Teacher Appreciation Card Printables

Happy Monday everyone! 
I was away at SNAP last week through the weekend so now I am home recovering and hoping to get back into blogging even though it probably won’t be full time until after our move to Wisconsin in June but I will try to actually craft here and there and share some posts with you. 
And I have another new one for you again today!! YAY! 
The end of the school year is fast approaching and along with that comes teacher appreciation gifts. 
I have a printable card for you today that you can include in a flower gift and be ready for teacher gifts in no time!!
 I designed two different cards that you could use with your flowers. 

I created each as 4×6 so you can print them that size OR print them smaller. I printed them 3×5 in size. 
You would probably want to play with your computer settings as well. I did shrink to fit to ensure nothing was cut off.
 I used small dowel rods and attached the cards to the dowel with regular scotch tape.
 Then, you just have to push it down into the dirt of the flower arrangement.
 I also used two pieces of felt and twine to wrap it around the plastic container that the flower came in to dress it up a little. That is totally optional though!
 You can also slip the card into a fun succulent arrangement as well!
Below you will find each card available for you to download.
If the widgets aren’t working you can also grab them here: Bloom or Grow

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