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This, That, and Everything in Between- March 2018

Y’all, it’s March!! 
How is that already possible? I seriously have no idea where the first two months of the year have gone. 
But enough about me not being able to wrap my mind around how fast time is flying, it is time to recap our family adventures from February. 
So here is what we were up to last month.
 We started the month by taking our last foster baby back to the shelter
to get adopted. She finally broke out of her super shy shell and was
showing herself more and more so we knew it was time to get her a
forever family. We took her back on a Saturday and she went home Monday
with her family. So happy she didn’t have to stay long before she was

Living in WI, we get our fair share of snow in the winter. We had a family day of clearing snow and then playing one day and I felt the need to snap a few photos of the house while we were outside. 
We just had another major storm blow through dumping a good deal of snow and I pray that it is going to be our last of the season! 
 Valentine’s day was a fun day. 
Every day leading up to Valentine’s day, we placed hearts with words of encouragement and what we love about the girls on each other their doors to wake up too. 
Then on Valentine’s day both girls had school and school parties so that meant Travis and I could have lunch alone together that afternoon. He brought all of us home flowers to go with the handmade cards that he and I create and exchange every year. Then for dinner we made a heart shaped pizza and cut brownies into hearts as well. 
It was a fun, sweet day!
 President’s Day weekend the girls and Travis both had off quite a few days so we decided to surprise the girls and take a little staycation of sorts. 
We drove an hour north of us to a hotel that had a water park inside for an evening where we had some family fun swimming. 

The hotel was also attached to a family fun zone, arcade type of place so after swimming, we got all cleaned up, ate some dinner, then headed over for more family fun.

But that wasn’t where the fun ended! The next morning we ate breakfast then headed an hour west into Missouri to the cute little town of Stillwater to surprise the girls again by taking them to the Ice Castle there in town. Best part was, Anna and Elsa were at the ice castles and the girls got to see and talk to them. It was a exciting afternoon!
 Then on the spur of the moment whim, we decided to head to Minneapolis since we were only 30 minutes away from the Mall of America to go the aquarium before driving home. The girls loved seeing all the fish and it was a long, fun, exhausting day!
 Toward the end of the month, Travis had a work function at the ski hill on post and we got to get in some tubing before it started. Miss P loved it and Miss S on the other hand did not. We were lucky enough to get her to go down twice but she was done after that. 
All well! We’ll try again when she is older. 
The girls finished their gymnastic class at the end of the month. They both loved it and did great during this session.
Before the month came to a close, I had a paint party at the house doing a painting that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. Travis and Miss P even jumped in on the action since it was a small party. 
And lastly, I have been playing around with small stamped watercolor paintings lately. They are mini paintings and are so fun to create. And if I am in my craft room working on anything, my little shadow has to be right there with me! 
I believe that’s it in a nut shell! 
I am sure I am missing something but that’s ok. 
I know I have been super quiet on the blog lately and I have been wanting to craft but so far nothing has really come to me. When it does, I’ll be sure to share it! 
Stay tuned for more adventures next month!


Road Trip Tips

I hope you are having a great summer. Our summer is off to a fun start and it just keeps on going. We are taking a couple of longer car rides this summer. Each trip with the kids will be between 6 and 8 hours. With five kids in the car they could be even longer! So, I am making sure that I am prepared for the road trips. 
Here are a few things that I am hoping will set us up for success in the car. I don’t really want to hear “Are we there yet” or “I’m hungry” every 20 minutes so I am preparing myself in advance with a “bag of tricks”
I have printed out some classic car games that we can play. My kids love to keep an eye out for different license plates and these sheets help us actually keep track of which ones we’ve seen. Or you can use the map for the license plate game and help your kids work on their geography at the same time!! My kids don’t get a lot of geography at their school so I wanted to find a way to incorporate some more geography into our trip as well. I found these great states and capitols worksheets for them to do. You can check out my pinterest board for geography to see some other great ideas to help the kids learn while having fun!

