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“Sound of My Heart” Nursery Printable

I have a sweet printable for you today that would be perfect in a nursery.
I saw this quote and immediately wanted to use it in a printable. 
I created it in numerous color options so you can pick which one will work best for you.

 I designed it as an 8×10 but you can print it small if you’d like.
It should work as is but I selected the “strink to fit” option for my printer. Just play with your printer settings since printers are different.

Select your color option below to download.



Miss S’ Nursery Reveal

It is about time I reveal Miss S’ nursery don’t ya think?! 
 It used to be our guest room and we knew we would have quite a few guests after S was born so we just kept the mattresses on the floor in there until all the guests had visited. Now that we don’t expect anyone else, we were able to take the mattresses out and I could finally take pictures of her room.
So without further ado… here is her nursery reveal.
I will start back at the beginning before I get into all the decorative details of her room.
You will probably recall that we built the plank wall on one wall of the nursery.
We also painted the room a pear green color and oh boy… was that an adventure to pick the paint! 
We weren’t sure if we were going green or purple so we first brought home purple paint samples and I painted them all over the room. I wasn’t happy with the purples so off to Lowe’s to find a green. I took the fabric and their color matching machine was broke so we just tried to get as close as possible. I came home and painted the greens all over the room and I still wasn’t happy so I decided to mix the greens together and that was the color! 
Back to Lowe’s I went and asked the lady, luckily the one who helped me earlier was still working, to mix the colors together. We started with one color and tried to make it darker and filled the can before we got to the color. So we reversed it and went darker and tried to go lighter and finally got it. 
I came home and started cutting in the room and as it was drying it started to look more baby food pea green than the pretty pear green. I was so mad! I didn’t know what to do. 
Called Travis up and he hated it too so I told him to run downstairs and grab the green paint from the guest bathroom and the brown paint from the loft.
He brought them up and I just started mixing them and slapping them on the wall until it was like the color I mixed of the samples.The next day, we painted the room and loved it.
All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS we didn’t run out of paint because there would be no way to get it to match perfectly again! 
 When we put up the plank wall, we also added molding around the window and put a board on the bottom of the sill.
And lastly, we picked up this light fixture up at Habitat 4 Humanity Restore for $12. I just sanded it down, primed and painted it white and up it went. Love it! 
Now onto the decorations of the room.
I will work my way around the room. 
When you walk up to her room, this is your view straight across from the door. 
The desk was already in the room so we left it and it will eventually get a makeover.
Travis built the butterfly out of old wood that we had to hang on the wall.
Between the closet door and the bedroom door, I hung the wreath that my mom made for the hospital door.
This is the view looking into the room standing in the doorway. 
To the right of the doorway is the dresser we bought off Craigslist that I painted purple. 
I bought the frames, most from Cut-It-Out, and painted them in the room’s colors. 
I decided to change the top row of knobs on the dresser so went to Hobby Lobby and bought these cute green polka-dot knobs. 
Here is a shot of the frames.
I created the printable for the large frame and then framed some newborn and maternity pictures.
In the gray frame, I used a vinyl saying that I actually received from someone at SNAP last year, and just applied it to scrapbook paper.
The plank wall was the perfect spot for the crib.
I hung the wood initial monogram above the crib and put some other decorations on the picture ledge of the plank wall.
I still have plans to create a mobile for over her crib.
 The nightstand was already in the room as well so I kept it in there.
It was the perfect place for the monitor and the lamp that was already already in the room. 
I lucked out that the colors in the fabric of the shade went with the room’s new color scheme.
I bought the basket at a craft fair and it was made in Uganda. Perfect place to keep toys.
Above the nightstand on the ledge, I placed two frames.
Put a newborn pic in one and then created another printable for the large frame. 
On the right side of the ledge, I placed a little stuffed elephant that matches her big sisters and then a print I purchased with her name on it. 
I bought all the fabric and had my mom make all of her bedding like she did for Miss P’s nursery.
 I went with just stripes for the bed skirt and a coordinating floral print on the outside of the bumper with green accents. 
I went with a hot pink chevron for the inside of the bumper from fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby. 
Here is her window and the curtains my mom also made. 
Here is a shot of the curtains closed.
These were also an adventure! 
I pictured one thing but then once we got all the fabrics together it looked terrible.
So we constantly messed with the arrangement until we found something that looked good and we liked. 
This was the winner… Stripes on top with a super small accent of the chevron, large chunk of white, small band of green, and floral band on bottom. 
So that would be her room! 
S has recently started sleeping in it and she seems to be enjoying it! Thank goodness!! 🙂


