The 8 Month Adventures of Miss P

Ok, does anyone out there know how to slow time down?! Seriously?
My baby girl just turned 9 months old! How is that possible?
I’ve even started thinking about her first birthday (never too early, right?) which is CRAZY! 
On that note, here is a recap of Miss P’s 8 month adventures. 
Monthly photo shoot as always! 
Two new additions to this months shoot though- Bottom TEETH!! 
Finally after months and months of teething, those little buggers decided to pop on through! 
And now we are STILL waiting for the top ones to appear. 
Travis and I headed to San Diego for 8 days and while we were gone Miss P got to spend quality time with her Gramps and Gammi (my parents). It was fun for all! 

And while we were gone, P FINALLY decided that crawling on all fours would get her around MUCH faster than army crawling around. Little stinker! 
It was so nice getting home to this happy girl! 
Travis taught her to pull herself up and she quickly got the hang of it and right after we got back, started cruising around the coffee table and couches and back again. 
Who knew finding a sticker could entertain a baby for hours?! 
She sat here forever playing and examining it.
This blue eyed cutie sure looked cute on Valentine’s day.
And we had a nice quiet evening at home Valentine’s Day night as a family. 
This little Miss LOVES her bath time! She plays and splashes to her hearts content. 
P has looked cute but that’s no sursprise.
She has napped to regain her strength.
And she has gotten into her diaper and wouldn’t look at me when I asked what she is doing. lol 
She has started walking really well while pushing a toy and her balance is slowly getting better if she tries to stand. 
I’m sure it is only a matter of time she takes off running and I so don’t want to start the chase. lol 
It could potentially be an interesting 9 month recap! 
Stay tuned!


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  • Michele {The Scrap Shoppe}
    February 27, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    She's getting so big, Allison!! I just love her chubby cheeks. 🙂 I'm glad you and the mister got some time together. That's so important!!