Tempation Thursday

So my first Temptation Thursday isn’t about food but my favorite store, Hobby Lobby. I bet many of you are wondering why in the world I would say that this is a temptation, especially if you live near one, but for some reason there is only 1 Hobby Lobby in VA… and NO WHERE near me!

I miss this store OH SO MUCH!! They have everything you could ever want to buy! From crafting supplies, fabric, candles, party supplies, outside decor, holiday decor and all sorts of home decor. It is such a FABULOUS place! For the longest time, they did not sell merchandise on their website but I just discovered last week that they have started to do just that!! 🙂 YEAH!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! And they don’t just sell a few things, they sell everything online! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!

So this is why Hobby Lobby is my temptation for the day… because I could go to that site and buy everything!!!! Travis has now seen this fact and is a little scared for his wallet! lol So if you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you, I suggest you go to their site and check it out. And if you do live near one… I envy you!!! Every time I go home to TN, I have to hit up the store. I so hope that where ever we move to next there is a Hobby Lobby near!

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