Wood Initials Nursery Art

I wanted to put Miss S’ initials above her crib like I did for Miss P but I didn’t want them to look the same. 
I’ve seen these wood initials on Etsy, on a few of those Deal a Day sites, and a few other places but I wasn’t too keen on the fonts used. They were either WAYYYY to frilly that you could barely read the letters, or way to straight, modern, and boyish looking.
So, I decided to design my own! 
Here it is.
This is a farely easy project as well. 
Here is how it was created. 
-Large piece of wood. This was a sheet of plywood with a veneer on it. I would recommend using a thin sheet of MDF and you will see why in a few.
-Letters to use as a stencil. I cut these out using my Silhouette machine in the font that I liked best.
-Yard stick (optional)
-Jig Saw

 Begin by cutting out your letters in the font you like.
I cut the S and R a little smaller than the M like a traditional monogram.
I placed them on the wood touching each other so it would be one large piece when cut instead of three separate letters.
   Using a pencil, carefully trace each letter.
 I wanted a border around my letters so using a yard stick, I created an inch sized border on the outside.
Make the border touch the letters so this too is one large piece.
I then put x’s everywhere that would be cut away with the jig saw so not to be confused.
 At this point, I handed this off to Travis to let him cut it out with his jig saw but you could definitely do it yourself if you are handy. 
 He wasn’t too keen on the size of the letters because they shook really bad when cutting them so you may want to use a slightly thicker font. 
 And here is why I would say to use a thin MDF board.
The veneer kept chipping off by the jig saw which created a little more work in the end.
  I used wood putty to fill in any of the chips in the veneer.
 Then used a sander to make it smooth.
 I cleaned off the wood and then got my paint on. 
I painted the letters a solid purple and chose to use a bright pink on the border which is already in the room on some frames.
  I didn’t want to leave the border plain so I used some gray and green paint, both of which are in her room already as well, to create some polka dots.
I used the end of a paint brush to create the small gray dots and then used a small foam circle, stencil brush to create the larger dots.
  Once the paint was dry, I gave it a coat of Mod Podge.
 I hung it above her crib using 3M Picture Hanging Strips.
 I absolutely love how it came out and how it looks on her plank wall. 
 I sure hope she likes it too! 



DIY Plank Wall

As soon as we decided that the girls weren’t going to share a room anymore and I had to come up with a new nursery, my mind immediately started to race. 
I started browsing Pinterest and looking back at my nursery board I created before Miss P and came up with a few ideas I really liked. 
If you recall from Miss P’s nursery reveal, we did a board and batten treatment in her room so I wanted to incorporate wood some how in the new nursery. I showed Travis a picture of a plank wall and convinced him to do it in the nursery. 
Labor Day weekend we headed to Lowe’s to gather all the wood and got to work. 
It was really easy and he was done with the installation in a day and I got to painting it the next day. 
Here’s how we did it. 
We went to Lowe’s and bought primed MDF boards that were 8 ft. long x 6 in wide.
Our wall was just over 10 ft. so we also bought 2 in. wide boards to fill the gaps at the end of the wood because I wanted continuous boards across the wall instead of mutiple boards on each row.
And then we bought 3 in. wide boards to cover the ends.
Travis started by removing the baseboard on the wall where we were installing the wood.
He also trimmed the baseboard on the two side walls so they would meet the wood wall when complete. 
He then installed the small 2 in. boards in each corner of the room.
He cut these 6 ft. long because we decided to do a ledge on top of the plank wall like Miss P has in her room. 
Once each small end piece was installed, it was time to install the planks in between them.
Travis used liquid nails on the back of the wood then nailed them in with his nail gun. 
We used nickels across the top ledge of each plank for spacing between our boards.
Just place the next plank on top of the nickels and nail in place then just pull the nickels out for the next row. 
Easy peasy! 
He continued up the wall and cut out the area of the wood where an electrical socket was.
Once all the planks were installed, he covered up the gap on the sides with the 3 in. wood pieces to give it a clean edge.
Then topped it with a piece of wood to create the ledge. 
Here is a closer shot of the side piece and ledge.
Under the ledge, we used a piece of decorative molding for a little extra support and to clean up the under side. We used the same molding under the ledge in Miss P’s room.
Once Travis was finished with the installation, it was my turn to get to work.
I went through and filled in all the nail holes and caulked down the wall, inside along the planks, and along the top where the decorative molding was.
I let it all dry over night before I continued.
The next day, I sanded down the wood, especially over the filled holes and wiped the boards clean.
We also covered the wall and carpet because I planned on spraying the wood with my paint sprayer instead of using a roller.
I used Valspar Ultra White, paint and primer in one, in a semi-gloss finish to cover the wood. 
I applied 2 coats to make sure it was nice and covered.
I touched up any areas that needed touching up, mostly along the edges or near the floor, and it was complete! 
We painted the walls a pear green color (more on that crazy adventure later) and I love how it came out! 
The crib will be centered on this wall and I can’t wait to pull the whole room together. 
Stay tuned for more nursery posts as things get completed.
Time is ticking so we need to keep moving!