 We always like to play, “I’m going on a trip and I’m taking…” The first person brings something that starts with an “A” and the second person starts their item with a “B” but they have to say I’m taking an apple and a burrito…and as the game goes on it gets harder because you have to list everything that was previously stated. But it’s a great memory game and a time killer! We find the alphabet on the road signs…but set the rules ahead of time (do license plates count or not?) so everyone is on the same page! 
I also printed off these little game worksheets for my bigger kids and I am positive they will love working on them!! We like to play the dot game and tic tac toe as well…if you have those boards already set up on paper it saves you a lot of time! You can find some printables for those games online too. I have a “vacation” pinterest page and there are a lot of other great travel games and ideas on there!
Yes, we do have two screens in our van so the kids can watch movies but my goal is that we don’t have to watch movies the whole time…maybe one movie per trip. So I will try to keep them busy with the games I stated above and some other innovative ways…like giving them each a piece of tin foil and having them create anything they want with it. My kids love their travel Guess Who and I know if we had this travel Hangman they would love playing that as well…plus it would be a way for them to keep their spelling skills up! You can bring a cookie sheet and magnets for younger kids to play with. There are so many great games that you can find something for everyone!


Last time we went on a longer road trip my three year old kept saying “I need a snack”. She didn’t ask when we’d be there as much but she always wanted to eat. We figured it was her way of saying she was bored. So we did try to keep her entertained but also realized that some of the time she probably was actually hungry. In the past I have kept a big snack bag up by my seat and in it would be all the different bags or boxes of snack foods. I would then hand back a small cup with some sort of snack in it. 
This time I got a little bit smarter. Since I knew we’d be eating lunch in the car everyone got a ziploc container with their lunch in it (don’t forget the napkins). 
Then I just portioned out some snacks for the other few hours we’d be in the car. Everyone got a baggie full of the pre-portioned snack and I put their initial on the bag so we wouldn’t have any fighting (and so I would know who didn’t clean up after themselves!!). This worked out so well! And I will be using this method in the future. Yes, it uses more baggies but it saved me so much time in the car and they spilled less when their snack was in a baggie instead of a small cup. 

There are so many other great tips out there that we’ve used for our road trips, like always packing a roll of paper towels and extra plastic bags. We let the kids pack a few of their favorite things but then also bring along a few surprises as well. People have made binders for all of their road trip games but it worked for me to just put it in the manila folder inside my small bag. I’ve also seen people wrap presents or small trinkets to give to the kids each hour or set miles down the road. We opted to just do the printables this time and it worked out great. Also, bring colored pencils instead of markers or crayons (they’re just cleaner in the car) but don’t forget the pencil sharpener. 

Enjoy your time and realize it might get loud or a little crazy but really, who likes being stuck in a seated position closely surrounded by other people for 6+ hours? Cut everyone a little slack and have fun making new memories! Where are you headed this year?!
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St. Augustine Trip

I snuck away Wednesday off to St. Augustine, FL to visit my best friend Megan.

She was graduating from the University of St. Augustine with a degree in Physical Therapy.

So I went down to visit and of course, see her graduate.

While I was down there, I hung out with her friends and family, helped her pack up her apartment and of course hit up the beach a little too.

And watched her graduate as a Doctor.

Getting her hood.

With the new Dr. Megan Dempsey! Yeah!

Friends with the graduate.

So if anyone needs a good physical therapist, I know one! 🙂

Congrats Best Friend!

Love you!


WY Trip Recap

**This post is picture HEAVY!! **

As I’ve mentioned before, we headed out to WY last week for Travis’ family reunion and the Basque Festival.
I shared a few photos of our trip on Monday but here is the full recap.

We drove up from CO on Thursday evening.

There was a family gathering that night and then we headed out to eat with Travis’ parents and grandpa.

On Friday, we took a drive to the Michelena Family Ranch.

Along the way we saw:
Gorgeous views.

A few of these guys.

And a whole lotta of hay bails.

Here is the sign at the family ranch.

The center sign are the family branding symbols.

Once there, we crossed this big bridge built by Travis’ Great-Grandfather.

It was cool but a little scary!

And before we headed out, we had to take a picture with the old jeep that was used by the sheep dogs back in the day.

While driving around we also saw many Antelopes.

There was another family event Friday evening and then Saturday we got up for the Basque Festival parade.

Welcome sign in downtown Buffalo.

Basque dancers opening the parade.

And then we saw lots of Sheep Wagons!
This one is an original sheep wagon on one side of the Michelena Family.

This is Travis’ uncle’s sheep wagon with his Grandpa Joe and Great Uncle driving it.

These were two beautiful wooden sheep wagons.

But can’t forget the sheep wagons manned by women of a family.

