The 7 month Adventures of Miss P

Holy cow! 
How did my baby just turn 8 months old? 
Time is flying by WAY too fast! 
Well, guess that means it is time to recap her 7 month adventures. 
 Started the month off with our monthly photoshoot on her 7 month birthday.
That evening, she started Army crawling REALLY well! AHHHHH! 
I am so thanksful she waited until Travis got home before she decided to become mobile!
She turned 7 months old on Christmas Eve so she got to experience her very first Christmas this month. 
Talk about one spoiled child!!!! 

We started our Christmas morning by opening her MANY presents. She was a little confused why we would open something, show it to her real fast, then put it aside.
But she sure look cute later in the day in her pretty dress!

She has had some fun playing with her toy from both sets of grandparents.

She has become a little acrobat with her daddy’s assistance.

And she has had some other fun times playing in the tub, crawling around, playing with all her toys and having fun with dad.

She also had some “not feeling so good” moments because 2 bottom teeth finally decided to pop on through! About darn time!  She’s been teething forever!

She has finally started eating some fruits and seems to be enjoying them as well.

Miss P is growing and changing way to fast and I have a feeling she’ll be walking before we know it because she LOVES to stand and walk with assistance. So who knows, that could be in her 8 month recap!
Stay tuned!!


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