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MHCT&M: Bathroom Vanity Inspiration

Happy Friday, friends! 

Let’s talk bathrooms!




Can you even believe it’s already July? Where did the first part of the year go? 


 With a new month comes a new topic in our series and this month we are focusing on bathrooms. There are so many fun ways to update a bathroom from the walls to the floors to a total remodel! 



Bathroom makeover don't have to be expensive. Start with a fun bathroom vanity update! 


This week I’m focusing on bathroom vanities. Updates for your vanity can be small but impactful. Or you can go all out build something new! I’ve gathered up a little bit of everything to provide inspiration if you’ve been considering a bathroom renovation. 



Bathroom makeover don't have to be expensive. Start with a fun bathroom vanity update!

Painted Guest Bathroom Vanity Makeover 

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint and new hardware can do for a worn out wooden vanity! 


 Bathroom makeover don't have to be expensive. Start with a fun bathroom vanity update!

 DIY Bathroom Vanity 

Even powder rooms and small guest baths can benefit from a freshly updated vanity.


 Bathroom makeover don't have to be expensive. Start with a fun bathroom vanity update! 

DIY Open Shelf Vanity 

This vanity some fabulous farmhouse vibes! Such a fun DIY project!


Bathroom makeover don't have to be expensive. Start with a fun bathroom vanity update!

Vintage Dresser Turned Bathroom Vanity 

Repurposing a piece of furniture into something new can give it a new life. This vintage dresser turned vanity is stunning!


 Bathroom makeover don't have to be expensive. Start with a fun bathroom vanity update! 

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Makeover 

Another painted vanity with new hardware. Such an inexpensive and EASY update that makes a ton of difference!


 Bathroom makeover don't have to be expensive. Start with a fun bathroom vanity update!

DIY Small Bathroom Vanity 

This small DIY vanity is so charming and perfect for a small space! 


Bathroom makeover don't have to be expensive. Start with a fun bathroom vanity update!

Budget Friendly Bathroom Makeover 

You really must see the before on this vanity makeover. Not only were the cabinets pink, but the countertop as well! And they were not replaced! 


Bathroom makeover don't have to be expensive. Start with a fun bathroom vanity update! 

 DIY Large Bathroom Vanity 

This DIY, custom built vanity is a stunner! 


Bathroom makeover don't have to be expensive. Start with a fun bathroom vanity update! 

Repurposed Sideboard into a Vanity 

This is a great tutorial for turning a sideboard into a bathroom vanity.


 Bathroom makeover don't have to be expensive. Start with a fun bathroom vanity update! 

Farmhouse Industrial Bathroom Vanity 

This DIY vanity is sheet perfection if you’re a fan of the farmhouse look!




 Aren’t these fabulous??? 

What’s more your style – new paint, a new build, or a repurposed piece of furniture?


 Must Have Craft Tips & More! 



Don’t miss more fun ideas for your bathroom next Friday!





Your hostesses,

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MHCT&M: DIY Kitchen Updates

Hello everyone! 
How are you on this last Friday of January? 
Can you believe that February is already around the corner?! I sure can’t! 
Before February does show up, it is time for one last Must Have Craft Tip post full of ideas for your kitchen.
My husband and I have updated a few kitchens in our time together and we have both hired out some of the work but have also done a lot of it ourselves to make our space more to our liking and up to date.
Today, I have rounded up ideas to help you update your kitchen space that you can accomplish no matter the budget. If you are willing to put in the time and elbow grease, many of these can be completed by you!
Whether you want to just do a few small updates or redo many parts of your kitchen, you are bound to find some of these ideas great to implement in your own house.
 Paint can be your best friend when it comes to a budget and kitchen updates! 
Give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint to brighten up the space and did you know that you can also paint your counter tops if you don’t have it in your budget to get brand new ones? Well, you can! 
 Here’s another great example of using paint. Don’t have a budget for a new tile backsplash? How about painting a pattern to mimic a backsplash? No one has to know it is only paint!