After the parade, I wanted to take a picture with Travis by the river behind our hotel before we changed to head to the mountains.

Once changed, off to the mountains we went to see his family that was camping up there.
Travis and I took a hike once we got to the mountains to take in the scenery.

I admired many beautiful wild flowers.

Found the carving Travis did in one of the trees 5 years ago at the last Basque Festival he attended. It’s aged a little.
He did this about 6 months before we got married and we used this picture on the cake table at our wedding.

We admired the mountains.

Walked along the creek taking many pictures along the way.

Admired more wide flowers.

And eventually got to this opening and climbed up the large pile of rocks in the distance.

And took in the fabulous views from the top.

We then hiked back to camp and hung out with family some more and celebrated one of his Uncle’s 50th birthday.

It was a fun weekend meeting Travis’s family, hearing stories about growing up in WY herding sheep, and taking in the Basque culture.


Taking in the View

I’m still away on our trip to WY.

I thought I’d share just a few quick shots that were taking over the past few days of the views from Buffalo, WY.

View heading toward the Michelena Family Ranch

Hanging with the hubby by the stream behind the hotel

Admiring the gorgeous mountains and surroundings on a hike

View of the valley and mountains from on top of some rocks on our hike

I will do a full recap of the trip when I get back.
We took LOTS of pictures!


I’m Off To…

I’m so excited!
This time tomorrow, I will officially be on a plane headed out to AZ for Creative Estates.

I’m all packed (totally over packed) and ready to go.
Got a fun new bag with my blog name on it (I’ll show you a pic of it when I return), got business cards made, got my hair cut and colored, and spent 3 hours in my closet figuring out what to wear!

I can’t wait to learn some new things and of course see my “friends” from around the big world of blogging in real life! It will be so cool actually meeting people face to face after getting to know everyone through their blogs.

I will be sure to take LOTS and LOTS of pictures so I can come back and tell you ALL about it!

If you are going, let me know!
I’d love to meet you!

While I am gone, I have some lovely ladies guest posting for me so be sure to stop by and show them some love!

Also, the Catch a Glimpse Party will be going on as usual! There just won’t be Feature Friday post and of course, I won’t have time to visit and comment. Sorry!

I also want to apologize for not commenting on everyone’s links from last week. It has just been crazy this past week. Travis went out of town for training and then I was gone this past weekend as well so time completely got away from me! I will do better- promise! 🙂

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week and weekend!
I’ll see you Tuesday!


See you Later!

We are officially away on our trip to TN for Christmas.

It is going to be a very short, quick round about all of Middle and East TN.
We’ll be in the car a lot…. yeah.

But one of the best parts about this trip is that right now, as you read this, we are officially watching this guy…
OH YEAH! That is totally Garth Brooks!

He has been doing some Flood Relief Benefit Concerts in Nashville this past week and we are at his second to last show.
Trust me, there will be TONS of pictures taken and I will be singing at the top of my lungs the WHOLE TIME!
I will be sure to share a few pics with you all when I get back! 🙂

After the concert, we are staying with my parents for the night before we head down to Chattanooga to see Travis’ family. We’ll be there for two days and then head up to Knoxville Christmas morning to be with my side of the family for two more days.

So like I said… short, but long time in the car!

While I am gone, I will be having some guests here at A Glimpse Inside.
So PLEASE be sure to stop by still and give my guest some love! They’ll be sticking around for a week and a half. I’ll pop in every now and then though!
AND the linky parties will still be going on like normal. Just can’t promise I will get to visit everyone like normal.

So, I hope that each of you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!
See you when I return! 🙂


I’m back! :)

I am back from my trip to TN and still trying to get back in the swing of things. I have a ton of cleaning calling my name and I so don’t want to tackle it all. Hopefully, I will get back to posting regularly. It may take me a few days to get back to normal around here so bare with me!

I had a great trip. I shared some pictures last week of what I was doing while I was gone so here are a few more from the rest of my trip.

I got my hair cut and colored back to blonde. 🙂 I am happy to have it shorter in this heat!

I got to see some of my awesome friends that I haven’t seen in far too long at a “welcome home” party for my friends that finally got to move back into their house after it flooded in the Nashville flood in May.

And when I came home yesterday, I saw these beauties waiting for me, so of course, I HAD to take pictures like I ALWAYS do!

