This, That, and Everything in Between- September 2017

October is here and today is actually my birthday! 
 I’m another year older, not sure if I am any wiser, but I’ve made it another year so I’ll take that! 
But since it is officially October that means it is time for another recap post of what my little family was up to in September.
We started off our month by visiting a super fun apple orchard about an hour north of us. They had lots of fun things to do on the farm, peddle cars, hay stack you could climb, petting zoo, corn maze, and more so it was a fun day out. We conquered the corn maze then picked all our apples to take home. The girls had a lot of fun finding the perfect apples to pick from the trees. 

Travis and I were able to sneak away for a date day/evening to do some wine tasting at one of the many wineries in our area. It was a fun time just hanging out, tasting some yummy wine, and listening to some live music. We then did a little shopping after wards and it is much more enjoyable to do without kiddos in tow, before having dinner and heading home.
There was a new event in the larger city by us called open streets where they block off some of the roads and they are open for pedestrians and bikes. We thought we’d check it out so we did a little shopping and participated in some of the activities they were doing such as a cake walk.
As you can see, the girls wanted to get all dressed up for the event too. lol
I’ve shared this in a separate post but Miss P started kindergarten the day after Labor Day.
So crazy that she is officially in school full time now!
She has been enjoying it so far and that is all I could ask for. 
The second week of September I headed down to TN on a solo trip and it didn’t start off very well. 5 hours into my trip, and only 15 miles into Indiana, I hit something and my tire went flat immediately. 
I was a mile outside a super small town and after sitting on the side of the road for about an hour and a half with crazy, busy traffic buzzing by, a tow truck came to the rescue. I ended up having to stay the night in a hotel and wait for my new tire to arrive the next morning but it got put on and I made it to TN the next day. Not a fun experience to go through alone! 
The sole reason I went to TN in the first place was to go to the Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw concert with my sister. It was a fun night hanging out with her since that is a very rare occurrence these days since we live so far apart. 
While I was in TN, my sister hosted a paint party so I taught all these ladies how to paint an autumn inspired painting. They all had a great time and did very well on their paintings. 
And to round out my trip, I got to go to my best friend’s baby shower before heading out of town. Always fabulous to see good friends and get to celebrate something special. 
The weekend after I got back in town, it was homecoming for our local high school so we took the girls for a little live football fun. We watch football on tv frequently so they kept calling them the teams we normally cheer for. We all had a good time even though the local team got their stomped. lol
On the very last day of September, we took a family hiking trip to a state park not far from our house. We hiked some trails then took the steps to the very top of one of the bluffs to check out the gorgeous views. The girls rock it the whole time with little complaining which is always a perk! 
Then that evening Travis and I snuck away for another date of a dinner and a movie.

-I was able to get a good amount of crafting done over the month which feels so good since it has been a long time since I’ve gotten this much completed.
-We had fun with friends a few times this month.
-We even accomplished some small projects around the house that should have been done forever ago. 
It was a good month and hopefully October will be just as fun! Stay tuned! 🙂

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