Don’t want to go the paint route for a backsplash? 
How about you try using peel and stick tile or floor planks instead? It is definitely less messy than putting all the grout on the wall too.
Another update that is quick and can be relatively cheap is updating your hardware. You can buy new ones or just paint your old ones but it is amazing what this one little change can do to your space.
 Don’t forget to look up in your space! 
Ceiling treatments can add so much to your space. Whether it be adding planks, painting it a fun color or pattern, or make it a coffered ceiling, don’t forget about the fifth wall above your head.
And to go along the lines of looking up, how about spaces down low. 
I love this pop of color under the cabinets for a fun, unexpected pop of color and you won’t believe how she created it. It is NOT paint!
Tired of all the closed doors in your kitchen? Take some of them off for a more open look then take some colorful paint or fabric and add it into the backs of the cabinets for a fun pop of color. You can easily update the look or even put the doors back on when you get tired of this look.

Here’s another idea for a more open, exposed look. Take down a set of cabinets all together and add open shelves to show off your dishware and other kitchen treasures.
Lights are another great way to give your space a quick facelift along with adding a little flair to your space.

If you want to update your counters and are feeling a little adventurous, you can always try to create your own concrete countertops! They do look great when they are complete!
Have builder grade cabinets that you want to add more detail too? 
Add crown molding or other molding/bead board to the cabinets before giving them a few coat of paint. Once they are complete, no one would know that they weren’t that way originally!
You can also ass more detail by adding posts to the end of a cabinet. This would also allow you to extend your counter a little more for extra work space on top.
One last simple detail would be to add feet to the bottom of your cabinets to make them look more like a piece of furniture. This is a great idea to do on an island to make it stand out from the rest.
Have you updated a kitchen?
What is your favorite thing to change that makes your space feel brand new?!
Stay tuned for a whole new topic next month! 🙂


Your hostesses,

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MHCT&M: DIY Updated RV Trend

Hey there and happy it’s-almost-the-weekend, friends! 



We’ve been spending the week by the pool with friends and eating all the summer fruit we can get our hands on. And with summer comes camping season! And since I prefer RV camping to tent camping, I thought it would be fun to talk about the DIY Updated RV Trend! 


These remodeled RVs are so beautiful you could live in them. 


Are you a big fan, like myself? I pin all the pretty RV renovations and follow all of the updated RV accounts on Instagram because I just can’t get enough!!

 It has inspired me to pretty much gut out our early 90’s RV and start painting everything left in it white! So if you are like me and you love swooning over pretty RVs and campers, you are going to love today’s post, friends! 

Check out these beauties… I could quite literally live in any of them.  



This renovated airstream is so dreamy.


 Miller Movement RV



This renovated RV is so beautiful.


 Arrows and Bow RV



This renovated RV is gorgeous. 

  Our Adventure Diary



Shiplap in an RV!


 Everywhere Goods on Curbed



Camper remodel with subway tiles.


 The Home That Grew



Beautiful RV makeover. 

  Robinson’s RV on Today 


 50 glamper camper renovations. 

  50 Glamper Renovations



40 camper remodel ideas.


  40 Camper Remodel Ideas



Camper turned to glamper.


 Classy Clutter’s camper at Home Depot



Airstream kitchen renovation. 

  Mavis the Airstream 



See what I’m saying… I could happily live in any of these beautiful glampers. If these beauties don’t make you want to camp, I don’t know what will! 

And honestly, you can remodel an RV on a pretty small budget to make it look SO much better.  






 Do you have a camper or RV you’re thinking about renovating? 

 I hope these ideas inspired you like they did me! 



We’ll see you next Friday for more camping tips and inspiration! 



Your hostesses,

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House Update: Craft Room Reveal

Today’s the day! 
After 3 yrs of living in our house, I am FINALLY revealing my craft room with all of you! 
And let’s be honest, if our house wasn’t on the market, I have no idea if I ever would have gotten around to sharing my room with you even though I have wanted too because the room was always crazy, unorganized mess! 
 Would you like to see what I am talking about?
I shared this photo on Instagram last year before I decided I needed to do a massive purge and organize this room. Granted, this was at its worse because a suitcase full of stuff wasn’t always in the room. I took these shortly after returning home from SNAP and I had my suitcase in there waiting for me to empty all the swag.
But anyways…. everything was a mess! Every surface was covered, the floor was covered, it was ridiculous! 
Before I show you the room, let me show you what it looked like when we bought the house. 

