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Spring Floral Hoop Wreath

Hello everyone! 
Remember me? 
Hopefully the weather is spring like in your neck of the woods!
 It finally showed up for us here, yay, and I can’t wait for more actually color to start popping up outside too!
I know I have been super quiet here, for a while now, but I finally have something to share with all of you! 
I love the hoop wreaths that have been floating around and wanted to make my own and I really love how it turned out.
 It is easy to create, like most wreaths, so you can easily complete it in a short time frame one afternoon.
Here’s how you can create one for you door or even indoor decor.
-Hoop (I bought this MDF wood hoop at Michael’s in the styrofoam section)
-Glue Gun
-Floral picks
-Succulent picks
-Ribbon optional
-Acrylic paint or spray paint 
-Wire cutters
-A piece of felt
Begin by painting your hoop. 
I just painted two coats of white acrylic paint on mine but you could also just use spray paint.
 As your paint is drying, trim all the heads of your blooms off the stems and cut apart any leaves or smaller floral picks to prepare them for use.
Cut felt and glue it to your hoop.
You will glue the floral blooms and leaves to the felt.
I like to dry fit my entire wreath together first to figure out exactly how I want it. Once I am happy I will start gluing each piece individually, overlapping them, and working my way around the wreath.
Start with larger blooms and leaves and continue filling in with smaller items as you go.
 Keep going until the full wreath is complete filling in where need be.
After all of the blooms and leaves are attached, if you will see any of the felt from the front, just flip it over and trim it down. 
And that’s it!! 
Hang it and enjoy! 

I hope you guys like my new wreath and I sure hope that I will pop back on here more and more. Only time will tell. 🙂
 Until then, see you later!


MHCT&M: DIY Christmas Wreaths



If you know me, you know I like my turkey dinner next to my twinkling Christmas tree. I start my decorating and Christmas crafting in November to avoid rushing and to have ample time to enjoy it. 


One of my favorite Christmas crafts is wreaths! They are so fun to make and there are so many creative ideas to try or be inspired from! 

So today I’m sharing some of my favorite DIY Christmas Wreaths You Will Love.




 After taking a look at these Christmas wreaths, I know you will be ready to get your Christmas crafting on. 

Everyone needs a cute wreath for the front door, for over the mantle, to hang by the back door… you get the idea. One can never have too many wreaths, can they? 



Make this gorgeous scripted ribbon poinsettia wreath for Christmas. 

  Scripted Ribbon Poinsettia Wreath


This Santa Wreath is the perfect Christmas door decor.


 Santa Wreath 


 This Retro Winter Wonderland Wreath is so unique for Christmas. 

  Retro Style Winter Wonderland Wreath



We love the buffalo plaid trend especially on this Christmas wreath!


 Buffalo Plaid Winter Wreath



This burlap Christmas Wreath is a great beginner craft! 

  Burlap Christmas Wreath



Make this pretty Let It Snow wreath for Christmas.


 Let It Snow Wreath 


 This Vintage Tinsel Wreath showcases beautiful vintage ornaments. 

  Vintage Tinsel Wreath



This Woodland Winter Wreath is perfect for Christmas! 

  Woodland Plaid Winter Wreath



This simple Christmas wreath is a fun, easy craft! 

  Simple Christmas Wreath


Make a reindeer wreath for the holidays! 

  Reindeer Wreath 


 Simple yet beautiful Christmas wreath. 

  Simple Bell Wreath



Use Christmas cookie cutters to make a wreath!


 Cookie Cutter Wreath 


 Make a gorgeous asymmetrical holiday hoop wreath! 

  DIY Holiday Asymmetrical Hoop Wreath



Make a winter gnome wreath!


 Winter Gnome Wreath 



There are SO MANY awesome Christmas wreaths, y’all. 

I would be here all day sharing them with you and I still wouldn’t get through them all. 

Which were your favorites from today? I sure love that adorable winter gnome.





 Thanks for joining us, friends! 

We will see you back here next Friday for more Christmas inspiration!



Your hostesses,

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MHCT&M: Fantastic Fall Wreaths

Happy Friday everyone!
Can you believe that Halloween is next week already?! Holy cow, I am so not prepared at all so I better get on the candy buying and last minute costume prep!

Even though October is coming to a close, there is still plenty of time to create a fall wreath to display for the month of November.
I love creating wreaths and for some reason, I love to make fall wreaths! I have made so many fall wreaths through the years that I have a hard time deciding which to pull out and use in my decor every year.


