“This Chick is Ready for Easter” Sign

Easter is just over a month away, so I thought it was about time I got myself in gear and created something new for the holiday.
I saw something similar while shopping one day and I already had the pallet and the vinyl so thought I’d just try creating a version myself.

I think it turned out pretty cute!

Here is how you can create one as well.

-Silhouette or Cricut Machine
-Vinyl (I buy all my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl (affliate link))
-Transfer tape
-Wooden pallet or plaque

In my silhouette software I uploaded the design, Chick Bunny, and then broke it apart and placed it in separate corners of the grid so all could be cut at once.

I placed the colors of vinyl around to the areas that match each section of the design, placed it in my silhouette and cut it out.

 I began with the chick in the center of the pallet.
I started with the white layer, and I didn’t use transfer tape during this part since the piece were so large and to be completely honest, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to vinyl. LOL I love the stuff. It is awesome, but I frequently just create stencils and use paint instead of going the vinyl route to be quicker. lol

Next, I lined up the orange layer over the white layer and pressed it firmly.

Then line up and place the yellow layer over the orange layer.

Lastly, add all the additional layers, feathers on tail, pink in ears, and his eye.

Time to move on to the letters now!

I cut out the phrase, “This chick is ready for Easter” using two different fonts and two different colors of vinyl.

I used transfer paper to place the words onto the pallet.

 I lined up the words with the cuts in the wood and did use a ruler to make sure my words were straight.

Rub the vinyl well to make sure it transfers off the transfer paper onto the wood.

I worked my way down the board with my words and I’m done!

Now I have a fun new sign to display for Easter!


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