The 5 Month Adventures of Miss S

You guys…. I say this EVERY month but how is Miss S already 5 mths old?! 
Why does time decide to start to fly by once you have children?!
Miss S turned 5 months old this past Tuesday so it is time for a recap post of all her adventures. 
Of course we had our monthly photo shoot. 
She was not willing to give me too many smiles this month again but I managed to capture a few.
 We started off the month with a trip to the Children’s Museum in Denver.
Of course she was a little small but she did enjoy the area that was made for infants and she loved watching Miss P run around like a wild child.

 Oh poor Miss S! 
She has to put up with so much from her big sister. This day she had to endure Miss P putting every bib we own on her and this hasn’t been the last time! 
In the evenings, we are normally that last two up together so we’ve enjoyed watching and catching up on some tv shows while daddy and big sis is asleep.
This girl is crazy when she sleeps. She LOVES to pull the covers over her face to sleep. 
She can even be screaming like crazy because she is so tired and all you have to do is cover her face and she immediately stops and falls asleep within secs. CRAZY! 
She has also become quite the wiggle worm in her crib. She is NEVER is the position I’ve placed her in. She is always turned around, occasional on her belly, and way up at the top of her crib. The good news though, she kicks her mobile on and off for herself for entertainment! lol
The last shot, I just thought she looked super cute sleeping and shocking her blanket was not on her face! 
She discovered her feet this month and they are the best thing ever! 
As soon as they are exposed during a diaper change or her socks come off, she grabs them like crazy. Makes it hard to change that diaper! 
And if she has something fun on the feet of her pjs, watch out! She wants them bad!!
We’ve had some fun times this month.
-Miss P and Miss S enjoy a little pre bedtime fun in Miss S’ crib.
-She enjoyed more time in her bumbo and is normally all smiles.
-Enjoying some time outside while sissy plays.
-All cute and giggly before bed
-Daddy put together the exersaucer for her right before months end so she has been enjoying that.
-And she got to enjoy her first trip to the zoo at the end of the month as well. 
If she isn’t too tired, she is normally full of smiles! 
And the first picture I was trying to capture her growing hair. She has a puffy little fro going on right now! It is SLOWLY getting there! 
 Big time teething has begun. 
I can see her bottom teeth just below the surface of her gums so she goes to town on any and everything these day. 
Here, Sophie the Giraffe, was so awesome to chew on! 
She enjoys her play mat and I just wanted to capture some cute pics of her while she was playing one day. 
And lastly, we tried rice cereal for the first time at the end of the month. Just like her big sis, she likes it even though you probably can’t tell by the pictures.
She is still getting the hang of the whole eating something a little more solid and with a spoon. Frequently, the food goes in and some or all of it comes back out but she is definitely getting better since we’ve been eating a little longer now.
She is definitely a messy one!! 
Let’s see if there is anything else….
-She has rolled over a few times but nothing consistent. Hopefully she’ll finally decide to start doing it soon.
-She has discovered her voice as well and boy is that fun. Those times when she just screams and makes noise to hear herself. Hopefully that won’t last too long. lol 
-She is starting to interact a lot more with Miss P which is making Miss P so excited! She wants to play with Miss SOOO bad so I am thankful that she will soon be able to do that more and more. 
I think that is all for now! 
I can’t wait to see what this next month has instore!


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  • Leslie Germain
    April 7, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    She is adorable!! They do grow too fast!!!