Today, I have gathered up some fantastic fall wreaths that you can create yourself to add a special touch to your front door or some where on the inside of your home.


Fantastic Fall Wreaths to create yourself


There are so many different ways you can create a wreath using so many
different materials that you can create the perfect look for your home.   

Check out all of these fantastic wreaths to find some inspiration to create your own.



Grapevine Fall Wreath from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

 Bubble Burlap Fall Wreath from A Glimpse Inside


 Wood and Burlap Fall Wreath from Finding Home


Aren’t those all wonderful?! 

Which one has inspired you to get creative?!

Be sure to come back next month when we begin discussing Christmas!! 🙂


Your hostesses,

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Spring Floral Wreath

Happy Tuesday everyone! 
I am popping in today with a new Spring wreath, and yes I know summer is around the corner, but I had this wreath made for quite some time and am just now finally getting around to sharing it with you. It is great for summer too so it still works! 
Spring Floral Wreath
This is a very fast and easy wreath to make which is always a plus in my book! 
I actually busted this wreath out in a matter of minutes right after I finally completed cleaning and organizing my craft room. It felt so good to have it clean that I just had to craft! haha
Here’s how you can make a version for yourself.
Spring Floral Wreath
-Twine Wreath form (I had this white washed twine wreath already but you can use any twine wreath)
-Glue Gun
-Floral Picks (colors of your choice)
-Leaf Picks
Spring Floral Wreath
Begin by popping all the heads of the flowers off their stems and make a large pile.
I then like to do a dry run with the flowers on the wreath until I have a set up that I am happy with.
Spring Floral Wreath
When you like your placement, start by gluing the largest flowers to the wreath first.
Spring Floral Wreath
Followed by adding in your smaller flowers in and around the large blooms.
Spring Floral Wreath
Lastly, add some leaves for a little extra color and texture.
Spring Floral Wreath
And that’s it! 
I told you that was easy!
Spring Floral Wreath
 I love to layer large and small flowers together with different textures for more interest and dimension. 
The same goes with the leaves. I chose to use only one type of leaf in this wreath but it had a fuzzy texture and the shade of green was different than the green already in the other flowers.
There you have it! Perfect wreath for spring AND summer if you ask me! 🙂 


Vintage Truck Sign Christmas Wreath and our White Retro Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas everybody!  This is Donna from Modern on Monticello blog again and I’m so happy to contribute to A Glimpse Inside Blog this month and to get a chance to wish everyone a happy holiday.   I have so enjoyed contributing to A Glimpse Inside Blog this past year and wish Allison, Jamie, and Rachel the best in 2018!
For my last post I am sharing with you, I wanted to show you my Vintage Truck Christmas Wreath and a few photos of our Retro Inspired White Christmas tree.
I saw where Allison shared a Vintage Truck sign a few weeks ago and I always knew we shared the same taste and design vibes.  I hope you were able to read her post but if not check it out here
So, in the same spirit of loving all things with vintage trucks, I am sharing my recent project featuring a vintage truck sign.

I found this vintage truck sign on Amazon a few weeks ago while looking for retro themed Christmas ornaments for my white Christmas tree.  I was participating in a Christmas Tree blog hop and wanted to add more ornaments to the tree.  I have seen a green truck version of this sign but really wanted it in the red truck version.
Just so you know, my husband and son are working on a 1960 F100 Ford Truck which just so happens to be red – underneath all the rust – so vintage trucks have been a favorite around our house since before Retro and Vintage were the “in” thing.   The vintage truck sign for our house had to be red.

I wanted to keep the wreath pretty simple other than the vintage truck sign so I only added a string of LED battery operated lights and a bow.

I was going to originally hang this wreath outside my own back entrance door – which you see in these pictures – but my son and daughter in law are moving in to our rental house this upcoming weekend.  Yes, they are going to be our first renters while my son is away in seminary school next year – and since they are moving a week before Christmas they really won’t have much chance to decorate their new home.  I have decided to hang this wreath on their front door as a surprise and a housewarming gift.

I am also excited to share with you some pictures of my family’s white retro themed Christmas tree.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and that 2018 is everything you want it to be.  


MHCT&M: DIY Halloween Wreaths



I can’t believe Halloween is just around the corner! 

 Hi all – it’s Bev from Flamingo Toes here today and I’ve gathered up some of my favorite Spooky and Fun Halloween Wreaths to get your door all ready for trick or treaters!