HELP! I can’t decide on a Nursery Color Scheme!

Now that we’ve decided to split the girl’s up and Baby M 2.0 will have her own room, I have been in “Decorate nursery mode.” 
I know what we are going to do on one of the walls in her room but I can’t decide on a color scheme and with only 10 weeks left, I’M STRESSING OUT!!!! 
We plan on putting this plank treatment on the crib/focal wall. 
It won’t be as rustic and just painted solid white.
My goal for this week is to pin point the color scheme and PRAY I can find at least one of the fabrics that will go in her room.
I’ve been on the search for fabric and nothing as screamed “Use me in your nursery!” either so I thought I would try to get the colors first.
So, will you help me out?! 
I am kinda all over the place with the color schemes that I like. I like a few different ones and just am not positive which route I really want to go. Some are on the brighter side, some are a lighter… AHHHHH!
I am going to share a few that I’ve pinned and like and will you please vote on what you like best?! 
Some are pretty similar so I will try to place those near each other. 
 Sorry that some of the pics are blurry. They were small and I couldn’t find a larger image of them so hope you can tell the colors.
 A.) This is the scheme I was originally going to do for Baby M 2.0 when she was going to share a room with her sister. It would be a brighter yellow though.
I still really like it but trying to decide if I want to completely change it up from Miss P’s.
B.) This is similar to Scheme A. but it has more green in it but I think I still like it with yellow.

 C.) I have always thought this color scheme would be SO cute for a little girl’s room.
 D.) Very similar to Scheme C just a few more colors added and the green is softer.
 E.) Similar to C and D as well.
F.) This is also similar to the previous 3 but on a lighter scale.
G.) A little more minty
H.) Light tones and instead of minty green, how about some light blue.
I.) Similar to the scheme above but it is a little bit deeper in tones.
 J.) Same as above but adding in some yellow for a little more pop.
K.) Deeper jewel tones- Instead of aqua bring in a navy (which I am loving right now) and then an orange/deep yellow. 
 L.) Take out the purple and separate the orange and yellow.
M.) More pinks and more of a grayish navy blue.
N.) Navy, hot pink, and yellow (I love this look but wonder if it will be too dark.)
 O.) And something a little different- blue, orange, and pink
Again- some are very similar so I tried to group them. Guess there are about 4 or 5 schemes total.
PLEASE leave a comment with the letter of the scheme(s) you like best!! 
I would SOOOOOOOO appreciate it! 🙂 



The Nursery Reveal… Finally!

I’m back!

I have missed all of you!
I sure hope you have enjoyed all those fabulous guest posts while I was gone. Thanks to all the great bloggers that shared their awesome ideas here on A Glimpse Inside while I was enjoying my new little girl and getting into the swing of mommyhood.
I have so much I want to share with you on life with P so expect some posts on the past 2 mths with her. I am going to try my darndest to post like I always do but bare with me as I get back into the swing of blogging. I may not post everyday but I promise to try to keep up and find the time to share new ideas with you all.

Anyways… let’s get to the post shall we?! 

Are you FINALLY ready to see P’s nursery?!
Sorry I never shared before I went on maternity leave. The last minute touches were actually complete just days before she arrived so I just didn’t have the time.

Well, here it is!
(WARNING: Picture Heavy!)

I will start the tour on the wall the crib is on. 
We bought the nursery furniture at Burlington Coat Factory and the crib is one of those convertible cribs so it will be with her for some time. 
And if you recall, we installed the Board and Batten wall treatment ourselves. Check out how we did it here.