The walls were painted a light baby blue with carpet on the floor.
This room was used as a guest room by the previous owners but I definitely had other plans as soon as I saw it.
Now let me show you what the room looks like today and all clean! 
My craft room is nothing fancy and over the top but I have loved having this space and a designated room where I could actually close the door. haha
As you step into the room, this is your view. 
White cabinet to the right, large hutch straight ahead, table to the left along with lots of other storage options and that other door it my large closet.
Stepping in and to the left, is a large white cabinet that is full of stuff!
Next to the cabinet, I have a small table with our printer on it with some art work I painted on the wall above.
 On top of the cabinet I have some fun little projects that I created and this frame for a little encouragement for this room.
Swinging around to the left is my large hutch. You may recognize this piece from past posts on our house or photos on Instagram and it was previously painted beige. When I started my whole craft room purge, I finally got around to repainting it to this super fun bright teal and I LOVE this pop of color in the room.
 This piece is the perfect place for my cutting machines as well at tons of supplies and even some decor items.
I have a large walk in closet in this room. It is under the stairs but it has a large amount of shelves and still tons of space for lot of things. I have a small cabinet in the closet along with way too much stuff. haha Past projects, fabric totes, boxes with old memories, supplies and so much more! 
I even have a side where I have wrapping paper hanging and a tote full of gift wrap supplies. 
See! I told you this closet was huge! 
Right outside the closet, I have my small little painted bird shelf I made years ago and it holds canvases, embroidery hoops, small pallets, and then I have a tv sitting on top of it. 
I use a large, long folding table as my craft table in the room. I always had/have the best intention to make it cute by adding a skirt but I’ve never been able to get around to it. But it works great at a work space for me. I have a carousel on the end full of scissors, pens, markers, glue glue, rulers, and tons more along with a small tool box, paper pads, and baby wipes. 
On the left side of my room as you walk in is this large storage cube system, along with a roller cart and decorations.
I bought this rolling cart at Michael’s and have paint, markers, canvases, and some random supplies on it.
I had a small little space between the door and the storage cubes and this cart fit in perfectly in that little space so it doesn’t end up as a drop zone for clutter.
I’ve had these storage cubes for year and I still love them! They hold scrapbook paper, paint, painting supplies, glitter, glue, and well, you can probably name it and it is somewhere in this area. lol
I created a gallery wall above the storage cubes and just went surfing my craft room and house for items that I already owned to put on it. I love how it turned out with it’s mix of projects I’ve created, photos, and quotes to keep me motivated in my space.
Then, between the storage cubes, and the window wall, I have this small shelf with more supplies. On each side I have some canvases I’ve painted or are waiting to be painted. Not really the most ideal spot for these but they are out of the way so it works. 
Lastly, here is a shot of my curtains. They are one of my favorites things in this room. 
I actually bought two sets of these curtains on Joss and Main but have seen them on other sites as well and since they are actually too short for the windows they are on, and the fact that I love them so much, they are coming with us when we move. haha
And if you noticed the rug in the room I bought that at Wayfair and I love it as well.
 So that’s my craft room reveal in a nut shell! 
Like I said, nothing super crazy and over the top but I love this space and will miss it when we move!