 Let’s check them all out! 



 Halloween Ribbon Wreath

 Halloween Ribbon Wreath... so easy and cute!



Spooky Spiders Halloween Wreath 


Spooky Spiders Halloween Wreath - This cute new wreath is all decorated with spiders and flowers - and some peeking little skeleton hands too! 


 Spiderweb Embroidery Hoop Wreath 



 Simple and Spooky Bat Wreath





Pumpkin Argyle Wreath 




Velvet Halloween Wreath


A black and white wreath is classic for Halloween. Make it striped and made with velvet ribbon and it's downright skeletal looking and has vintage look and feel!



 DIY Glam Halloween Wreath


Glam Black and White Halloween Wreath | DIY Halloween Decorations



Easy Witch Wreath 




Simple Glam Halloween Wreath 




Halloween DIY Wreath – 2 in 1


Halloween: Chic Halloween Wreath Tutorial at ... Eek! 


 Black Cat Wreath 


Give your front door or mantel a touch of frightfully furry fun with this easy Black Cat Wreath!



Halloween Berry Wreath 

 Elegant and classy Berry Halloween Wreath that is made from supplies from the Dollar Store! Inexpensive and will become your favorite holiday decor item! 


 Spiderweb Halloween Wreath 




Witchy Halloween Wreath


witchy halloween wreath5 


 Giant Googly Eye Wreath


This giant googly eye wreath at Positively Splendid is so adorable! And easy to make, too!



Dollar Store Halloween Wreath 




Aren’t they all so great?! 

Which one is your favorite? 


 See you next week when we start our holiday gift guides!



Your hostesses,

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Fall Farmhouse Pumpkin Wreath

This year, I am all about the light, neutral colors for fall.
I don’t normally go to over the top with fall colors, I normally try to use them sparingly, but the different shades of green, white or cream, and then lighter orange/corals are calling to me.
I saw a wreath out while shopping a few months back and I loved it and thought I could make something similar and add a few other elements into it. The same wreath was actually the same inspiration for the Lace Pumpkin I created last month as well. 
 Here’s how I created it.
-Wreath form of your choice – I used a large grape vine
-Faux Leaves
-Small Pumpkins
-Cotton picks
-Succulent picks
-Pine cones (optional)
-Wire Cutters
-Hot glue gun
Add any other embellishments such as berries. Whatever you want.
Begin by gluing the leaves onto the wreath form. Start in the bottom center and aim all the leaves up the wreath so they meet at the top center. 
 I didn’t want just plain white pumpkins so I glue small doilies to the top of three of them for a little added detail.
Space out and glue the pumpkins into the wreath.
Keep building your wreath with another large item, the succulents. Space them out throughout and between all the pumpkins and glue into place.
Lastly, tuck the cotton picks into any gaps you want filled along with some really small pumpkins. 
And that’s it! 
I love to hang my wreath and then continue to tweak it slightly. Move the leaves around a little, add more into any holes and mess with it until you love it!
 It is a large wreath but I love it on our front door!
Our house looks like an old farmhouse, just in the middle of town, so it
is fitting that this wreath is more of the farmhouse style and goes with our stained door nicely. 
Now for me to just find the motivation to decorate the rest of the porch. 
Have you decorated your porch for fall yet?


Easy Witch Wreath

Happy Tuesday! 
I hope you all had a fantastic Labor Day weekend. 
We had lots of fun family time over the last four days but today is a big day for two reasons. One- I CRAFTED and have more things in the works!  Second- it is Miss P’s first day of Kindergarten! How is this possible?! 
I will share more on that at a later date and now back to the craft. 
It is officially September so even though I have a hard time wrapping my brain around fall already, I really have a hard time thinking about Halloween but I that is actually what I have for you today!
 I went shopping with Miss P last week and we came up with this idea together after spotting the fun picks at Michael’s. 
Here’s how easy it is to create one for yourself. 
– Small grapevine wreath (Mine is slightly oval)
-Krylon Metallic Spray Paint in Black
-Picks- witch hat, feet, pumpkins, cat or whatever else you’d like to add
-Hot Glue Gun
I began by spray painting my wreath black and let it dry fully.
I used the metallic black spray paint from Krylon to add a little shimmer to the wreath without it being crazy shiny.
I then took some tulle and tied it around the wreath. You could also use ribbon or twine but I used the tulle to blend it in with the rest of the skirt.
Cut strips of the tulle in your desired length for the tulle. I cut a whole bunch at once before tying and didn’t bother to make sure they were straight on the ends because it added some texture to the end of the skirt. I held them next to each other while cutting but some of slightly longer, some a little shorter. 
Tie the tulle around the front band of tulle around the wreath. 
I then cut some black shimmer ribbon and added it into the skirt.
You can always make them longer and add more. Just do what you like. 
Once the skirt was complete I added all the other fun picks.
I glued the hat to the top of the wreath a little off centered. 
 Glued the feet to the bottom sticking out from under the skirt so you could see the socks and everything. 
Then added a little pumpkin to the waist band of the skirt.
And that’s it! 
You can easily change it up to make it however you like! Different color skirt, more black, add orange, whatever you like. It is so easy!  
It will be a fun little addition to the door for Halloween night! 
Be sure to check out my other Halloween ideas: 


