The 10 Mth Adventures of Miss S

Hi everyone! 
 Sorry it was quite here yesterday. I had to quickly go out of town last week after my Grandpa passed away so I was away in MI for his funeral and didn’t get home until late Sunday night. 
But I am here today with a fun recap post of all the fun things going on in Miss S’ world. 
She is officially 10 mths old… SO CRAZY!!! 
I don’t know how it is possible that I need to start thinking about her 1 yr birthday. EEK! 
Here is what she got into. 
 Monthly photo shoot like we always do! 
She is getting VERY active and is hard to take pictures of these days as she is wanting to crawl away or move around. Her little personality is really shining through these days as well so it is fun to see her face in all the pictures. 
We took her 9 mth photos as well at the beginning of the month. 
Here are some of the proofs from our session. I love them all! 

She has still been trying some new foods.
She LOVES Avocado! LOVES IT! 
She was pretty excited when she had a full tray of food to eat .
And even though she doesn’t look too thrilled, she likes bananas too. I was taking a little too long to feed her and she was MAD!!
She has also tried strawberries, blueberries, plums, pineapple, and many other things. So far, she pretty much loves everything! 
She enjoys playing with her big sis and by herself. 
The top pic, they were just relaxing with their baby dolls watching tv.
And like any girl, she loves jewelry.
She is still a big Army crawler and a SUPER fast one at that!! 
I keep thinking she’ll get on her knees any day but she still just prefers to drop to her belly and go. 
And again, she is so fast! I can put her back in the family room and before I know it, she is right next to me in the kitchen again!
We make her workout with push-ups and planking… just kidding!! 
She just LOVES to do push-ups and planking! 
You can find her like this numerous times. She’ll even rock back and forth a little. She puts me to shame! lol And her abs are rockin’! 
She is starting to pull up on things now. This one shot was right in the beginning of her doing it but now she pulls up on Miss P’s chair, the couch, and a few other things.
And she still enjoys her sippy cup! 
Travis had a 4 day weekend for Labor Day so we had a big fun weekend.
We started by going to the zoo and she got to feed the giraffes for the first time. I don’t think she knew what to think about them but she didn’t freak out at all. 
Then, the next night we headed to the Hot Air Balloon Festival and it was so fun.
She just took them all in and watched them light up. Again not freaking out at all. 
A few other fun things…
-She is figuring out going up the stairs. I found her on them one day when I ran upstairs to get something. I wasn’t up long and she was already on the 3rd step! Time to put the baby gate back up! 
-She is in a scrunching face/nose and breathing hard through her nose phase. It is so cute! 
-Still loves to talk.
-Loves to race to get the dog food while he eats and try a few bites. 

This coming month will bring some fun things, in fact, it already has! So stay tuned!!


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