Basement Makeover Reveal

Ok, are you ready to see the final result of our basement makeover?! 
 I sure hope so because I am so excited to show you today. You won’t believe how much brighter the space is now! 
Yesterday, I shared what it looked like before and the process we took to get us to where we are today.
Dark, dirty, mustard and ketchup colored, and well, depressing!
 And here is the basement today! 
Bright, cheery, clean, and ready to enjoy instead of go down quickly, throw the clothes into the washer and dryer and exit.
Let me take you on a quick tour of the place now. 
Stepping into the doorway you now have a totally different view. Before you would see the girl’s large trampoline in the corner and a shelving unit to the right. 
Now, the trampoline is outside and the shelf is back where it was when we moved in, which made way for this side to turn into another play area for the girls. The playroom upstairs is great but small so their large toys were often hidden or just too much in the way so now they can keep them out and play with them any time without them being totally in the way. 
Tucked behind the door now is the tent we created for the girls for Christmas a few years ago. Before we couldn’t have it set up since there wasn’t a good place for it but now it can stay up and they can play in it any time. 
 One of the best parts about the tent is that it is large enough that we were able to place both of the girl’s old crib mattresses inside it so it is comfortable to sit and play in there so they won’t just be on the hard wood floor. We threw some pillows in there and of course some blankets and stuffed animals found their way in as well. It’s fun spot to be in.
Travis built the large cube shelving unit to place on the floor under the winder where we tucked totes where they can store their toys and then the large castles and other large items can live on top so they can play with them on top of the shelf or easily grab them to play with on the floor. It is even sturdy enough that we could use it as a seat if we’d like as well. 
Above the cube shelf, we hung a small shelf that was already in the basement between the two windows. I painted it the same blue color as the other accents in the room and just decorated it with some canvases. Still have to figure out what else to place there but for now, it will do.
On the far wall, I hung up the picture frames I painted and used for Miss P’s 5th birthday party. The girls can easily change out the artwork whenever they’d like since I used clothes pins to clip the artwork or just taped them to the wall. 
Then we brought down their bean bags from upstairs to sit on, an old storage bench we weren’t using anymore got a coat of purple paint to cover up the messed up base, and throw in some more larger toys into this area, and we are all set.
We took Miss S’s old crib and gave it a paint job and turned it into an art desk. Her crib got really messed up during our move here so it was no longer able to be used as her full size bed so this was the next best option. Normally they have their two white chairs that sit at this space but those moved back upstairs for a short time. 
We placed the desk in the center of the room between the three columns. It fit perfectly in the area and help define each side of the room. Next to the desk, sits an old nightstand that will eventually go in Miss S’s room but for now serves as extra storage. 
And then the white rug on the floor are actually two rugs and used to be in each of the girl’s rooms. We bought them new rugs for their rooms and instead of getting rid of these, we thought they would work well together down here in the space. 
Another view of the tent behind the door, the large cedar chest by the door was left by the previous owners and we use it to store our luggage so our kitties don’t use them as scratching posts, and then I hung an old print on the wall above the chest. 
I still have a view more things I would like to add, decor wise, to this side of the room but the girls love it and enjoy going down to play. It will definitely come in handy during the long winter months. 
Before swinging to the other side of the room, here is a shot of the striped floor. I love how it turned out and I love that you can barely tell there is plywood under the washer and dryer anymore. 🙂 
Here is the view of the not so exciting side, the laundry/storage side of the basement, from the door.
The back corner is where we moved the large shelf that was in the room. We gave it a good cleaning with our pressure washer and I gave it a coat of paint and then everything was stacked on top and on the floor next to it. In the center of the room is the drop cloth rug I created and sits a large metal clothing rack that the previous owners left as well. It comes in very handy on laundry day to dry my clothes! 
The dryer sits on the window wall and then the island that was in our kitchen in CO sits under one of the windows. I use it to fold towels and sheets and some times the girl’s clothing but mostly it is a large step for the kitties to jump on to get into their favorite window to watch the little critters in the garden outside.
The indoor outhouse now blends into the room after we gave it a coat of white paint as well instead of it being painted the dark brown color.
A little bit better shot of the racks in the center of the room and the washer wall. 
I will say, I am much happier doing laundry in this space than I was before. I actually don’t mind it anymore. 
And one last thing that we did that I forgot to share yesterday was that we replaced the lighting in the space as well. We bought these small round track lights from Home Depot so we could aim them in different areas of the room to give light directly where needed. Each side of the room has the new light so it is definitely bright down there when all the lights are turned on. 
And there you have it!! 
Talk about a transformation! 
We both kept saying why didn’t we tackle this space sooner once we finally had it complete.
You can check out our other home renovation/makeover projects in my “house” label. Lots to look through!


