herb gardens out there, am I right? My only problem is narrowing down to one I want to try.  
Thanks for joining me this week to chat about herb gardens. 
Do you have an herb garden at home that you use often? 
 Joins us next week for our last post about gardening!
 I hope y’all have a fantastic weekend.




Your hostesses,



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MHCT&M: Vintage Garden Projects



It’s finally time for gardening season! One of my favorite outdoor activities is planting those tiny little babies and then being able to enjoy fresh vegetables all summer long. But of course, I have to add a bit of cuteness to the garden and outdoor areas, we can’t have boring outdoor areas!


 I’ve gathered up some of my favorite vintage garden DIY projects – I can’t wait to get to making some of these!


 Vintage Garden Projects to Make 



 DIY Stamped Spoon Markers




China Plate Garden Border (perfect for cracked or stained vintage plates!) 



Colander turned Planter




Vintage Bike turned Flower Basket




Broken China Stepping Stones




Toad”stools” from old Salad Bowls




Wagon Wheel Planter




Vintage Birdcage Planter 




Mailbox Planter 


Vintage Toolbox Planter 



 House Number Planter




Antique Pitcher Planter 



 Hanging Succulent Garden using Vintage Ladles 



 Vintage Doorknob Hangers for Dried Herbs




Rusty Wheelbarrow Flower Planters




Vintage Ladder flower Stand




Oh my goodness, I want them all! 

What about you – do you love using vintage items in your outdoor spaces?






Next Friday we’ll have more fun Outdoor ideas for you – make sure you come back!



Your hostesses,


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Simple Pine Cone Bird Feeder

This post was first shared over at Skip to My Lou on 8/12/2015 but I wanted to share it here with you fine folks as well. 
Since we moved from CO to WI and our new house has so many more bushes and trees
than our last house had, we have so much more wild life around!
The girls are young enough that they are still very excited about birds and seeing other creatures in our
yard, especially since returning from my aunt’s house in MI, so I thought I would create and share something that I remember
doing when I was little and in school.
Best part, it is fast and EASY!

It is so easy that you can have kids of many ages do it.
Here’s how you can make your own.


-Pine cones (found outside or store bought)
-Bird Seed
-Paper Plates
-Twine or string
-Peanut Butter
-Knife for spreading

 To begin, tie some twine or string around the top of the pine cone.

I also recommend tapping the pine cone
on the ground (if found outside) to knock out any little bugs that may
be making your pine cone home, especially if you are doing this inside
with your kids.
Don’t want a little friend crawling out as you are trying to smear it with peanut butter!

 Using a knife, smear peanut butter all over the pine cone, making sure to go up and under each piece of the cone.

I did this step for the girls since they are young but if your kids are older you can let them do this step by themselves.

 Then it is time to cover the peanut butter with the bird seeds. Perfect job for little hands!

After they had it mostly covered, I
just doubled checked that the peanut butter was completely covered with
the seed before we hung them.
I will say, Miss S was 21 mths when we did this and she MAY have tried to eat the bird seed when I wasn’t looking so if you do have younger kiddos, perhaps keep a closer eye on them.

 Totally covered in seed and ready to hang.

 We hung both pine cones in our willow tree that we can see from our kitchen window so we can keep an eye on them.

 See! So fast and easy and now you can just sit back and see what they attract.

If you do have squirrels in your area, they will probably find this before the birds and they will do anything to get it!

  See it! Crazy talented squirrel! I guess I’m glad someone enjoyed it! lol

 This is a super great project to do any time of year but with winter coming up and food sources getting scarce, this would be awesome to do to give those little birdies a little something extra to eat. 
If you make some of these, I hope you get some fun birds visiting!



Tulips at SNAP

I promise a real recap post of SNAP is coming! 
I am still working on editing all my photos but I wanted to share some pictures of all the beautiful tulips that were on the property where SNAP took place.
SNAP was at a venue called Thanksgiving Point and while we were there, a Tulip Festival was going on so everywhere you looked, beautiful tulips sat begging for all of us bloggers to take photos of them! 
I didn’t make it down to the actual Festival itself, (this pregnant body of mine wasn’t too happy with me so I don’t think I could have made it), but I did walk around the gorgeous grounds by the hotel and conference buildings. 
And if you know me and flowers…. I was in HEAVEN!!! 
I decided to just make collages of the photos so you don’t get too tired of looking at tulips so enjoy! 

Water tower at Thanksgiving point and of course tulips
The grounds were so pretty! 
Here is a shot of a waterfall or The Hidden Falls that were on the grounds. 
Gorgeous tulips were around every curve and behind all the fabulous architectural elements in the garden.
It was SO colorful and made me so happy for spring! 
I highly suggest you go visit the Tulip Festival in Lehi, UT or Salt Lake City Area. 
It was SOOOO Pretty!



Early Summer Blooms

The week that we were scheduled to move from KY, some of the flowers and plants that we planted in our garden FINALLY decided to get buds. And lucky for me, they decided to bloom the day before we were to leave.

So here are a few shots of the one iris that was blooming and a few shots of some of the knock out roses.

Hope you have some pretty blooms around your house!


Anniversary Flowers

Hi all!
Are you staying warm?
We finally got some snow and it has been COLD and WINDY! If the wind was blowing so bad I don’t think it would feel so bad out.

But anyways…
Last Thursday was our 4 year wedding Anniversary and I was lucky enough to receive not one bouquet but two from Travis.

If you have been following me for a while now, then you already know when I get some flowers, I have a photo session with them.

The first bouquet was a gorgeous mix of two-toned orange roses, yellow mums, small lilies, and snap dragons.

And then he also got me a bouquet of red roses because he told me “Every woman deserved red roses on an anniversary.”

So that was a few of my flower pictures but I wanted to share a few of my favorite shots.
We just bought a new large lens for our camera and also a set of Macro lenses that attach straight to our 18-55 mm lens so I pulled those out and was in HEAVEN!

Travis keeps telling me I need to sell my photos.
Maybe now that I have these Macro lenses I will consider it. 🙂

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Last week, we had a bit of an ice storm.
Travis went out and took some pictures of the ice covering everything in sight.
Here are a few of his shots from his two adventures.

A shot of our VERY frozen grass.
Poor Oscar could barely walk outside to go to the bathroom.

Icicles along our fence.

This is the ring that hangs our bird feeder.

Our new trees covered in ice but the color of them sure looks pretty shining through!

We have a elementary school near our house and they have a little nature trail so Travis walked through it for all these shots.
If you look close in this one, you can see the thorns on the branch sticking out.

Pretty berries covered in ice.

Shot of the fields across the road. Lots of frozen trees over there!

Tree all shiny in the sun.

One of the bird feeders on the nature trail.

Plants all covered.

The sun has finally started coming out the past couple days and we actually got above freezing so the ice is starting to melt away… FINALLY!
But it sure is pretty when the sun hit it all though!

One last thing… If you are doing a guest post for me while I am out of town (you know who you are), PLEASE have it to me by tomorrow so I can schedule it before I leave town!