Temptation Thursday

With Spring literally knocking on the door, flowers are calling my name! My Wordless Wednesday yesterday were pictures of my daffodils starting to bloom. My tulips are starting to grow as well and I can’t wait to see their blooms. I found these flower arrangement on Martha Stewart’s website and fell in love with the ideas. I am very tempted to go out and buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers to make a fabulous arrangement to perk up my indoors as well.

How gorgeous is this arrangement?! I love it! There is even a how-to on marthstewart.com to make one for yourself.

And this one is just as beautiful! Perfect for Easter, a party, or just to beautify your table.

So if you are anything like me and SO VERY READY for spring, I hope these tempted you just as much as they did me to make some fabulous arrangements.

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