Basement Makeover- The Process

You guys, I have talked about working on our basement for MONTHS and I am so stinking happy that I can actually can start to share it with you today!
This has been a work in progress since end of March, beginning of April. It has been mostly done for quite some time but with Travis’s busy training schedule over the summer it wasn’t fully finished until recently.
Before I get into all the details, let me show you what the room looked like when we bought the house and what it has looked like the past two years. 
The room was just dirty from age, faded, dark, painted with yellow walls and ceiling, red floors (hello mustard and ketchup!) and brown accents here or there. It was terrible! 
As soon as you walked in the door you had a view of the girl’s trampoline. It was a short, not fully size trampoline so we set it up in the basement for the girls to use during the nasty cold winter months. To the right as you walk in, we moved a large shelving unit that the previous owners left and it was full of items. It wasn’t suppose to live there but we had to move it from the location it was in to fix the floor under it and then once that happened it never went back until now. 
As you look to the left, you get to the laundry side of the basement and more storage. We have 3 columns in the center of the room, one original and two were added later probably when the second floor of the house was added in the ’40s, so they line up awkwardly. The giant rug on the floor was left by the previous owners and it was actually in our master bathroom. We definitely didn’t want to use it in there so we drug this ginormous, heavy, wool rug to our basement to hope it would help with warmth in the winters. 
Then in the far left corner, was our indoor out house, utility sink, and washer. 
The washer and dryer sit on super thick pieces of plywood that sit over the original wood floor that, we assume, the previous owner put down for more strength under the washer and dryer and just stand out again the red painted floor.
As soon as we moved in, I had a plan of exactly what I wanted to do to the basement it was just a matter of time to tackle the huge job. After talking about it forever and after finishing many of the other house projects, it was time to tackle it! 
We began by clearing out the room and giving it a good cleaning before we started to paint.
To help get this massive job done, we busted out the Finish Max paint sprayer from Home Right.
This thing was a life saver since we had so many seams between all the wood on the walls and ceiling plus duct work.
 With living with the room so dark for so long, I knew I wanted to paint the room bright white! No surprise really, that has been my go to color with this house to make it brighter and I have not regretted it once yet.
Travis would paint the walls and ceiling with a roller and then I would come behind him and go over the area to fill in all the cracks and seams between the wood. So much better than having to use a brush to get between all that! 
It was also SOOOOO helpful when it came to spraying all the duct work in the basement!
Once the walls were done it was time to tackle the floor!
Since we painted the walls white, I wanted to add some sort of pattern to the floor for a little whimsy so we primed and painted the floor white then went back and painted large gray stripes. I LOVE IT! 
We left three rows white then painted five gray and it was perfect. Plus, we painted the thick plywood under the washer and dryer so it would blend right in now instead of standing out. 
I did want to add a tiny bit of color but nothing too bright that it would stand out big time in the room so I used the left over aqua paint from the girl’s bathroom and painted the columns and the trim around the window with it. It was the perfect added touch of color to go with the stripe floor. 
After all the was done and we let the floors cure for a week or two, it was time to move stuff in. 
Well, it would have been time but that is when Travis’s training started and he was either out of town or working crazy hours so things got a little pushed back. He made sure I had a working washer and dryer and that is about it for the room. I didn’t want to move the heavy stuff alone because I didn’t want to risk scratching the floor so things sat. But I was still able to go down and use this awesome space for laundry and it was amazingly brighter and so much more cheerful! 
We made a little progress on the room when he had a small break in July but then he went back to it in August so needless to say this was a long project! 
It is done now but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the full reveal so STAY TUNED! 🙂


Foyer Update

Hi everyone! 
Sorry I’ve been rather quiet on the blog as of late. 
We have been working on a few projects and life has been a little hectic so the crafting or motivation to even craft, has been a little slacking. 
One of the projects we have been working on though is a little update to our foyer area. If you missed our entire foyer/living room project you can check out what we did here.
When we first completed our foyer there were two projects that we knew we wanted to get done but it was just a matter of when we would actually get to them.
 We always planned to paint the stair risers, hence why I painted into them a little ways when they built the stair extension for the railing.
And we also talked about painting the cabinet in the foyer as well since there was so much wood in such a small area with the dark stained front door, stained floor, steps, trim, and then the cabinet itself.
We were going to take a quick trip to TN but canceled it so Travis still took the days off he asked for and we finally knocked the stair risers and the little cabinet off our to do list. And now I wonder what the heck took us soooo long! 
Before I show you the finished results I will share with you what we did. 
Travis gave the stair risers a light sanding then I came in behind them and gave them a good wash. 
Once the stairs were dry, Travis taped off the stairs.
I then gave the risers 2 coats of primer before painting 3 coats of the main paint.
We took off the doors to the cabinet and took them down to our work room in the basement where I sanded, primed and painted them while Travis added some new trim around the cabinet and I later primed and painted the body of the cabinet.
And here are the final results.
Nice bright white cabinet and stair risers break up all the orange stain on the steps perfectly! 
I love how the stairs turned out, now if we could only get the stairs finally clean from the old carpet runner that was on them, but we’ll get there at some point. 
We kept the metal bars on the steps that hold down the carpet runner in place just in case someone in the future wants to replace the runner.
This also made us realize how much we need to do this to the back stairs of our house. It is just a staircase in a little hallway so it the white will definitely brighten it up from all the stained steps.
This space is now so much brighter and I’m in love! 
 I am still shocked when I walk through there and how much brighter it is and I wish we did it sooner.
Now onto to finishing the other big project we started the same weekend Travis was off of work!