Travis had the great idea to use the gray chandelier we had that once hung in his man cave when we lived in KY.
Here’s a closer look at the bedding.
I bought all the fabric for her bedding and my mom sewed it all because I just couldn’t find anything in a store that I loved. 
I’m thrilled with how it all turned out.
I wanted a ruffle bed skirt and my mom sewed it using all three fabrics I picked out.
Top ruffle is the turquoise houndstooth.
Middle ruffle is the coral floral.
And there is a bottom ruffle made of the yellow polka-dots but until the bed is lowered you can’t see it.
The bumper pad is reversible but I wanted the yellow polka-dots on the outside.
The bumper is also trimmed in turquoise and has turquoise ties.
The inside of the bumper is the coral floral.
(Don’t mind the extremely colorful, busy sheet! I had that on the bed for something colorful before my parents arrived with the bedding!)
Over the crib is the initial wall art I created and of course the mobile hangs over the crib as well. 
On the ledge above the crib is a picture that Travis picked out for P.
It states: “She dreamt she could fly.” and it just so happened to be the same colors of the nursery.
Now, let’s move around the room to the right where her shelf is. 
I’m not sure why but this is one of my favorite areas in her room. 
I’ll start at the top and work my way down.
I bought that fabulous frame at Michael’s along with the little bird.
I painted the frame turquoise and added this printable from Our Humbled A{Bowe}d that says “You are my sunshine.” 
As soon as I saw this I knew I had to put it in her room. This saying goes back to mine and Travis’ first Valentine’s Day together in which he made my card with a sun and flowers along with that saying. So it is special to us and I had to include it in our special girl’s room.
The little bird was just a plain wood bird that I painted to match the room.

And now to the shelf area. 
The turquoise lamp is from Target and fit in perfectly!
The tulle wreath was made by my mom and I used it on the hospital door after P arrived.
The frame is from Travis’ parents and was a light wood color. I painted it all white and her name in yellow then made some little rosettes in the nursery fabric.

Onto the shelf decor…
I bought some gray fabric that looked like it was tufted and Mod Podged it to the back of the shelf.
I bought the little bird houses at Michael’s and painted them to match the room.
The turquoise frame is also from Target.
The little Cherish Teddy is a little girl bear sitting on a giraffe carousel and that was mine when I was younger.
The giraffe on the bottom shelf is a bank.
And then I bought a fabric tote and filled it full of books.
Time to move again to the corner of the room in front of the window.

I placed the rocker in front of the window and we bought the turquoise ottoman from Target as well. 
I love the ottoman because the top comes off and I have all her toys stored in there. Gotta love multi-purposed furniture.
Above the rocker, hang two bird cages.
I also bought these at Michael’s and spray painted one coral and one turquoise.
My mother also sewed the curtains.
I bought some white fabric and some black out lining for the main curtain and then we used left over fabric from the bedding to create ruffles on the bottom that match the bed skirt. Also, created some thin ruffles to give some color to the top of the curtains.
 We bought the rocker at a local furniture store and it was extremely plain so I knew it needed some revamping. 
I sprayed the wood the wall color and then I sewed slip covers for the cushions with some gray fabric.

Time to move around the room to the dresser area.

I created a frame collage on one wall with the frames from Cut It Out that I bought while at SNAP.
I still need to put pictures in some of the frames but in two of them I placed some printables that I actually received in my swag bag at SNAP.

Onto the dresser…
I just placed her changing pad on the dresser so this piece of furniture can also be with her for some time.
I bought another fabric tote and placed it on top of the dresser to keep diapers, wipes, and any other item I may use frequently in it.

We bought these little floral knobs at Hobby Lobby and changed out the top row of knobs to break up all the brown on the dresser and to add a fun little detail.

On the ledge above the dresser, is another bird house I painted that I got from Michael’s.
Next to it are two little ceramic white birds. (They are actually salt and pepper shakers but SHHHH… don’t tell anyone!) 😉

And last but not least…
Above the dresser we hung this picture.
Travis brought it home from Haiti and it is hand painted.
I thought it would be a fabulous item for P to look at during diaper changes and she does seem to enjoy it!

Well that is the grand tour of the nursery!
I am thrilled with how it came out.

And as you can see, P sure enjoys her room too! 🙂

I hope that you have enjoyed the tour of P’s nursery.
Now please exit quietly… Baby is sleeping! 😉

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Nursery Project #2: Fabric Bird Mobile Tutorial

I used this as my submission into Round 3 of Creative Bloggers Got Talent competition and I made it into the Top 10 with it. 🙂

I wanted something fun and whimsical for a mobile for Baby M and since we aren’t buying a bedding set and making our own, I knew I would be making it. So here is what I came up with:

And after she gets to old for a mobile, it can stay as a cute decoration in another place in the room! PERFECT! 🙂

Happy Hour Projects linked up her little bird stuffies to a Catch a Glimpse Party back at the beginning of the year and as soon as I saw them, I got the idea to make some for a mobile!
So once I finally decided on the fabric theme, I used all the samples I had to get to work.

Here’s how you can make one too:

-Sewing Machine
-Tree branch
-Fishing wire
-Eye Hook

Start by creating a template for your birds.
I had to make mine smaller than Adrianne did since mine were for a mobile.
I used my cricut to cut out my birds, (hence the random letter in the center of the bird… just ignore that!), and made one 6″, one 5″, and one 3″, for a little bird family.
The green cutouts are for the belly that I just free handed.