I hope that you all are doing well! I am WAY behind in my blog readings so I will try to catch up with you all soon and get back to you on any comments you may have left while I was gone or even before that. I’ve been slacking on my replies lately… I apologize!

I am also working on a large project for my old sorority chapter so I have no idea when I will have some projects or tutorials to share. Hopefully, I can sneak in some fun things while working on this project.

This post sure did just turn into a bunch of randomness. Haha! All well!!
Happy Monday to you all!


I Promise…

… that I will be back soon!

I’m hoping sure some of you noticed that I’ve been a little silent the past few days and it will probably stay like that a little longer. I am currently at my parent’s house in TN but will be back on Sunday, so I will be back to posting on Monday.

But I am having a great time.

I have gotten to love on this little guy!

See my best friend growing up.

Got to be at their wedding.

Visit with old friends from high school.

Help celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of baby Isabel.

See my bestest friend.

And enjoy this fabulous view on a lake!

Hope you all are having a fabulous week too!


The vacation continues- First Full day

With the “gentle” prodding of my wife, I will continue the tale of our lovely vacation to Cabo San Lucas. It was about a month ago…so sorry.The first full day we of course wanted to hit the beach.

The day was gorgeous, clear and warm. The ocean, of course, had undercurrents of death, so we couldn’t get in the water. Which was disappointing, because I was looking forward to being beaten to a pulp by the gargantuan waves. Or learn to surf. Or both. Probably less surfing and more bruising.

We had zero food in the room, so we ate breakfast at the main pool. We decided to go traditional Mexican for breakfast, so I ate a beef burrito and Allison had a pulled pork BBQ sandwich. Like I said. Traditional.

View of some houses from one of the paths.

The path we hiked often to get to our room.

Pretty Peacock

Part of the Main Pool

We roamed the beach a little and took some pictures of sand and rocks and water. In our need to explore our new area, we decide to hit the skypool. Literally, the top of the mountain the resort is located on. If you walk from the beach to the skypool, including all the twists and turns of the cart path, you will walk a total of a kajillion miles. There is a base camp with sherpas waiting to carry your belongings to the top. It is best to make a stop halfway and set up camp. Watch out for the Yeti! The skypool is pretty cool, with an incredible view of the ocean. There is a hot tub and bar (of course), but it is pretty darn windy. We saw a whale blow some water way out, or so we think. Every little cresting wave is a whale as far as we could tell, so there must have been thousands, evenly spaced and swimming in the direction of the wind and current. Amazing creatures.

View of the resort from the beach.

Gorgeous Rocks on the beach.

View of the beach from the Skypool.

Anxious to explore the culture, we head downtown via cab. Oh, and to get food so we’re not spending bajillions of hard earned dollars on food at the resort. Cab fare wasn’t horrible. About $12 to get downtown. We roam around the hundreds of identical shops full of pottery, trinkets, silver jewelry, trinkets, blankets, trinkets, and….get this….Team Ponchos! Literally, ponchos with NFL, MLB, NBA, FOC, OIH, HOSDDSFSDG and more! I, of course, being a HUGE Denver Broncos fan (God help us), had to have it. So now I do. For like $30. It will actually be good for cold games I actually attend. We also bought some other small stuff, but mostly wandered. We paused by the marina for some daiquiris at Margaritaville, which were huge and excellent. While there, we were serenaded by a roaming mariachi band and tiny children peddling whistles. We didn’t need any whistles.

The Mariachi Band serenading us at Margaritaville.

With our Awesome Strawberry Daiquiris and the iron Mariachi Band at Margaritaville.

Travis in his Broncos Poncho

We grabbed another cab to the local Wal Mart (yes there is one). Interesting fact: Wal Mart in Spanish is “Wal Mart”. We bought wine and beer and other essentials. Some milk and cereal so we don’t have to eat burritos for breakfast.

That night we are sitting in the room, checking out the four channels, when I discover the parental controls button. Because I’m a curious man, I turned it on. Not that we needed some dirty programming, but I couldn’t figure out how to turn it back off. I even called down to the front desk. They said to just turn it off and turn it back on (isn’t that what you do for all electronic problems?) No dice. Hopefully we didn’t miss anything awesome on Telemundo.

Well, that’s if for the first day. More to follow when I am again chained to the desk by my lovely wife.