Mudroom Update

Happy Monday everyone! 
I hope you had a great weekend. 
 Today I want to share with you a little update with our mudroom.
You may recall that back in December of 2015 I shared our mudroom with all of you. 
Here is a quick look at what the room looked like when we bought the house.
And here is a quick glance at what we did to the room.
It has been amazingly useful, especially in the winters with all of our coats and shoes, though it is messy most of the time and drives me bonkers, I am so happy we got this done when we did. 
Well, this was only one side of the mudroom. 
The original kitchen cabinets were still in the room but at the time when we built all this, we only did one thing on the other side of the room and it sat like that for over a year. 
This is what that side of the room looked like when we moved in, actually the day we closed. 
There was a sink and window in the old kitchen where there is now the pass through to our current kitchen. The previous homeowners added the new kitchen many years ago and at some point, not sure if it was when they were still using this as a kitchen, the previous owners cut out tin, the lady punched a pattern onto it, then they glued the tin to the fronts of the cabinets. 
Great for her style, not for mine so much! 
So when we added the whole mudroom area, we ripped the tin off the front of the cabinets and had to scrap away glue left behind. And then the cabinets sat, for over a year, with different colors, glue covered cabinet doors. 
We finally got around to working on them in January and the room is finally complete.
 It is so much brighter and I am sooooo thrilled that it is now complete! 
We use this side of the mudroom as our pantry, the cabinets closest to you in the picture, and the far side of cabinets I use for storing serving pieces, candles, we hide our wireless modem in there, and on the bottom we have pet food. 
We took the doors off and took them to our work shop in our basement and gave them a good sanding.
I then primed and painted the doors downstairs while working on priming and painting the cabinet bodies in the mudroom.
Once everything was complete we put the doors back on and added new knobs that were very similar to the original knobs on the cabinets.
The room is now so much brighter with both sets of cabinets painted bright white like the mudroom cabinets. 
I originally wanted to add a bead board insert to the doors but that was before we realized that the tin was glued on and we couldn’t easily pop out the center panel so we left them plain and I am happy with it. 
At some point, a previous owner took off the original hardware and replaced them with simple curved pulls. You were still able to view exactly where the old hardware sat and we knew it was originally something just like this, just probably in a different finish. I love this look so when we ordered the knobs from D. Lawless Hardware for the mudroom area, I ordered enough for this side of the kitchen as well. 
I told Travis to install them directly where we could see where the originals sat and they are perfect! 
I took off the lace valances that were on the window while I was painting all the trim in the room and was going to replace it but after noticing how much brighter it was in the room without it, we opted to leave the window wide open to bring in all the light we can into the space. 
I love that this space is complete.
Always pleasant to knock something off the to-do list!