“No Place Like Home” Baseball Diamond Wreath

Hello everyone and welcome to June.  This is Donna from Modern on Monticello again.
The beginning of summer and the warmer weather always reminds me of summer sports events and spending time with my Daddy at the Kinston Indians minor league baseball games in eastern NC.  If you have ever watched the movie Bull Durham you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It was all about the crowds, the hot dogs and the love of the game.
I recently made a wreath for my daughter-in-law’s mother featuring a baseball diamond and baseballs, you can see the full post here.  The wreath I am posting about today though was made for my mother and in memory of my Dad’s love of the game.

For this project you will need:
  • Square wire wreath form
  • Olive Green Burlap Ribbon
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Baseball
  • Patriotic ribbons or ribbon of your choice
  • Cardboard Pendent or cardboard cutout in the shape of home plate
  • Acrylic Paints in red, white and blue
  • Computer and Printer to create the sign
  • Chalk
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • X-ACTO Knife
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
To actually make the wreath, it is just a simple method of looping the burlap ribbon through the wire wreath form and attaching the ends of the ribbon to the form with the pipe cleaners.  I know there are probably a million different tutorials on how to make a burlap wreath on Pinterest so I will save you the trouble of having to read it again.  
I was not able to find a pre-made cardboard cutout in the shape of home plate, but I was able to find these cardboard banner cutouts at Michael’s for less than $2.00 on the clearance rack.  To use it as a home plate sign, I simply measured 3 inches from the bottom point, drew a line, and used the X-ACTO knife to cut the cardboard down to size.

I applied two coats of white acrylic paint to one side of the cutout.
To create the sign, I first created the sayings on my computer and printed it out.  Then I applied a layer of colored chalk to the back of the printout, laid it on top of the painted cutout and traced the image with a pencil to leave an impression of the saying on the cardboard cutout.  After that it was just as simple as painting over the impression with the red and blue acrylic paints.

I attached my patriotic colored ribbons at the top of the wreath, hot glued the baseball directly to the wire frame and NOT to the burlap ribbon to make it more secure, and then glued on the home plate pendent.

I plan to give this to my mom when I go home to visit over the 4th of July holiday weekend.
Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there and see you next month,


Simple Red, White, & Blue Berry Wreath

I love wreaths. I have a ton of them. 
 I enjoy making them for different holidays and seasons or just for fun.
I realized I didn’t have a good wreath that I could use for July 4th, SAY WHAT?!, so needless to say, I decided to make myself one.
I didn’t want it over the top patriotic so I could use it longer than just a few holidays so this is what I ended up making.

I kept it simple and and I am really happy with how it turned out.

-Grapevine Wreath
-Red, White, and Blue Berry picks (found in the floral section of Hobby Lobby and used 4 picks)
-Hot Glue Gun

Ignore the bag of stars. I was going to use them but decided against it in the end.

I began by separating the picks into individual sticks and glued them to on side of the  wreath form.

I then left a slight gap at the bottom where there are no berries where the bow will go, and went up the other side of the wreath.
All the picks face up the wreath.

Continue gluing the picks into the wreath filling in any areas you feel there is a gap until all the picks are used.

Next, take the ends of the picks and tuck and weave them into the wreath and around the other picks.
I didn’t need to use any glue but if you have one that just won’t stay in place, feel free to glue it. down.

All tucked and looking much better!

I bought this wired ribbon and created a bow and tied it to the bottom area of the wreath that I left open.

And that’s it!

So simple and I can use it for a longer period of time.

You could always add more embellishments to it if you’d like but I just liked the simplicity of it as is.