Trace each template on the corresponding fabrics and then cut them out.
I also decided to add wings for more details.
Make sure you cut a bird facing in each direction!

First, I applied the wings the applique stitch on all the bird bodies.
(I know it mine looks rough… first time trying that!)

Then, pin the belly onto one side of the body, with the right sides of the fabrics facing each other.

Sew the belly onto the body.

Then, line up the second body piece to what you just sewed and pin the belly piece down.
Sew along the belly.
After the belly piece is all attached, sew along the outside of the body of the bird making sure to leave a gap to turn right sides out and fill.

Sew and stuff all 3 birds.

Time to hand stitch the hole closed.

I used clear thread to do this job so it wouldn’t be too noticeable.

To attach the birds to the branch, I cut an elastic hair tie and hot glued it to the bottom center of the bird. You could use regular elastic as well and sew it in but this works just fine and the hair band blends in with the brown of the branch. Plus, it kinda looks like the birds legs!

Go outside and cut a branch that you like and then just place the birds on the branch where ever you like best.
I place a small amount of hot glue on the branch as well to keep the birds sturdy.

Travis used fishing wire to tie to the branch so it is invisible when it is hanging and then tied the fishing wire to an eye hook he put in the ceiling above the crib.
This way, we can just tap it and it will spin freely.

We hung it over one end of the crib so Baby M can admire it.

I love my little bird family mobile and hope that Baby M will enjoy staring at it for years to come!

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Help! What do you like?!

Hey everyone!
I would SOOOOO appreciate your help!

I finally got all the fabric samples for the nursery and now I can’t decide what I want!

Will you PLEASE help me?!

Here is a photo of all my samples in the different combinations.
Just leave a comment with the letter of your favorite combination.

A. Yellow polka dot, Coral floral, and Turquoise houndstooth
B. Yellow Chevron, Coral Floral, and Turquoise houndstooth
C. Yellow Chevron, Coral Trellis, and Turquoise houndstooth
D. Yellow polka dot, Coral Trellis, and Turquoise Houndstooth
E. Yellow polka dot, Coral Trellis, and Turquoise floral (it won’t be this floral but the same floral as the coral.)
F. Yellow Chevron, Coral Trellis, and Turquoise Floral (again, same floral as the coral.)

This fabric will be used for the crib bumper (2 patterns- one on each side) and then for the crib skirt which will use all 3 patterns.
I will then scatter the fabric here and there around the room in small doses.

And here is a shot of the fabric with the crib and my new wall art just for reference.


<span class=


Nursery Project 1: Stenciled Initial Canvases

I finished my first project for the nursery… well maybe!
It is done and up on the wall but I am still debating over a thing or two so I am hoping you guys can help me out a bit with those things.

But here is my project and a glimpse into the colors I will be using in the nursery:

This wasn’t too hard to make so here is how you can make one for yourself.

-Canvases- I used two 8×8 squares and 1 12×12 square
-Wooden letters
-Stencil Paint Brush

To start:
Center your stencil on your canvas and tape in place.
You could also cut out vinyl to use as a stencil if you would like.

On a paper plate, put a glob (that’s a good word for it, right?) of paint. Take your stencil paint brush and dip in paint. Pounce off extra paint on the plate.

Begin filling in your stencil by using the pounce method.

Continue filling in the entire stencil.

(Sorry- darn picture turned and can’t fix it!)
Fill the entire stencil and then remove it while the paint is still wet.

Once the paint is dry, shift your stencil over and line up the pattern.

Continue to fill in the stencil. (No brainer there!)

I wanted the patten on the edge of the canvas as well so I just folded the stencil over the edge to complete.

Keep shifting the stencil around the canvas until you have your desired pattern.

Here is the completed canvas.
At this point, I took some white paint and fixed any areas where the yellow paint may have bleed under the stencil.

I painted one yellow, one coral, and one turquoise.

Onto the letters:
I sanded them a little and painted them gray.
I also painted them with silver glitter paint for a little something extra.

I just glued the letters onto the canvas and hung them on the wall above the crib using Command picture hanging strips.

You can see the glitter a little better in this shot.

I think they look great above the crib!

But….. here is my question: I am trying to decide if it needs something else, perhaps some little rosettes or something or will that be TOO much?!

Also, I am not sure if I like the spacing of them. I kinda want them closer together but with the battens I think it would look strange. What do you think?!

Help a sista out and tell me what you think in the comments!

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