Kitchen Makeover Reveal

We began our kitchen makeover at the beginning of July. 
It was done in phases, mostly because we had to wait for certain things to get complete before we could move on to the next thing, but as of Friday night, our kitchen is complete. YAY! 
I am thrilled it is complete! 
This is a long, picture heavy post, SORRY, but I wanted to warn you! 
This was our kitchen when we moved into our house.
Literally when we moved in- see that giant mess?! lol
Oak cabinets, dark laminate counters, linoleum floors in a faux brown tiles, and yellow, or well mustard walls. 
It was all… VERY BROWN and totally lopsided!! 
EVERYTHING was on this end of the kitchen and to the left of this photo was nothing at all even though there was room for something. 
This area of the kitchen was the only somewhat bright spot with white bead board on the wall where the table sits. I wish the previous owners carried the bead board onto the left side of the kitchen but nope just plain painted yellow walls.
And here is the kitchen now. 
Still the oak cabinets and linoleum floor, though I would LOVE to change it, but much brighter and still a big difference. The biggest difference comes to the wall that you don’t see. 
But before I show you everything as a whole, let me show you what we did to get to this point.
We began with the walls. 
Here is a better shot of the breakfast nook area before.
It has the real wood version of bead board but it was super beat up and really didn’t look that good in person. 
 Here is a shot of the other side of the room. Totally plain and empty.
So we ripped that all off the wall for a whole new wall treatment plan.
We also painted the upper portion of the walls.
It was then time to install our new wall treatment, board and batten, throughout the whole room.
We began by replacing the base boards back in the nook area and then we placed a piece of 1×2 an inch from the top of the baseboards all the way around the room where we were doing the board and batten. 
This was our tricky way of not having to replace the old baseboards.
Then the fun began of doing all the board and batten itself. 
We began by installing the top board all the way around at the height we wanted, 70 in. high.
Then we installed a second row of boards down 10 in. from the top board.
And we finished it out with the battens down the wall spaced the 17 3/4 in. apart. Why we picked such a random number I haven’t the faintest at this stage but that is what we did. lol
 Once the boards were all attached, it was my turn to take over. I caulked around all the boards and primed them with 2 coats of primer.
Then the whole room got painted with a few coats of ultra white paint to make it nice and bright in the room.
The unified look throughout the room looks so much better and the room isn’t quite so lopsided anymore. 
Once the walls were complete, it was time to move on to the lighting.
These were the old pendant lights above the island. There were 3 of them and they weren’t that great. 
I knew what I wanted to replace them with , it was just a matter of finding them for the price I wanted. 
After searching EVERYWHERE, I finally found this version, of all chrome or nickel or whatever they are and snagged them in a heartbeat. I spent slightly more than I wanted since we had to buy three but still got them for a good deal. 
Have you ever had to look for lights for the same room the coordinate and goes with the idea you have in your head? Holy cow, that is a heck of a feat!! 
Then I found this handsome fella to go with the pretty ladies for over our table.
The old light was a fake stained glass looking light, it was plastic, and gave off terrible light. I found this light  for the best price and ordered immediately! 
 It has a white bottom on the inside so it gives off much better light and we can actually see our food now, which is good! 
Then came cabinet hardware. 
 The previous owners had these round white knobs on the cabinets. 
Their kitchen was decorated VERY country and these knobs went with their decor but NOT mine! 
They stood our from the cabinets immediately when you looked at the kitchen and I hated that. 
I found these great hexagon nickel knobs at Wal-Mart, yep, Wal-Mart and snatched them up. I needed 42 so I needed a lot for a good price and they are so much better!
Once the walls were complete, knobs were changed and the lights were installed, we had to play the waiting game. 
We ordered new counter tops and they weren’t going to be stalled until mid August which meant everything else had to be stalled.
Finally counter install day was here so we took out our old sink and removed the old counters the night before.
So the counter guys arrive, we ordered a white quartz from Home Depot, and as they are bringing them in and they placed the large sink piece in place, the sink hole was cut in the completely wrong place!! AHHHH! So they had to take the entire main part of the counters and recut them. 
This was the only section that was installed that day which meant that we were without a sink or a counter in our kitchen for another week.
Thank goodness for a small bar sink in our island.
Here is a super up close shot of our quartz. I can’t remember the name for the life of me but it was in Group A. We wanted to upgrade the counters but didn’t want to pay the price we paid in our old house, especially knowing that we had more counters in this house. We are both really happy with how this one looks in our kitchen. 
And a week later, the rest of the kitchen counters and our sink was finally installed, the right way this time. 
Next up, giving our island a little makeover to make it different from the rest of the cabinets.
The counter on the island was already actually a nice counter, I think possibly plain white quartz but not sure since the previous owners installed it, so since the top is different then the rest we wanted the island to completely make it different from the rest.
Travis installed bead board to the back side of the island since it was just plain. 
We also replaced the old pointy corbels that we would always smack our knees on it these, much smoother corbels.
Then I gave the entire island 2 coats of gray primer. Thank goodness the Olympics were on during this so I had something to watch and listen to in the background during my multiple coats!
 Next it got painted 3 times with the dark gray main coat of paint. Turned out great! 
And the very last thing we added was we put in a bead board back splash throughout the main kitchen as well as on the island back splash. We bought 2 large pieces of bead board from Home Depot for $30 a piece and we had enough for the back of the island and all of the back splash.
I gave it the a few coats of the same ultra white as the board and batten and it looks fantastic! 
I love how it looks and so happy it is complete! 
I will say that I would change the floors in a heartbeat but we just don’t have the time, money, and we probably wouldn’t get the money back when selling the house, so that did not get done. All well. 
And we had debated on painting all the cabinets but once the back splash was installed we decided it looked good as it so we weren’t going to spend more time on money on that either. 
I’m thrilled with how much brighter the room is now and of course less brown! 
 We kept our old table and chairs and rugs in the space. The table and chairs did get a little messed up on our move here to WI so they may get a makeover as well but we’ll see! 
I may change out the rugs at some point as well but that will be if I find something I really like for a good price.
I still enjoy walking in here and taking in the room.
The island turned out great. 
The bar stools were left by the previous owner and I hope to redo those at some point. We’ll see if I get to that this winter. 
The board and batten helps balance out the room.
 We moved our bar over under my vintage plate wall and it made this side of the room really come together. 
This bar has been on the makeover list since we bought it 6 yrs ago. Perhaps some day I will get to it! lol
The new lights go so well above the newly painted island. 
I love the new counters and the new sink.
The old sink was, well, I have no idea what it was made from, but I hated it! I’m so happy to have a stainless steel sink again.
 We even got ourselves a new stove.
Our previous stove had a black faced door and still the coil elements on top which makes it so hard to clean so we found this at Home Depot and decided to bring it home as well. 
I even sewed new valances for all the windows. 
I found this fabric at my local Wal-Mart and immediately knew I wanted to use it in the kitchen! I love them! 🙂 
We probably won’t be in this house much longer but I am so happy this project is complete and we can enjoy it until it is time to move on once again. 


