The 9 Month Adventures of Miss S

You guys!!! 
Miss S just turned 9 mths old, well 2 weeks ago, but how is this possible!? 
How is it that I should already be thinking about her 1st birthday that is only 2 1/2 months away at this point?! Time it flying and I don’t like it! Luckily, she is a petite little thing so she’ll be my little baby a little longer! 
Here is a recap of her 9 mth adventures.
 Monthly photo shoot like we always do on her monthly birthday.
They sure are getting interesting as she gets more personality and mobile.
She got to experience her first 4th of July. 
She sure looked cute sporting her Red, White, and Blue but it got chilly and raining so we had to watch the fireworks from the car, which I am sure was fine with her. 

She got to experience her 2nd camping trip and this time, it was tent camping as we went to The Great Sand Dunes National Park. 
She had fun at the campsite but I guess she wasn’t too impressed with the Dunes themselves since she was out like a light! 
She tried all sorts of new foods too! 
Carrots… by the pics she hated it. First bite she was NOT impressed but she finished the bowl and will eat them just fine now.
Started fruits with Pears… I think she was excited for something sweet. 
Homemade applesauce was enjoyed.
Peaches… not sure she liked them at first but she took to them.
Zucchini- This was her first time eating and picking up non pureed food. She struggled a little but is getting better. 
Getting her used to the water by laying her down in the bath tub. 
Experienced her first Renaissance Fair. She, yet again, wasn’t too impressed with the tournament but she did wake up to enjoy a ride before we left.
She started Crawling!! 
She is still Army crawling but she is getting super fast and I have to keep my eye on her! 
I forgot what it was like having a new crawler and dog bowls on the ground… yeeeeeah.
She had some fun times playing.
Having tea parties and picnics with Miss P. 
She hung out in some wildflowers for some photos. 
Has had some snuggles from Miss P but also has to put up with her roughness! 
And Patton sure loves her! He comes and says hi to her any time she is on the ground. 
She also got to play in some water over by Helen Hunt Falls in town and tour the Olympic Training Center. 
And I am excited to say that she FINALLY hit the 14 lb. mark!! 14 lbs 8.5 oz to be exact! Yeah!!
She was only a half pound from gaining a full pound this month. That’s big for this girl! 
She is still a long, skinny little thing but she is a super happy girl and thriving in every other way so who cares!
Who knows what this next month will bring?! 


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  • Our Pinteresting Family
    August 12, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    Absolutely adorable! My boys are nine months too…it was definitely difficult to get their nine month pics. 😉 That's so great that she is gaining a good amount of weight too! Hooray!