Girl’s Bathroom Makeover

I am pretty excited to finally show you the makeover we gave the girl’s bathroom!
We started this a few months ago, and was pretty much done, but there were a few small things that we just kept putting off finishing and I’m thrilled that we finally got them done.
I’ll start with a before picture of this, uh, lovely space.
 To say this space was beige is an understatement.
It was horrible! 
Beige tub/shower, beige walls, beige and mauve floors, horrible old vanity, dry woodwork…. oh this poor room needed so much help! 
Let’s take a closer look at the horribleness shall we?
The previous owners installed these horrible tile floors when they bought the house in the early 90s. The grout was disgustingly dirty and it just grossed me out!! 
They also took off the original wall sink and put this beat up vanity in the room. It may have been in much better shape when they first installed it but it is definitely showing it’s age with the chipped sink top, worn out door, and much more. 
The only thing going for this sink was that it did match the originally wood trim in the room.
I do love that original wall vanity mirror though! Best thing about the place but the poor wood was so dry and thirsty! 
There is also an awesome linen closet in the corner which provides a ton of storage! Another good thing! 
And then this super heavy curtain was left behind by the previous owner. It was so covered in dust and just bad for this little space! 
The room was so dark and again, beige, it so needed to a makeover! 
So let the makeover begin!! 
I began by painting a quick coat on the walls of a bright blue. It is pretty much the same color I painted in the girl’s bathroom in CO and I knew it would be perfect in here too. 
Then Travis began by removing the vanity and toilet so we could rip out those floors. 
This was when we discovered that there was an original wall sink.
 Thankfully, the tile wasn’t put down that well or was so old, it just popped right out which revealed the lovely original teal linoleum.
 After doing some research to see if this flooring would have asbestos in it, we figured out it didn’t and that it was just backed by burlap and we could remove it.
Then we threw down some concrete board on the floor for a good new surface for the new tile.
And after Travis completed the tile floor and put the new vanity in, I got to do the painstaking job of painting all that trim white and finish the walls.
This definitely help to fully brighten up the room.
Ready to see the room now?
Here ya go! 
Isn’t it so much brighter?! 
I seriously love how the room turned out! 
 We put down new cream and white long tile floors. They look like marble but are porcelain.
Since we were keeping the cream tub/shower and toilet, we had to find something that had white and cream in it to tie the whole room together. They turned out perfectly! 
I found some fun fabric that I liked and just whipped up a new, much lighter curtain for the window.
The new vanity is actually a cabinet we found at an antique store. It wasn’t in the best of shape and was actually not the proper depth so we had to add a little but of wood to the back to make it work for us.
I gave it a coat of paint with some chalk paint in cream and it works great in the space.
Bought a bigger sink top from Home Depot to fit the new bigger vanity and it was a match made in heaven! 
We just reused the old faucet because that was in great shape and I loved the look of it.
The vanity mirror looks great in white and we kept the old lights that were in the room but gave them a facelift with some metallic spray paint since they were previously painted and not looking so hot anymore.
The vanity definitely works great with the medicine cabinet.
The newly painted linen closet sure brightened up this corner as well. 
And that’s it!
Definitely a MAJOR improvement and I love the finish results!